Barbados Tourist Upset Over Hanged Dog Cruelty, Lack Of Response By Authorities

Dear Barbados Free Press

On Sunday 22nd March 2009 I was one of a large group of hikers, some of whom were  American , British , Canadian and European  nature enthusiasts exploring the lush, breath taking scenery along the coastal part of St.Lucy on the island of Barbados.

Softened Photo Of Hanged Dog

Softened Photo Of Hanged Dog

Our bliss, however, was short lived as we looked out onto the Caribbean sea and saw to our horror, in the foreground,  the silhouette, of a dead dog hung by his neck under a tree.   His jaws rigid and open, seemingly still gasping for breath.  A crate was placed just inches under his feet, the scratch marks still visible where he struggled. A length of cord, knotted together was used to haul the animal upwards, deliberately tied to different areas of the tree as one would rig a pulley, in an obvious effort to make this animal suffer a slow and agonizing death. It is also the opinion of a veterinary doctor after he had seen these photographs that this dog was beaten about the head prior to its death.

The Monster Who Did This Walks Among Us

The RSPCA was notified. Their response was “ write a letter to the newspapers”. Where is the  the “Prevention of Cruelty to Animals” in such a response?

The police were also called. Their response was even worse. No response. (Although a follow up call was made the next day to Constable Best of the police station in that area, who informed us that “ the dog was removed”) .Very impressive! I suppose we should all feel better now .

I do not have to express the disgust and terror felt by my fellow hikers, especially the visitors. A holiday marred by this grizzly scene and to top it all off, the attitudes of  the very authorities whose responsibility it is to investigate such complaints and  prevent further  acts of cruelty.

Animal laws do exist in Barbados but until some police ( and other policy makers)  leave the dog fighting arenas at the weekend and change their lax attitudes towards animal cruelty, there will be more scenes like this for tourists to write home about.

Please note that this story along with photographs, has also been sent  to the BBC World news, The British Press, Fox News Network, The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Ellen Degeneres Show and the Canadian Press.

Irate Hiker

Editor’s Note: BFP received four high-resolution photos from the author of this article. We cropped and softened one using PhotoShop, but we will not be showing the rest of the photos because they are simply too graphic.


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305 responses to “Barbados Tourist Upset Over Hanged Dog Cruelty, Lack Of Response By Authorities

  1. PiedPiper

    Irate Hiker: I share your shock and disgust, however, this sort of cruelty to animals takes place all over the world. There are humans on this planet who do not value the life of animals and do not perceive or care that they feel pain and suffer just the same as we do. Having said that, you should be aware that in the Caribbean, dogs are not really viewed in quite the same way as they are in North America or Europe. For the most part, dogs are used to guard property and many do not spay or neuter their dogs so there are many stray dogs roaming the island just trying to survive. Also, it is not uncommon for neighbors to poison each others dogs.
    It is and will be difficult to change ingrained cultural attitudes towards dogs who are not viewed as “pets”. I was shocked to discover that the RSPCA does not even have it’s own crematorium and if your pet dies while at their facility, they tell you to take it to the Department of Agriculture where it will be tossed into the incinerator with sheep, cows and God only knows what else.
    The RSPCA in Barbados depends on donations and I don’t imagine they get a lot in a country that places little value on pets.
    I seem to recall that there is a private organization in Barbados dedicated to animal rescue and welfare but the name escapes me at the moment. They even have a website. Perhaps BFP can dig it up and post it, however, it is too late for the poor creature hung in the tree.

  2. Jason

    The person who did that is capable of any evil.

  3. Sundowner

    Good God, what a repulsive and cruel act, words escape me as to how someone can do something like this.

  4. PiedPiper

    Just to expand on my previous post, the RSPCA does the best it can with what limited resources it has. I don’t know if Dr. Hughie, who was the chief veterinarian at the RSPCA, is still alive or maybe retired but he was a man dedicated to the welfare of animals and would even see sick animals at his home in off hours.

  5. The Scout

    That dog probably caused it’s owner much money because it loss a dog fight and this was it’s punishment. It is interesting to see how many dog fights occur in Barbados especially on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

  6. Nostradamus

    The sick person who did this would not hesitate to torture, rape, murder their fellow man. A total disregard for life.

  7. bajangal

    I have no words for this as an animal lover it breaks my heart.

    I am however extremely heartened to hear that once again Barbados will be placed in the spotlight and this despicable act will be publicized in places where such behaviour is not condoned and also where people will think twice of making Barbados their vacation destination. A place which is continuing to gain ignominy across the board.

    For the rest of you Bajans who are prepared to make excuses for such a heart breaking, horrible, dastardly act — a living, feeling, being forced to suffer such pain it just goes to show the mentality of SOME Bajans.

    I’m not surprised. That’s part of the reason I have exiled myself from the country where I was born. I just want to disassociate myself from such a “people” and I make no secret of my feelings when people ask me where I am from.

    I have lived many places in the world and currently do not live in Barbados and I can assure you that in the countries where I have lived animals are not treated in such a way the perpetratrors would be run down like criminals and placed in jail. If a human being is capable of doing this to an animal they have no conscience and would be perfectly capable of doing it to another human: A sociopath.

    You know what goes around comes around. Barbados and Bajans having been saying for years “God is a Bajan”.

    Well in the past few months I think that God is proving otherwise from the goings on that are taking place down there.

  8. Let me Jump in hey

    I wonder if these tourist dog lovers ever spare a thought for the humans who are suffering all over the world in Asia and Africa.

    I wonder.

  9. bajangal

    Since you’re so concerned why don’t you go out there and do something about that?

  10. bajangal

    I can only shake my head.

    Imagine the writer above refers to “tourist dog lovers”.

    Let me jump in here and tell you that if the day comes that those “tourists” which so many of you have TOTAL disregard for and all you want from them is their money, stop coming to the shores of Barbados you will be singing a different tune.

    Everyday is not the same. Neither is every year or every decade.

    The tremendous prosperity that Barbados has been enjoying does not have to last for ever. Things can change and in my opinion they will if the attitude of alot of Bajans does not change first.

  11. livinginbarbados

    While the horror and outrage are appropriate, there is no indication of who did the act, and that it was done by a Bajan.

    In the same way that another commentator jumps to conclude that the letter writer was a tourist, though there is only the mention that the hike included “a large group of hikers, some of whom were American, British , Canadian and European nature enthusiasts”. Some non-Bajans, not many, or most…

  12. livinginbarbados

    Maybe the byline to the article is misleading, because there are many Bajan hikers, and they could each/all be irate. So, the blog moderator may be able to clarify that.

  13. PiedPiper

    Let You Jump in Dey: I love it when someone poses a question that is so easily answered. North America and Europe donate huge amounts of aid to African countries through government, private charities and world wide music events where mega stars within the industry perform for free with all proceeds going to struggling African nations. Let’s remember Live Aid and the many other events whose sole purpose was to raise funds for Africa. Let us not forget that several years ago Canada wrote off a 34 million dollar debt owed by Barbados. Tell me what the Barbados government or private charities in Barbados contributes to Africa or Asia other than keeping illegal Ghanians in detention and not coming up with the funds to send them home?

  14. Christ Church Man

    “Murderers…very often start out by killing and torturing animals as kids,” according to Robert K. Resler, who developed profiles of serial killers for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

    And more:

  15. bajangal

    You apparently are not a Bajan

    Having been born and bred there I can assure you that this is not an unusual situation it just so happens that now, thankfully these horrible acts are being publicized and much thanks goes to the blogosphere for exposing a lot of things that would never come to the light of day left to the mainstream press.

    I was formerly married to a man who was involved in “cock” fights and I know of the cruelty that exists there. Yes there are organized dog fights there too. Yes there are organized dog fights in the USA but when somebody blows the whistle the authorities just don’t roll over and play dead. Activists make sure that this does not happen. Oprah Winfrey has done an incredible amount of good in that regard exposing puppy farms etc.

    There need to be a heck of alot more activists in Barbados for things such as this instead of what Bajans usually “activate” about which is mainly how much they hate white people and howb exploited and “abused” Bajans have been at the hands of the “white” man. But they still LOVE the “white’ man’s money.

    While I can’t lay my head on a block that it was a Bajan the likelihood that it was is very high. Just ask other Bajans who are not in the business of “covering up” and pretending that Barbados is paradise and generally practicing gross hypocrisy and you will see another Barbados that most people try to hide.

  16. A-Fish

    What is even lower than this little response from the RSPCA is where are the Enforcers of the Law?

    Ads were on the radio on the cruelty to animals and yet where are the appropriate authorities to deal with such matters?

  17. N.

    I agree this is a disgusting act. It makes me sick to my stomach to look at this picture and to ponder how this dog must have struggled for life.

    bajangal, just today in one of your superior, “developed” nations, Italy, a father was found to have locked up his daughter in his basement since she was 9. Think she is 30’something now. U.S.A always produces psychotic children who go on shooting rampages against their peers.

    PiedPiper, lets not forget it is these same “generous” countries who have put the poorer countries in a situation of instability. Never heard of the French association during Rwanada, or American Invasions to previously propped up Governments, WTO and trade liberalization.

    I love my Nation Barbados! So I had to say something ..

  18. bajangal


    Don’t put words in my mouth. I NEVER so much as mentioned anything to do with “superior, developed” nations. Do you know where I am living?

    We all know of the senseless cruelty, hatred and utter vileness in the entire world today.

    But this is a typical tactic that you are using to DEFLECT from the issue.

    I am terribly sorry, disgusted and utterly dejected with all the terrible things that go on in the world daily but right now, at this moment, we are “blogging”………. making comments about the cruelty of a dog that was hanged in Barbados.

    Nuff said.

  19. bajangal

    Thank you. Research corroborates exactly what I wrote earlier.

  20. bajangal

    Dr. Hughey is still alive, still does see sick animals at his home; it just so happens I was in Barbados two weeks ago on a visit and someone mentioned that they had taken a dog that had bitten a frog to him.

    He also “chairs” many dog shows.

    I do not dispute for one moment his goodness in helping sick pets but it is going to take more than that to change the “ideology” and “mentality” of a great deal of Bajans who have no understanding in my opinion and worse yet no capacity for understanding that animals, although they do not have souls have the identical ability for experiencing pain and anguish as human beings do.

    My God, if you don’t want an animal or for some reason can’t afford it either put it up for adoption or take it to the same RSPCA and do the compassionate thing and have the poor creature euthanized.

    There needs to be massive public education starting in the Schools and I know that organizations such as the ARK if they are still in existence and the RSPCA simply do not have that type of funding available to them and quite honestly most of the population could give a damn.

    If Barbados wants to aspire to being a “First World” “Developed” country these are all the details that a proactive, visionary Government and Prime Minister need to take.

    Those “dog loving tourists” as another blogger wrote on this post are the people that keep the island of Barbados afloat. Let every single tourist stop coming and see what pandemonium will ensue.

    All the cultural extravaganzas, tours, nightclubs and the list goes on are not going to be enough to satisfy discerning tourists whose hard earned dollar is becoming scarcer. If you want to continue basing the sustenance of your country on tourism you had better start thinking about doing things that will attract and continue to attract “those dog loving tourists” as the majority of people who live in the “developed” word (which seems to be a curse word to other bloggers on this post) do not and will not tolerate such behaviour. They will seek other places whose people and governments understand that these are not acceptable practices in the 21st Century. For God’s sake ……. Barbados is not a jungle.

  21. J

    Dear Pied Piper and bajangal et. al watch the story on Nightline starting at 11:35 Friday 27th March, 2009, and past your comments here.

  22. bajangal

    I don’t have a cable connection but I googled it and saw the content. If you have been reading what I said, I commended Oprah Winfrey for her expose on the same puppy mills. Yes, we know these things go on in other countries. The point is that ACTIVISTS bring it to people’s attention and by so doing horrific practices are changed. All I have said the entire night is that the same type of strategy/attitude needs to be employed in Barbados as opposed to denial or excuses.

  23. T

    Nightline too?
    CNN is already looking into the horrific torture of this poor dogs’ final day.

    Canada & the U.S.A. have seen enough Barbados!

  24. bajangal

    It’s about time. The longest day has its night. Too long Barbados and Bajans think they “mek themselves”. This is a Global environment we live in and if Bajans want to give more than “lip service” to sustainability the Government needs to ensure that such barbaric practices are eradicated.

  25. J

    Dear BAJANGAL you WROTE “I am however extremely heartened to hear that once again Barbados will be placed in the spotlight and this despicable act will be publicized in places where such behavior is not condoned and also where people will think twice of making Barbados their vacation destination. A place which is continuing to gain ignominy across the board.”

    J writes”

    I don’t condone cruelty to people nor to animals, and whoever did this was extremely cruel, probably someone who trains dogs to fight, gambles, and is frequently missing from home and family life. Not a nice character. A person like bajangal’s cock-fighting previous husband. But bajangal condoned the cock-fighting husband’s bad behaviour for a good many years.

    I keep pets. They are well cared for and live long and healthy lives.

    Cruelty to people or to animals is unfortunately not a peculiarly Bajan thing, and it is dishonest to suggest so. Cruelty is all too sadly a human thing.

    Just a quick internet search of today’s news reveals that 2 dogs died in the 1,000 mile, 2 week Iditarod race in Alaska. Some people call it the Idiot race and they don’t mean the dogs.

    80 cats and 2 feet high piles of cat excrement were found in million dollar Chester, New Jersey home. Police are questioning Wanda Oughton.

    The Canadian Press reports that Harmony Haven Animal Rescue in Woolich Township east of Kitchener had a fire in which 10 horses, 3 dogs and one pig died..police are investigating the cause of the fire.

    And that is just a 5 minute search of just today’s news folks.

    The Nightline story is NOT about Barbados.

    Nightline has investigated why the Amish and Mennonite run puppy farms have led toLancaster County, Pennsylvania being regarded as the puppy mill capital of the U.S. Many people ase asking whay are 8 million dogs a year bread, and another 8 million euthanized. Since bajangal, Pied Piper et al. live in the great white north, maybe they can explain this to the BFP family.

    And bajangal most Bajans do NOT condone what has happened and you know it. You must be careful that you don’t choke to d**th on your bitterness.

    Wha’ happen?

    Somebody steal your joy?

  26. J

    And BFP:

    Stop peddling in animal pornography.

    Take that picture down.

    A written explanation of what happened is enough.

    We can read.

    We don’t need pictures.

    Shame on the person who did this.

    And shame on you too.

  27. T

    I disagree – do not take this picture down.
    That pic, depicts exactly what happened.

  28. J

    In the Toronto Star of 24th March 2009
    Port Perry dogs poisoned by antifreeze mixed into cupcakes.

    In the Toronto Star of March 27th – Pet poisoning in Iona Park in Whitby, west of Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.

    In the Toronto Star of March 27th, 2009
    a 4 month old Lhasa Apso was found sealed in a plastic bag, and placed in a box in the dumpster of a luxury condo at 23 Lorraine Drive in the Yonge/Finch area.

    And a 34 four old Bolton mother has been charged with first degree murder. Her 18 month old son was found in a silver Honda CRV in the parking garage of the Bolton Executive Center.

    3 days, 1 newspaper in one Canadian city.

    I’d like to hear the comments of Pied Piper, bajangal et al.

  29. J

    I rather syspect that the culprit in the Barbados incident is bajangal’s previous cock fighting husband.

  30. West Side Davie

    I disagree with you J. I think BFP struck an acceptable balance by not publishing the hi-res photos and by using Photoshop to tone down a photo taken from some distance away.

    Hiding unpleasant things is the Bajan way but it only protects the evil person(s) who do this cruelty.

    I am very concerned that our police did not consider this a serios crime. Anybody looking at that photo knows that we have one sick individual running around this place. A professional North American or European police force would have taken this seriosly for that reason. There would have been a fairly major investigation not for the dog’s sake but to protect society.

    The Royal Barbados Police failed again.

  31. T

    Why skirt the issue of what happened HERE in Barbados?

    Is Barbados exempt from being scrutinized publicly? Are Bajans calloused as to what happened here, because cruelty happens elsewhere?

    If you want your tourist money, it’s time to re-think Barbados will be a haven for those looking for it.
    And when tourists are more concerned with justice and/or publicity, there is seriously something wrong here.

  32. livinginbarbados

    The publicity of acts such as that described can be an effective warning to those involved, but like some others I don’t think I need to see the picture (in the same way I would not need to see the murder victim as he/she was found).

    But, as the Michael Vick case showed to many who were not aware, dog fighting and its like is rife and big money stuff (cock fights for sure in Barbados, which even a non-Bajan like me can see going on at the roadside).

    Whether the authorities/police are doing more crimes of omission or even commission is worth pursuing.

  33. livinginbarbados

    And hurrying home Nigerian nurses?

  34. Joker

    Wait…wunna sure dat de dog din kill heself? De way it did rig-up sound like suicide tuh me…dat box under de back legs sound like he stan’ up pun it an’ jump off… Dem ent find nuh suicide note?

  35. Sing-a-song

    Michael Vick a wealthy US football star did much much worse things to dogs in his back yard. ALL Americans are sick sadists when it comes to animals.

    (I hope readers get the point particularly bajangal.)

    Cruelty to animals is horrible but it is not unique nor especial to Barbados (and this wasn’t my point!).

  36. PiedPiper

    J, if you have a point then please clarify it as it seems to escape me. Go back to the very first post I made on this subject. I state very clearly that animal cruelty takes place all over the world. Perhaps you missed that? In your feeble attempts to appear clever, you, instead, appear a little dim.

  37. Earlier this year Simon Cowell at the Beach House was reiterating what Gandhi once said – how people treat animals is indicative of the country itself, further QED is that evil spammer who is for now laying low…

  38. PiedPiper

    What some seem to be missing here, is that we are not denying that animal cruelty does take place in North America and Europe by sick individuals. No one is denying that. But what is relevant is that in these other countries, the authorities treat the matter seriously and actually do something about it. People are arrested, hefty fines are imposed, they are banned from owning animals ever again in their lifetime and even jail time is done by those who deliberately inflict pain and suffering on animals. THIS IS THE POINT. You can’t even get the authorities to give a hoot in Barbados. THIS IS THE POINT. Get it?

  39. Sing-a-song

    I have witnessed (from a distance) the police raiding a dog fight. I am aware of a seventy year old, white dentist being charged for cock fighting. This was reported in the press. I have also read in the press of persons being brought before the courts for unnatural acts with animals. All in Barbados.

    I know many Barbadians who care about animals. Barbadians who treat animals humanely and who wish more could be done. By the way should we stop horse racing? Let’s investigate the treatment of old racehorses.

    Now what is your (less than honest) point again?

  40. tara

    the person who did should furn in hell

  41. What happens with old racehorses, you seem to have a scoop?

  42. permres

    This item has been reported in today’s Nation newspaper. The bit I liked is:

    “Already pictures of the scene are circulating on the Internet and this prompted the Barbados Tourism Authority’s corporate communications consultant Chay Davis to comment on it.”

  43. Can we trust BFP?

    What have your investigations on this matter turned up?
    How often does the act portrayed, occur in Barbados?
    How many dog fights are there in Barbados each weekend?
    Where are these fights held?
    How much money is made from a single fight?

    You are even worst than the newspapers when it comes to poor taste and sensationalism.

  44. J

    Pied Piper wrote:

    “animal cruelty does take place in North America and Europe by sick individuals.”

    J writes: Exactly. Animal cruelty takes place in Barbados by sick INDIVIDUALS.

    But BFP, Pied Piper, bajangal et. al. are attempting to portray this behaviour as normal Barbadian behaviour. IT IS NOT. Dog fighting and cock fighting are done in SECRET by sick INDIVIDUALS. It is done in SECRET because these INDIVIDUALS know that what they are doing is both UNLAWFUL and IMMORAL. It is done in secret because they are afraid of criminal prosecution, and they are afraid of public condemnation

    I have lived in Barbados for 46 years and I’ve NEVER seen a dog fight nor a cock fight. And yes I walk (not drive) about both in town and country everyday. For almost a decade I walked every other Sunday morning with the National Trust, I was born and raised in rural working class Barbados and in all my years I’ve NEVER witnessed cruelty such as this.

    And unlike bajangal I’ve never spent years in bed with a cockfighter. bajangal should have given her husband an ultimatum. Either the cockfighting stops immediately or I leave your bed. But maybe the money was too sweet.

    This is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God.

  45. J

    The truth is that the people who TRAFFIC in race horses, and who organize horse racing, and who benefit forom horse racing and who furthermore dip heavily into the Barbadian tax payers purse ($19 million last year and a request for $20 million this year) to support their “sport” DO NOT GIVE A DAMN WHAT HAPPENS TO THE RACE HORSES WHEN THEY BECOME OLD AND SICK.

    And while we are asking hard questions how come Betty Currie ended up taking care of Chelsea Clinton’s cat “Socks” when he was 19 years old and sick. Where was Chelsea? Too busy (doing what?) to look after her own cat?

    BFP why don’t you ask your wealthy race horse TRAFFICKING friends and relatives to tell you what becomes of the race horses when they become old and sick.

    Or are you too compromised by the money earned by your horse racing friends and relatives?

    Wha’ happen?

    The money sweetening you too like it did bajangal?

  46. Basanti

    Does the hiker share this same disgust about Darfur? Famine in Ethiopia? Etc, etc? Amazing how some people think animals have more value than some human life. I do hope that she will send you another email decrying these human tragedies and also send them to Fox, Oprah, etc. The fool!

  47. oldrooster

    The nation published the photo a day after BFP but doesn’t mention the writer’s disgust that the police and animal people were no help at all. The Nation article is all about damage control and makes it look like a big police investigation is underway.

    Thankyou BFP. Without your blog nothing would have happened.

  48. Basanti

    To say the Nation published the story ‘a day after’ is stupid since this story went up yesterday at 8 pm on BFP. Were you expecting a special edition “never before seen in Barbados” 8pm edition, sir?

    It is clear that they wrote the story as soon as it was received given the considerable space they allocated in the paper for it. They Nation would have gone to press long before this BFP story was up.

    Stop it.

  49. PiedPiper

    Basanti, it’s a good idea to read all comments before posting. The issue of human suffering in Africa has already been discussed. Should the rest of the world care about African tribes that are constantly at war with each other and who perpetrate genocide on each other? Yes, and we do and we donate billions of dollars in aid to these countries every year. Should the rest of the world care that there is a long history of ruthless and murderous dictators in Africa? Yes, we do and we send billions of dollars in aid to these countries every year. Why would you assume that people who care about animals do not also care about their fellow man? Why would one exclude the other? Your arguement hardly bears discussion. Who is the fool?

  50. reality check


    “BFP why don’t you ask your wealthy race horse TRAFFICKING friends and relatives to tell you what becomes of the race horses when they become old and sick.”

    BFP is probably too busy counting all its money from the advertising and other revenue derived from you and other bloggers just so you have the right to spout your nonsense.

  51. bajangal


    I won’t even condescend to reply to the rest of your diatribe of excuses, passing the buck and deflecting from the issue at hand.

    What I will take exception to is you do not know who I am unless you are associated or a part of BFP as they are the only people that know the identity of the bloggers from their ISP’s.

    So barring that you don’t know where I live and I would advise you to stop “flaming” others. I have not attacked you.

    If you are a member of BFP then I am very disappointed in BFP.

  52. bajangal

    It would appear that you live in the “Great White North” — if you don’t you’re sure interested in it.

    Do you wish to know what I have to say J?

    The title of this blog is: Barbados Tourist Upset Over Hanged Dog Cruelty.

    Perhaps you are literally challenged. Get someone to explain to you that usually blog etiquette requires that you stick to the subject on hand.

  53. bajangal

    I remind you to lay off of me. You are obviously a rather sick person yourself if you have nothing better to do than attack others. Maybe the BPF should investigate YOU.

  54. jenc

    You all are missing the point by arguing over people dying in third world countries, donations and Chelsea Clinton (good grief). Dog fighting is VIOLENT. By making excuses for the person who did this, you are condoning someone who is inches away from perpetrating violence on a human and statistics show he is probably already abusing children, woman or elderly in his household.

    For those of you who care about this issue, PEPPER the papers (local and international) and PM’s office with letter about this, demanding that the police enforce the laws and break up the dogfighting rings. Yes, I know there are big ups involved but no one will do anything unless they see that the public is outraged.

  55. bajangal

    I repeat J. You are a disgusting, sick individual. The only reason you continue to mention me is that what I have written is the TRUTH. Some people unable to accept the truth attack the messenger.

    My personal business has NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING to do with you and for your information that was precisely the reason I did leave him because he was a no good Bajan who I SUPPORTED. The money was NOT good sweet.

    BFP, I would suggest in the name of decency that you screen this individual’s personal attacks on me. I have done nothing to warrant this.

  56. livinginbarbados

    Sorry, Sing-a-song, not ALL; maybe some; maybe even many; perhaps even most. Even without having to include the many American babies being born each minute.

    Vilification is no substitute for accurate denigration, my history teacher often (not always) said.

  57. West Side Davie

    Is the story in the print edition today or only on the Nation Internet version? Also be aware that (i think: bfp correct me if i am wrong) that BFP is on GMT meaning that whenit say this bfp story was put up March 27 at 8:20pm, that is 3:20pm Barbados time.

  58. livinginbarbados

    Just for thought. Is the age (70), colour (white) or the profession (dentist) relevant to the cock fighting? My dad is 80 and hangs around with people that age. I also know a few dentists so I want to make sure that I don’t get drilled (so to speak). There are white people all over the place, so I need to make sure I don’t fall in with the wrong crowd 🙂

    I certainly think there is a case for banning fishing. The way I see fish treated at Oistins and Bridgetown makes me wince.

  59. Chicago

    Yes, the nation story covers up the tourist’s main point that nobody cared. Old Rooster is right that without BFP it probably wouldn’t have been covered in Barbados.

  60. bajangal

    Hi Permres:

    The usual, expected load of what the cow left in the pasture from that Nation article.

    As soon as anything that can affect the $$$$ bills coming into Barbados hits the international press the damage control crew are put to work.

    For all of you reading this blog. The mainstream press have been SuPRESSing the truth about what goes on in Barbados for years and thank God for blogs such as this that are finally allowing people all over the world to see a little deeper into the truth about what really goes on in Barbados and what Barbados really stands for.

    What hypocricy! Dog fighting, cock fighting and the like has for a long time and more recently become very popular among breeders and other participants. There is money backing the gambling that goes on over which these poor creatures are the victims. There is money spent breeding the dogs, training the dogs, importing the dogs even and when last did you hear of an ARREST related to animal cruelty in Barbados?

    For all you know this dog was used as bait in training for another combatant dog.

    Even exporting dogs that have been bred and trained as fighters takes place in Barbados and the business is run by Bajans. So take your head up out de sand and if you want to clean up Barbados starting facing the truth and do something about it and stop blaming the rest of the world and excusing yourselves. Again, this blog is about something that has been evidenced and witnessed in Barbados.

    If you have problems with other issues of cruelty in other parts of the world. Go on their blogs and let them know.

  61. livinginbarbados

    Not fair. The Nation opens with “Police have a bizarre death mystery to solve…” They add “Police confirmed that they are investigating…” No indication of ‘big’ investigation.

    The Nation publishes once a day. BFP posted this story just before 9pm last night; not a lot of difference with the timing, and those who read the Nation online saw the story soon after it was printed.

    “Without your blog nothing would have happened”? Please. The letter has apparently been sent to many media houses and several have also been running stories today (see also Nigel Wallace in the Advocate).

  62. livinginbarbados

    Both print and online in Nation, see Also, Nigel Wallace column in Advocate, print and online.

  63. bajangal

    Police investigating WHAT?

    In all the years that I have lived in Barbados and I was born there. Police have never I repeat NEVER investigated ANYTHING to do with animal cruelty.

    Many officers of the same Police force are involved in dog fighting.

  64. passin thru

    I have to disagree with you too LIB. Just as with the Arch Cot story and the 3S scandal, the papers have to print the stories because they KNOW if they don’t it kills their credibility because the blogs are or will print it.

    These kinds of stories never saw the light of day only a few years ago. Thank you to the blogs for they have changed this country greatly!

  65. livinginbarbados

    Interesting. So, when things don’t happen we can turn the blame on BFP for not having covered it? Hope they have broad shoulders.

  66. John

    March 28, 2009 at 2:20 pm
    Pied Piper wrote:

    I have lived in Barbados for 46 years and I’ve NEVER seen a dog fight nor a cock fight. And yes I walk (not drive) about both in town and country everyday. For almost a decade I walked every other Sunday morning with the National Trust, I was born and raised in rural working class Barbados and in all my years I’ve NEVER witnessed cruelty such as this.

    You must have missed the hikes where dawn finds loads of cars parked in the middle of nowhere doing supposedly nothing ….. with the drivers just walking their dogs.

    Surprising you missed this activity as most of the areas are rural …. and you come from a rural area.

    You sure you live in Barbados?

  67. bajangal

    Living in Barbados:

    From your comments it would appear that you need to dig a little deeper than the surface.

    If you do live in a West Coast enclave surrounded by Expats no — you will never see or know the truth.

    I hope for your sake you don’t experience the real Barbados. You may choose to be living there anymore.

    All that glitters is not gold.

  68. PiedPiper

    Hehee, I love that one, livinginbarbados, “Vilification is no substitute for accurate denigration.”

  69. PiedPiper

    John, I believe you have made an error in attributing that quote above to me. You meant to quote “J” didn’t you?

  70. John

    Apologies Pied Piper, it was J.

    After the pension rubbish and the story of his/her grandmother I don’t think he/she has a clue what goes on in Barbados.

    Guess the whole question of race will soon be raised.

  71. dismayed

    cruelty to animals in the caribbean


  72. Jason

    Living in Barbados, there IS some truth in your statement that if BFP doesn’t cover a story, the newspapers sometimes won’t.

    The Barbados Advocate initially refused to print Professor Machael’s Arch Cot cave-in series and only did so when BFP started printing the series and outed the cowards at the Advocate.

    Even then it took the Advocate editors a month to find their balls.

  73. Sundowner

    I witnessed a cock fight on my way home from work once, in Clifton Hill, St Thomas, literally at the side of the road, I was so surprised and shocked I nearly crashed the car! I phoned my husband who called the Police, and had to explain to them where Clifton Hill was! they apparently went to see, no idea what happened though.

  74. Anonymous

    It is the ARK and the Hope Martin Animal Foundation

  75. Sister Baby

    Oh my that is indeed terrible. You have some very sick people in Barbados, and I as a Guyanese would never venture into your country, for that dog could be me. I also read in the papers that a Canadian tourist was brutally attacked on a beach in Bridgetown, and subsequently died in a Ottawa hospital. I was always told by Guyanese that Barbadians are a gentle people, but your blogs have opened my eyes, you could say Jesus led me to your blogs to see what you really are like.

    Anyway, I just want to let you know that our dear leader Her Excellecy Mrs. Janet Jagan Mother of of our great nation of Guyana passed this morning at the Georgetown Public Hospital. She was 88 years old. I woudl also like to invite the world to come and see Guyana. FOR IT IS BETTER IN GUYANA FOR TOURISTS.

  76. BajanGuy

    Sister Baby:

    I join with you in revering the life of a person who has so influenced the way of your country as Mrs. Jagan has done.

    However, Sister Baby, I know for a fact having been to Guyana on several occasions myself and having been married to a Guyanese that while you might not have seen the atrocity perpetrated on that dog or the dear lady from Ottawa in Guyana there have been incidents of a very violent and questionable nature even unjust perpetrated on Guyanese which I am sure you are well aware of or may have even been a victim of.

    I have seen transit visitors to your country, at the airport, overcharged for services and charged where the international laws say they were not to be charged for services. What report would that particular couple and their children share regarding Guyana? Where it had been there misfortune, not plan, to happen?

    Let’s not fool ourselves Barbados and any other location you can choose to look at has its beauty and its ugliness. A famous philosopher is quoted as saying “Men who are not willing to fight for their freedom do not deserve to be free” (replace freedom with words like rights, security, prosperity, health, education, humaneness, compassion etc.)

    That all of us who struggle with these dichotomies would be committed to looking at our backyard first before we go over the palin’.

    That is just in answer to your remark SIster Baby and in no way detracts from the subject matter of this blog which is deplorable and which concerns Barbados.

  77. Lynne

    Is it my imagination or did this get more posts than the article about the murder of the canadian woman on Long beach?

  78. bajangal

    What’s the implication Lynne?

    Furthermore BFP ran TWO articles on the Canadian Lady’s demise at Long Beach totalling 176 comments.

    At last count this one is running at 77 not even at the half.

    Is the torturing and needless suffering of living creatures with feelings just like human beings not entitled to less than half of our concern?

  79. T

    For a human to kill an innocent domestic dog, and in such a barbaric way – believe me, the whole World will react & respond.

    I thought I read somewhere(?), that a Canadian celebrity was putting up a substantial reward to catch whoever did this? Can anyone confirm this?

  80. Where we are from nor what color we are have absolutely nothing to do with the fact that this needs to open the eyes of those who can’t see or choose not to see what is happening.
    It is purely malicious and needs to be addressed.
    As well as the dog fighting or any other for that matter.
    Wake up and smell reality. Barbados needs help learning the facts and doing something about these horrific issues. No.. animals are not all that need help but they can not speak for themselves! These sick evil people involved in this nightmare should be punished to the max without a doubt that goes with major counseling as well. God help us all.

  81. identity theft


    sounds like J is a reincarnation of that bitchy negative BWWR.

    BWWR sure knew how to play the race card and Barbadian politics as a white person.

    This person has more lives and twisted venom than a fallen Shakesperian actress.

  82. bajangal

    You wrote: (I hope readers get the point particularly bajangal.)

    I am not your alls “whipping block” although it would appear that in order to shut me up many bloggers have taken to vilifying and mocking me.

    The problem is that I am consistently pointing out the truth and you know what?

    The truth hurts.

    Further singalong: Who gave you the authority to make a statement such as this:

    ALL Americans are sick sadists when it comes to animals.

    Are you personally involved in the lives of ALL Americans??????

  83. PiedPiper

    bajangal, you’ve had 1, maybe 2, detractors and shot them all down mightily. Your as sharp as a tack and I have enjoyed all your posts. If there is one thing I learned in all the years I lived in Barbados, Bajans do not like to have things presented to them in a direct manner. They prefer the side ways “crab dance” and speaking in riddles.

  84. BajanGuy


    If it would be unreasonable for a “forner” to walk about and say

    “All Bajans are black, white hating, dog murdering and the beaches are totally unsafe”

    If you can’t take it — don’t dish it out.

    More to the point, the total population of Barbados cannot fill some of the slums of some of the US cities much less make a dent in their economy.

    On the other hand every American that comes to Barbados represents a large proportion of the GNP (gross national product) which Dr. Marian is very concerned about and even if you don’t think it is worth much it would certainly be adversely affected if the number would be cut down by as little as 10% who came.

    Old time people used to say: who live in glass house should not throw stones……..singsong: check out the roof on you house.

  85. Anonymous

    Was anyone ever charged for a recent crime where a horse was tortured, raped and murdered? the Nation published the most graphic and horrible picture which upset many people.

    Is the young boy who was proudly filmed raping a sheep receiving councelling?

    We read of these things here in Barbados there is seldom a follow up.

  86. bajangal

    Pied Piper:

    Thanks for the endorsement. I am very selective as to which of these blogs I participate in although I do peruse them daily.

    This subject is so close to my heart. I personally have six dogs of my own and love them dearly.

    They are a joy and inspiration in my life to me and my husband. Demanding so little and giving so much.

    I have had dogs from childhood. They have personalities, they have feelings, they are highly intelligent and they suffer in the flesh the identical way that we do. Have you ever heard a dog scream in pain?

    They have been great friends of mankind. Used by the Police, also used in therapeutic ways with sick and elderly people. Seeing eye dogs without which some blind people could not have a meaningful life.

    They are not slabs of flesh for human beings to take out their sick, perverted hatred upon and I hope and pray that something good — change in the way that people in Barbados think about and treat animals — will come from this discussion and from the unfortunate death of this poor creature.

  87. Sing-a-song

    Oh dear bajangal,

    you really are dense. Of course ALL Americans are NOT sick sadists but you would characterise all (or at best most) Barbadians as such.

  88. J

    Dear identiy theft you wrote “sounds like J is a reincarnation of that bitchy negative BWWR. ”

    I am NOT BWWR.

  89. Sister Baby

    Bajan Guy, Thank you most kindly for your sentiment regarding the passing of our dear leader President Jagan, most appreciated.

    The point that I was trying to make Bajan Guy is that I am under the impression that Barbados is a tranquil and idylic place where citizens live in peace and harmony and are extremely hospitable to tourists to the shores of Little England, so I am jolted by the recent incidents such as the one about the dog and the lady from Canada who was so brutally attacked and subsequently died in an Ottawa Hospital. It makes me sad, and I am wondering what causes someone to behave in such fashion. Anyway, I didn’t mean to say anything bad about Barbados.

  90. J

    The Royal Barbados Police Force is welcome to come to my home anytime.

    The door is wide open.

  91. Sir Bentwood Dick

    Christ Church Man,

    Exactly my thoughts on seeing this, with the box etc, is the ‘individual’ practising?

    If not, why the box???

    A truly sick individual that could seriously represent a serial killer in the making.

    The Barbados Police should refer to a professional profiler i.e. from FBI or Scotland Yard, to assess what kind of mind they are dealing with.

  92. Sing-a-song


    please read my reply above. I can’t type slow enough for you guys. Let’s try:

    Michael Vick did some terrible things to animals. So would it be fair to label all Americans as sadists? Of course not! So why should Bajans be implicitly characterised in the main as such?

  93. J

    Don’t mention ya’ private business in pubic unless you are willing to accept public comment on it.

    And you have a lot of nerve asking BFP to ban me. Did I curse, swear, get on bad, or threaten anybody?

    You may not like my comments. (I certainly do not like yours)

    BFP may not like them either.

    But I’ve never threatened anyone.

    I just speak my truth as I see it.

    If you don’t like my truth, just scroll down.


  94. BajanGuy


    If you wanted to retract what you said, why not be honest and just say so. It would be a lot easier than trying to cover your A***

  95. BajanGuy

    Maybe a clone?

  96. Sing-a-song

    Nope not at all. I will stand by my comment. Read the comments in parenthesis.

    you just need to admit that it went over your head and I have no need to cover you!

  97. BajanGuy

    This is a copy and paste of what you wrote:

    March 28, 2009 at 11:27 am

    Michael Vick a wealthy US football star did much much worse things to dogs in his back yard. ALL Americans are sick sadists when it comes to animals.

    I didn’t write it you did. Further, you can’t unwrite it now no matter how hard you try. That is what is meant by RETRACT.

    Seems to me you may be a member of the mainstream press………..common practice of theirs!

  98. J

    Next time you come across the dawn “dog walkers” do something.

    Take out your cell phone and call the police.

  99. J

    What I wrote about my grandmother’s pension is the truth. You may not like it. You may not have been aware of what was going on on the other side. But the truth is unchanging.

  100. J


    I have no idea who BWWR is.

    Except for sure it is not me.

  101. livinginbarbados

    As you yourself begged, you do not know me or where I live. I do not live on the west coast but in earshot of Wildey.

    My comments should indicate that I think broadly, and try not to jump to conclusions not supported by good evidence.

    I also talked to the well-known group of Bajan hikers who are out pounding, sometimes with tourists in tow, but often not.

  102. Sister Baby

    Bajan Guy, The reason those persons were charged is because most likely they were dealing with newly trained airport staff, and this led to the unfortunate experience. I am sorry this happened as we want tourists to come to our country. I would just like to let you know and the many friends of the late President Jagan that NCN TV for Guyana has put up on YOU TUBE a nice tribute to the late leader, so if you want to see it just go to YOU TUBE and punch in Janet Jagan and the first one that comes up is the NCN TV Guyana breaking news.

  103. Sing-a-song

    Yep that’s what I wrote but there was more…there is another “R” word for people like you.

  104. BajanGuy

    I see you have resorted to the strategy of refusing to accept your defeat and face the facts but rather to insult.

  105. PiedPiper

    Wait….muh post get delete because I said Bajans like to talk in riddles?

  106. BajanGuy

    Ooooooooh is that what Singalong is doing?

    Speaking in riddles and expecting lesser mortals to understand and to agree with his rationale?

  107. Sing-a-song

    “rebut” is an insult?

  108. BajanGuy


    That’s the same way you wrote the first comment that we are debating:

    With so much ambiguity that what you say can be interpreted in many different ways.

    Wonder if this is voluntary or involuntary????

    Or as Pied Piper suggests: Riddles.

  109. T

    Riddle us all you want – but let’s “rid it” since it makes no sense at all. In the end, your opinion on this matter is not even fathomed, let alone read. Why waste time on such trivial talk when others post from the heart… Nuff said!!

    The Moderators on this forum are doing an excellent job with deleting the ‘crap’ that is posted. My email box shows me ALL the posts that never make it to this forum due to it being deleted… and for that, thank you Mods!!

    Open forums like this are where we can debate our opinions but we have to stop making it personal, where we attack the poster and/or other areas of concern.

    If people want to talk about starving children, Vick’s dogs, the raped & murdered sheep, the fish that are served “alive” on a plate and all the other atrosicities of the world, then start up your own forum on those topics.

    THIS topic is about the abuse and murder of an innocent domesticated dog…legs bound with tape, beaten & burned and then left with a rope around its’ neck to die a slow painful death – and to top it off, with a pallet inches away from his unreachable paws.

    There is a very sick individual(s?) out there…
    Wake Up Barbados!!

  110. PiedPiper

    “T” I do not know who you are addressing your comments to but you are an ass and a liar. Is that personal enough for you?

    1) My post was not deleted, I was mistaken.

    2) Your statement that “My email box shows me ALL the posts that never make it to this forum due to it being deleted… and for that, thank you Mods!!” is a lie and a complete facrication of your imagination.

    3) Until BFP offers you a position on their blog, don’t be telling other people what subjects they can’t use to debate animal cruelty.

  111. dismanhey

    Spot on T,
    Because some of us can’t accept that we have declined in our value system… we do no wrong and it must be others or an imported culture,find someone or something to blame and throw a deflection.
    As much that this is just out and out cruelty to a living thing, it paints a very dark picture on how unhinged we have become and have clearly lost our moral compass. Look at the contemptous manner in which the Nigerian nurses were treated . Really and truly what is the difference ?when they outlived their usefulness in our eyes, they are destroyed.
    They may not have suffered the physical pain as the dog but what of the emotional one and sense of shame. I’m not a deeply religious man but i can’t help but feeling retribution is on the way.

  112. yatinkiteasy

    Sister Baby, I would like to read your comments if it is discovered that it was a Guyanese that tortured and killed the dog. Lets not judge people or a country until the facts are in.

  113. A Saddened Tourist

    I am a British citizen who has travelled to Barbados for the last nine years.

    Barbados is a dream island – The Paradise of the Caribbean. Everybody’s dream holiday. If only ‘tourists’ knew the sickening reality of how animals are treated by the majority of local Barbadians. Rarely do tourists venture into the local communities where they would experience first hand the vulgarity and the sickening circumstances animals are actually living in. Yes the picture of the hung dog is absolutely heart-breaking but be aware that this is a reality. This has been brought to public attention because ‘tourists’ saw it. This is not a one off incidence! This type of cruelty happens every single day. How do I know? When I stay in Barbados, I live in a local community. This led me to research Barbados animal charities and governing bodies who could help. I know the facts and they are shocking! Although there are laws to protect animals in Barbados there is no one to enforce them. The bottom line is – if you can’t afford to or do not look after an animal in a humane, kind and caring manner – do not have one. Surely it is the government’s responsibility to instil this. It’s fantastic that animal charities are fighting to improve the lives of animals but without the governments backing – nothing will ever change. If you see my comment and agree, please express your concerns by contacting the Barbados government (Email: Use the media and the worldwide web to spread the word. People must be made aware of the situation. If this has an impact on the tourism industry, this might be they only way the government will stand up and listen.

  114. Bow-Wow

    “Stand up and listen”, Saddened Tourist? You’ll be bloody lucky! There are so many laws in Barbados that are broken every single day simply because there is NO ONE to police them, and yes, there are laws to protect animals, but this abject cruelty to animals has been going on for as long as I can remember and it will continue, better believe it. The local RSPCA? Big joke (except perhaps for Mr. Norville).

    If, for instance, high-ranking policemen own pitbulls and other fighting dogs, and ATTEND dog fights, what do you expect? I don’t know if there are any animal-lovers among any of these government ministers, but they would be wasting their time trying to convince the others to get serious about cruelty to animals. So we can forget that. What you suggested is probably the answer – flood the international media on a DAILY basis with stories and pictures showing the abominable cruelty to animals here in Barbados, and when tourist arrivals start to fall off, then maybe – just maybe – they will get scared. But don’t hold your breath.

  115. Anonymous

    Typical, just can’t face the fact, see the facts.
    no wonder you are what you are!

  116. Hants

    There is evidence that people who torture animals in this manner are likely to do the same to human beings.

    The person who did this must be caught, punished.

    This kind of thing happens in other places and it is equally revolting and dangerous.

    BFP you continue to put posts that are provocative.
    Doan ease up.

    I caan write tummuch cause I hey in Bim watching cricket and de single malt in effect so I gotta be careful bout wha uh write.

    Barbados still sweet but we will always have low life physcos like that dog killer.

    uh gone.

  117. Hants

    BFP I am posting from 2 locations in Barbados so the automatic moderation may be in effect.

  118. J

    Whoeve did this was WRONG.

    T wrote “THIS topic is about the abuse and murder of an innocent domesticated dog”

    It is not possible to “murder” a dog. The dog was killed. Murder has a specific legal definition. Only human beings can be murdered.

  119. J

    A Saddened Tourist wrote

    “This is not a one off incidence! This type of cruelty happens every single day. ”

    A Saddened Tourist also said that he/she has been coming to Barbados for 9 years.

    Well I have been living in Barbados for 45 almost 46 years and I have NEVER witnessed or heard of anyone hanging a dog.

    Saddened Tourist is LYING.

  120. bajangal

    You are absolutely correct. I tried to get this story on Huffington Post and the Drudge with no response.

    Activists with CLOUT and MONEY are needed.

    For those of you who care enough who still live in Barbados, I don’t I made the choice to leave my homeland because I was just too sick of the corruption, the hatred, the bitterness and the list goes on, THEN see who you can approach to help.

    There are MANY very rich people who live there and visit there who do care about animals. Approach them, write them BECOME ACTIVISTS.

    My dear saddened tourist if you think that writing to the Government will make one iota of difference think again.

    I know from personal experience the results of trying to appeal to the Government even about things that some people here would think are much more important than this poor dog.

    The Government cares about one thing: how to make more money and better yet how to get it directly into their pockets.

  121. BajanGuy


    Unfortunately having participated in this blog and having read the Nation’s account, you are albeit a third party witness like it or not and as a consequence under the obligation of any witness to a crime or a good work to support it or to decry it because it affects your sensibilities.

    While there are many Bajans who are avid dog lovers and pet keepers, not just in words but in actions — the number of vets that have profitable practices speak to that — there are an untold number of persons who see the painful death of one of these animals as being entertainment. There are also those who exploit the animal’s natural tendencies for defence and aggression as a vehicle for their gambling and other amusement.

    There are laws on the books specifying that these activities are ILLEGAL because of the inhumanity of these activities. Yet with a hypocritical face we all know but do nothing about the law breaking and the inhumanity.

    A further expression of our, as a nation, disregard for the sanctity of LIFE. To my mind there are two beneficial fruits that can come from this entire dialogue:

    1. An increase vigilance and empowerment to see these practices eradicated.

    2. The honest recognition of the need for more COMPASSIONATE values in our society.

  122. Check with the ARK, The Hope and the RSPCA and you will soon find out what’s going on.

  123. Sister Baby

    Hello Saddened British Tourist, It’s best in Guyana, from the misty peaks of Roraima to the thunderous falls of Kaieteur, to the broad smile of the mouth of the Eseequibo River and the Garden City of Georgetown we welcome you to come and see the splendours of our Guyana. So come on down for the holiday of a life time. And only Caribbean Airlines offers you the only direct service to Guyana via Port-of-Spain, plus connections to Paramaribo in surprising Suriname.

    I am wondering if that innocent and hapless doggie was placed under such circumstances as to send a message to the tourists or maybe one of the members of the holidaying party, for it sure beats me as to why anyone would do such a thing.

  124. Bajangal

    Sister Baby:

    Cuddear (as Bajans say) stop with the propoganda and hard sell of Guyana on this blog.

    It is TOTALLY insensitive, inappropriate and has absolutely nothing to do with this serious subject matter.

    If you wish, start your own blog promoting Guyana but what you are doing in my opinion, is tasteless.

  125. Bajangal

    Something else I would like to add here.

    Where is the Barbados Kennel Club in all of this? Probably holding a dog show for their elite members and pretending this does not exist.

    Why has there been no public presence on this blog from ANY of the so-called dog lover associations in Barbados or vets for that matter?

    That may answer part of your questions saddened tourist.

    To be honest Barbadians are a selfish lot. They love their “Big Up” organizations, fund raisers, cocktail parties etc. but when it comes down to the nitty gritty who is posting on this blog?

    If any of you that I have referred to are and are anonymous, I think that in a situation such as this you should shed your anonymity and stand up for what you believe in…………. but I won’t hold my breath for this to happen.

    I know too much about too many of you!

  126. Sister Baby

    I am sorry Bajangal, You know how I am though, but I will try to control my self. I would like to say in all seriousness, regarding the subject at hand, that everytime I view that picture I get a sickening feeling in my stomach, it is so horrific, it jolts my nerves to the core, and makes me ask why, and how can anyone do such a thing. I wonder about the person that did that, is it a mental person, a person who wants to scare away tourists, was the dog barking and awakened area residents from deep sleep, and that was the outcome. I don’t know the area so I am wondering, and no one really has the answers. And let me say the picture is still horrific even though the picture has been toned down. It is awful. Let us hope this never happens again and that we can all cherish every living thing.

  127. T

    Sister Baby, I feel your pain – you have summed up in a nutshell the exact thoughts going on in my head, as well.
    What could this poor dog have possibly done (or not done) to endure such punishment & pain from a human being?

    I have seen the other pictures that were too graphic to post here and to say they are “horrific” is an understatement.
    They are so gut-wrenching and inhumanely cruel, words cannot describe it.

    And to add, this poor dog was most likely less than 2 years of age.

  128. Bajangal

    Most of us on this blog have felt that pain and anguish.

    But now it’s time to put your money where your mouth is:

    Those of you who live in Barbados GET UP, WAKE UP and do something about this instead of just talking.

    You can make a difference so that NO OTHER dog or animal has to go through what this dog has suffered.

    It’s up to you……………….

  129. Bajangal

    And what possible good would that do?

    The police sometimes take days to come to the scene of what they perceive to be a crime (and believe me, most of them don’t have the sensitivity to perceive of this as a crime, many either participate or agree with such atrocities).

    Even if they did come (doubtful at the best) What do you really think they would do?

    The few police who may have a heart are TOOTHLESS in situations like this unless the MOVERS AND SHAKERS in Barbados decide something must change, the police are just a bunch of poorly paid “figure heads” there to make people feel that law and order prevails. What a joke!

  130. Elombe

    Does anyone other than me wonder why Bajangal is protesting so much? So aggressively?

  131. T

    I don’t wonder at all after the barbaric torture this poor dog endured. Everyone should be protesting!

    I honestly wish there were more people in this world like Bajangal.

  132. Rumboy

    Man we got some real sick people running around here, and don’t say it happens all over the world as a way of justifying it….. real sicko.

  133. connor

    Animals are important.
    There’s is an increase in
    violent crimes right now.
    Even in Bermuda.
    Senseless violent crimes.

    3 Men attacked including a tourist???
    Three violent assaults during one evening
    A man suffered serious head injuries after being beaten by a group of men armed with what Police described as ‘blunt objects’.

  134. Hants

    Not just sick but dangerous. A person who does something like this is predisposed to extreme violence.

    Only a seriously disturbed individual would do this.

  135. Anonymous

    Dr.Hueys statement in the Nation News article pertaining to this cruelty case is so pathetic!!!!

    As pathetic as the Pelican stoned to death by a school boy sometime ago. No follow up. As pathetic as the recorded rape of the sheep by teenaged boys. No follow up.
    As pathetic as the rape of a horse. No follow up.
    As pathetic as this latest discovery. The ONLY response of the police was to remove this dogs body. They are said “now”to be investigating ONLY because the story has been circulated around the globe!
    And the list goes on……..

    “A Saddenned Tourist” has put it all in a nutshell. Please have a look at
    and go to animal stories.
    Not one of those cases will EVER be prosecuted (and Inspector Norville was called for a few of them) in the interest of getting the animal out of the situation lawfully. But there is never a follow up from the RSPCA. The owner gets a new dog and the cycle of abuse and neglect starts all over again.

    While organizations such as Ark and Hope do seek to improve animal welfare , they are simply too undermanned and as regular lay persons, are not authorized to remove dogs from properties if neglect or cruelty is suspected unless the owner agrees to surrender the animal.

    This is the job of the Rspca and the police,but in my opinion Dr.Huey is living in a dream world if he does not believe the majority of Bajans are irresponsible dog owners.

  136. common sense

    Its a sad day when ppl can’t understand sarcasm or irony. I will explain it. Since many posters extrapolated that Bajans are uncaring animal hating ppl because of the incident captured Sing-a-Song thought that they would draw a parrallel to a wealthy american who engaged in systematic torture, electrocution and execution of dogs considered not good enough to fight. the parrallel drawn ( All americans are sadists or something like that) was intentionally ridiculous to show how ridiculous the assertions and generalisations of some posters are. Esp one who was married to a cock-fighter and professing to be an animal lover.

  137. A Saddened Tourist

    Dear J,

    Have you ever discussed animal cruelty with any of the veterinary practices and animal charities on the island? Have you ever been to The Governments Animal Control Centre? Have you ever walked down a typical local street and noticed that 9 out of 10 dogs on the one road are either tied or chained to a tree or trapped in a box or a cage where they can barely stand – do they have food and water? Do they look healthy and happy? You only need to visit these charity websites, read the articles, SEE THE PICTURES, to become aware of these cruelty and neglect cases. This page you may find of interest: No – a dog isn’t hung every day but yes, this extremity of viciousness happens every day. Killing an animal – whether drowning it, burning it alive, beating it to death and even the prolonged suffering of starving it to death are all parallels of the hung dog case. I suggest you do your research before dismissing my comment and calling me a liar.

  138. Bajangal

    To give “Jack his cap” Dr. Huey, as one would hope that any vet would and should, does care for animals that are brought to him. I have availed myself of his services but he was not my vet of choice.

    HOWEVER, on the other hand, Dr. Huey at this point of his career and life is more interested in the social aspects of the dog world such as being the “honorary vet” at dog shows than “dirtying” his hands with something as distasteful as this.

    In view of the above his value to the RSPCA in my opinion is negligible as are most of the others concerned with animal welfare in Barbados by virtue of their inadequate, heartless and callous lack of response in this terrible situation.

  139. Bajangal

    common sense Wrote:
    March 30, 2009 at 12:06 am

    Its a sad day when ppl can’t understand sarcasm or irony. I will explain it. Since many posters extrapolated that Bajans are uncaring animal hating ppl because of the incident captured Sing-a-Song thought that they would draw a parrallel to a wealthy american who engaged in systematic torture, electrocution and execution of dogs considered not good enough to fight. the parrallel drawn ( All americans are sadists or something like that) was intentionally ridiculous to show how ridiculous the assertions and generalisations of some posters are. Esp one who was married to a cock-fighter and professing to be an animal lover.

    It is also extremely sad that I bared my soul in mentioning that I WAS, PAST TENSE, NO MORE married to someone involved in it to SHOW that I personally knew that these things took place.

    How many more Bajans are married to cockfighters and dogfighters and remain with them.

    Instead of appreciating that I found that to be utter despicable and that was part of the reason that I left you choose to insult and denigrate me.

    Go right ahead. Does that help this poor animal or others that will suffer like he did at the hands of BAJANS in this case. Mr. Common Sense…….. this did not happen in AMERICA. If you have a problem with what goes on in AMERICA go to their blogs and vent.

  140. PiedPiper

    I wold like to give a personal example of the disregard for and cruelty to animals and in particular dogs in Barbados. I had three dogs, one of which I got as a puppy and which grew into a very large dog. When she was only 6-7 months old, I had to travel off the island for a few days. When I returned, I was horrified to discover that one of her eyes had been destroyed and was told by my significant other that two young boys had pelted some rocks at her, one of which struck her directly in the eye. The Vet said there was nothing that could be done to save the eye.
    Of my three dogs, I loved my one-eyed beauty best of all and she in turn was the most loyal, faithful loving creature. She swam in the sea with me and rarely left my side.
    When she was almost 4 years old, someone threw poisoned meat in the yard and she died a horrible, painful death despite the Vet doing everything to try and save her. This is how some people in Barbados treat dogs, like cruelty is a sport.

  141. Sing-a-song

    Bajangal why do you bother? According to you, we Bajans are a hopeless lot. A selection of your past comments follows:

    “.. a great deal of Bajans who have no understanding in my opinion and worse yet no capacity for understanding that animals…have the identical ability for experiencing pain and anguish as human beings do.”

    “…For the rest of you Bajans who are prepared to make excuses for such a heart breaking, horrible, dastardly act…..That’s part of the reason I have exiled myself from the country where I was born. I just want to disassociate myself from such a “people” and I make no secret of my feelings when people ask me where I am from.”

    “Too long Barbados and Bajans think they “mek themselves”.”

    “Police have never I repeat NEVER investigated ANYTHING to do with animal cruelty.

    Many officers of the same Police force are involved in dog fighting.”

    “The few police who may have a heart are TOOTHLESS in situations like this unless the MOVERS AND SHAKERS in Barbados decide something must change, the police are just a bunch of poorly paid “figure heads” there to make people feel that law and order prevails.”

    “I know from personal experience the results of trying to appeal to the Government even about things that some people here would think are much more important than this poor dog.

    The Government cares about one thing: how to make more money and better yet how to get it directly into their pockets.”

    “To be honest Barbadians are a selfish lot. They love their “Big Up” organizations, fund raisers, cocktail parties etc. but when it comes down to the nitty gritty who is posting on this blog?”

    “Dr. Huey at this point of his career and life is more interested in the social aspects of the dog world such as being the “honorary vet” at dog shows than “dirtying” his hands with something as distasteful as this.

    In view of the above his value to the RSPCA in my opinion is negligible as are most of the others concerned with animal welfare in Barbados by virtue of their inadequate, heartless and callous lack of response in this terrible situation.”

    Tell us Great One who is worthy enough for you? From whence shall our salvation come?

  142. Bajangal


    Thank you for your diligence in paying such attention to what I have had to say. I trust you will do something about some of my recommendations.

    It must have taken you a considerable amount of time to collate, cut and paste the above.

    I do not proffer myself as to be a judge of who is worthy; my desires are that Barbados recognize where it is failing and that Barbadians, like myself, be willing to humble themselves, give up their pride and do something about the reality of what Barbados is truly like in 2009.

    If that brings Salvation great.!

    Barbados needs to be fought for if it is to prosper spiritually, socially and financially and we as Bajans need to stop making excuses, telling lies and offering BS answers that are blatantly untrue and only bring more attention to our dishonesty and failings.

    Quite obviously I have offended many by my obvious knowledge of Barbados being a daughter of the soil and my refusal to cover up and hush up the truth.

    I have no apologies for that.

  143. Sing-a-song

    I notice that both you and Bajanguy are alike in that you got my handle wrong. It’s not Singalong, it’s Sing-a-song. My conclusion is that you’ve been masquerading as two different posters, maybe more…..tsk, tsk naughty girl or is it boy? Your passion is a bit too much, well we know that you are dishonest so do you really care about animals or was this just a convenient opportunity to berate us lowly Barbadians? Hmmm … you really had me thinking how unhinged you seemed over the hung dog even good old Dr Huey and the RSPCA are “heartless” and “callous” but I now see it was just a ruse. How Machiavellian! I going to go out on a limb here…. were you involved with what happened to that dog and then sent those photos to BFP and the Nation newspaper? How dastardly!

  144. Bajangal

    Firstly I am not Bajan Guy and if two people have the same opinion does that make them the same person?

    Secondly I am a lowly Barbadian too but not too proud to admit the wrongs of my countrymen and women.

    Thirdly maybe the shoe is on the other foot. Did you? How Machiavellian!

    Fourthly something about Dr. Huey has touched a nerve. Are you perhaps he masquerading as Sing-a-Song?

    Fifth your comments regarding my love or lack thereof for dogs do not even merit a response and are an insult to my intelligence.

    You are clutching at straws but whether you believe you can make a mocker of me and what I believe in or not. Does it deny the validity of the points that I have made? Does it assuage your conscience that you feel able to ridicule the messenger and hope to disavow the truth of the message? Sad………. this is exactly what I mean about some Barbadians and you are obviously one of them.

  145. victor

    I know this is not on the subject but when I cIicked on the Nation Iink I was amazed to see the CIico ad for “100% mortgages and car Ioans, no deposit!” Has not the news fiItered through to Barbados? The ad is an insuIt to inteIIigence

  146. Sing-a-song

    Sleep tight Bajan Gal (Guy, Irate Tourist, T, whatever) I know I shall! (By the way,it wasn’t the similarity of the opinions, it was making the same error in what you assumed to be my name)!

  147. victor

    CuItures react very differentIy in reIation to animaI treatment. In Turkey for instance, it is not acceptabIe in IsIam to kiII an animaI except for food so stray dogs are dispatched by what they caII “gypsy” ie not MusIim, dog kiIIers and beIieve me the methods are crueI, sIow poisoning being the norm just because its cheapest. In Japan they kiII endangered whaIes, no probIem, enjoy the rituaI dinner! There’s the doIphin caught and then d umped, dead, in tuna nets off the US coast, buII fighting in Spain. It’s an Eastern deIicacy to eat a Iive monkey’s brain in a restaurant and in China dog is considered yummy. In EngIand to eat horse is a horror yet in France, perfectIy fine. Monkey is the deIicacy “bush meat” in Africa and in Africa’s diaspora, often smuggIed into the West because it seIIs Iike at caviar prices. MeanwhiIe Western animaI sanctuaries try to save the monkeys. Anyone can see just by observation aIone, that in barbados pets are not given the same status as in the AngIo Saxon worId. Dogs chained up in the boiIing heat or storms with no sheIter, kittens with tight string around their throats abandoned, onIy to strangIe as they grow. It is a cuIturaI thing and sobering to accept that in a society which untiI Iess than 100 years ago food was a higher priority than pets. Do you cuddIe your rabbits and chickens or do you eat them? Do you have the Iuxury of pet food when you struggIe to feed your own famiIy? However, you do NOT have sex with your animaIs, that’s a common beIief aII over the worId )except in Ancient Greece!) and torturing an animaI for fun is generaIIy unacceptabIe aII over the worId. Instances where animaIs have to endure a proIonged and painfuI death usuaIIy occur where gambIing is invoIved or where there is a pagan reIigious eIement, where the creature sadIy represents something which humans must conquer to survive, again the origins of buII fights. However, the carefuIIy pIanned and deIiberateIy proIonged death of that dog points to a sociopathic mind. This is not about the generaI ignorance of animaI weIfare or even about sex with animaIs. It’s about a dangerous individuaI who must be stopped and caught, before he moves on to humans. If there was more education and focus put upon taking care of animaIs, extreme cases such as this wouId be more highIighted, wouId become more weird and more easiIy stopped.

  148. Nostradamus

    Off topic

    Anyone have any further information on the “Notice of Public Consultation” in today’s Nation page 26, Saturday March 28, 2009?

    Consultation is advertised as being at the Meeting Hall of St. David’s Anglican Church on Monday April 27, 2009 @ 6:00pm.

    Notice says “The meeting will allow for comment and discussion on the proposed plans for the subdivision of lands at St. David’s Village, Ch. Ch and Staple grove Ch. Ch. Into lots for residential purposes.”

    Prior to the consultation, you are invited to view the documentation on the project at the TCPDPO,Church office St David’s Church, Wildey Gymnasium, Bridgetown Public Library”

    Is this part of a process that includes an EIA for the “project”? Are the lands in question presently classified as agricultural?

  149. PiedPiper

    Sing-a-song, Sherlock Holmes you are not. Only a nutbar would make the ridiculous assumptions you have made. Does the passion of others worry you so much?

  150. Green Monkey

    victor, I believe you have a point that different cultures have different attitudes to animals and there are definitely different standards for treating animals in North American culture depending on whether or not they are members of a species we regard as pets as opposed to mere livestock for us to eat.

    See this example of an investigation and court case into animal cruelty on a US farm that was made into a documentary for HBO:

    A new twist on ‘Animal Farm’
    By Jerry Mazza


    “Each year,” the documentary’s synopsis tells us, “10 billion animals are raised for consumption in the US, mostly on sprawling, industrialized farms where virtually no federal laws mandate how the animals are treated — though guidelines exist — and state laws are ineffective. As a result animals are frequently subjected to what many consider cruel treatment and inhumane conditions in the interest of economic efficiency. Death on a Factory Farm chronicles an investigation into alleged abuses that took place at a hog farm in Creston, Ohio.”

    Actually, the documentary follows a young undercover investigator named “Pete” after he gets himself hired by a hog farm at the behest of the animals’ rights group. We follow his courageous journey over the course of six weeks and on to the resulting court case that results from his work. Pete is armed with a small hidden camera, and a huge amount of commitment to expose the events he finds going on at the farm.

    He secretly films many disturbing scenes, which include baby pigs (piglets) being tossed into crates from across a room as if they were rubber balls, not living beings, often hitting walls or the floor. We hear their whimpers of pain, see their cuts and blood. An unhealthy piglet is repeatedly slammed against a wall to “euthanize” (kill) it. Pete films impregnated sows held in pens so small they can’t move, except to fall on the floor in exhaustion. A worse fate awaits a sick sow. The sow and others like her are hung individually by a chain from a raised forklift until each is choked to death, which can take up to 45 minutes, with the animal squealing and kicking all fours.


    Also, it is curious that in the hearings, the animals, the pigs are rarely referred to as such but rather as “livestock for euthanizing.” The euphemism is reminiscent of the slave society of early America referring to slaves as chattel, property, not men; and this true even in the US Constitution. It took another hundred years and a Civil War that killed 600,000 Americans, Northerners and Southerners, for the black slave to be considered and called a human being, one of whom now sits in the White House. It’s funny the impact mere terminology can have on lives and the course of history.

    In the trial that follows the raid, the prosecution and defense wage a fierce battle over the legality and morality of these practices so seldom seen by the public. They are described by the presiding judge as “distasteful and offensive,” yet in the end he defends farmer Ken Wiles and others in the close Ohio farming town as merely participating in an everyday process of producing “livestock for consumption.” More is the pity. Also, it was more than ironic that several residents speaking on camera agreed with Farmer Wiles, that this kind of investigation could lead to the end of their businesses and “lifestyle.” They said in essence they could just as well do without the fuss and get on home to have “a good pork sandwich.”

  151. Anonymous

    Yes indeed culture and belief has played a role in animal cruelty issues all around the world but then you get organizations such as Peta and WSPA , Greeenpeace ect, protesting and asking governments to stop such crimes against animals. There is action of some kind taken.
    Some due to international pressure change thier ways but here in Barbados i think what really peeves most people is that the police do not recognize the animal cruelty laws so making a complaint is useless!!!
    The Nation Newspaper reported last year that one Dr.Peter Ward was charged with Cock Fighting. He was to have been sentenced September 11th last year according to the report.
    This is now 2009 and no follow up to this.
    Has anyone heard anything more and why is he still being allowed to practice as if nothing has happened. I for one will not be sitting in his chair ever again and it sickens me that his clients continue to support him!

  152. T

    Pied Piper, I am sincerely sorry for your loss.

    My heart goes out to you and all others that have experienced the death of their beloved dog in such brutal, barbaric fashion.
    They’re not just a pet in our eyes, they are family.

    Is this how it all starts with a very sick person?….
    poison and then later in life, hangings?

    It is with my greatest hopes that we can all unite and catch these perverted murderers.

    To Sing-a-song – my name is “T” and none other.

  153. PiedPiper

    Bajangal, no disrespect intended to your statement that Dr. Huey was not your Vet of choice. The one and only time I took one of my dogs to a Vet other than Dr. Huey, I regretted it and swore I would never take an animal to this man again. I don’t recall his name but he was a white Bajan with a big-up reputation. I took my big dog there to be spayed when she was about a year old. I dropped her off early morning and was told she would be ready for pick up late afternoon. Imagine my surprise when I received a phone call just 2 hours later and told to come and pick her up. When I was taken to the back of the clinic and I saw her in her cage she would not respond, could not stand up and obviously still very much under the effects of the anaesthetic. I said to the Vet, I can’t take her home in this condition and I asked him to keep her till the following morning and of course, I would pay the additional cost.
    Well, if you could have heard how rude and dismissive this man was and he said “No, you will have to carry her out from here, I have no room to keep her, I have a busy practice here.” He then turned around and left.
    I had to carry that dog, who at 1 year old weighed close to 75 pounds, by myself, to my car and lift her into the back seat.
    Say what you like about Dr. Huey but I know this, he would never have forced me to take home a dog that was clearly not well enough to go home and if she was well enough to go home, Norville or someone else would have assisted me out of the clinic and helped me to put her in the car.

  154. British Tourist

    THE RSPCA, Barbados

    Why is there an RSPCA in Barbados if they do not prevent cruelty to animals? Why has no one EVER been prosecuted? The RSPCA has a moral obligation to help defenceless animals. The Barbados RSPCA should be working with the Barbados Government to change the laws – TO ENFORCE the laws. What are they doing? Where are all the charitable donations going? WHAT ARE YOU DOING RSPCA – Barbados? You should be ashamed of yourself. Does the official RSPCA in the UK know that there is an organisation in Barbados USING their good name? An organisation that clearly doesn’t abide by the policies and missions they have been tirelessly fighting for since 1824.

    Please, please, please contact the genuine RSPCA in the UK. Perhaps they can help the animals in Barbados?

  155. i know i gine get cuss

    cmon, its only a dog, the equivalent of a meal in some countries. yall know how dat pork or beef in wunna meal today get slaughter before it get on wunna plate? i bet it wasnt given pain killers before the farmer slit it throat and leff it for it blood to drain? i hope all the vick haters and animal rights activist doan eat meat. i hope yall are alarmed when americans have a season dedicated to hunting bamby and daffy.

    den we got sports where we get to get on the animal’s back and whip the shit out of it to push it to win. oh the horror.

  156. A Saddened Tourist

    $5500 REWARD!!!!

    The Hope Sanctuary are offering a bds$5500 reward for information leading to the arrest of the sick individual who killed this poor dog. They have even built a web page specifically about this case. Please view the bottom of the page for ways in which YOU can help.

    Let’s find out who did this – let’s punish this individual. There MUST be consequences to animal cruelty. Let’s make an example of this disgusting and vile person. Please don’t let this dogs death be in vein.

  157. Animal Lover...Hmm...Life Lover

    Hmm, let’s see! She is really mad maybe that the Barbados government has done nothing to advocate that they support the eradication of this type of behavior. Good for her!

  158. Bajangal

    I don’t “cuss” people but you have epitomized everything that has been said about SOME Bajan’s attitude towards the humane treatment of animals.

    Why didn’t you add that cows are sacred to Indians and that they would rather die than eat one? Forgot that?

    Don’t worry to come back and tell me that you were being sarcastic or ironic. It won’t fly with me.

    Thanks for showing the world how a large majority of Barbadians, who would like to convey that they are so sophisticated and civilized think.

  159. Sister Baby

    Just to add to the conversation, in Japan there is a group of people that the Japanese call Barakumin, these are undertakers, butchers, executioners, otherwise takers of life who because of their profession have had stigma attached to them, and were social outcast during the Takegawa period in Japan.

    It is frowned upon for a Japanese to marry a Barukumin, another group that is stigmatised in Japan is Ainu, but the reason for Ainu stigmatisation is because they belong to the Causcasion race.

  160. T

    I’ve just learned there is a $55oo reward for information on the person(s?) who commited this barbaric dog hanging.

    Warning to all: the pictures that were too graphic to post here,
    are on the above website for Hope Sanctuary.

  161. i know i gine get cuss

    by the way ppl dont waste time fighting common breed dogs, that dog was not a fighter.

  162. Bajangal

    British Tourist:

    Money talks and everything else walks.

    To effect change in this situation philantropists with SUBSTANTIAL amounts of money are going to be needed to fight this cause.

    Sadly I have the will, God knows, to fight this but I don’t have the finances.

    To be frank the other part of the puzzle is it’s who you know and not what you know. It would take THOUSANDS of e-mails to the British RSPCA before someone even blinked.

    You are not going to even get one hundred Barbadians or even tourists to do so. Look at this blog as an example. Probably about 20% of the posters really care. The rest are just trying to provoke others to anger and/or shut the subject down.

    I personally tried to bring this to the attention of some media houses in the US. I did not even so much as get an acknowledgement for my effort.

    Sadly, we live in a world that is generated by greed. If enough money is offered, yes, something will be done about it but I am very doubtful that this horrific situation will go anywhere without that or someone very influential — a movie star or very well known person pulling some strings in the UK or US.

    For instance: an entire organization and website was started to save the cruel and torturous killing of wolves in Alaska which is endorsed and supported by Sarah Palin. They are making some real headway. I am a subscriber and supporter of that cause. There is the horrible killing of the seals in Canada where Sir Paul McCartney and his deceased wife were influential and significant activists.

    That is what is needed. Little Bajangal, British Tourist, Pied Piper, T and a few anonymous people have tried in our small way to put this out in the blogosphere so that maybe, just maybe someone that can make a difference will intervene.

  163. Bajangal

    Hi Pied Piper:

    I did fully credit Dr. Huey for being a compassion vet albeit not sometimes as up to date as others I have dealt with. I am sorry to hear of your experience with who appears to have been my vet of choice who saved several of my dogs lives and was available to assist with emergencies 24/7. He even was willing to correspond with vets in my country of residence now to give history on my dogs.

    You know, life is funny and he may for some unknown reason have been having a bad day that day.

    However, my point was not about Dr. Huey’s capabilities as a vet but about Dr. Huey’s lack of committment as British Tourist states to the RSPCA and his evident committment to the Barbados Kennel Club and the elite “hobnobbing” that goes on there.

    He is fully entitled to live whatever life he chooses and mix and engage himself in what ever extra “curricular” activities he chooses, don’t get me wrong, but as he is the HEAD of the RSPCA I still believe that he has been and obviously still is totally negligent in his reponsibilities to that organization.


    I see animals caged 24/7 in Barbados, they are never exercised and only let out for the owners to clean their prisons. Poor Animals they live in a hot cage with nothing to amuse them and are beaten if they dont enter the kennel as soon as they are requested to do so. SHAME ON BARBADOS FOR ALLOWING THIS CRUELTY TO CONTINUE, CHANGE THE LAW !!STOP LOCKING YOUR DOGS UP FOR LIFE. HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE SHUT IN A CAGE FOR LIFE WITH NO AFFECTION?

  165. Bajangal


    I just can’t look. The memories of that would haunt me for the rest of my life.

    Even posting on this is very difficult but I believe, hope and pray that somehow through this small effort that I make to post (and be royally insulted by some) other dogs/animals in Barbados will be spared such a fate.

  166. i know i gine get cuss

    moderators was there a problem with my reply to bajangal? or is the blog glitchin?

  167. BFP

    You are over the line. Back off and think of what you wrote before you repeat your error.

  168. i know i gine get cuss

    horses are whipped to encourage them to go faster in horse racing, where is the humane treatment in that, wild animals are hunted for sport, what is humane about shooting a wild animal ?

    animals we eat arent killed humanely, aint no one care how the burger got on the bun, they just care about how its done. my fadda had rabbits, we would kill them with a blow to the back of the neck and immediatly skin dem. and i wont mention how cows and pigs are slaughtered, but know they involve a heck of a lot of pain.

    what some ppl doan realise is dat some ppl may feel for an animal, while others dont. not feeling for them doan make u an ogre or serial killer as some ppl wud reason.

    maybe that dog bite out the throats of some farmer entire livestock and in return metted this fate.

  169. victor

    Green Monkey, yes I do see your point about the crueIty invoIved in animaI husbandry. The very fact that we eat the creatures in the first pIace! Meat eaters have to face up to where the meat comes from and if they can, ensure animaIs do not suffer unduIy. It is ideaIistic to expect everyone to eat organic food from respectabe sources – you have to be rich to do that, a Iuxury most cannot afford. Battery farming may be horribIe – I have my own hens – but peopIe who can onIy afford a battery chicken must stiII eat and feed their famiIies. I am not a vegetarian, however I do beIieve animaIs have to be treated kindIy and dispatched humaneIy. I beIieve the meat tastes better if the animaI has not been raised in crueI circumstances anyway, as do most chefs. Governments have ruIes about this which are often fIouted but campaigners exist everywhere who try to curb the execesses of the greedy and crueI. AnimaIs and sport raises hackIes. Is it crueI to whip a rachehorse? Baiting of animaIs has been unacceptabIe in civiIized society for a Iong time now. That’s what has been decided and there are Iaws against it because it is seen as wrong. What about hunting then? Dogs chase down the prey and in the case of the fox, kiII it. Argument is raging right now on that very issue. But THIS whoIe argument is not about those thorny issues though is it? It’s about HUMAN BEINGS torturing and kiIIing a dog for fun . It is pointIess to waste time on specious arguments about horseracing etc. which do not address the fact that some humans and psychopaths reaIIy get off on infIicting pain and death on creatures unabIe to defend themseIves, especiaIIy dogs who have been our friends and heIpers for hundreds of thousands of years, guarding and herding Iivestock, guiding the bIind, guarding our homes and ourseIves. I’m saying anyone who does torture for fun is a danger to society and thanks for Ieaving evidence that there is a sick creep out there in someone’s neighbourhood who has to be found, stopped and incarcerated before he excercises his sick fantasies on other vuInerabIe creatures Iike chiIdren or oId peopIe.

  170. British Tourist

    Hi Bajangal, Your comment is sadly very true. How about a petition? Using this horrible story as the focus. Make a point that the Barbados RSPCA and the government need to start prosecuting. If you agree – would you please help me write this petition? We could then attempt to target the celebrities. What do you think? youtube is a global outlet for mass awareness – what do you think of having a short movie clip created and posted on this site? Please let me know your thoughts on this.

  171. We would like to make it clear that the bds$5500 reward was donated by two individuals who would like to remain anonymous. We are an under-funded, non-profit charity and we did not, and could not afford to, contribute this amount money. This vile case has greatly upset people and we are very grateful to these donators for their support. Hopefully this cash incentive will help catch the culprit. If you know who did this, please come forward. This is clearly a seriously dangerous character that needs to be stopped NOW!! The death of a dog today, perhaps the murder of a human tomorrow. T: 266-0986, Email.

  172. British Tourist

    Dear Hope Sanctuary,

    Firstly I would like to say what a fantastic job you do. Just looking at your website, it’s clearly evident that you’re a ‘PRO-ACTIVE’ animal charity. Being that you are run by volunteers, demonstrates that you are not in this for the status or money. It’s a same you don’t get the recognition and the funding of the ‘IN-ACTIVE’ Barbados RSPCA.

    In response to your comment about the dangerous individual. Please see this very interesting and well researched article which creates a clear connection between animal abusers and sociopath serial killers. Policing authorities should be aware.

  173. Bajangal

    Hello British Tourist:

    I certainly am prepared to do anything I can to help.

    I am a native of Barbados but no longer live there so my help will be limited to what I can do via electronic means.

    You Tube is an EXCELLENT idea. Many things are exposed there that people would otherwise be oblivious to.

    However, what would also be needed is the input of someone familiar with “generators” — I’m not quite sure about the correct terminology. Computers are not my area of expertise but once when discussing the possibility of starting up a website for a business of mine I was advised that in order for the maximum amount of people to access the information certain parameters need to be built in to generate that demand. Therefore an internet specialist will also be needed for this project.

    As I said earlier, I am willing to put my money where my mouth is and do ANYTHING within my limited power to not let this atrocity stop here.

    There are talkers in this world and there are doers. It is only those who are willing to DO something about injustice that will see that injustice changed.

  174. Bajangal

    Good for you Hope Sanctuary.

    Too many Bajans are either complacent or cowardly and a great deal don’t even post anonymously out of fear.

    Hello people, I understand. Barbadians are not a people that you really want to get on the wrong side of. Some treat people like they do animals.

    I mentioned earlier that organizations concerned with Animal Welfare need to identify themselves and I commend you for your demonstrated committment to the cause of animals in Barbados.


  175. Bajangal

    i know i gine get cuss
    March 31, 2009 at 3:29 am

    You know what?

    Everything you have said is irevelant.

    Why would anybody waste their time cussing you?

  176. Bajangal

    Hello British Tourist:

    I have replied at length to your invitation to me but for some unknown reason it is being moderated.

    If it is not released in the next few hours I will reply to you again.

    Suffice to say, I am MORE than willing.

  177. Bajangal

    I meant irrelevant but actually irreverent would also do nicely!

  178. ppl like u

    hey “let me jump in hey” y don’t u get a clue. Do u spare a thought about humans suffering all over the world??? If u did then u would now bash ppl for feeling anger and sympathy for a poor defensless animal being tortured in ur county! Iz ppl like u who probably don’t give a damn about anything.

  179. Bajangal

    Hello British Tourist:

    I can’t imagine why BFP has not released my response to you but here goes again:

    I would be more than happy to help in any way that I can. I am not just prepared to let this subject die. I am passionate about trying to do something.

    However, I no longer live in Barbados although I was born and bred there and spent most of my life there so I can do nothing there on the ground also, my financial resources are limited.

    However, anything I could help with in the way of “Write Ups”, “Editorials” “Press Releases”………..SURE.

    I do not wish to reveal my e-mail address on this forum as being a Bajan it is very likely that I would be targeted mercilessly for all of the controversial yet true remarks I have made.

    If you have a problem with giving yours as well we’ll have to think of a creative way of exchanging addresses. I’m sure something is possible!

    At that point we can discuss in greater detail how such a project can be done.

  180. Anonymous

    Count me in. How can i help?

  181. British Tourist

    Hi Bajangal,

    I will ask The Hope Sanctuary and The Arc if I can send them my email address for you to contact me directly. I will let you know which one responds first.

  182. Bajangal

    Great idea! Look forward to being able to help.

  183. woggy

    when the initial shock of this incident dies down, probably so will yall sense of duty to protest and be heard until the next incident where u will want to adorn a cape and rescue the troubled and disadvantaged

  184. Anonymous

    Join us then Woggy!!!!
    How would you like to help? Any suggestions?

  185. British Tourist

    Hi Bajangal, The Hope Sanctuary have kindly offered to give you my email address so we can chat directly. You can contact them at: I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  186. T

    British Tourist & Bajangal, (before you leave us) …
    I want to personally thank you both, for ALL you do.

    The World is a better place with wonderful, caring people like you, in it!

  187. Bajangal

    Much appreciated T.

    That makes up for all the insults and ridicule I had to put up with.

    Bless you!

  188. Bajangal

    Hi British Tourist:

    I have supplied my e-mail address to the Hope.

    Talk with you soon.

  189. British Tourist

    Hi T, How very kind of you. Thank you for your support. As they say ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ but we do have to start somewhere. All the best.

    “He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.
    You are his life, his love, his leader.
    He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart.
    You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.”
    — Unknown

  190. doglover

    Well J i am 48 soon to be 49 lived in Barbados all my life, WAKE UP J AND GET OUT THERE ARE YOU BLIND ? I lost one of my dogs to the same hanging couple years ago while I was at work. I now own 14 rescue dogs, cats and birds all with a story behind them…..have the time to listen to the horrible life they were saved from??

  191. doglover

    Sad how many uneducated, heartless people we have in Barbados.
    Bajangal and sadden Tourist I commend you, Thank you.

  192. doglover

    To all of you who have spoken out for the cruelty in Barbados I THANK YOU.
    Should you ever need help, count me in.
    To The Hope sanctuary, keep up the good work and I pray to God the culprit is caught and punished.

  193. Bajangal

    Thanks for the encouraging words, Dog Lover.

    The only way that we can make ours a more compassionate, caring world is to fight for causes such as this:

    “It’s not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena…….who, at the best, knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat”.

    (Theodore Roosevelt)

  194. reluctant nonbeliever

    I’ve been an admirer of yours for some time now.
    I don’t always agree with what you say (though do completely on the matter of animal cruelty), but I’m deeply impressed by the way you say it.
    You write with clarity, force, wit and passion. You write with fierce conviction, but with no taint of bigotry or dogma. Too bad our daily papers don’t have a columnist of your calibre.

    I don’t know how old you are or what you do for a living, but you’d make a really first-class investigative journalist.

    I suspect you have a lot of fans out there in cyberspace…

  195. Rumboy

    Hants, so true but what worries me is that the next time it could be a child as I don’t believe that this is the reprecussion of dog fighting.

  196. yatinkiteasy

    Has anybody heard that the dog was put there as a warning because it is close to a landing spot for drugs? There may be more to this than an evil may be drug related..police should be asked about this…

  197. Seeing the tortured dog was no surprise to me, the Hope Sanctuary can supply the press with new pictures of suffering animals on a daily basis.
    Tourist complain frequently about the treatment of animals and can’t understand why the laws are not enforced.
    In my experience dog and cock fighting is quite common and must be banned, though they vary greatly in the scale of cruelty. (Believe it or not, some dogfighters are quite fond of there dogs and take them to a Vet after the fight for the best attention and see nothing wrong with putting their dog through this ordeal)

    In 2003 I started the Hope Sanctuary as
    I was alarmed about the lack of facilities catering for abandoned dogs.
    At the time, being rather naïve about the scale of the problem,
    I soon realized very quickly that the problem had to be addressed on all fronts.
    Neutering and spaying, giving practical help and education to dog owners.
    School education, affordable medical care to animal owners and the enforcement of the
    Animal cruelty laws.
    Presently I concentrate on dogs outside of the Sanctuary and every week I deal with between 80 to 120 dogs and 60% of the dogs are in poor condition ranging from dehydration, malnutrition, muscle wastage due to lack of exercise, ingrown collars, inadequate shelter and heavy infestation with worms, fleas and ticks.
    Many dogs have untreated injuries or medical condition because the owner has no money to call a vet.
    A large number of dogs end up at the government run Animal Control Centre because of behaviour and health problems and this number can be reduced if the general population had access to affordable medical care and a behaviorist helping with basic dog training.
    All Dog licenses should have a list of basic requirements for dogs by law attached to the licenses.
    Which should be sighed by the owner and a copy left with the owner.

    In my experience the majority of owners of these dogs are not intentionally cruel but need practical help and access to information.
    This is what the Hope Sanctuary and the Hope Martin Neutering Bus is trying to do.
    5% of these cases should be prosecuted.
    The Hope Martin Neutering Bus is primarily financed by an overseas visitor and concentrates on spaying and neutering and has a fulltime educating officer who goes into schools.
    The Hope Sanctuary is run solely by volunteers and deals with giving practical help (Running leads, food, medical care, solving behavior problems) to dog and cat owners.
    The Hope sanctuary is using the media to educate and reach as many people as possible.

    We also give shelter to dogs and cats at the Hope Sanctuary. The hope Sanctuary is financed out of our own pockets by keeping full time jobs, fund raisers, donations and book sales.
    Every day we are swamped with reports of cruelty cases and requests for help.
    The Hope sanctuary has only a handful of volunteers and is stretched to the limit.
    The burn out rate of helpers who can not deal with the amount of suffering we see, the constant worry about funding and the lack of law enforcement is great. We are punished by our own success as more people we help as more requests are poring in.
    The people who report cruelty cases do not realize that we are not allowed on owners premises without there consent. Veterinarian used to have a written authorization from the government to deal with these cases; these authorizations have not been updated.
    To sum it all up, we are putting a plaster on a dying patient and unless there is more funding and back up by the government enforcing the laws, we will all fall by the wayside frustrated and exhausted.
    PS 2 kind Hope members have now put up an award of BBd $55000.00 for Capture of the perpetrator

  198. Bajangal

    Reluctant Unbeliever:

    Thank you so much for your comments and compliments.

    You know, I’ve never given it any thought but investigative journalism would be a very interesting “side line” ………… I do however have a vocation/calling which I am totally committed to!

    BTW ……….. I hope some day you will become a “Converted Believer” since, in your words, you are a reluctant unbeliever at this time!

    Best to you!

  199. Anonymous

    What is really going on here ????

  200. Bajangal

    Nothing will surprise me anymore.

    You asked what is going on…………….

    In my opinion, the cover up crew are into high gear.

    What better way to cause this most unpleasant incident to “disappear” than to inject the idea (via propaganda) that it never happened.

    That an “Irate Tourist” made the whole thing up.

    Old tactic.

    Recently saw a very interesting film called the Changeling. While the subject was not about animals the tactics employed by the LAPD in that true account seem to have a ring of similarity to this.

  201. Nostradamus

    The letter writer in the BFP story says “The police were also called. Their response was even worse. No response. (Although a follow up call was made the next day to Constable Best of the police station in that area, who informed us that “ the dog was removed”) .Very impressive! I suppose we should all feel better now .”

    Maybe the police should check with Constable Best.

  202. Sundowner

    If the Police went the next day and the dog was removed the Advocate piece makes no sense at all…………….

  203. oh come on.

    maybe de cops shudda stop arresting real criminals and spend valuable resources to go see a roast dog hanging from a tree so BFP could write in dem column dat de police ain out ketching real criminals

    the force cant appease every animal lover in bim.

    as for the reward, make it 5500 usd and i wud take the fall and turn myself in.

  204. PiedPiper

    “oh come on”, If the RBPF WAS actually out catching criminals then they might have an excuse for not treating cruelty to animals seriously but you notice that they haven’t even bothered to use that as an excuse?
    For one entire year, there were multiple attacks on tourists on Long Beach and not only did they not have an increased patrol of the area they didn’t even bother to warn Bajans and tourists alike that Long Beach had become a hunting ground for one particular criminal. Only when a tourist was murdered and there was international bad press, did the powers that be decide that maybe it might be a good idea to investigate and find the culprit.
    It is attitudes such as yours “oh come on” that contributes to the less than flattering opinion that the international community has of Bajans. There is a much wider implication here than the death of one dog. Bajans are rapidly getting the reputation of caring not one shite about too much of anything. In a progressive, civilized society there must be respect for the community as a whole. As a number of posters have already pointed out, it is a very short leap from violence to animals to violence towards humans. Anyone who could take pleasure from inflicting, watching and enjoying the suffering of an animal is someone who is less than human and is living amongst other humans who he may one day turn his sick desire for torture and pain on.

  205. yatinkiteasy

    Drug Trade! See previous Post.

  206. Red Lake Lassie

    Well said PP.

    Maybe “oh come on” is Commissioner Dottin?

  207. Bajangal

    There are a lot of posters on this blog trying to “diffuse” and “cool down” this subject. They use various tactics.

    Their identities would no doubt be very interesting.

    It’s common practice in the blogosphere.

    They hope in so doing to get the persons committed to a cause to lose their temper or more importantly to deflect and distract and hopefully get the subject to either go away or appear unimportant.

    Subversionary tactics.

  208. T

    Well said “Pied Piper”, very well said!!

    And the saddest part is, this pervert who gets his rocks off doing this to a poor helpless animal – his next victim is usually a child or the elderly who cannot defend for themselves either.

    When it’s your Mother or Child, is that when this issue finally gets taken as being serious?

    Tourists took it with all seriousness & sincerity…
    when will the Barbados authorities?

  209. Jamie

    This is sick! I love the island of Barbados and the treatment of animals like this will destroy tourism for this island. This is an absolute disgrace.

    So sad.

  210. Insider

    I am afraid you are mistaken…
    The RSPCA of Barbados is very wealthy. The society is able to cover its monthly expenses mainly by the interest gained by its vast savings. They also heavily invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in companies friendly with management and committee members. Not to mention the committee consist mainly of family members. Only last year the RSPCA constructed a “sick bay “building 60ft by 40 ft at the whopping price tag of over half of a million dollars. The irony is…it was built by Charmaine Hatcher (manager of the RSPCA) cousin, Dwayne Skinner. Who sadly enjoys the hunting of animals for fun. Not only enjoys shooting the migratory birds that stop here on their epic journey for a rest and drink, has “put to sleep “a few stray dogs in this same manner. Even makes his way to Canada to kill moose during the hunting season. And this is who the Royal Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals hires to build its facility. And you wonder why there was a muted response to all this !!!

  211. Insider

    The RSPCA does not depend on Donations. It’s clinic, boarding kennels and interest earned on their vast savings runs the society.

  212. oh come on.

    nah i aint the commish, im not trivialising the torture and murder of a dog but i just feel we have more important things to deal with, like the 100’s of ppl sleeping on the ground in town, or more important social ills than some arsehole who decide to set a dog alight.

    also as far as i remember dog fighting and cockfighting are illegal but the force simply doesnt have the man power or resources to put manpower any and everywhere.

    i remember when the requirements to get in the force were u had to be at least 6 ft tall and had 4 or 5 cxc’s, now the force taking whoever dem cud get cuz enlistment is extremely low. and rightfully so, i dont think i cud do that kind of work for 2500 or less a month in 2009. but let me stop before i get call dottin or bertie hinds.

  213. Jinx

    Oh the story is very real. As real as the comments in the Nation News Online article coming from a few animal loving tourists!!!

    God help us all if this is the “Best” the police can do.
    A call was placed to Constable Best yesterday.
    One of the hikers called her the day after the sighting and she told him the body of “the dog was removed”.
    Yesterday a call was placed to her again to clarify her statement and her response was a very hostile “CERTAINLY NOT’ !!!!
    (she never said the body was removed)

    What is really going on here?

  214. Jinx

    In todays Barbados Advocate Newspaper…
    page 8,
    “Animal Cruelty a Cause For Concern”

  215. T

    Thank you for the link Jinx!

    Here’s some irony – to the left of the Animal Cruelty column in todays paper, please read the article titled “Looking Ahead”.
    Barbados is trying to find new ways to ENTICE MORE TOURISTS.

    I would be curious to know, exactly how many animal cruelty cases have actually been investigated..?
    And if there was an investigation, how many sick people were actually charged and/or punished for their barbaric crime?

    I found an interesting petition that was started in 2007, numerous people signed it from all over the World.

    Below is a quote from one petitioner:
    “Animal Cruelty Punishment and consequence holds no “real” weight in Barbados so people do as they please. Institutions are in my place such as the HOPE SANCTUARY in Barbados and people opt to abandon their unwanted and no longer cute puppies in plastic bags, boxes, on the side of the street…but sometimes it’s a better fate than the ones that are burnt alive, constantly left chained….it’s time for a change and the time is NOW!” From Oct 31, 2007

    So here we are in 2009 and NOTHING has changed.

  216. PiedPiper

    Ms. Coulthrust, I commend you for the good work you do even though at times it must seem like the little Dutch boy,Hans Brinker, with his finger in the dyke trying to stop the flood.
    I have my own theories about why most Bajans have little respect for animals but, for now, I will keep them to myself. Barbados is supposed to be a Christian society and all good Christians should be aware of Saint Frances of Assisi and the position of the Church on “all God’s creatures”.
    Ms, Coulthrust do you have a copy of the Animal Protection Act of Barbados and if so would it be possible for you to post it here? From previous posts, I gather that animal protection officers do not have the legal right to set foot on someone’s premises to investigate animal cruelty. Who then is charged with enforcing The Animal Protection Act? What can be done to increase the powers of animal protection organizations and it’s officers? Who can a person write to in order to bring about this much needed change?
    Keep up the good work and even though it is a daunting task.

  217. Bajangal

    Sadly as I stated earlier in this blog………money talks and everything else walks.

    The reality is the only hope for change is via highly visible and well known sponsors. I am sure there are many committed animal lovers who have sufficient money that they would be willing to invest in such a worthwhile cause. It will take staff and thousands of US$$$ for it to be effective and have the desired result.

    I mentioned already: Some of these folks have been coming to Barbados for years. Some of you know them or know people who know them.

    You need to do some networking. With enough money for a PR campaign targeted at destinations which bring the most tourists to Barbados, you will be amazed to see the Government’s “heart” change.

    Petitions, letters, e-mails, etc. aren’t going to move them one iota.

    The only thing that will cause the people who have the power to change is when their “pockets” start to hurt i.e. tourists start to boycott Barbados as a destination.

    Sad but true.

  218. Bajangal

    Some thoughts:

    A website similar to this needs to be set up regarding animal cruelty in Barbados with POWERFUL search engines.

    A group committed to this cause needs to be set up in Barbados; you will need to get lists and addresses of tourists who have visited Barbados who may care to donate ………..that would be a start.

  219. PiedPiper

    It seems that there are some people paying attention. A Big Thanks to Regina Selman Moore!

  220. PiedPiper

    Insider, the information contained in your post disappoints me greatly. I think it reasonable to believe that those in charge and or working at the RSPCA would be committed to animal welfare. I do not understand why the RSPCA wouldn’t use some of their bounty to lobby for change to the Animal Protection Act and also bolster their own powers to investigate animal cruelty. Some of that largesse could also be used to hire more investigators.

  221. PiedPiper,

    Thank you for your support and I ensure you that I will continue my efforts to make animal life in Barbados more palatable.

    Barbados has very comprehensive laws on animal cruelty and I will get a copy to you.
    We have frequent visits from the UK RSPCA managers and get advice on how to handle cruelty cases. We are gathering data on a daily basis and employ a format that is used internationally to assess animal welfare. We are in possession of data that confirms the amount and extent of poor treatment meted out to animals in Barbados.

    The Staff from the UK RSPCA have commented that our laws are very up-to-date.
    These are however, sadly not enforced.

    Up to last year several veterinarians were in possession of written permission from the government, empowering them to investigate cruelty cases, but to my knowledge, the letters have not yet been updated. This therefore means that we have no other recourse but to get the police involved and to depend on them to bring such matters to court.


  222. PiedPiper

    Cornelia, I just visited The Hope Sancuary website. I would have your IT person run a virus scan as when I went to the discussion board, I received a warning for a trojan.

  223. PiedPiper

    I would encourage all who have or will visit this blog to send donations to The Hope Sancuary. Just click on Cornelia Coulthrust’s name and it will direct you to the site.

  224. PiedPiper

    The trojan was attached to a post entitled “man charged for rescuing puppies”.

  225. USA Animal-Lover

    SPEAK UP – Government & RSPCA!!!

    I am an American who vacations to Barbados once a year with all my family. I really wasn’t aware of such horrible going-ons. I am an avid animal lover and this has hurt and disturbed me greatly. Reading all the discussions and web articles, not once have a seen a reply from the Barbados Government or the RSPCA.

    Why has neither of them had the common decency to reply to peoples concerns? After such publicity, you would think they would feel a need to justify and defend their negligence regarding animal cruelty. WHAT COWARDS!!!

  226. British Tourist

    Dear USA Animal Lover,

    Sadly, I doubt The Government are actually interested in discussion forums of this nature – although they should be if they actually care about their nation. I do have a feeling that the RSPCA will be ‘cowardly’ reading this blog. Charmaine from the RSPCA started a discussion on FaceBook but soon backed out when bombarded with questions. Her only pathetic response to answering ‘How do the RSPCA actually prevent cruelty to animals’ was to phone the RSPCA. Why have the RSPCA not got a website? Where are the facts and the figures? What is their mission statement exactly? Pro-active charities such as The Hope Sanctuary ‘volunteers might I add’ deserve the donations and funding – NOT THE RSPCA. I only wish that the real RSPCA in the UK would be concerned that there is a fraud RSPCA in Barbados using their good name.

    I personally will NOT be coming back to Barbados on holiday. TOURISTS SHOULD BOYCOTT BARBADOS!!!!!!!!

  227. USA Animal-Lover

    Hi British Tourist,

    I vacationed to India two years ago and never to return again – why because of the blatant disregard for animals. I REALLY didn’t know the Barbados Government were so heartless. And as for the RSPCA, I will be contacting the UK organisation personally. I do love Barbados but I will not, and neither will my family be visiting Barbados again. Let’s stand up for our beliefs. Yes, TOURISTS MUST BOYCOTT BARBADOS.

  228. Elombe

    This is really going overboard now…tourists should boycott Barbados because one person in Barbados chooses to mistreat a dog? I don’t know about others but, as far as I am concerned, Barbados could do without such idiot tourists!

  229. Sundowner

    USA Animal Lover
    I hate to think of any living thing being mistreated, but I am realistic, so tell me, where are you going to vacation in future?, you should look to your own country, you think no one in the USA mistreats animals?

  230. Nostradamus

    The issue is not so much that animals are abused, istreated, tortured (happens all over the world)but that no one is held to account/prosecuted in Barbados for such a crime.

    Dog fighting is illegal. Ever heard about Police breaking up a dog fight and or arresting anyone in connection with same?

    Today’s Nation (Sat Apr 04, 2009) page 3 top left has a short story about police requesting public help.

    “POLICE ARE SEEKING the public’s assistance to solve the mystery of who tortured and burnt a dog in Maycocks, St Lucy.

    The dog’s body was discovered hanging by the neck from a tree by a group of hikers on the weekly Barbados National Trust walk. Its front paws had also been taped.

    On Thursday Station Sergeant Vincent Morris, officer-in-charge at Crab Hill Police Station, told the SATURDAY SUN: “We are still looking into the report.” He called on the public to come forward and assist them in finding the owner of the dog. (SP) “

  231. bagejan

    Anyone who was raised in Barbados knows that everyone in the neighborhood knows who that dog belong too. All the police have to do is go and ask who it belong too.
    I am not a overboard animal lover but i love my two dogs and they get the best care i can give them so if you have animals in your care do your part to give them a good home because this kind of cruelty will go on. This person is nothing but a coward.
    But i mean i raised up seeing a woman get beat up what seemed like every weekend I mean that was the event to look forward too and she was a human do you think they care about a dog?

  232. Sister Baby

    Please kindly allow me to tell the American who vacations in beautiful Barbados yearly to please tune into the Animal Channel in the USA and watch a TV show called Animal Cops, a show that portrays mankind’s inhumanity to animals.

    The show focuses on the cities of Detroit, Michigan, New York New York, Houston, Texas and Miami, Florida. I never knew people could be so cruel to animals, until I viewed this show. My point here American is that this type of cruelty is not unique to Barbados. I also do not think the Government of the USA intervenues in such matters, but it is left to local United States Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, or whatever there is in the USA ( I don’t know if there is such an arganisation in the USA).

  233. Sister Baby




  234. British Tourist

    Sister Baby

    I laugh at your comment regarding Animal Cops. Yes, there is animal cruelty all over the world. But at least America has authorities which actually take action against people who abuse and neglect animals. At least they have a TV program that documents these issues. Tourists, and so it seems many Barbadians, are blinked to the facts. This is NOT a one off incident. What about the stork which was stoned to death, the sheep that was raped, the horse that was raped, the dog that was burnt alive?? You only need to see the articles on The Hope website to realise animal cruelty and neglect is happening every day. Animal loving nations actually do something about these issues. America, Canada and Europe for example – all have prosecution laws which are enforced. What does Barbados do???

  235. USA Animal Lover

    In answer to people’s comments regarding ‘Tourists boycotting Barbados’ as extreme. The impression I am getting is that the governments main concern is money related. If there is a reduction in the tourist industry – I feel they ‘might’ actually do something. We ‘tourist’ animal lovers/activists need to take a stand. Even if it means not visiting Barbados anymore – the worlds a big place.

  236. Star Girl

    It’s true. I was looking for the RSPCA’s website and it seems they don’t have one. Or do they? Does anyone know the link? I found the one for the UK which lists their campaigns, their educational missions, their policies, history, advice etc, etc, etc. I really feel they should have a website so kind people who donate money to their cause at least know how it’s being spent.

  237. USA Animal Lover

    Elombe, My comment wasn’t simply about this one case. It is about the government not doing anything to protect animals in general. Something you need to remember – it’s us idiot tourists which spend money in your country. Isn’t Barbados a tourist based economy?

  238. Bajangal


  239. T

    Whoa, wait a minute here….

    If you had read the 200+ prior posts, surely you would see that no one is excusing any other Country for the animal abuse/cruelty that goes on there, let alone condoning it. THOSE cases are at least investigated and sick people like football star “Vick” are arrested AND prosecuted for his dog-fighting and brutal death of his poor dogs.

    The main issue here is that the Barbados government and the “Powers That Be” would rather cover-up this issue or sugar-coat the fact that this barbaric animal cruelty is going on everyday here in Barbados – God forbid, if this leaked out, it could (and should) be detrimental to the tourist industry.

    It took “tourists” to bring this to the media and they exhausted every channel of making this known, as to what they saw.

    Give me a break…and if you think Barbados should get a break, think twice!!

  240. T

    Here’s some more irony….
    I just replied to the article in the Nation News an hour ago….my comment (along with many others, I’m sure) is STILL under moderataion review.

    They want help solving the criminal murder of this poor dog..?
    ….this will ONLY happen in a different Country.

  241. ru4real

    There are three animal sanctuaries in Barbados
    The RSPCA on the Spring Gaarden Highway
    The Ark in Sugarlands Salters St George
    And the Hope also in St George.

    All these will take in unwanted animals and find homes for them .
    they will also help with spay and neutering.

    So there is no excuse for abandoning dogs in bags or God forbid hanging them.

    This was an act of a sadist I hope that it will be taken seriously by the Police.

  242. PiedPiper

    Someone earlier asked what happens to old race horses. Well here is the sad answer:

  243. British Tourist

    The RSPCA in Barbados is not part of the real RSPCA!!!

    I thought the UK RSPCA could help their Barbadian organisation in advising the government on enforcing the animal welfare legislation. Yet, I couldn’t find any information linking the two. They are not even listed as an associate. I found this statement on the UK RSPCA website ‘The RSPCA only has powers in England and Wales’. Perhaps this is why the Barbados ‘so-called’ RSPCA have no influence with regards to prosecution laws – because they are not even part of the genuine society and don’t actually have any authority. I wonder if Dear old Mrs. Jones would have still left thousands of dollars in her will to these people if she was aware of this.

    For those of you questioning who Mrs. Jones is – it’s an example of a fictitious person being led to donate money under false pretences.

    See this link if you don’t believe me…

  244. PiedPiper

    Honestly, some of the posters to this article appear to be as thick as bricks. No one is denying that animal cruelty takes place all over the world! This statement has been made several times by several posters! What is at issue here is that in Barbados there doesn’t appear to be anyone doing anything about it! In North America and most of Europe there is not only the REAL RSPCA but also The Humane Society, both Municipal and Federal Animal agencies that have real clout and the law behind them to fine, jail and prevent people from ever owning animals again in their lifetime if they are found guilty of animal cruelty. These cases go before the courts all the time and the appropriate punishment is meted out to those found guilty. Animals are taken away from owners all the time who neglect or harm them.
    Elombe: For the last time, this is not about ONE dog. It is about the lousy attitudes that a great many Bajans have about animals and in particular dogs. It is about how something must be done to stop the wanton cruelty that is accepted in Barbados. It is about how there are Animal Cruelty Laws on the books but NO ONE is enforcing them!

  245. While listening,reading and trying to find out who these modern day animals lovers really are.for over thirty years there was a man in Barbados,who risk his life physically rescueing animals from wells,cliffs ,trees,drains,in fact any where the poor animal found itself. The many treats he had,the abuse he suffered at the hands of some of these same bajans who are now claiming to be animal lovers.Over the years Mr.NORVILLE has spent his entire life fighting for animals to be respected.Who was the driving force behind getting the cruelty to animals act pass? Who was the lone voice fighting for something to be done about dog-fighting,cook-fighting nd all the cruelties meted out to animals? Mr.Norville. Who wrote the dog management report in Barbados?Mr.Norville.This document[was prepare by ,Mr.NORVILLE, National Dog Management Consultant, under the FAO Project TCP/bar/6612 “Preparatory Activities for the Eradication of the Tropical Bont in Barbados,”with major suport from Dr.Atonio Rota,Livestock Management System Consultant under the project.]THIS document can be obtained from The Ministry of Agriculture.Who in the 80s had a Sunday column imforming the public about animal care? Mr.Norville. These issues are not new to Barbados,it is just things are only done in Barbados when certain people speak.One of these days Mr.Norville will get his just rewards, he was there fighting long before the HOPE or the ARK. I,am certain these folkes from these two organisations would have Mr.Norville’s help and advise at some time.

  246. Jinx

    I think Inspector Norville must be so tired of it all. He has been fighting for animal rights for the longest time but has anything really changed?

    His achievements are well noted but what is the point if these laws are not enforced and persons prosecuted?

  247. Bajangal

    These issues are not new to Barbados,it is just things are only done in Barbados when certain people speak…………………….exactly what I have said MANY times on this blog.

    Thanks for Listening!

  248. Facts


    You are perfectly correct. “A saddened Tourist” is lying or misinformed.

    You cannot use a couple of incidents to blacklist Barbados as a place where the cruelty to animals is seasoned in culture. It is wrong and out of place.

    I am sure that more of this type of thing happens in England – even with all their laws in place.

    By the way, even though its legal, how would you clasify dog racing?

  249. Facts


    I agree with you.

    We, as Barbadians do love animals. Like you, I can’t understand how we are being labelled as an animal hating country because of a couple of incidents.

    Could it be, that unlike some, we:
    Don’t kiss dogs – especially in their mouthes?
    Don’t carry them to bed with us?
    Prefer to shower more love on human beings? Especially the disenfranchised?

    Not being racial, but what about the hangings “down South?”
    Can I get a witness?

  250. Facts

    Sister Baby,

    Thanks for resurrecting “Animal Cops”; I forgot about this program.
    If you want to see cruelty to animals, this is the program to watch. It is certainly not for the faint- hearted.

    And they are talking about “boycotting Barbados?”
    “Ye without sin”, who are you trying to fool/impress?

  251. J

    Bajangal was for many years married to (ie. in bed with) an avid cock-fighter.

    She seems to think that the rest of us sleep with people who are cruel to animals.

    I don’t. Never have.

  252. In any organization you have people who work and those who only paint everyone in an organization with the same brush is wrong.I guess Mr.Norville is tired, for the many times I have heard him get down the authorities in bim for not doing more to help eliminate animal cruelty,only a true animal lover would have stuck it so long. Politicians don’t want to say anything for fear they lose a vote. The hierarchy in the police force don’t view abuse to animals as crimes,so the youger officers over look them also. Next time you see Mr.Norville sk him how many animals he have saved, knowing him I know he would say Not Enough.

  253. J

    Bajangal is intimately familiar with the animal cruelty fraternity in Barbados, but instead of writing to the police and documenting what she knows, names, addresses, phone numbers, workplaces, locations of acts of cruelty, she keeps that information to herself, but comes on this blog and cusses all Bajans; even while keeping secret what she does know.

    If Bajangal wants to be taken seriously she MUST tell the police and this blog too what she knows. And yes that means naming names.

  254. San Diego

    Bajangal, keep up the good work – just ignore that “J”, who appears to have a huge problem with life in general. Don’t waste your time replying to her.

  255. PiedPiper

    “J”, I swear if I could afford to, I would send you on a little “vacation” somewhere. It might do you a world of good.

  256. Facts

    14 People lost their homes yesterday, and 1 toddler died.

    Will all the kind-hearted, passionate “animal lovers” please rise?

    POINT: There are some with deranged and mixed-
    up priorities, who would treat an animal
    better than humans.

  257. Jinx


    Everyone has thier “passion” or purpose in life. It is how humanity continues to evolve.
    Auntie Olgas passion is helping those in need as is the Salvation Army personnel and hundreds of other charities around the world.
    Animals cannot speak for themselves. Who then should speak for them?

  258. Facts


    Thanks for your response.

    Don’t get me wrong. I am an animal lover – especially dogs.
    The picture of that dog is heartwrenching; it is cruel and inhumane.

    My concern is that there are folks who are falsely presenting Barbados as a land of dog/animal haters; who are unfeeling and inconsiderate to animals.
    This is far from the truth and wrong.

    Even more annoying is the overlooking of animal barbarism as practised in inindustiral countries – as though it doesn’t happen there – only in Barbados!

    Hope you get my point. This type of attitude reeks of self-righteousness

  259. Bajangal

    Thanks, San Diego.

    To Facts: with all due respect you need to read all 259 posts before you jump in after the fact (no pun intended) and try to recreate and/or re-debate what has been debated at length already. Your comment in light of all that has been said is spurious at best.

    I’ll leave it at that.

  260. Bajangal

    To Facts:

    with all due respect you need to read all 259 posts before you jump in after the fact (no pun intended) and try to recreate and/or re-debate what has been debated at length already. Your comment in light of all that has been said is spurious at best.

    I’ll leave it at that.

  261. Shocked and saddened

    What does it take for someone to do something like this. I suppose if we as humans are capable of rape, robbery and killing someone with a plank of wood like the murder on Long Beach why not turn on innocent annimals for cruel pleasure. I have lived in Bim for four years, the shocking conditions animals are sometimes subjected to would make front page news elsewhere.

    I was watching a show from the USA about a rescue organisation that was removing horses from a pasture as the owner was clearly showing neglect, I thought the horses didn’t look too bad when compared to some I have seen on the beach and tethered in fields here. The dog cruelty taking place in Barbados is done on many different levels. Volunteers who work with The Arc and The Hope shelters must lose faith in mankind after seeing what these all these animals are subjected to. I was driving past the new prision and on the side of the road I saw a plastic shopping bag, I was sickened to see three dead puppies stuffed into it, mouths opened apparently drowned. Why can’t Bajans spay their animals? For the most part animals are not pets, they are chained to their yard with short chains, unsocialised so they become vicious. The most affluent Bajans are often the irresponsible dog owners, allowing their guard dogs to regularly leave the property to roam the neighbourhood and kill other peoples pets on their own property. I was once told quite proudly by a Bajan that their dog had killed two others. I hope things can change for the better and may I never just “get used to it”.

  262. Insider

    The Rspca in UK is well aware of the “rspca” here. They have repeatedly asked them to remove the ‘R’ (Royal). This process has been stalled citing several legal matters ,claims the rspca here.
    The TRUTH, they hold on to the ‘R’ simply because who would leave donations in excess if one million dollars, and their property . To the (Bardados )BSPCA.
    They have been for years masquerading as the rspca to fill the coffers.

  263. Facts
    How do you know Animal lovers don’t help people?
    The difference is. The victims have a voice and can ask for help animals are voiceless.
    I am getting sick to death being lectured by people not to spend my time and money on animals.
    It is my time and my money.
    How much time and money are you spending on your favorite charity?
    The Hope Sanctuary does not go to help a pet of a stroke victim and not give assistants to the pet owner. If a household has fallen on hard times we don’t just feed the dog. We by food for the humans out of our own pockets and feed the dog.
    The world has enough talkers and critics. We need more hands on people for all charities.
    As to Barbados being animal lovers, yes many people treating their animals well but the point is it not the majority. Only 40% of dogs are kept well or reasonably well. The ratio is wrong. Out of 98 dogs I dealt with last week only 31 had no problems. 16 dogs were barely alive and the owners had not noticed, 51 dogs had problems ranging from ingrown collars, eye infections, dehydration, dislocated hip and under weight.
    I am sorry but I have a problem finding that acceptable.
    Yes all nations have cruelty cases, but it is prosecuted, that is the point.

  264. PiedPiper

    Well, well, well, this entire discussion has been very enlightening and informative. I must admit I am a little shocked and disappointed to see the true colours of the Barbados RSPCA. I still believe they do good work and at a reasonable cost but I see clearly now that it is not necessarily out of the goodness of their hearts but for profit. Can’t really fault them for that but it’s time they stopped the masquerade.

  265. Bajangal

    And you know what which is even sadder?

    It will never change unless the ones who rule this country are forced into making decisions. Forced through embarrassment and what the continual permitting of this could do to their precious “income” i.e. tourists “daring” to say that they would boycott Barbados.

    Tourists need to do just that!

    But as you can clearly see from many posters on this blog………… many of the rank and file in Barbados don’t give a d*** about the suffering of these poor creatures and further to that they don’t see why we should either.

  266. Bajangal

    Someone out there in blogosphere with the finances needs to support this lady who is one of the few that is DOING anything. I don’t have the finances.

    I would physically help if I could but I no longer live there and BTW for all the critics who don’t know one iota about what they are spewing out or who they are talking to when they make their comments:

    I spent most of my life helping children in Barbados and received much the same response.

  267. British Tourist

    Dear Insider,

    Thanks for the ‘inside’ info. ‘RSPCA Barbados’ – you are stealing off good people. You are liars and thieves. Sadly these donations could have been put to pro-active use if given to a genuine charity. SHAME ON YOU!!


    Petition to enforce Animal Cruelty Laws in Barbados.Please click this link to help fight for change.
    Send the link to everyone you know!! – display it on your FaceBook. HELP MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!

  269. British Tourist

    Hi Bajangal – Please check your email. Thanx.

  270. British Tourist

    Barbados relies on ‘us tourists’ for its income. The Government, and local people alike, even if they don’t give a dam about animals – they need to seriously start caring about what WE think!!!


  271. THE FACTS!!

    Thanks for the statistics. Hopefully people will read them. For all of you that think this is a one off incident, and we are all making a big fuss over one case, LOOK AT THE FACTS. Cornelia Coulthrust is the President of The Hope Sanctuary. If anyone would know she would.

  272. Concerned


    Although you speak fondly of Mr. Norville, do you not find it deceptive that he is using the RSPCA name and they are not even associated with the real cause? The real RSPCA in the UK define one of their missions as ‘working in partnership with with governments and teachers to enforce legislation and educate children and the public on the welfare needs of animals’. Where does Mr. Norville contribute to this? By law – they should change their name. This is fraudulent.

  273. Insider

    I would think Mr. Noville is powerless to do anything about the name. As far as I know he is just the inspector of the Rspca.
    Question a many of things about him, but certainly not what he has contribute to Babados.

  274. From a Different Caribbean Country

    Must be an island ting. That happens here a lot. GCM

  275. From a Different Caribbean Country

    (The dog poisening bit.) Really a cruel and painful way to go.

  276. From a Different Caribbean Country

    This isn’t even worth a reply bajangal. Don’t take dat bait no more!! Stop wasting your time replying to this disagreeable and argumentative person. (It doesn’t matter if it is a man or a woman!)
    The entire point is to educate and bring awareness and put a stop to it. This person just wants to wind you up, when really, at the end of the day, agrees that this is atrocious and should stop. I mean WHO WOULDN’T!! Me tinks this person has a hard on for you. Maybe a wee bit jealous that you had the gonads to leave Barbados? Leaving your home country is a hard thing to do.
    Not getting to have the last word is difficult too, eh!

  277. Jerilyn Capaccione

    I agree that animal activists need to do something about this cruelty that is occuring in this country (Barbados). Here in the U.S., we fight animal cruelty by signing petitions and getting legislation to stop it! Barbados animal lovers need to do the same thing, petition and legislate. This is horrible act by someone who needs to be put behind bars and throw away the key!!!
    Please, animal lovers everywhere, let’s see this kind of thing stop in this country (Barbados and other countries where people don’t care what happens to animals!!! We are fighting the puppy mills in the U.S. and dog fighting and just general animal cruelty but we won’t give up until it stops completely if that takes years and years and years!!!


  278. Mathilde

    YES!! thank YOU!!! Ive heard of a petition people are signing to finally force this stupid Government to bring about Animal Protection Laws that have a real effect and was going through the endless bickering in these comments to see if ANYONE would have something HELPFUL to say, so THANK YOU!!!

  279. Mathilde

    Just a note, the Ainu aren’t Caucasion, they are the aboriginals of Japan (the majority of Japanese people were migrants from China). They are racially different from these Chinese-descendants in that they grow more facial hair, have light coloured eyes and hair and seem to have almost Caucasian bone structures, but they are in fact their own race. They are also similar to the Native Americans of Eastern North America in genetics. I am fascinated by them and the aboriginals of Australia 🙂 Ive also read of a race of Celts that was found living in Peru…

  280. Mathilde

    I am glad to hear you do school education programmes, if we teach the next generation that dogs are our friends and not things to throw stones at then maybe we can actually bring about a change.
    I know so many people who hate cats but when they meet mine they are shocked at how affectionate mine are, they never realised cats are wonderful companions!

  281. Mathilde

    no, instead the police busy pulling over me when i over-take a ZR who stop to chat with somebody on the side of the road with no bus stop sign in sight…

  282. Mathilde

    I often slow my car to inspect plastic bags and boxes left on the road… it really creeps me out to think what might be in there 😦 I found a kitten that way… she is now very fat and happy with a friend.

  283. Mathilde

    Well when the tourist money run out people will probably have to eat their dogs since we dont grow much food here :\
    The Government doesnt read this blog anymore, they wont know why there are suddenly fewer tourists (if such was the case). I think an internationally signed petition would be more pro-active honestly.

  284. Carol

    Frankly it is most probably a Bajan that killed this dog. Just from listening to the day to day comments and attitudes of my fellow countrymen, my gut tells me that it makes for a cultural fit. I have had people tell me that cats should die merely because they do not like the sound of their purring. I have commented on dogs suffering before, to be told that it is ‘just a dog’ and not worthy of my grief. I have had cats poisoned. Actually a woman once told me that she didn’t like her mother-in-law so she planted a raw whole chicken on the kitchen counter and laced it with poison to kill the cat. These things sicken me to my stomach.

    Don’t make excuses for Bajans. For the most part they are just not worth it.

  285. Carol

    I wonder if you spare a thought for the cats and dogs who are skinned alive in Asia (China to be specific) to preserve the lustre of their fur or the seals that are beaten to death with clubs so that ignorant people can wear their fur. How would you like to be skinned alive or beaten over the head til your skull is crushed. Do you think the pain is any less intense for an animal?

    Oh and I am Bajan by the way.

  286. Carol

    Animals have equal value to human life. Life is after all life.

  287. Carol

    No this hanging is the first publicized hanging of an animal. There was one more. In addition I have seen a cat with it’s brain sac exposed from a beating. I have seen a man angle is car in order to run over an animal who was standing at the side of the road. I have seen young men in the Black Rock area drown puppies. I have seen a dog beaten about it’s face with a plank.

    I don’t get out much so either it happens on a regular basis or I have a radar for these things.

    All in all it seems that you are running your mouth without having too many facts and if I were you I would quit while I’m ahead because you are in danger of looking like an idiot.

  288. Jinx

    Two weeks after this gruesome discovery, the police only now getting around to asking hikers…

    “Where exactly is the hung dog”?

    What a joke! Guess its a hung skeleton by now……

  289. tracy

    you have no right to show this on world wide web !!!!!
    what if that was your dog
    his gost will come and hunt you!!!!!!!!!!

  290. Carol

    We can’t always fight for the animals in other countries but we can fight for the Bajan dogs and cats and other pets. What’s your point? Because everyone else does it, is it ok for Bajans to do it? Stop worrying about how you look to the outside world and concentrate on doing some housekeeping. Then maybe one day we can say that animal abuse rarely happens here and in the very rare cases that it does we have laws that are enforced to deter abusers.

  291. Carol

    Well Tracy I hope you signed the petition at: because concerned parties are trying prevent any abused dog ghosts from ‘hunting’ anyone. If you have nothing to hide then you shouldn’t be ashamed to open your doors and let everyone else see what’s inside. This dog hanging is what’s inside right now and the world has a right to know what is going on here.

  292. Dr. Coleman Hill

    I remember Dr. hughie from many years ago when, as a young man, I had my tongue cut in two at a rugby match in Barbados. Stitches put in at Queen Elizabeth Hospital did not hold and Dr. Hughie, who was there at the time, stitched my tongue in his surgery with a needle used for performing caesarians on cattle. I cannot recall meeting a kinder or more gentle human being. Althoug I have not seen him in more than forty years, his kindness is still deeply etched in my memory.

  293. Eyes Wide Open

    You are so right Carol

  294. PiedPiper

    I gather nothing ever came of this. No suspect and no reward money paid out?

  295. new york surfer

    being very familiar with the island and been visiting moontown for 20 years this is just lack of education.i have been trying to bring attention to the toxic dump being created near crab hill for somr time also lack of education.tourists will not return if this continues!!!!!!!! please stop burning wire for copper on top of stroud bay the overlook to duppies should be a national park instead it is a dump!!!

  296. K

    I was googlin the RSPCA in Barbados and came acrooss this how horrifiying. We are in the US and went for holiday 2 weeks ago we found 2 cats at our resort none of the staff, mangement cared even though they called them the cats with no eyes, My husband and I could not eave them and had the RSPCA pick them up. On our flight home the next day we said we want them, we did not think they would have a good home in Barbados after seeing this my mission to bring them up here is brought to light. They had to have eye surgery and it has been 2 weeks of headaches trying to figure how we can do it. But we will. On a another note creulty to animals happens everywhere in every country, when it is in your face you react please donate to charties those who put it in their face every day.

  297. Equalizer

    (some bad words removed by BFP editor)
    Sick DIRTY ‘Animals ‘OPPS Nah dem en as good as God’s animals and they do have SOULS and there will be animals in heaven !Ck ya scripture THE lamb will lay down with THE LION !!

  298. Milly

    How can they not do anything about this!!!!! i am so shocked and extremely angry and upset!! the JERK who did this should be hung exactly like this!! he/she = IDIOT!! and shldnt deserve to stay alive!!!! as an extreme animal lover i amm so upset i was crying and screaming when i read this :@ !!

  299. diana

    Can you please me know what the dog sanctuary of barbados is called?

  300. Jinx

    This is long overdue!.

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