Cry-Baby Barbados Nation News Staffer Uses BFP Blog To Hit Back Over Firings!

A Word From BFP Editor Marcus…

Oh, the delicious irony.

After years of being lapdog to the BLP government. After years of unethically suppressing news and stories that embarrassed the political and business elites of Barbados. After failing time and time again to fulfill a journalist’s duty to guard the public trust… a fired Nation News staffer comes to one of the hated, ignored and villified blogs, to freely have their say to the Bajan public.

No problem – Barbados Free Press and other blogs are here to let Bajans discuss important issues. No thanks to the lapdog “professional” news media.

Take it away Fired Journalist. Just don’t expect any sympathy from we…

Letter To Barbados Free Press

barbados-cry-babyWell, well. It seems as though the Free Press has gone soft on us. It seems as though it is protecting the other sections of the media and just pretending to be critical.

You know what they say about people who protest too much. Maybe the BFP has shares in One Caribbean Media (OCM).

Last Friday 23 Barbadians were laid off by the OCM setup in Barbados. The OCM setup in Barbados is The Nation Corporation, the STARCOM Network, and the corporate entity in Roebuck Street. The silence is interesting especially since each Morning Vic Fernandes parades as the Market Vendor and washes his mouth on everybody (by the way he should wash his mouth on his son Bobby who recently *** removed by BFP editor***).

This same Vic Fernandes has been silent on the CLICO issue – know why CLICO had owned a sizeable chunk of OCM shares. But like most people it is the soft targets that they hit at despite him trying to give the impression that he as a Market Vendor is for equity and fair play. But yes last Friday six employees of the Nation were laid off including in this group were Adonijah, Katrina Bend, Wendy Burke and Cheryl Marshall-Morris.

The public wouldn’t know who Marshall-Morris is but let me just say she is the wife of the embattled former Nation Big-daddy, Chief Newsroom Whip, Roy Morris who fell from grace last year like Jimmy Swaggart after he couldn’t leave the underage girls. It is interesting to note that if he were still at the Nation he would be arrogantly presiding over who goes home.

At STARCOM about 17 workers were sent home. The entire sports desk was sent packing.  I said ALL. Imagine these guys were at the stadium doing a live broadcast on the inter-school sports only to find out the evening that they had no jobs. The entire Direct TV installation crew was also sent packing. Included in the redundancies were Patrick Ward and Harold ‘Ebony’ Tull, a man who helped to make VOB when it started up in the 1980s. Management waited until minutes before four p.m to simultaneously make the announcement at STARCOM, The Nation and Roebuck Street headquarters. At STARCOM the 9.30 p.m news has been scrapped; also too the 11.45 a.m. sports bulletin. For Sports STARCOM is now relying on freelancer Martin ‘Cheese’ Parris-Eastmond.

Apparently management said these are tough times and it was a hard decision. HOGWASH. Especially when Vic Fernandes is paid $800 for each Market Vendor broadcast he does each morning. And he is also paid for the repeat. Wouldn’t you all wish to be paid $800 plus a day for telling internet jokes for five minutes.The same humble Market Vendor who takes home between $15,000 to $20,000 a month; has two top of the line company cars (an Audi & a Mercedes). It is felt that the opportunity was taken to get the rid of people management at the companies generally did not like.

However, word is that there will be more layoffs since the hit-list is supposed to be 35. Let’s hope the incompetent and inept Roxanne Gibbs is on this list. How could such an imbecile be still presiding over a large daily newspaper such as the Nation, let alone determining people’s future? Word of the further layoffs has staff at both places of employment uneasy. So who is next they are asking?

But spare a thought for the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC). Well Vic ‘Market Vendor’ Fernandes is the Head of the Board of Directors. Since last year around July August staff has been working not knowing if at the end of the month they will be paid or even have a job. The plan is to disband CMC and give individual licences for regional media to OCM and the likes, after the taxpayers money was used to set up CMC. It is like Europe carving up Africa back in the late 1800s. Let Market talk ‘bout dah too.

One would think that if things were tight instead of laying-off workers who had helped make the company what it is, the board of directors and management would have come up with innovative ideas. They could have even borrowed a leaf from the then government back in the 1990s and say OK let’s all take a one or two percent salary cut now. But could you all imagine Vic ‘Market’ Fernandes, Roxanne Gibbs and the like taking a pay cut or giving up other perks. Imagine a week before all this OCM declared a profit.

But this is how management in Barbados operates. We all criticise the AIG fat-cats but they behave the same way. I HOPE OCM AND THE LIKES DON’T COME FUH NUH BAILOUTS.


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42 responses to “Cry-Baby Barbados Nation News Staffer Uses BFP Blog To Hit Back Over Firings!

  1. Gerald Ashford

    Hey I’m sorry you guys got sent home but there is no way the big boys taking pay cuts just to keep you employed, STARCOM is a waste of time, there are lots of people that have stop advertising there I know this personally, market vendor has a campaign since January 1st about how they have they best advertising medium, another waste of time.

    Ok here is the best advice you will ever get, START YOUR OWN PAPER, the country desperately needs its, after living in the US and Canada I’ve help started 2 newsprints get started, it only takes about 3 of you to get this thing started, do not go home and sulk, Harold Hoyte used to work at the Advocate until he and his cohorts started the Nation undercover and it was just a 2 bit newsprint some will say it still is.

    Again do not go home and cry, a 32 page paper (once a week for now) is what I want to be reading from you soon, get it printed in one of the islands, about 10,000 copies colour and black&white, and then get your own press, there is a press at the advocate for sale, the reason why all the other papers fail is simply cause they had to rely on the Advocate or Nation to print and they failed to invest in a press, whoever controls the press controls the future of the paper, before you even start a paper you must know where you will a press from in the future, do not always rely on someone to print your paper for you.

    Do not worry about advertising, government will advertise with any advertising medium, and private advertisers are always looking for new and cheaper ways and mediums to advertise.

    Here is a little more encouragement, 1 man runs the advocate, the paper does not have alot of ads but its doing well, that 1 man feeds his entire staff FREE including maids and pressmen, three times a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner, free clothes to work in, free phones, company cars, bonus every year, more than 90% of the staff owns their own car, there is no pressure, no punch clocks or sign in books when you come to work, walk in do your work and go home when you done.

    START YOUR OWN paper, I want to be reading stories with your bylines, do not make mistakes like the nation by charging $6000 for a full page ad and excluding hot stories and ignoring blogs like BFP and BU, write your articles different from the Nation and be unique, stand out and carve your paper into the minds of bajans.

    I’ll be coming home to Barbados to live in November I hope I can read your paper.

  2. J

    “The same humble Market Vendor who takes home between $15,000 to $20,000 a month; has two top of the line company cars (an Audi & a Mercedes).”

    The Market Vendor and other FAT-cats need to get out of the top of the line company cars and walk about a bit. You mark my word the opulence is k*lling them.

  3. Basanti

    Wait boh, dis hot enuff.

    You brek my heart when u tell me that the sports men get fire on coming back from the stadium.. it was only on interschool sports day that I said Curtis et al were actually good reporters and they were quite entertaining. How sad. And Patrick Ward!!?! Wow.

    Roxanne Gibbs is an idiot and get that position through means that I cannot say.

    All in all, very sad. All the best to the displaced journalists.


    I want to say it again… if the Nation Group was a ‘white owned Company’ these pages would be flaming and smoking and your computer would explode.

    I’ve posted these feeling several times on local blogs but there has not been ONE SINGLE COMMENT either to support or rebuff.

    Well, that’s the way it is with us Bajans….

  5. Tony Hall

    OCM is behaving just like how the corporations are behaving here in New York. The persons at the top who can afford to take pay cuts and give up some of the perks are just greedy. I know Patrick Ward as we shared the same school. I wish him well and hopes he gets back on his feet soon. I also wish the same for the other persons laid off by the greedy bunch at ‘One Caribbean Media”.

  6. Gerald Ashford


    It would be smoking hot because we blacks would play the race card, unfortunately there are no cards to play.

    This whole saga was cleverly done by OCM, afterall they are the ones who write the “news” for us to read.

    I too was listening to VOB and the sports team when they were brough it over the airwaves, too bad all them gone now.


  7. FearPlay

    You have got to be kidding when you say that “Market Vendor” is paid $800 per morning show (?) plus a reduced amount for rebroadcast! If you estimate $400 for rebroadcast, the total is $1200 per day for that drivel!!! Five days per week is $6000. Gimme a break. I am poor with math – pray tell how much Market Vendor milks the company for on a monthly basis? How many staff could have been retained without the company losing a single cent?

    Simon Cowell often says on American Idol “Make it your own” – the internet jokes that are read in a deadpan and boring manner should be banned from the airwaves forever.

    My sympathy to those loyal sons and daughters who find themselves on the breadline.

  8. Bussa lives

    It’s because of the legacy of slavery. Remember that little genoicide? Its because the ancestors and not so far ancestors of the white owned companies owe us genoicide survivors trillions witheld for back breaking, murderous labour. Labour which made white owned companies rich beyond believe while our fathers and mothers were stuck in grinding poverty without noney or property.

    You no doubt like the rest want us to forget and forgive centuries of murder, robbery and enslavement and hail white owned companies as beacons of enlightment. When the apologies and reparations begin maybe a dialouge can ensue.

    Like the Jews who demanded and recieve billions in reparations from the sons and daughters of the Third Reich we say “Never Again.” Dont you have a polo game to catch with your rich segregated white women?

  9. Bajan

    We need another Tom Adams to bring hin to a christian feeling. LOL

  10. Bajan

    Why the market Vendor doesn’t say more on domestic violence.

  11. The Scout

    Market vendor and domestic violence? Was that called domestic violence in those days? Who was the violent one? I consider it DELICIOUS VIOLENCE. Roght vendor? or maybe it wasn’t so delicious for you. Remember these words ” oh my gaud.”

  12. X

    I don’t know which of you two is the bigger moron.

  13. X

    So the issue has nothing to do with race, but if a white man were running it then you’d play the race card?

    Wow, you are in the running for the biggest moron award with other two earlier yahoos.

  14. Let me Jump in hey

    Ya got to admit that Vic come out de best in that encounter in de end. Tom gone long time, but Vic still bout hey- and he reaping the sweets. He must be helping out a lotta Guyanese like he self too.


    Well thank you Bussa lives for your observation, at least you were goaded to say something, cock-eyed though it be.

    I dont know where ‘slavery’ comes into the picture where blacks fire blacks… but then I’m not up there where you are, in the Empyrean World.

    The point is: if OCM was a ‘white Company’ we’d be hearing all about how racists they were, even though ‘race’ is not an issue in this case.

    I guess that slipped by you like a shadow in the night.

  16. Bajan

    The violence came long after the Tom Adams era. A man , maybe a messenger, indicated that Joe Grines was back-a yard. The messenger was subsequently fired for his disclosure, but nuff hand get pelt when the vendor got home and put down his tray.

  17. agreed, i wonder if it’s just me that realised (not just now though, for years actually) market vendor FREQUENTLY rehashes old crap off the internet and spews it for the minute or 2 or however he’s on and goes to the bank smiling.

  18. got anything on the sagicor dismissals BFP? 43 so far of an expected 300 group-wide went on the breadline today I was told.

  19. Sir Bentwood Dick

    So, anyone seeing the problem with so many of our larger corporations being foreign-owned?

    Only three things matter to these corporations:

    Profits, profits and profits.

    Thank gosh for Goddards, Williams Industries etc.

  20. Contrib1

    I’m still trying to find out why the ever so fearless BFP edited out that juicy tidbit about the Market vendor’s son. Where is that oft heard chest beating bravado that you proclaim the local media houses do not have? Nobody is going to sue you (as usual). Has BFP suddenly developed a…dare I say it, conscience? Stop being a part of the problem. If this so called fearless web blog is about exposure and getting to the truth, uncensor yourselves forthwith.
    What reason could you possibly have for editing out something of whatever nature after dishing dirt, confirmed and unconfirmed on everybody in Bim?
    Come on BFP, show some cajones…take off the blinkers! Don’t filter it light the Bajan mainstream media that you daily berate. Tell it like it is nuh!

  21. TOC

    The media industry in the Caribbean seem to be taking hard hits. RJR in Jamaica recently trimmed their staff, sending home several top officials, including Simon Crosskill.

  22. BFP

    We have our own standards here and we often refuse to publish stories that are totally unconfirmed. If you have a problem with our standards, go to, start a blog in 10 minutes and publish the story yourself.

  23. on de fence

    It will be the one without the chip on his or her shoulder that will save the day, they will come from the younger generations that will unite Black people and also create harmony with blacks and whites, life is short, sieze the day for today only.
    By the way they are quite alot of blacks at those polo games Mr Bussa Lives, I hope one day you may see the light and work out that chip. Peace be unto you and all like you that have anger blocking rational thinking. Bless

  24. dismanhey

    No one is seeing the problem, because they are too preoccupied with Fernandes private life. So typical. And while we harp on 300 years ago, dem Guyanese, Nigerians, Islanders and who else we can blame for our troubles, other are stepping in and doing their thing and enjoying our beautiful country, while we groan and complain.

  25. on de fence

    X look for the silver lining, there is one.

  26. on de fence

    X, you see the silver lining yet?
    Let me explain, you have blacks with chips on their shoulders, probably grown up in the 50 to 70’s (late 40’s to 60’s Age), who had to endure trying to make it but got shut out for some reason or ther other, blamed it on race and then stuck with it until now, what we see now in the 2009 is an enslavement of the entire population of the world but these blacks still caught up in de pass 30 years to 300 years ago… meanwhile the GUYONEESE and soon to be CHINEESE come for the spoils while we pointing fingers. Look at the black birds and the doves, yuh ever see food drop and two doves starting fighting , Bare Licks, Black bird watch them come in swoop down and tek up de food. Black birds in dis instance are the Guyoneese. Guess who are the doves..

    Anyway, we need to focus, whites, blacks have been here for all time, we have to help each other… there will come a time when this will be important.

  27. Contrib1

    No problem with the standards BFP, just the double standards. Here’s hoping you can raise the bar back to the standards you set when you first launched this blog. It’s almost like you are getting a little soft in your “old” age.
    The local blogosphere need not see the establishment of another speed bump…too much is never a good thing.
    As for this OCM mess in general, I humbly suggest that you not shoot the messenger. Here it is this “fired staffer” was offering you invaluable insight into the smoke and mirrors operations at the Nation and Starcom and you rejoice in said staffer’s misfortune instead of calling OCM and its head honchos to account. Is that looking out for the little people as you often claim to do BFP? That’s all I ask. Maybe, just maybe, one day a new blog will emerge to call out the cowardice of not just the local media, but the local blogs that may have become irrelevant as well. All the best.

  28. West Side Davie

    contrib1: Local blogs irrelevant? You wish!

  29. Fred Corbin

    This is exactly why the BFP needs to aggressively pursue a print media license.

    Stop beating around the bush and start a single minded pursuit of investment in sponsorship procurement, that is backed by comprehensive cash flow so that everything said and expressed can be plainly and conveniently purchased and contributed to by the public.

    Why is it that this country can only seem to be involved in what is damaging to itself by a plainly visible “sweep under the carpet” policy?

    There are glaring issues that affect every single Barbadian everyday, but some of these issues are swept so far under the carpet you can’t even find the broom handle. Public exposure is a powerful element of social change and unless every single Barbadian who is willing to contribute to a better society understands this, there will only be a continuation of social disorder and political back stabbing.

    Colonial Imperialism has damaged our society by promoting this form of operational strategy, and thus it is absolutely imperative for every single one us as Barbadians to rise above the mind set which has enslaved us and stills holds us hostage when having to face the reality of increasing social, moral and economic issues.


  30. Contrib1

    Please learn to read EVERYTHING a little more carefully West Side Davie, that’s not what I said. As Bill O’Reilly would say, you better put down the Koolaid.

  31. M

    As GBL asked any word on the Sagicor dismissals?

  32. Johnny My Boy

    At this critical time, when foreign owned companies are firing staff left, right and centre, it is critical that the Government put a moratorium on granting of ANY work permit issuance or renewals.

    Locally we have impeccably qualified persons and jobs should go to locals first, at a time when things are so difficult for survival.

    If the Government is not willing to do this, then serious animosity and social strife can and will result.

    Why are notifications still in the newspapers stating that no suitably qualified locals answered for positions?

    No work permits should be issued for the next year or two, until the situation is stabilised, period.

  33. Johnny My Boy

    Transparency, if you want transparency on the job situation, then Government should publish in the daily paper, every month, a list of work permits granted, together with an explanation for the granting of these permits.

    Will the Government dare???

  34. reluctant nonbeliever

    That’s a really good idea…

  35. hollaback

    the ocm staffers should feel good in my company (still employed there) people have been made redundant since last year and have not received a cent yet this company was sold to jamaican interests (Big Bunch Madmess)and the white man who owned it is now livid it escaped his grasp the new GM Georgie porgy preferred to speak at the DLP afternoon lecture on feb 06 than attend the severance payment tribunal so de messenger can get his severance from last year may he severed de man because de man let he know the company is defrauding the NIS and this novice tell de employee we are not doing that we are paying them outside of payroll what is outside of payroll is this legal

  36. Littleboy

    People getting laid off and Peter Odle’s company advertised in the Nation that they could not find a local “Event Planner” and intended to apply for a work permit to employ an expatriate. There are event planners by the dozen in Barbados.
    Gimme a break!!! All these ppeople and they cannot find an event planner!!!
    I want to see if Arnie Walters so drunk to allow this!!!

  37. San Diego

    Littleboy, I hope the same way you have taken time to comment on this blog about Peter Odle (a disgrace to the Odle family) applying for a Work Permit for an “Event Planner”, you have also taken time to write a letter to the Chief Immigration Officer, objecting to this move. If not, DO IT. People complain about such things all the time, but never bother to take action by going through the right channels. I once saw a Notice in one of the daily newspapers applying for a WP for a maid. A MAID, for God’s sake! I wrote a protest letter to the Chief Immigration Officer, and the Big Up who wanted a Jamaican maid because his wife was Jamaican, was not successful in his application. You have to take action, Littleboy.

  38. Littleboy

    Bet yuh bottom dollar I will

  39. adonijah

    This is to make it clear, following BFP Editor Marcus’ comment about the “crybaby Mr Fired Journalist” which preceded a list of names of former NATION employees, of which I was (and remain) the only male, that this is the first time I have ever made a submission on any blog anywhere in the world. To those who have offered empathy and advice my sincerest thanks. Jah does not sleep and I have it on good authority He does not even own pyjamas.

  40. Hants

    Adonija enjoy the freedom and future success.

    You are not unemployed. You are now self employed.

    There is no better employer than yourself.

    I am close to your age (at Kolij same time) and have been self employed for about 10 years now.

    No regrets.

  41. Hants

    How many Bajan “event planners” are unemployed?

  42. Elombe

    Who is the male journalist, BFP?