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Prime Minister Thompson Taunts Mia Mottley With Barbados Money Laundering Advisory Story!


Barbados Opposition Leader’s Offshore Family Assets Revealed By Blog

If Prime Minister Thompson intended to really do anything to document and recover the public assets outright stolen by corrupt members of the previous BLP government, he would have already done so. But its not going to happen. Thompy has no intention of playing hardball with Mia, Owen and the old BLP gang because he knows that the situation could be easily reversed after the next election.

But that doesn’t stop Thompy from throwing the BLP Government’s corruption in the face of the Opposition every once in a while just for show. That’s what happened in the House of Assembly a few days ago when the Prime Minister quoted a story he saw on a local blog: Barbados Money Laundering Advisory.

BMLA featured a story on the Mottley family mansions in Miami and published photos of the homes that were obviously seen by Prime Minister Thompson. So if Thompson visits the blogs, I guess he’ll pick up on our cartoon as well. This is the second time we’ve published a cartoon showing Mia and David in bed together and it underscores the truth that the public spats between the BLP and the DLP are nothing more than a show.

When the sun goes down and the public isn’t looking – be it land deals, government contracts or a job for somebody’s brother-in-law, the battle cry of the DLP and the BLP is “Let’s cuddle!”

Barbados Money Laundering Advisory…

Mia Mottley’s Parents Have Million Dollar Home In Florida

PM David Thompson Mia Mottley have heated discussion over properties in Miami

Nation News: PM, Motley Clash


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Those Who Work To Preserve Old Barbados Newspapers & History Deserve To Profit From Their Efforts


Editor’s Comment…

This letter from Jim Lynch was recently posted on BFP’s January 18, 2007 article Old Barbados Newspapers Are A Treasure Of History. Some of our readers had previously criticised Mr. Lynch for what they perceived as over-pricing his products. We have to strongly disagree with those readers and wholeheartedly side with Mr. Lynch in his one man mission to preserve Barbados history before it is forever gone.

Sometimes I think that Bajans as a people believe that everything creates itself and they deserve it all for free. When I think of the hundreds or even thousands of hours that Mr. Lynch has spent preserving our history, I have to admire his vision and dedication to his chosen cause.

Contrast his efforts with the despicable people at the Barbados Advocate who hide even their recent archives for political reasons so they and the elites can rewrite history as they choose.

Mr. Lynch is a true hero of Barbados.

Marcus & the BFP crew

Bajan In Canada Offers Re-Prints Of Old Barbados Newspapers & Books

I am Jim Lynch, the re-publisher of these Old Barbados Newspapers books, now resident in Toronto.

I am a Bajan who started doing his own family’s research in 1996 when I was forced into medical retirement from flying for LIAT (based in Antigua), came to Canada to live, and discovered that these old books and newspapers were in danger of disappearing due to natural disasters, man-made disasters (lack of interest, dumping) and destruction by insects.

So I invested a considerable sum in finding copies of these items and spent a long three years researching locations and persuading certain institutions to let me have copies. Some made sure I paid dearly for them – one place charged me nearly US$3 per side to photocopy, and then whacked me another enormous sum for shipping…

“Without my intervention, in one generation’s time these books would no longer be available, and all the information in them would be gone.”

The rest refused to even consider copying their precious books because they might self-destruct under the light. But I know that in 25 years they will have handfuls of dust – and no information – and certain other institutions will be able to boast of having an almost brand new set, available to the public… those who treated me fairly were shipped complete sets of whatever they sold me, also free of charge.

The books are also made to last another 200 to 300 years, great care taken to compose them of quality buckram binding, double-thickness paper with the grain in the correct direction so the pages do not crack in 200 years when the papoer has dried out, carefully bound by an old-world craftsman, and so on.

Other books made in the same quality fashion are Vere Langford Oliver’s “Caribbeana” and “History of Antigua”.

Yes, the prices are high, but my costs were – and still are – high. I invested what little I had left in ensuing that future generations will still have access to these documents long after the corrupt politicians and disinterested populations have gone to their just rewards, and it is only fair that I see a small profit after years of no return.

As to copyright, the period of coverage is 100 years. I went as far as to acquire the death certificate of Vere Langford Oliver so as to be completely sure that what I as doing would survive for the greater good.

I did contact the Oliver family and offered them a set of each free of charge, but all I received was snubs. Later there was a public comment that they deserved some royalty, but I made the effort and am within my rights to decline further contact. Continue reading


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Cry-Baby Barbados Nation News Staffer Uses BFP Blog To Hit Back Over Firings!

A Word From BFP Editor Marcus…

Oh, the delicious irony.

After years of being lapdog to the BLP government. After years of unethically suppressing news and stories that embarrassed the political and business elites of Barbados. After failing time and time again to fulfill a journalist’s duty to guard the public trust… a fired Nation News staffer comes to one of the hated, ignored and villified blogs, to freely have their say to the Bajan public.

No problem – Barbados Free Press and other blogs are here to let Bajans discuss important issues. No thanks to the lapdog “professional” news media.

Take it away Fired Journalist. Just don’t expect any sympathy from we…

Letter To Barbados Free Press

barbados-cry-babyWell, well. It seems as though the Free Press has gone soft on us. It seems as though it is protecting the other sections of the media and just pretending to be critical.

You know what they say about people who protest too much. Maybe the BFP has shares in One Caribbean Media (OCM).

Last Friday 23 Barbadians were laid off by the OCM setup in Barbados. The OCM setup in Barbados is The Nation Corporation, the STARCOM Network, and the corporate entity in Roebuck Street. The silence is interesting especially since each Morning Vic Fernandes parades as the Market Vendor and washes his mouth on everybody (by the way he should wash his mouth on his son Bobby who recently *** removed by BFP editor***).

This same Vic Fernandes has been silent on the CLICO issue – know why CLICO had owned a sizeable chunk of OCM shares. But like most people it is the soft targets that they hit at despite him trying to give the impression that he as a Market Vendor is for equity and fair play. But yes last Friday six employees of the Nation were laid off including in this group were Adonijah, Katrina Bend, Wendy Burke and Cheryl Marshall-Morris.

The public wouldn’t know who Marshall-Morris is but let me just say she is the wife of the embattled former Nation Big-daddy, Chief Newsroom Whip, Roy Morris who fell from grace last year like Jimmy Swaggart after he couldn’t leave the underage girls. It is interesting to note that if he were still at the Nation he would be arrogantly presiding over who goes home. Continue reading


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