We Missed The Anniversary Of Gerald Bull’s Murder – Barbados HARP Supergun Once Reached For Space From Our Island


On the evening of March 22, 1990, Dr. Gerald Bull got out of a car in Brussels, Belgium and headed back to his apartment.

Gerald Bull got out of the elevator and walked toward his apartment.  From the shadows another shadow stepped, holding a silenced pistol.  Three shots were fired into the back of Gerald Bull and, after he fell, two more into his head for good measure.  Gerald Bull was dead.

… from the blog Today’s History Lesson: Supergun no Bull to Somebody

“Super Gun” Inventor Felled By Assassins – Were They American, Israeli or Others?

In the mid-sixties, the Government of Barbados allowed the Space Research Corporation (SRC) to use Barbados as a base for it’s High Altitude Research Project (HARP) in exchange for the installation and maintenance of an advanced Radar system at the Seawell Airport (now the Grantley Adams International Airport).

Officially, the purpose of HARP was to develop an alternative method to launching payloads into space. The scientists were exploring the possibility of using large guns to fire objects into space… instead of the conventional method of using rockets.

The large gun could be heard over most of the island… and just a few miles away, our house began to crack in the walls from the shockwaves…

(Thanks to Stephen Mendes)

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18 responses to “We Missed The Anniversary Of Gerald Bull’s Murder – Barbados HARP Supergun Once Reached For Space From Our Island

  1. Adrian Loveridge

    Essential reading and viewing if you have followed this amazing true story.

    Frederick Forysthe CBE ‘The Fist of God’

    DOOMSDAY GUN – 1994 film with Kevin Spacey
    Amazon or CD Universe from US$3

  2. BadBob

    Had the opportunity to walk through the HARP site last year. It is overgrown but the main gun assembly and several other guns and gun turrets are still in place. The location, requiring passing by the BDF gate and range, keeps vandals out. I’m surprised no one has thought of offering this as an interesting tourist (yes, big-gun people are odd)spot.
    Thx to my friend “Hottie” for the tour

  3. Georgie Porgie

    The Stop & Stare Walk led by the late Colin Hudson used to visit this spot in the 90’s as part of the walk from Foul Bay.

  4. Anonymous

    was Dr. Bull sucessful in having the projectiles reache space?

  5. Anonymous

    Even a well-known Barbadian, Carlton Brathwaite, spoke up for Gerald Bull’s work.

  6. Sad To Say

    Down Memory Lane: Anyone remember the picture where these three characters were represented from left to right Carlton Brathwaite, Gerald Bull and Errol Barrow and the Advocate of the day stated –

    Brathwaite Bull Barrow

    I remember my father at the time rolling around on the floor and I as a 3 year old did not understand why, it was only in later years was I appraised as to why my father found this caption so funny (no pun on funny).

  7. Underdog

    Sad to Say you made my day.

  8. I remember that Carlton Brathwaite and Gerald Bull were good friends of my Uncle Lee Deane of Kingsland Estates Ltd. They used to visit Bannatyne often. Carlton may have been the person who introduced Lee to the high corridors of politics.

    One interesting aspect of Carlton was that he never touched liquor, which was very unusual for anyone visiting Lee’s house.

    Angela Cole was once close to Carlton. She was definitely an insider, and is always worth reading.

  9. Sad To Say

    Good for you. Were you around when the Advocate was being naughty?

  10. Pat

    That gun was only one of Dr. Bull’s inventions. He worked for the Canadian Defence, NATA, etc., who grabbed up his work and used it to further their own ends. When he finished a job he moved on. He was an out of box thinker and great to talk to. He and his wife Mina were great entertainers. If I remember correctly, they introduced me to a son.

  11. 2 years ago,i sent to barbados free press,a massage from belize,claim that i know in person the person who gun down, gerald bull.
    in fact,he invited me to his house,in independence village.some 250km,south of belize city,to play chess.
    i saw him first,on a banana farm,near bella vista,in mid year 2000,i was working there,2 years later,i saw him again,in a saw mill,i was working,near red bank village.
    i noticed a unique watch on his hand,with 2 small compasess,with elegant band,i noticed the watch does not fit his big hand.
    i asked him,whats this watch for?he replied-when he plant banana,he needs a position.
    when gerald bull was gun down,in march of 1990,i was living in toronto,canada,i remember the head lines,of local newspapers,nothing was said about a missing watch.
    the israeli man told me that he served in the israeli parachute unite,as a marksman,rank-a major.
    belize is heaven from fugitives running from justice.
    i added up this info,mailed it to serious crime squad in brussels,it ended up in the news room of local newspaper=la derniere huere,dated jan,2,2003.
    i knew about it 3 years later,the belgian police never contacted me.
    i read it,on mercury on line,of south africa,middle east on line,uk.caledonian record,vrmont.
    ministry of fear-mossad-rans amok after me,in belize.bribe the local police,to send locals,to follow me ,molesting me.stalking is unknown in belize,crime is high,but locals do not follow you,they fight with machette,pistol.
    belize becomes a jail,without bars
    last year,i complained to organization of american states,in washington,dc-that israel is doing subvertive activity in belize.
    they refered me,to inter american commission on human rights,based in washington,dc.
    they acted swiftly,to stop stonning on my house,in san jose village.but stalking continues,molesting the same.
    gershon sharoni.

  12. Sargeant

    One of my memories of the HARP Gun was a political connection. As a boy during the 6o’s I remember that Aberdeen Jones of Club Randall fame in Gall Hill and brother of the well known funeral director ran as a BLP candidate in Christ Church. During one political meeting, Aberdeen promised that if the BLP formed the Gov’t they would put the project out of business as it was responsible for increasing the birth rate. Anyone with a good memory can remember that they shot some of their projectiles off at night or early in the morning and Aberdeen’s speech at the time went something like this…….” Dah HARP Gun we gwine get rid of it. Dah only contributing to the birth rate. You imagine a man sleeping in bed and bruggadun de gun go off. When he wake up all he gwine see is a pair of legs……”

  13. Yes! Space officially starts at 100 km (62 miles) high. The highest altitude reached by a HARP projectile was 111 miles, fired from a gun at the Yuma Proving Grounds in Arizona. This is still the highest a projectile has ever been fired.

    Lots more information available on the web, such as:

  14. What will they think of next

    Just like the dubai murder, that was a Mossad hit job. Probably some of the same assassins as well.

    The Dubai hit gave us a great insight into how Jewish murder squads operate.

    Yesterday Britain expelled an Israeli diplomat for his part in the Dubai murder.

    I have always maintained that Israel is a Terror state.

  15. BFP

    Hello there WWTTON…

    I’m having a tough time differentiating between the killing by the Mossad and the dropping of bombs by US drones on terrorists in Pakistan. I don’t see much of a difference.

    I’m not saying that either action is justified or not justified – I’m merely commenting on the fact that whether by a squad of assassins or by a robot bomb dropped from a robot airplane, the results are the same.

    I really fail to see the big fuss about the assassins vs. the predator drones.

    After second thoughts, the use of assassins would seem to be far more selective in getting to the target without harming innocents who happen to be in the vicinity. A robot bomb might take out the target, but it also takes out the children playing nearby.

    I rather support Israel’s use of assassins over the USA’s use of indiscriminate robot bombs.

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