Arrest In Terry Schwarzfeld Barbados Tourist Murder – But Can We Trust Our Police?

UPDATED: Barbados Police Commissioner Says Reward Played A Part In Arrest

An article posted online at the Barbados Advocate tells of a press conference today (Monday) where Commissioner Dottin and others announced what they could about the arrest of a 24-year-old Barbadian for the robbery and murder of Terry Schwarzfeld…

Dottin told the media: “I am very happy to tell you that the investigation has made substantial progress and we have in custody a 24-year-old man and charges will soon be laid against him for matters arising out of this incident. The investigators have recovered property, jewellery as well as a camera and an imitation firearm that was reportedly used in the attack on the two visitors.”

“I can confirm that he is a Barbadian, but I am not going to say anything more about him. Under our Constitution, a person is guaranteed a fair trial and I am not going to say anything this morning that would be prejudicial to that trial.”

… read the entire article at the Barbados Advocate before they remove it forever here.

Original BFP story posted this morning…

Voice of Barbados Radio First To Air Story

schwarzfeld-murder92.9FM VOB Radio reports that a suspect is in custody for the daylight beach murder of Canadian tourist Terry Schwarzfeld.

After virtually ignoring the case the politicians, police and the Barbados news media shifted into high gear upon Terry’s death.

We Bajans know that the record of the Royal Barbados Police Force is not exactly stellar when it comes to preventing or solving crimes: even the recent murder of a retired senior police officer in front of his family remains unsolved. So forgive us if we wonder whether they have Terry’s real murderer under arrest, or one of the usual suspects who “confessed” rather than face what he knew was coming if he remained silent.

Barbados Free Press sincerely hopes that the evidence the police put before the court consists of more than only a confession generated by fear.

A shame we have to think it let alone say it aloud, but there it is.

VOB Radio: Breakthrough in Long Beach Attacks


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  1. bad boy jim

    i notice you have no comments on this so far.YOu know all are loosing your minds. when you have nothing to write about you write shit.

  2. passin thru

    Too true BFP. Sad but true.

    I’ll wait for the verdict and even then I’ll wonder.

  3. Kelly Berry

    nothing is good enough for you. if they caught no one, blue murder on the police force. when they catch someone, they are telling lies and picking the wrong person. what the fck are YOU doing for the good of barbados or anybody else?

  4. bad boy jim

    bfp,you allways have to pull down the police force.if someone rob one of you it is the same police you will be calling on first .yes they have some bad cops but you cant paint the whole force with the same brush as you are doing.i think it is your job to report the news ,not to taint the news.

  5. Red Lake Lassie

    I don’t think ‘bad boy jim’ lives in Barbados.

  6. Red Lake Lassie

    There is a lot of pressure to solve this attack and we know that the RBPF acts according to politricks many times. Like not investigating gunshots at an Opposition candidate’s home, not investigating threats to murder Loveridge and rape he wife and burn down he hotel. Police woulldn’t go into a gated community for 4 days after a woman was beaten because of politricks. You can’t blame BFP and others for questioning what the police have on the suspect. I wonder what will happen because we’ve seen many arrests that don’t become guilty at court.

  7. WildyCoyte.

    Well i hope it is the right guy because bajan police are known to beat suspects into submission even if they did the crime or not,you all have heard about suspects being beaten and signing statements when the police know darn well that they got the wrong guy.

  8. RRRicky

    FP doesn’t have to “pull down the police force” . The police do it to themselves!

  9. Chicago

    Despite the late start I have to believe that the RBPF will deliver in this specific case. However, I understand the doubts about the quality of the police investigation. It is true the police brought this doubt upon themselves through their normal (low) performance levels.

  10. Hants

    If somebody breaks into your house or rob you at gun point…. who yuh gonna call…ghostbusters???

    There are some good hardworking policemen in the RBPF.

  11. Chicago

    Yes there are SOME good hardworking police officers in Bim but the general standard, salaries, working conditions and knowledge of law and evidence gathering procedures leaves much to be desired. There is also a distinct lack of concern by police for the rights of people under law. “Might is right” should be the official motto of the RBPF.

  12. Anon

    You have it wrong this time BFP. From the get go the local police have been working hard on this case. I am in a position to know.

    Give them some credit this time.

  13. The Scout

    You’re sick, wat too negative. PLease let justice take it’s course. You’re planting serious seeds in the minds of bloggers and it is dangerous. This can lead to anarchy; is this waht you want for Barbados? When is the last time you posted something positive?

  14. The Scout

    I will soon do like Margaret Knight and stop blogging on BFP. I will only be interested in blogs that post serious articles and you, BEP is getting worse daily.

  15. John

    The saddest part of this is that according to reports, the suspect is 24 years old and a Barbadian.

    We have become callous as a people, not caring for our fellow man, and only interested in material things.

    We no longer are our brother’s keeper. We lost the knack somewhere along the path of our development.

    It is good that the Police got the person who committed the act but I can only feel sad that such a thing could have been caused to happen in Barbados by a Barbadian.

    I would like to think that the Police got the suspect through good Police work.

    If this is the case, it should be articulated …… for it would grieve me to hear that it was the reward that made the difference.

    Still, it is a sad day when such a senseless act can be caused to happen and no amount of talk can undo what has been done.

  16. Hants

    @ The Scout,

    Stay and defend your country. BFP will print your rebuttals to their posts.

    We need people with diverse opinions to make blogging interesting.

    Those of us overseas bajans living in Chicago,New York,Detroit or Toronto still know that Barbados is a Paradise.

    “Crime rates in Toronto fell last year; however, incidents of shootings and the number of victims rose. Occurrences of gun violence increased 18% from 200 in 2007 to 236 last year. There were 216 incidents in 2006.”

    “1:03pm UK, Wednesday April 23, 2008
    Chicago has been hit by a gun crime surge which saw nine people killed in 36 separate shooting incidents last weekend.

  17. Hants

    @ The Scout

    We need you on this blog.

    Barbados is still a Paradise although BFP moderating my last comment.

    Wednesday April 23, 2008
    Chicago has been hit by a gun crime surge which saw nine people killed in 36 separate shooting incidents last weekend.

  18. Hants

    BFP wha I do now? Automatic moderation in effect?

  19. BFP

    Hi Hants

    I dont know why it grab you. I approve all ur comment. ah think the word KILL set it off . We have that as a moderated term bcasue of the people with Adrian L etc.


  20. Reggie

    BFP doing its best to ruin B’dos. Why?

  21. S

    @ John

    You should be grieved for the world not just Barbados. We can’t act like Prince Prospero and believe that we are immune to what is around us. Sadly as history has taught, no island is an island.

    @ BFP

    I think your article is poor and not factual. Smacks of laziness. Since when are violent attacks against tourist ignored. Why don’t you also bash the masked gunmen and other criminals. I commend the police for their hard work. I doesn’t mean that I think they should have carte blanche for everything they do.

  22. Hants

    @ Reggie

    BFP created and runs this blog FREE. They are entitled to write what they like.

    They give you the opportunity to write what you like for FREE. Use it.

  23. bajangal


    When you make comments you need to substantiate them.

    There are statistics, lies and damned lies.

    You cannot give a blanket assertion on crime rates in Toronto without comparing the population base in Toronto to Barbados same goes for Chicago.

    Barbados is NO paradise or perhaps your definition of paradise and mine are from different dictionaries.

  24. Chicago

    I can’t blame BFP. I’m still waiting to hear from the police and the news why the RBPF shot an unarmed man in the back of the head. Another day, another cover-up. Ho Hum

  25. bajangal

    Anyone with any modicum of sense knows that the majority of attacks against tourists in Barbados are “hushed” up for the sake of the almighty dollar.

    The reason for such a quick resolution or apparent resolution to this one should I say is that the powers that be were unable to suppress this one.

    Furthermore, this lady was a prominent member of the Jewish community in Canada and as such extremely well respected and revered. It was not Jane Smith.

    Therefore, none of this means much. The lady has lost her life. Many more will succumb to the same treatment unless the ATTITUDE of Bajans changes. Neither a quick arrest of purported patrols on beaches will change the motives that cause people to perpetrate these crimes. Those mostly being — TOURISTS GOT MONEY – “We” want it.

  26. oh my

    Here is another innocent shot in the head by Barbados Polices. You want to defend the barbados police? Good luck because these are not isolated incidents:

    Barbados Police Shoot Innocent Woman In Head – No Settlement, No Inquiry In 9 Years

  27. oh my

    Here is another article with many wrongs by barbados police:

    Barbados Police Out Of Control – Journalists Arrested For Reporting On Crooked Cops – Call For Commissioner’s Resignation

  28. PiedPiper

    bajangal, thanks for the only posts on here that make sense and truly address the issue. Some people like they live in a bubble of sweetness and light or serious denial. Comparing crime rates in major urban cities like Toronto and Chicago is like comparing apples to ackees.
    All the sentimentality and nostalgia by ex-pat Bajans who continue to assert that Barbados remains a paradise is misleading and detrimental to finding a solution to the problem.
    I’m getting a little tired of some Bajans asking why it takes the death of a “white” tourist to mobilize government to action and why is it that no one cares about black Bajans and the crimes done to them. Hello? If the government and the RBPF finally get shaken out of their stupor and start performing their duties diligently, does this not benefit ALL in Barbados?
    I commend you bajangal, on pointing out that because of the advent of technology, traditional media can no longer suppress the truth or hush up “bad news” stories. It is time that government drag itself into the new age and realize that by trying to suppress the truth, they make themselves look foolish and incompetant.

  29. Sharleen

    Good evening from Montreal, Canada
    My husband, daughter and I were at Long Beach on Friday, February 27. We were robbed while we were in the water. Our beach bag, which held our video camera, watch, sunglasses and other things was taken and my husband later found the empty beach bag discarded in the low-lying forest behind the beach.
    When I arrived at the beach, my husband and daughter were alreaady in the waves and I took out the video camera to film them. A young man strolling along the beach stood close by and watched us all. I then replaced the camera in the beach bag; he walked away and I went into the water to join them.
    I could see the handles of the beach bag, sitting atop the sand bank and suddenly it was no longer there. Somehow, someone managed to grab it and run away within the five minutes from when I left the bag and went back to check on it.
    We called the police who filled out a police report. I am fairly confident that the young man who stood beside me while I filmed is the same young man who robbed us shortly afterwards and probably the same young man who attacked Terry Schwatzfeld and her daughter-in-law, Luana Cotsman 24 hours later.
    My sympathy goes to the Schwatzfeld and Cotsman families – what a tragedy.

  30. crossroads

    The difference between this case and the Hutson case, is that we have a witness/victim who is alive and has given the police a substantial amount of evidence. As far as I remember no one witnessed Mr Hutson being murdered. Give the police a break, there a lot of hard working, competent officers out there. Unlike the lawyers and judges who put repeat offenders back on to our streets.


    The question is this: does the RBPF have a stellar record, or not?

    If the RBPF have a suspect … HOW did they arrive at their position? Do they have DNA evidence? Did somebody see the culprit in the act and can they identify him/her? etc.

    Is this a case of arresting someone to cool the international pressure?

  32. PiedPiper

    Sharleen, I’m assuming you gave the police a description of the person who robbed you and hopefully they will compare that description to the person they have arrested for the murder of Terry Schwartzfeld.

  33. PiedPiper

    If, in fact, this 24 yr. old Barbadian is the person responsible for this terrible crime, I would be curious to know what brought him to such dire and desperate straights. I am not expressing sympathy to a murderer but am simply interested in the path that led him to such an existance. Is he hooked on drugs? Does he have a mental illness? Has he no family? I find it hard to believe that in Barbados, where people are known for their charity and where there are Breadfruit or Mango trees everywhere, that this fellow robbed and assaulted in order to buy food. Most churches in Barbados will help out the poor with food.
    It must be drugs.

  34. bajangal

    Thanks Pied Piper.

    Interestingly enough I am also an ex-pat or exile which every words you choose to use (LOL).

    Born and bred I departed a year ago in disgust; corruption and injustice was too much for me to continue fighting against any longer.

    I actually returned last week for 10 days not because of any nostalgia but only to visit an elderly relative who does not have much time left.

    Nothing has changed. I read both newspapers from cover to cover daily and the level of hypocrisy, callousness and indifference continue unabated. All the double speak and lip service in the world but where’s the action?

    The story regarding the Nigerian nurses is a case in point. My goodness! I used to think that this hatred, envy and slander was levelled against whites alone but if the truth be told Bajans seem to despise anyone who appears to have it more together than they do. Polka dot or green. I thought there was such a “Pan-African” movement. But treat nurses from Africa who come to do what Bajan nurses don’t want to do as they seek greener pastures that way???

    Barbados needs to wake up. There are many tourist destinations that offer the same commodities but do not treat people in this way; visited Maui last year and I as a single woman traversed that island from top to bottom in the loneliest of spots and never even FELT any fear. Their crime rate is non-existent and a more beautiful island you have not seen. Locals welcome tourists. They truly understand that people who come to their shores are what keeps their economy vibrant and one is made to feel appreciated and at ease.

    On arrival at the airport in Barbados I was met with a grunt and a scowl from the immigration officers. Nice welcome folks. Thanks!

  35. J

    Dear BFP:

    You wrote “After virtually ignoring the case the politicians, police and the Barbados news media shifted into high gear upon Terry’s death.”

    Why don’t you stop telling lies????????????

    The ambulance and police were on the scene working on this case within minutes.

    Have you no shame??????????????????????

    Let the police do their work.

    Let the prosecutors do their work.

    Let the jury do its work.

    Let the judge do his or her work.

    It is in nobody’s interest to try this (or any) case in the media.

  36. J

    Dear, dear John:

    You wrote “We have become callous as a people, not caring for our fellow man, and only interested in material things. ”

    Barbados was born out of callousness, materialism, violence, greed, rape, and exploitation.

    The Barbados that we know today exists only because of callousness, materialism, ungodliness and the aggressive lust for money and things, things and more things, money, money and even more money.

    It has ALWAYS been so. I expect that it will ALWAYS be so.

    The only thing that has changed (in this instance) is the color of the person on the receiving end of the callousness.

  37. John

    March 24, 2009 at 3:31 am
    Dear, dear John:

    You wrote “We have become callous as a people, not caring for our fellow man, and only interested in material things. ”

    Barbados was born out of callousness, materialism, violence, greed, rape, and exploitation.

    The Barbados that we know today exists only because of callousness, materialism, ungodliness and the aggressive lust for money and things, things and more things, money, money and even more money.

    It has ALWAYS been so. I expect that it will ALWAYS be so.

    The only thing that has changed (in this instance) is the color of the person on the receiving end of the callousness.

    …. not the Barbados I knew J, … not the Barbados I knew!!

    Do you seriously think this is a racially motivated murder?

  38. Contrib1

    The screaming headline is just a little too pessimistic and negative BFP. Listen carefully to the same radio report…the police positively identified jewellery recovered from this 24-year-old suspect. This is no scapegoat – why is that so hard to believe?
    It is true that there are a few bad apples in the Force but that goes for police forces everywhere in the world. The vast majority of men and women who put on a police uniform in Barbados are decent people. A little more balance please BFP, screaming “fire” in a crowded theatre is never productive.

  39. Jason

    What happened to the Roy Morris rape charges? Did they fade into nothing as many predicted? Why didn’t the news media report on the Ronja Juman debacle when the judge signed a blank search warrant that was posted on the internet?

    Keep telling it BFP. Keep telling it until we have a honest police force and judicial system in Barbados. Keep telling it!

  40. kiki

    if these issues aren’t tackled now, the pattern is they will become common and in the future they will be reported for 5-10 seconds on the news just like in america

  41. passin thru

    Barbados will forever have a 2nd rate police force until the politicians recognize that you get what you pay for. RBPF salaries are so low compared with other police organizations and the Barbadian private sector that we are unable to attract quality recruits.

    Dottin’s “solution” was to lower the educational standards for hiring but that is not his fault. He was forced into it by the politicians who pay cops as if they were sanitation workers.

  42. Lady Anon

    I have been visiting the BFP site less and less over the past few months because, unlike before, the posts are no longer thought provoking but have become sensationalist crap…sorta like the Nation headlines and subsequent stories.

    I also recognise that it is a blog…the personal musings of its creator either to rile or amuse or simply inform. The constant negative, critical musings are tiring.

    The police force has made some terrible, huge, society changing mistakes in the past. But they got this one right, so far. They have done the work. Crimestoppers has helped. Honestly if the $20,000 reward was not there, I doubt we would have gotten a peep from the informant.

    Be that as it may, the police have done the work. It seems they have been systematic and have made sure that all the t’s were crossed and the i’s dotted.

    What they must do now is to take this new found or rediscovered diligence to their approach to all cases.

    But in this case, I say, “Well done RBPF”

  43. Bajan Police Reality

    Lady Anon, you should say “Well done blogs for making the police respond to public accountability for the first time in decades.”

  44. Sundowner

    I’m just grateful they’ve got this murderer


    According to the article in totay’s Nation “Man Held” – it does seem the Police did good work, in this case.

  46. Sharleen

    I did leave a description but you know, my family and I had the feeling that we weren’t and this robbery just wasn’t being taken seriously. We waited over an hour for the police to get to our apartment, which was okay as we assumed they were busy. But as soon as they arrived, one of the officers visibly snickered when we started telling our story and he told the other officer (a woman) that she could take the details and he left. I wondered if they thought we were just more tourists griping about their little problems.

  47. John

    The reports in today’s paper suggest that the arrest was the result of good police work and the influence of the reward.

    I think we will see a coroner in Canada perform quickly and efficiently the sad task which seems to have been such a challenge over the past decades here in Barbados in other cases of unnaturel death.

    There are serious lessons to be learnt and hopefully we will learn them and go forward.

    Life is sacred.

    This has been a horrible experience for us all and we in Barbados can only offer our sympathy to the victim’s family.

  48. Hants

    Sir Cliff who lives in Barbados four months of the year also supported the promotion of public beaches in Barbados, a factor which had contributed to his purchasing a house here.

    “I don’t think beaches should be privatised. To do that would be to keep out access to people who do not own beach front properties”.

    “I love the idea that in Barbados, no beaches are private . . . quite a rare thing. That means that people who have lived here for centuries, Bajans, can use the beach and I kind of like that.

  49. John

    Saw that Hants and I also agree with what he says that no place on earth is 100% safe.

  50. Underdog

    Without statistics, I am sure it is safe to say that there have been many more Bajans murdered in big cities overseas than foreigners murdered here. I think that puts things in perspective.

  51. bajangal

    I grew up in Barbados. We went out for hours and left our entire house open. Blacks and whites did not have the animosity towards each other in my youth. Don’t tell me any crap. I lived it. I am white and grew up with a tenantry behind my house. There were no other white people around. I played EVERY day with children from the “village”. I loved them and they loved me.

    You want to know why it is like this now? Because of the likes of the Hillary Beckles et al who promote and pump hatred. Forgiveness is needed Barbados. Whatever happened 390 years ago is up to God to deal with. He says vengeance is His.

    My grandmother was gassed in a concentration camp: Auschwitz. Do I go around hating and resenting Germans? No I don’t.

    Forgiveness if for you Barbados not for the persons who unfaired you. It will set YOU free.

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  53. I will tell you what surprises me most, is that the wonderful and efficient police force in Barbados just never just rounded up a couple of innocent Guyanese and framed them. That would have helped appease the minds of all you blind Bajans that feel that your own kind are not capable of such murderous acts.

  54. Anon99

    Cut the bs Wandering Scotsman. The facts are that there are Guyanese in Barbados who commit crimes, just as there are obviously Barbadians who commit crimes. Considering the types of crimes that Guyanese have been charged with in Barbados, nobody needs to frame them.
    Stop stirring up unnecessary racial strife.
    Bajans in Barbados or elsewhere who commit crimes deserve to go to jail. Guyanese who commit crimes in Barbados or elsewhere, equally deserve to go to jail. End of story!

  55. dismanhey

    the word Guyanese is not race, it is a refers to people born in guyana (all 6 plus more). But this comment does say much about a lack of understanding . When we sit and write trash, other are looking and paying attention

  56. J

    No I did not say and I do not think that this was a racially motivated murder.

    Please do not put words in my mouth.

    However my impression is that WE care more because the victim is white, foreign, and a tourist (maybe too because the victim is female and elderly) I believe that all those things colour our response.

  57. bajangal

    In my opinion the only thing that is “colouring” the response is the colour of money.

    This situation has made it very clear to the “powers that be” that unless it is taken seriously it could cause untold harm to Barbados’ tourist industry — the life blood of the country.

    The unfortunate victim could have been from Mars and if it was not publicized then it would have “died” there.

    The ONLY reason for the outcry is because the TRUTH got out.

  58. reality check

    These are not isolated incidences. Did anyone bother to read Sharleens experience from Montreal?

    “But as soon as they arrived, one of the officers visibly snickered when we started telling our story and he told the other officer (a woman) that she could take the details and he left. I wondered if they thought we were just more tourists griping about their little problems.”

  59. Queenam

    i sincerely hope that they have the right person. I personally know of a case, where a young man confessed to a series of crimes. the police announce that they have a suspect. on closer inspection of the dates the crimes were committed, the young man was in hospital (4 months). The case has not yet come up but his family know that if they had said anything at the time, the police would have look for other charges and squash the previous ones. The boy never complained after he was released from the station but he had numerous marks on his back that were not there before. He was beaten. This sent one of his relatives the hospital with an anxiety attack. I am now very skeptical whenever hear of breakthroughs in certain cases. Some people might be innocent but cannot prove it and is even more afraid of the police so they would do and say what the police instructs them to do. All this does is give society a false sense of security because the real criminal would still be out there.

  60. Lady Anon

    What evidence do you (or I ) have to support such a statement?

  61. John

    I was surprised to hear on the radio today the offer of a reward for $20,000.00 for information.

    I thought I was hearing things.

    Other people also seemed as non plussed as myself.

    We figured the time slot had been paid for and the radio kept running it.

  62. bajangal

    That is correct. I’m not on the ground and have not read the mainstream press but I think it HIGHLY unlikely that the police in Bim would have apprehended a criminal in less than a month.

    JUST MY OPINION peeps.

  63. crossroads

    thanks for removing the nonsense bfp.

  64. ru4real

    On arrival at the airport in Barbados I was met with a grunt and a scowl from the immigration officers. Nice welcome folks. Thanks!
    It true what a miserable unwelcoming bunch they are.

    Hello this is supposed to be a HOLIDAY ISLAND.

  65. J

    Dear Sharlee;

    I agree that the police person ought not to have sniggered, but you wrote “A young man strolling along the beach stood close by and watched us all. I then replaced the camera in the beach bag; he walked away and I went into the water to join them.”

    This was the point at which you should have taken action to protect your camera etc. That young man’s behaviour was threatening. He was taking an undue interest in your stuff, and perhaps in you. To have left your stuff unattended in his presence was dreadfully naive. The police sniggered at your unbelievable naivete. Never-the-less they came and investigated.

  66. J

    Dear bajangal:

    But did you or your parents go to the funerals of the elders who died in the village?

    Did you congratulate the young ones when they passed the 11+?

    Did you attend the weddings?

    Did you or your parents invite them to your family weddings?

    In other words did you rejoice with them? Did you mourn with them?

    Do you write them or email them now that you are over in away?

    In other words did you or your family try to build community?

    Otherwise you playing with the village in the tenantry may have had more to do with safisfying your own childish lonliness that with building a good and sustainable community.

    You wrote “Forgiveness if for you Barbados not for the persons who unfaired you. It will set YOU free.”

    I don’t know how much time you have spent receiving religious instruction, but before forgiveness can be given there MUST be repentance. Too often people DO NOT want to repent, but they want to be forgiven. In is impossible for the sinned against to forgive until the sinner has first repented.

    You do not have to believe me, you can check with any theologian or any minister of any religion.

  67. J

    Dear wandering Scotsman:

    The police in Barbados have NEVER rounded up innocent Guyanese and framed them for murder.

    Guyanese who commit murder in Barbados are treated the same as Barbadians who commit murder. Why don’t you stop telling lies.

    One of these days you and the folk at BFP will have to stand alone before God and answer for your sins.

  68. J

    Sometimes try to remember that the rest of us are NOT ON HOLIDAY.

  69. J

    We are at work.

  70. Bajan Police Reality

    No doubt God will look heavily upon BFP for daring to point out that Prime Minister Thompson lied about integrity legislation!

  71. Sundowner

    What worried me yesterday evening when I was watching the sunset at Surfside in Holetown, with scores of other people was two Defence Force soldiers, in full kit, wandering about in front of the premises, it was commented on by Bajans and tourists, no one seemed comfortable with it at all, especially the tourists, asking ‘why’ & ‘isn’t it safe’ etc etc. I think it would be better to see security guards and Police on the beaches and lonely spots rather than the Defence Force. I wondered what country I was in.

  72. PiedPiper

    Sundowner, sometimes change is good. Too many people fear it. This may just be a temporary measure until some of these paros and beachbums get the message.
    One of the more unpleasant memories I have of Barbados, and this was when I was living there, was when I went into Holetown Pizza Hut which as you know is practically next door to the police station.
    I placed my order and was sitting peacefully waiting for it to be ready when I was approached by a well known Beachbum who practically lived at Pizza Hut. He give me a lotta talk and I ask him to leave me alone and gulong about he business and then turned away from him. If you could have heard and seen how this a–h— carry on and curse me loud loud and call me everykind of name and here is the sad part, the fella working behind the counter at Pizza Hut said not one word, never blink, just carry on making his pizza. I was the only customer there at the time and I felt fearful of my safety and actually contemplated leaving without my pizza.
    The point I am trying to make here is this. This beachbum was not even remotely concerned that that the police station was next door and the guy working at Pizza Hut who should have been concerned about how one of his customers was beeing treated, was clearly intimidated by the beachbum into doing and saying nothing.
    A message has to be sent out to these paros and beachbums and if it has to be the Barbados Defense Force that is the bearer of the message, then so be it.

  73. Sundowner

    I see your point, but patrolling Police would ( I hope) have dealt with your situation and moved him on/taken him away. I think Defence Force soldiers will ‘unnerve’ tourists, its a really difficult situation to be in, I really hope we don’t have to have soldiers patrolling the beaches to keep us and tourists safe.

  74. Sundowner

    In your situation did you tell the Police? we have a ‘paro’ in my area that now and then becomes a nightmare and follows tourists, someone phones the Police and they come and take him to Blackrock for a spell, not a long term solution but deals with the immediate situation!

  75. Hants

    There should be a public relations campaign to explain the presence of soldiers patrolling the beaches.

    The next course of action is to recruit more policemen and use more of them in plain clothes.

    The Government has taken action to deal with the problem and now they have to “fine tune” it.

  76. PiedPiper

    Well, it would seem that the police do have the right man in custody. He was arrested at his home with personal property belonging to the victims in his possession.

  77. tstt

    Below is a news story dealing with the murder of a British toruist in Thailand.

    “Police arrested three migrant workers from neighbouring Burma whom they accused of attacking Malcolm Robertson and his wife, Linda, on Monday on their yacht anchored off the coast of Satun, a southern province bordering Malaysia.
    “They tried to steal the dinghy and beat Mr Robertson with their fists and hammers until he died,” Police Colonel Virat Ohn-song, chief of the La-ngoo district police station, said.
    He said police were searching for the body.
    The British embassy in Thailand said it was assisting Linda Robertson, who suffered minor injuries.
    “We are aware of an attack overnight on a British couple off the coast of Satun in southern Thailand. We are urgently pursuing this case with the Thai police,” an embassy spokesman said.
    Fishermen had reported the yacht apparently adrift. When police investigated, the three suspects tried to flee in the dinghy and were arrested, Virat said.
    Thailand is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, luring some 14 million tourists annually, with Britain the biggest Western market”

  78. bajangal

    What a pathetic reply J.

    Don’t you know that “Tourism is your Business”?

    How do you feel if you go to a restaurant where you are spending a significant amount of money as tourists do to come to Barbados and the waiter hogs you up?

    Get real.

  79. Tell me Why

    Another journalist passes on.

    Denzil Agard, a former Managing Editor of the Advocate died last night. Denzil was one of those fearless editors who dealt with issues regardless of political powers. It is becoming uneasy with the amount of journalists that have died. Maybe, we can start calling them endangered species. May he rest in peace.

  80. RIP Mrs. Schwarzfeld

    Barbados murder suspect also charged with rape, thefts Accused in Schwarzfeld killing faces five other raps

    TTAWA – The Barbadian man charged with murdering Terry Schwarzfeld has also been charged with raping a German tourist on the same scenic island beach a year ago, Sun Media has learned.

    Curtis Joel Foster, 24, of Bayfield, St. Philip, has been charged with five counts of robbery and one count of theft, along with the murder and rape charges. All those incidents occurred in the same area of Long Beach where Schwarzfeld, 60 of Ottawa, and her daughter-in-law Luana Cotsman were beaten on Feb. 28.

    Foster is charged with a Dec. 11 robbery of a Belgian woman, a Nov. 12 robbery of an English man, a Nov. 6 robbery of an English woman and an Aug. 8 robbery of a Canadian couple. All of the crimes were committed at Long Beach, Christ Church.

  81. HB


    My grandmother was gassed in a concentration camp: Auschwitz.
    My African foreparents spent 400 years crossing the middle passage. Focus your biased mind on the millions who were brutally exterminated in that process. They died enslaved. Worst than animals. Chained in the bottom of stinking creaky wooden boats.

    You are the typical white bajan who remains embedded in bigotry. What injustice was done to you to make you leave Bdos except blacks asserting that massa day done. Your people used to run to Australia is Canada is the new destination? You have the gall to say Hilary Beckles teaching hate? What about you?

    As J states “you playing with the village in the tenantry may have had more to do with safisfying your own childish lonliness that with building a good and sustainable community.”

    Be honest and tell him your community does not include dark people.

  82. Sundowner

    I am so glad to hear this.

  83. Sundowner

    I read about this last night, dreadful incident. It proves the fact that these events are worldwide.

  84. bajangal

    J wrote on:
    March 25, 2009 at 9:13 am

    Much of what you wrote was thoughtful and well expressed.

    Actually J believe it or not my family took in almost the complete village when hurricane Janet hit the southern part of Barbados in 1954.

    I am also proud to say that I attended many weddings and sad to say many funerals.

    No it was not just because I was lonely J; it is because I am a real person that does not let colour affect me in any way. My husband is black.

    With regards to the theological aspect J please read Matthew 21 and 23. Yes, I have received a great deal of religious instruction and given alot of it too and while it would be very convenient for us to require others to repent before we forgive that is not what Jesus said.

    I repeat: forgiving is not for the person you forgive it is to set YOU free.

  85. bajangal

    J, reflect on this commentary written by Joyce Meyer one of the wisest teachers in Christendom today.

    Correction: Matthew 18: 21-35

    As believers, we will never experience joy-filled, victorious lives unless we are ready to forgive people. This is something we are going to have to do frequently, and according to Matthew 18:21, 22 even repeatedly. The Lord tells us plainly in the Bible that if we ill not forgive other people for the wrong things they have done against us, then God will not forgive us for the wrong things we have done against Him. (Matt 6:14,15)

    What kind of condition would we be in if God refused to forgive us? We could not possibly have a proper relationship with Him. Everything in our lives would be “stopped up”. We like to think that we can stay angry with other people and yet go to God and receive forgiveness for our sins. But the Lord tells us in the Bible that is not so.

    Jesus taught us to pray “and forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven (left remitted, and let go of the debts, and have given up resentment against) our debtors” (Matthew 6:12). God is a God of mercy and this issue of forgiveness is very important to Him. He tells us repeatedly in His Word that if we want mercy, we have to give mercy.

    In Matthew 18: 21, 22 Peter asked Jesus how many times he had to forgive his brother “up to seven times? Jesus’ answer was not seven times but seventy times that many.

    I don’t know about you but I’m glad that God does not put a limit on how many times He will forgive us. How many of us have done the same wrong thing at least seventy times seven, and God has still forgiven us for it? We are willing to keep taking and taking forgiveness from God, but it is amazing how little we want to extend forgiveness to others. We freely accept mercy, yet is is surprising how rigid, legalistic and merciless we can be toward others, especially if they have wronged us in some way. Yet the Bible says that the debt we owe God is much greater than any debt anyone may owe us. ALways remember how great God’s generosity is, especially in the area of forgiveness. Aim to forgive others as quickly, as often and as generously as God forgives you.

    The above commentary taken from the Everyday Life Bible (Joyce Meyer)

  86. Hard Driver

    Bajangal you are so right on ….

  87. Sir Bentwood Dick


    Paros do frequent such cash businesses and this is common in Barbados.

    Most supermarkets and gas stations have hangers-on/ paros around the compound asking for money or just loitering.

    Not just bad for business, but very bad for security, either them directly, or they could monitor money movements for others.

    I am surprised that the insurance companies do not put a clause in the cash insurance re security arrangements affected by this issue.

    Could this be related to the regular gas station robberies?

  88. J

    Look Joyce Meyer is no theologian.

    Sappy headed new age nut is more like it.

    And it is not me who requires repentance.

    In order to walk through a door, the door must first be opened.

    In order for forgiveness to occur, the sinner MUST repent.

    Read your Bible again.

    Take as much time as you like.

    You can get back to me tomorrow or 50 years from now.

  89. John


    Too often people DO NOT want to repent, but they want to be forgiven. In is impossible for the sinned against to forgive until the sinner has first repented.

    How can one person repent of another person’s sins?

    …. and who are the sinned against?

    All, …… every single last one ….. of the slaves and slave owners are long gone.

    You are imagining that you are living in the past and will only make yourself miserable by misinterpreting the message of the gospel.

    How many slaves and slave owners have you talked to?

    None of us know what our ancestors went through or what they felt about it.

    You alone can only deal with repentance of your sins and your relationship with God just like the rest of us.

    Each of us who profess Christianity is in the same boat.

    … and don’t forget the part which says to love your neighbour as yourself.

    How can a you do that and also walk around bearing a grudge against the same neighbour for some sin you perceived his ancestor, who you don’t know did your ancestor, …. who you also did not know?

    Think about it.

    Life is too short and too sweet to try to live in the past.

  90. PiedPiper

    I am always highly amused when someone, in their rush to accuse someone else of bigotry, clearly demonstrates their own bigotry. I have seen nothing in any of bajangal’s comments that expresses or teaches hatred. quite the contrary. What I do see HB, is how all the bells and whistles went off in your head like a Las Vegas slot machine when you determined that a) bajangal is a white Bajan and b) that her ancestors were of the Jewish faith.

    What is your intent HB, to compare notes on whose ancestors were more badly done by? A very serious subject, yet it almost makes me laugh. Ohhhhh mercy my ancestors were enslaved and died at the bottom of rotten stinking boats. Ohhhhh mercy my relatives were gassed and buried in mass graves. Honestly HB, move on. 1000 years from now, will you be using that as an excuse for your bigotry? I know of another blog were your sentiments will be better appreciated, where they are accustomed to using racist rhetoric regardless of the subject matter at hand but then “HB”, I’m sure you already know that blog very well. Have a great day.

  91. PiedPiper

    Amen to that!

  92. Anonymous


  93. Tony Hall

    Kudos to the Police for getting quicks results in this case. Inspite of the bashing it receives from some persons I will always support the RBPF 100%. They perform exceptionally well considering the distractions of poor salaries and inadequate working conditions. Anybody can cut my ass for saying so. I got a broad back.

  94. The Truth

    Given the rap sheet that has now emerged on the accused for crimes all committed on Long Beach within the last year, it is at least now criminal negligence on the part of some in authority in Barbados that visitors were not better warned about the danger in the area. No wonder they were all in hiding for two long weeks on this issue.

  95. crossroads

    Oh lordy here we go again. I thought that since Obama was elected president that all of the black people problems were solved. Seems like everyday you open a newspaper there’s someone with a new “theroy” or “opinion” on slavery, or a new lecture to be given on same. give me a break people. How many more years will it take before you figure out your…..FREE!

  96. J

    Dear John:

    You wrote “How can one person repent of another person’s sins?…You are imagining that you are living in the past and will only make yourself miserable by misinterpreting the message of the gospel.”

    I am none of what you state above.

    I was simply responding to bajangal who told me that I must forgive.

    If bajangal feels that I must forgive, then she (and maybe you) must imagine that there is some sin to be forgiven, since repentance/forgiveness are 2 sides of the same coin.

    If you and/or bajangal will tell me what I must forgive than I will raise it before the Lord

    Bajangal raised the issue of forgiveness, not me.

    I am a very happy, very healthy, very loving person.

  97. Hard Driver

    What this shows to me is that if they catch these criminals early enough, the crime rate will be drastically cut.

    We need to throw much more weight into solving these so called petty crimes.

  98. J

    Dear John:

    “…. and who are the sinned against?”

    Specifically my grandmother Evalina who was denied her pension by Mangrove plantation until she was 80’s years old. And she only got it because my father took time off his work (without pay) to make representation for her.

    Now tell me did your grandmother, or bajangal’s or Pied Piper’s, or crossroads ever weed cane ground until they were 80?

  99. John

    How can a Plantation deny a pension and thereby commit a sin?

    How do you propose getting a plantation to repent?

    I don’t think my grandmother did as yours did but certainly her great grand mother before her probably worked in cane grounds routinely.

    My grand mother never got a pension … she lived and worked in the days prior to NIS!!

    You must be pretty young if you have/had a grand mother who got a pension.

    Do you know if it was a contributory or a non contributory pension?

    It would be interesting to hear the role Mangrove Plantation played in denying her a pension …….

    BTW, which Mangrove Plantation?

    …. and what is wrong with agricultural work?

    I enjoy weeding ground immensely.

    I have broken peck handles and destroyed a couple of agricultural forks in my youth.

    It is good exercise and when I am through I have a sense of fulfillment that book work can never provide.

  100. Sundowner

    ‘Arrest In Terry Schwarzfeld Barbados Tourist Murder – But Can We Trust Our Police?’

    This discussion seems to have been hi-jacked again, way off the point.

  101. PiedPiper

    Yes, Sundowner, hi-jacked again by those who can’t discuss anything without bringing race into it.

  102. John

    I agree.

    Leave a cut unattended and lose a leg … or a life.

    When people get away with small crimes bigger crimes will inevitably follow.

  103. Can we trust BFP?

    Just deserts imho.

    BFP when will you return from vacation and take this blog off autopilot?

    When will you and your cohorts realise that this constant attempts to portray Barbados as the worst place in the world, is making this blog irrelevant?

    Do you really beleive that readers cannot see your true motives and intentions behind the facade that you have created?

    We are not as stupid as you and your regulars obviously believe.

  104. Guliani

    Agreed HD. In New York mayor Guliani cut crime by fifty percent when he introduced zero tolerance. Police arrested graffitti painters, toll booth jumpers etc for petty offences. Graffitti nuisances and the like graduate to harder stuff like muggings and murder if they get away with the minor stuff.

    B’dos cops do a commnedable job but charging and rousting the youngsters who gather on blocks daily and terrorise neighbourhoods would help nip the Curtis Fosters in the bud. Arrest + charge block boys and others for harassment, gambling, selling dope, excessive noise, cursing, fencing, loitering, etc and you are half way there.

    Given his rap sheet the Long Beach killer by himself almost destroyed our entire $2. 4 billion tourist industry. Zero tolernce now.

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