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Arrest In Terry Schwarzfeld Barbados Tourist Murder – But Can We Trust Our Police?

UPDATED: Barbados Police Commissioner Says Reward Played A Part In Arrest

An article posted online at the Barbados Advocate tells of a press conference today (Monday) where Commissioner Dottin and others announced what they could about the arrest of a 24-year-old Barbadian for the robbery and murder of Terry Schwarzfeld…

Dottin told the media: “I am very happy to tell you that the investigation has made substantial progress and we have in custody a 24-year-old man and charges will soon be laid against him for matters arising out of this incident. The investigators have recovered property, jewellery as well as a camera and an imitation firearm that was reportedly used in the attack on the two visitors.”

“I can confirm that he is a Barbadian, but I am not going to say anything more about him. Under our Constitution, a person is guaranteed a fair trial and I am not going to say anything this morning that would be prejudicial to that trial.”

… read the entire article at the Barbados Advocate before they remove it forever here.

Original BFP story posted this morning…

Voice of Barbados Radio First To Air Story

schwarzfeld-murder92.9FM VOB Radio reports that a suspect is in custody for the daylight beach murder of Canadian tourist Terry Schwarzfeld.

After virtually ignoring the case the politicians, police and the Barbados news media shifted into high gear upon Terry’s death.

We Bajans know that the record of the Royal Barbados Police Force is not exactly stellar when it comes to preventing or solving crimes: even the recent murder of a retired senior police officer in front of his family remains unsolved. So forgive us if we wonder whether they have Terry’s real murderer under arrest, or one of the usual suspects who “confessed” rather than face what he knew was coming if he remained silent.

Barbados Free Press sincerely hopes that the evidence the police put before the court consists of more than only a confession generated by fear.

A shame we have to think it let alone say it aloud, but there it is.

VOB Radio: Breakthrough in Long Beach Attacks


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