When Police Become Thugs: Bahamas Night Raid Terrorizes Mother and Child – Memories Of Barbados Police Ronja Juman Abuses

You are the mother of a seven year old child and you are both at home sleeping and at 4:30 am you are awakened by loud banging on your front door with someone shouting “open the door or we will break it down”. You start to frantically search for your keys and at the same time you hear a banging on the back door. By the time you get the door open both you and your child are terrified. Seven immigration officers rudely enter your home and start to terrorize you and your child. You offer to show them your Bahamian passport and you are rudely brushed aside. Not one of them states the purpose of their intrusion and they leave as abruptly as they entered.

I saw the fear in this young woman’s eyes. I saw a picture of the mallet that was used to break her gate. I could feel her anger because her home was invaded and she does not know why, nor has anyone apologized, nor has the Minister met with her as promised, nor has she been able to contact him or anyone else at the Immigration department.

… from Weblog Bahamas article Is the Bahamas becoming a frightened society?

Unholy Alliance: Sergeant Paul Vaughan (left) & Charles Leacock - Barbados Director Of Public Prosecutions

Unholy Alliance: Sergeant Paul Vaughan (left) & Charles Leacock - Barbados Director Of Public Prosecutions

News Media Continues Cover-Up Of Corrupt Activities By Barbados Director Of Public Prosecutions

A story of abuse by Bahamian Immigration authorities reminds us that it is time to once again mention an unresolved story of corruption and abuse by the Barbados Director of Public Prosecutions, Charles Leacock. Unlike the lapdog Barbados news media, we at Barbados Free Press don’t let a story fade from the public memory just because it is convenient for the elites – who are so powerful that they don’t bother to answer corruption allegations even when the incriminating documents are posted online for all to see.

The Corrupt Relationship Between A Dirty Cop And Our Director Of Public Prosecutions

Just before Christmas, 2006, Barbados Director of Public Prosecutions Charles Leacock told his police friend, Sergeant Paul Vaughan, to collect some back rent owed to him by a former tenant named Ronja Juman.

Sergeant Vaughan used an illegal, blank, pre-signed search warrant to raid Ronja Juman’s home in the middle of the night with some of his fellow thugs. Juman was dragged off to the police station where she was strip-searched and humiliated by a VAGINAL SEARCH!

Over back-rent. And no… the Barbados police didn’t find any back-rent money in Juman’s vagina.

For Sergeant Paul Vaughan of the Royal Barbados Police Force, the middle-of-the-night raid was all about terrorising the woman and her child to get back rent for his friend DPP Charles Leacock. There is far more to the story and none of it is good. (The links are at the end of this article.)

So when we read the story on Weblog Bahamas about a middle of the night Gestapo-like “visit” by authorities there we decided it is high time again to remind the Bajan public that just because the cowardly “professional” news media won’t cover a story, it doesn’t mean that the incident isn’t newsworthy.

In fact, the refusal of the Barbados news media to cover a story is often proof that a cover-up is in progress.

Read the stories, view copies of the original documents online and make up your own mind about corruption by the DPP, the police, the courts, the government and the news media…

Barbados Free Press Articles

September 18, 2008: Corrupt Director Of Public Prosecutions Must Now Prosecute His Corrupt Police Friend For Accepting Bribes!!!

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October 12, 2007: Barbados Police Given Blank, Pre-Signed Search Warrants By Corrupt, Lazy Judiciary

September 24, 2007: Barbados Director Of Public Prosecutions Charles Leacock – Ordered Police Thuggery Over His Tenant’s Unpaid Rent – Night Raid, Woman Strip Searched Over Unpaid Rent!


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17 responses to “When Police Become Thugs: Bahamas Night Raid Terrorizes Mother and Child – Memories Of Barbados Police Ronja Juman Abuses

  1. missing home

    1/ I read all your articles and viewed the online docs.

    2/ The story stinks of abuse of position by many public officials.

    3/ The documents are powerful evidence that backs up Juman’s story.

    4/ With the documents that you posted online it is unforgivable that the Barbados news services and daily papers ignored this story.

    5/ The Director of Public Prosecutions should resign pending a full public inquiry.

    6/ Keep up the good fight exposing the festering underbelly of corruption in Barbados.

  2. kiki

    watch what you say
    the pigs i mean police
    have your internet id (666)

  3. No one to lead

    There is no justice in Barbados because there is no ITAL and FOI and no one to lead.

    Of course, the police and LIME are being used to gather information on advocates of free speech all the while permitting murder and other threats from known individuals and organizations to go unchecked.

  4. J

    Dear no one to lead:

    You wrote “Of course, the police and LIME are being used to gather information on advocates of free speech”

    You really believe that LIME incompetent as they are are capable of doing anything with the information you say they gather?

    And what pray tell me even if the police are gathering information on “advocates of free speech” what can they do with it? As far as I know free speech is NOT unlawful in Barbados. So the police can’t do anything with the information you say they are gathering.

    Too many Bajans seem to be afraid of their own shadows.

  5. J

    So what if the police have my internet ID. Who the a** cares?

    The number of conspiracy theorists here on BFP rivals that of Barbados Underground..


    And wait BFP has Ms. Juman paid her back rent yet?

    Let us all support the dead-beats, scofflaws, AND ne’er-do-wells and see where that gets us.

  6. Sad To Say

    What the DPP did (as reported by BFP) was WRONG, however, as J asks has Mrs. Juman paid her unpaid rent as yet? If she was never in arrears this story would have been a non-starter. I cannot understand why in the BFP story she is always made out to smell like a rose. As I have stated in the past Mrs. Juman is no saint and while the DPP is expected to uphold the law I am pretty sure for him to act like this he would have had to be absolutely frustrated by Mrs. Juman. I own a block of apartments and there is one tenant who refuses to pay her rent yet they continue to wear the latest in fashion, have money to put gas in their car and visit their hair dresser at least once a week. Do you think I could tell FCIB that I can’t pay my mortgage because a tenant has not paid their rent? The day that I fall behind FCIB would have a threatening and dirty letter in my A$$. It can be frustrating to a landlord and I can fully empathise with one that snaps.

  7. reality check

    Sad to Say

    So the remedy is to evict someone and learn from the lesson—not abuse your power and authority.

    When someone abuses their power and influence then the abused party is bound to look better.

    There is ABSOLUTELY no excuse no matter how frustrated a Landlord may become.

    Charles Leacock and Paul Vaughn should have been forced to resign immediately after the incident became known.

  8. missing home

    J and Sad to Say would be happier if every woman who failed to pay rent was subject to a police raid at 3am and dragged off to the po-lice station for a vaginal search.

    Keep those women in their rightful place and never mind lawful searches and trials. Serves ’em right!

  9. Sad To Say

    Totally disagree with terrorizing anyone at anytime. However, someone who fails to honour their contract – i.e. lease is no saint.

  10. Sad To Say

    Missing home you have a politicians warped sense of logic

  11. Is there a professional code of conduct for the police force? If so, who enforcing it or is it still a matter of who you know?
    Same could be asked of lawyers, ministers, heck, throw in the church leaders or anyone holding a position of power.

  12. J

    Nobody has ever searched my vagina, because I have always paid my rent in full and on time.

    Ronja Juman should do the same.

    My grandmother always used to say, “you can’t be wrong and strong”

    If Ronja was having a hard time, she should ask her relatives, or her friends at BFP to help her out financially.

    The landlord was not her family or friend.

  13. kiki

    everybody should have the same rights
    so the police should strip search everybody
    for petty non-criminal transgressions
    such as being light or short on the rent

  14. Avatar Gurl

    @ J

    So wait…

    Is THIS the new standard prcedure for being late in paying rent?

    Getting FINGER-RAPED??!?

    I thought it was a LAW-SUIT!!!!!

    Maybe YOU should have a “bad boy” shove a big stick up YOUR rear end…for BS!!!!!!!

    See how you FEEL!

  15. Cofused

    Umm I just read all the previous links regarding this Ronja Juman story. According to Leacock’s own personal statement that he gave a agreement was struck between him and Ronja Juman when she moved whereby he accempted several thousands worth in jewellery which she would default on had she nto gotten the arrears cleared up. So with that in mind how does she still owe anything muchless has been charged when Leacock already secuired and accepted alternative forms of payments? Also since the charges were filed did he ever return the jewels to Ronja Juman? Does anyone know the current status of this matter?

    With a new government why has Thompy’s administration done anything about this matter? Would think this is perfect publicity stunt for them to appear to be making attempts at cleaning up the rotten apples from previous administration? I see this story was first posted quite some time and many have commented. No bold, aggressive lawyers with a sense of justice and fairness frequent this site that could have reached out to Ronja Juman and offered their services to take on these corrupt people? Has BFP reached out to Ronja Juman and offered her any form of assistance? These are the questions I would like to know after all none of us know what circumstances we could find ourselves in one day.

    A law suit should be filed against the corrupt cop, Leacock and the state who he is employed by for they gave him the powers that he clearly misused for his own personal gains.

    Disgusting what my sweet sweet Barbados has come to these days. For those of you who had all the negative things to say about Ronja Juman the fact remains that by Leacock’s own statement she made effort to pay the arrears and he agreed to those terms and then reneged after taking her jewellery and that is all that matters in this particular case so try to stay focus on the task at hand people.

  16. 242

    Anyone notice that Ronja Juman’s name is in today’s Sunday Sun under one of those mass listings of people who “need to be contacted” likely re outstanding bills

  17. bill

    here is a very sad case of a cop assaulting a 73 year old woman and then kills her son, the pierre francois blais case.

    A Gatineau police cop violated a man’s Charter rights when he shot and killed him in 2008, according to a litany of charges filed under Quebec’s Police Act.
    On June 29, 2011 — one day past the three-year anniversary of David Leclair’s death and just five days after the Leclair family launched a $430,000 civil suit against the officer and the city — the province’s police ethics commissioner slapped mall cop Pierre-Francois Blais with 10 charges.
    Though he remains on active duty, he was unreachable for comment Wednesday.
    “It’ll never bring David back, it never should have happened to begin with,” Leclair’s sister, Donna told the Sun Wednesday. She is still pressing for a public inquiry into her brother’s death.
    A 35-year-old single father who was well-known to police, Leclair was shot three times outside his mother’s Aylmer, Que. home after Blais responded to a domestic complaint involving Leclair’s ex.
    In February 2007, Leclair pleaded guilty and was handed an 11-month sentence for fraud.
    Separate fraud and assault charges from 2006 were stayed, and he was also due to appear in court later in 2008 on theft and fraud charges.
    On the day of Leclair’s death, Blais had followed him into his mother’s home, beat him with a club and pepper-sprayed him before shooting him three times outside, including once in the back. Blais said LeClair grabbed a crowbar in the confrontation but witnesses say he was unarmed.
    The officer also struck Leclair’s then 73-year-old mother, Dorothy, in the leg with his baton and, according to witnesses, threatened to shoot her and LeClair’s brother Robert if they intervened.
    “Personally, I would love him to have jail time, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen at this point,” Donna said.
    Blais, the son of chief justice of the Federal Court of Appeal Pierre Blais, was cleared in 2009 of any criminal wrongdoing after a provincial police investigation.
    The latest charges, which stem from a formal complaint filed to the police ethics commissioner, allege Blais acted carelessly and recklessly in his dealings with Leclair, used obscene or offensive language, displayed a lack of respect or courtesy, abused his authority, and violated Leclair’s Charter right to life, liberty and security of the person.
    Blais is also charged with using excessive force against Leclair’s mother, along with four other charges.
    “Will this bring us closure? I don’t know, but I hope it helps … Something is better than nothing right now,” Donna said. “We’ll see how it plays out.”
    No hearing date has been set yet.
    The charges against Pierre-Francois Blais:
    1. Acted carelessly and recklessly in his dealings with Leclair
    2. Using obscene or offensive language
    3. Displaying a lack of respect or courtesy
    4. Abusing his authority
    5. Violated Leclair’s Charter right to life, liberty and security of the person
    6. Using obscene or offensive language in his dealings with Dorothy Leclair
    7. Displaying a lack of respect or courtesy
    8. Excessive force
    9. Making threats
    10. Failing to prevent or contribute to preventing justice from taking its course
    Key dates in the aftermath of David Leclair’s death:
    • June 28, 2008 – David Leclair, 35, is shot three times outside his mother’s Aylmer, Que. home by Gatineau Const. Pierre-Francois Blais. Leclair dies in hospital.
    • June 29, 2008 – Investigation turned over to the Quebec provincial police.
    • June 30, 2008 – Questions arise why the officer wasn’t equipped with a stun gun.
    • September 2008 – Quebec provincial police finish their investigation and pass the file to the Crown.
    • February 2009 – Quebec Crown attorney decides against pursuing charges against Blais, saying the officer used “reasonable force” considering the circumstances.
    • April 2009 – Leclair family files a request for a public inquiry into David’s death with Quebec’s public security ministry.
    • June 23, 2011 – Leclair family launches a $430,000 civil suit against Pierre-Francois Blais and the city of Gatineau
    • June 29, 2011 – Quebec’s police ethics commissioner lays 10 charges against Const. Pierre-Francois Blais.
    What happened on June 28, 2008 (from the coroner’s report):
    • On June 25, 2008, at 4:20 a.m. David Leclair goes to female friend’s house, intoxicated, physically and verbally violent, makes death threats.
    • She doesn’t call cops right away but does three days later (10:25 a.m. June 28.) after he harasses her by phone.
    • Leclair is well known by police.
    • The officer calls Leclair’s mother’s house to say he will arrest Leclair, leaving a message, then goes to house after calling for backup.
    • Officer arrives, finds Leclair outside with a friend and informs him he’s under arrest.
    • Leclair doesn’t obey and goes back into the house, threatening the officer.
    • The officer asks Leclair in English and French to lie on the floor but Leclair becomes increasingly threatening, holding an object.
    • The officer hits Leclair on the arm with his baton, to no effect, then uses pepper spray.
    • Now outside, Leclair takes a metal bar and threatens the officer, who warns he’ll shoot.
    • Leclair becomes more aggressive and moves toward the cop.
    • The officer fears for his life and shoots three times.
    • An ambulance is called at 11:34 a.m.
    • Leclair arrives at the hospital at 12 p.m.
    • Leclair dies at 6:55 p.m.