Barbados Tourist Attack Now Murder: Canadian Victim Terry Schwarzfeld Dies In Ottawa


Our prayers go out for Terry’s family and friends.

Ottawa Citizen: Victim of Barbados Attack, Terry Schwarzfeld Dies


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  1. J

    I am truly sorry to hear that Ms. Schwarzfeld has died.

  2. boredickey

    Activate the death penalty, it won’t stop murder, but it will stop the murderer. Crimes against tourists/visitors should carry increased penalties given how important the industry is to this island. Take robberies……10 years in jail; robberies with blood being shed….15 to 20 years behind bars etc etc. Thank God for the Crimestoppers program.

  3. Rumplestilskin

    Condolences to the family of Terry Schwarzfeld.

    This could be any one of us. Any violent crime saddens me and when a local or visitor is accosted while spending time relaxing as is their right, it is disgusting that they may be accosted by unruly thugs, worse yet that one is attacked and murdered.

    We need a severe crackdown not only on violence, but on harrassment.

    I notice in today’s paper, that the minibus conductor accused of an attack on a schoolgirl, has been released on bail.

    While the presumption of innocence is held until guilt proved, in such a case where the driver and conductor hold peoples lives in their hands on a daily basis, in addition to the alleged victim being a minor, I would question why bail was given.

    Physical force is unacceptable, save in self-defense.

    We must not let thugs rule our nation, neither through verbal bullying nor through violence and any perpetrators should be dealt with severely.

    If this conductor happens to be found guilty of crime against the schoolgirl, we will await to see the sentence, it will be interesting.

    Peace & Live Strong

  4. Rumplestilskin

    That said, it is important that the Government issue a statement, taking a stand against any crime, assuring citizens and visitors alike that we must remain a generally peaceful society.

    The only and major strength of Barbados recently, as a visitor destination and for some residence, is that it is still seen as a ‘safe haven’ in a time of world crime and terrorism increase.

    This perception and up to now, reality, must be maintained at all costs.

    Perception is a strange thing. It can mislead, it can be unfair, thus one must take advantage of the factor and use it to advantage, in daily life as well as marketing for a business or country.

    As for reality, we must maintain a reality acceptable for our futures, the futures of our children and the good of our nation.

    Progress, both perceived and real, can only be achieved by ensuring an environment conducive to living, learning, personal and national development, an environment of peace and tolerance.

    We must become an international hallmark of these critical values, if we wish to improve our living standards and continue to prosper, in both spiritual and if you wish, material terms.

    Peace & Live Strong

  5. bp

    Its not the thugs ruling the nation, its their lawyers!

  6. The Truth

    I cannot believe this morning that there is no mention of this in the online versions of the two leading newspapers in Barbados. CBC TV Channel 8’s failure to mention it in last night’s 7:00 pm newscast is also reprehensible even though they could claim it came after their deadline. I am not a journalist but I spotted it on Twitter – – just after 5:00 pm yesterday and included it in a comment here on BFP – – at 5:39 pm. Local media outlets should also have known of this given the wide media coverage this news was generating across North America long before their deadlines – after all, the year is 2009 not 1909. What are they waiting for – another 2 weeks to prepare another photo-op on Long Beach?

    May Terry rest in peace and my sincere condolences to her family, but may we not rest in Barbados until her attacker is brought to justice and violence against visitors is stamped out.

  7. You know what

    This shows that we are still making mock sport when we say tourism is our no.1 business. Police spend too much time on matters such as traffic. While this is important in maintaining law and order on the roads, sufficient attention is not given to intelligence gathering and policing known areas that criminals, vagrants and paros hang out. There should be police outposts stationed in all tourists areas and major beaches frequented by locals and visitors. Rapid response units should be used for traffic issues. Policing needs to be effective and targeted.

  8. The Scout

    My deepest condolences goes out to the victim’s family, relatives and friends. It is only when one experiences such an incedent, that one knows how it hurts. What was planned as a holiday to a safe country turned out to be a night mare. As a bajan, I’m deeply hurt, therefore I am calling on the powers that be, never allow this to happen again if possible, security needs to be tightened.
    1.) Impose stiffer penalties on offenders who
    attack both locals and especially tourists
    2.) Start using the gallows again, why condem
    some-one to death and then refuse to execute
    the offender?
    3.) Continue to educate the general public to the
    benefits of tourism.
    4.) Even though the family of the victim is hurting
    right now, I belive that they would realise that
    this could have happened anywhere, however,
    the BTA should invite them back to Barbados
    at government’s expense and treat them like
    Royalties, in a way of saying SORRY and give
    them and others the confidence to return to
    On behalf of my family and I, again we offer to the grieving family, relatives and friends our deepest sympathy, we feel your pain especially since Canada and Toronto in particular, is the favorite country we vacation in while in North America

  9. joan

    I also send my deepest condolences to the family of Terry Schwarzfeld. Unfortunately whatever the police are doing in Barbados is too little and not soon enough. I have just returned from a two week vacation in Barbados where forty three of us went for a family wedding. Unfortunately the whole event was tarnished when a couple from our group were mugged at machete point on Saturday night on Accra beach. Fortunately they were physically unarmed but extremely traumatized. All of their belongings including the camera with the official photographs were taken.
    I have been visiting Bim regularly since 1976 and will continue to do so but I know there are some amongst our group who will never return again.
    What I cannot understand is that we could see blatant drug dealing taking place on this beach and people who were obviously squatting in a derelict property on the beach front throwing away hypodermic syringes. It is so obvious why are the authorities not seeing it? I despair.

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  11. PiedPiper

    Joan: You have just highlighted exactly what is wrong with Barbados and why it’s tourism industry is going to take a huge blow. Accra is probably one of the busiest beaches in Barbados, meaning hotel owners, restuarant owners, police and everyday Bajans know of the drug activity, illegal shacks and paros who are making it dangerous and unsavoury for tourists yet nothing is done, NOTHING. Joan, they will wait until someone is killed on Accra Beach like Terry Schwartzfeld over at Long Beach and then a couple of fat Bajan Ministers will hold a photo op on Accra Beach mouthing a few cliches and platitudes bout “how dey gine fix dis problem”. It is sickening and pathetic and as the Bajans say “Barbados jus ein ready!”

  12. BadBob

    I’m thinking that trolling the beaches, armed with a .38 calibre pistol, could significantly reduce the incentive to attack tourists AND RESIDENTS who are out for a stroll. Time to institute Rule .38 of the Penal Code? Perhaps a little “Vigilante” justice will put the fear of the Lord in our thugs.

  13. crossroads

    my condolences to the family

  14. Sadness is in my heart and for the family.

    We were there wbout two weeks ago and felt uncomfortable on the island so we went back
    to the area where the ships docked and then went back to our ship.

    Again, my heart goes out to the family for this
    uncalled tradegy.


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  16. Anonymous

    My heart felt condolences go out to the family of the bereaved.

    Its time that we give the police the necessary resources to deal with crime, whether it be in the for of human resources equipment training etc.

    Something needs to be done urgently to address the declining morale of the force maybe then they can be settled and get on with the business of policing this nation.

    Mr Commissioner what happened to the results of the promotion exams sat by the Sargaents over a year ago? does it take that long to correct exam papers?

  17. Lynne

    Yes, Joan. I was robbed on Accra Beach. When the police came, they told me I should go to Miami Beach as it is safer. can you imagine that? Instead of going to that hangout beside the Accra hotel and cleaning out the drug dealers, they condone it!

  18. yatinkiteasy

    This is a bad day for Barbados. My sincere sympathy for Terry`s Family.
    I just cant believe the report on Accra Beach. I mean, Long Beach is sort of solated, but Accra? Why does our police force do nothing? Why? because they dont care, the politicians dont care.Everything in Barbados has to reach Crisis proportions before anything is DONE…Like the filthy , rotten Fish Market, featured in the press for the past few days. Oistens Fish market is as bad , if not worse. I think the people in charge should be fired and replaced with people who will DO something, and not just talk about doing something.

  19. peltdownman

    No money in it, and no votes in it. Sorry.
    Next problem, please?

  20. Tribute to Terry Schwarzfeld
    A Tourist to our Country

    Traumatized by the attack, Bajans weep
    Enraged while awake and restless at sleep
    Regretting that any Bajan could be so brutal
    Remorseful by the loss of someone so charitable
    Years were just 60 when her life was bludgeoned away
    She was taking a walk with her daughter-in-law on that day
    Cold-hearted thief attacked her while on the beach
    Hunk of wood was the closest thing in his reach
    Women’s Rights were her devotion and now cruelly
    A Bajan criminal took hers and her dedication to philanthropy
    Robbed her of her future deeds and the world of her good
    Zapped away this valuable life just because he could
    For years she was active in the Israeli Women’s Rights fight
    Elected recently as President of the Hadassah-WIZO website
    Lots of people benefitted and were to, from her life of charity
    Dear world we civilized Bajans abhor her demise and offer our deepest sympathy

  21. reality check


    you can bet the local rags will not touch this story and the politicians won’t pay a moments notice to Barbados while it is burning. They are too busy chowing down at the trough with their expense accounts and boondoggles.

    The promise of transparency and accountability died with their election.

    Its really quite sad.

  22. SueW

    That was very moving.
    Thank you

  23. maco


  24. sienna

    Maco THEY WERE NOT WALKING AT NIGHT it was the afternoon AT 4pm!!!!Which I do with my friends quite often. This is why mopst peopls come to Barbados on holiday is to spend time at the beach and RELAX!!

    I think this a terrible tragedy. This person who committed this horrific crime will have to live with what he did for the rest of his life.

    My deepest sympathy go out to Terry’s family and friends; their image of Barbados will be forever tarnished.

  25. Jeppa


    I have no idea why you are shouting, but I do hope, that you hope, the murderer is “hanged” which is completely different to what you are hoping.


  26. 2009

    A very unfortunate incident to have occurred in our country at this time……especially at a time when there is a fall – off in the global tourism industry.

    Our security personnel would have to be given the necessary equipment & staff resources to offer greater protection to our citizens and tourists.

    My condolences to the family and friends to the late, Terry Schwarzfeld .

  27. crossroads

    Aruba, St Lucia, Antigua and now Barbados. “Its a small world after all”

  28. rachel

    I Hope they catch the
    perpetrator of this crime.

    The sad thing about it,
    is the person who committed
    this heinous act could’ve
    attacked & hurt anyone
    who was on that beach
    that day !

    It just happens that He
    attacked a very Prominent
    Canadian Tourist this time,
    and She has since died.
    My Condolences to the Grieved Family.

    There really needs to be increased
    Safety & preventative
    security measures
    taken all around for Everyone in
    Barbados, against such acts!

  29. Investigator


  30. kiara

    the person who did thic could have been
    a native from Barbados but if He was not?
    The truth is If He
    was an illegal vagrant in Barbados,
    or part of a working gang or team that
    preys on tourist He could
    be far away on another island by now
    and the case will probably never be solved.

    I say this because Barbados
    let so many people in
    to stay unchecked & unregulated
    by our government.
    Some businesses even hire
    them illegally.

    You can walk in some areas in Bim
    and know very well that most of the
    People there – are not Barbadians
    or even here legally and They will try to
    rob or accost you to solicit
    sex acts for money or panhandle for
    drugs or alcohol !

  31. bajangal

    You are ABSOLUTELY correct.

  32. bajangal

    The reason: suppress the truth at any cost for the “almighty” dollar.

  33. bajangal

    Why would you in all conscience want to return? Are you not aware of many other beautiful island destinations where such crimes are not perpetrated?

  34. bajangal

    Don’t go back and tell others about your experience.

  35. bajangal

    So if she were not prominent would that make it any better? In the minds of some — yes. Why? Because the world would not become aware about the truth of Barbados.

  36. bajangal

    Deepest condolences to the family. Visitors to Barbados be advised: All that glitters is not gold.

  37. PiedPiper

    Kiara, I would not be at all surprised if you are right, except for one thing, the fella was more than likely living on Long Beach or the streets and has no money so it would be difficult, I think, for him to pay for airfare to you know where. The rise in crime in Barbados does seem to be tied with the number of illegals in Barbados who came from a country known for it’s violence.

  38. A-Fish

    I extend my deepest apologies to Terry Schwarzfeld’s family for the loss she didn’t deserve.

    Bajans and Canadians will not forgive the man who’d did this terrible action. This is a pure disgrace. He needs to be captured and put him away from our sights.

  39. My Sympathies

    Question Lynne, is the hang out you speak off not the Taxi stand?

  40. rachel

    Kara, I’ve seen the
    change taking place on this
    island in the types of crimes that’s now committed
    almost daily.
    In the old days, Some eyewitness or someone who knew of or heard the of the local criminal who may have committed the crime would come forward with information
    to give the authorities after such a horrible crime.
    Those day are gone!

    I hope the Police are checking out all possible leads
    & angles! The perpetrator may still may be on our
    island or in hiding due to lack of airfare,
    or People in certain communities could
    have pooled resources together
    to hide him or to help him to flee or escape.

    Expect more crimes & murders from transients with the CARICOM hassle-free travel
    passports. What type of security is in place to monitor such visitors & prevent things like this from happening again?

    Regular People have often complained on this site
    of the new type of crime threats occurring in Barbados,
    the new crime patterns and the harassment
    coming from some of the illegals but
    sometimes? but their concerns
    are not taken as Serious… until a prominent Tourist dies!

  41. Wright B. Astard

    Do not disregard the fact that our own home grown criminals are quite capable of such violent and dastardly acts.We as bajans learn quickly.

  42. Doug

    One thing that I’ve seen over the years living in Barbados is that the life of a visitor (presumably white)seems to weigh in more heavily than a local-this also seems to be a global trend as they are purported to bring in dollars. I live in the UK and the most of the tourists that come here are not big spenders but on travel on small carriers, staying in small hotels-def not affluent.
    Local murders/robberies happen all the timeand do they get this much press?
    I am dismayed by any wanton loss of life, what is the ratio of crime against tourists here as opposed to others places? People are robbed/murdered in the UK/US, yet people go there religiously-do we seriously believe that we will have zero figures of crime?
    Will somebody please print some stats so we can all get a decent overview of the global state of the problem-I still think B’dos has a rep to be proud of-how can ONE death destroy it?
    In closing-to “Janet”, who came on a boat & felt ‘uncomfortable’, did it have any thing to do with the large Afro-Carib presence here? I live in the larger world and most Caucasians are nervous when they feel ‘outnumbered’ in situations like that, whether it be the southern US or urban UK. Thank God there are many who will not Bim on one crime.

  43. It is regrettable that such a monstrous killing should take place on our shores. The lost of life is invaluable and should never have been possible under these circumstances. I offer my deepest sympathies to Terry Schwarzfeld’s family and friends. Terry’s life was devoted to helping and giving others and now posthumously, she gives the people of Barbados a call to better secure the beaches, to make movement on the beaches safer.

    The Long Beach Walk

    The people of Barbados wishes to express
    How horrified they are by this callous thoughtlessness
    Empathize with friends and family for this tragic lost
    Lawless theft for expendables have dealt immeasurable cost
    Our people are known for love of community
    Neighborliness and unmatched hospitality
    General respect for the law pertaining to tourists
    Bajans have always welcomed visitors with warm friendliness
    Every stone will be turned until the assailant is found
    And the police guarantees they’ll work like the relentless hound
    Combing every lead for this villainous murderer
    He destroyed a family, our country and her recipients all over
    We’ve taken great measure to deter and restrain
    And to prevent such a dastardly feat from happening again
    Long beach walks should be encourage for their tranquility
    Keener vigilance will ensure our peoples’ and visitors’ safety

    Another Acrostic Poem from The Bajan Poetry Society

  44. Lynne

    Here’s a letter I wrote to Mr. sealy.
    Dear Mr.Sealy,

    I went online to the Barbados newspapers this morning to see what was being said about Ms. Scwartzfeld’s death. There was nothing. However, there was an article about your new suggestion to advertise Barbados as a destination for Wellness and health vacations. I do not think you realize how insensitive this is. A woman has been murdered WALKING, a form of exercise, in Barbados. I am going to give you an illustration of how much this murder has affected an image of Barbados , using myself as an example. I hope you will read this. I have written to you before and received no response.

    In the late 80s, my husband and I bought a week of timeshare at Long Beach Club. On our first visit, we fell in love with the beauty of Barbados and the friendliness of the people. By the time we retired, we had 5 weeks at Long Beach Club. I walked everywhere, most often by myself; from Long Beach to Miami Beach, along the coast or in the neighborhoods. I never felt threatened. With friends, we used to go on island explorations by car to find the most remote, but prettiest, spots from Archers Bay to Pico Tenerife, Harrismith Beach to Little Bay.
    Four years ago, we decided to add onto our time in Barbados. After our 5 weeks at Long Beach, we spent two more weeks at Freshwater Bay, our first contact up close with the criminal side of Barbados. A guy exposed himself to me while I was walking the beach, There were drug raids. Awoman in Brighton was held up at gun point to give over her jewelry. We had to use cabs rather than walk. However, we were not ready to give up on Barbados, just the west coast.
    In the meantime, Long Beach was destroyed so we went to Rockley in 2008. We were robbed on Rockley Beach. We had seen the drug activity next to the Accra but were told that if we didn’t bother them, they wouldn’t bother us. As a matter of fact, when we reported the robbery to the police, they told us to go to Miami Beach as it was safer. There were a lot of other problems in Barbados in January 2008, including the holdups of the Safari busses and the holdup of a couple driving on the east coast.

    Nevertheless, we decided to return to Barbados but return to our former “safe” neighborhood.
    We stayed for 5 weeks in 2009 at Ocean Bliss. I walked everywhere alone from Chancery Lane cul de sac to Miami Beach, along the coast and through the neighborhoods. I must say that I had no encounters. Another woman at Ocean Bliss spent the days alone sitting on Long Beach while her husband kite-boarded. Yes, we saw evidence of crime. Our friend returned from Weiser’s with the back of her rental car smashed in during lunch. A friend told me about friends on a cruise ship who walked to the beach and were attacked by a guy with a machete! He slashed her husband’s arm. He was able to throw his beach towel over the guy’s head which gave them time to escape.

    Then we return home and learned about the assault on Long Beach. Can you imagine how I felt? That could have been me a week before! And then to find out that the woman died is really scary.
    Outside of one photo-op on Long Beach, we have heard no measures taken to make Barbados safe again. Eyes seem to be closed to the drug situation.

    Several years ago, when my sister and I were walking on Long Beach, she said she hoped I realized how lucky I was to be able to go where I wanted to. When she went to Jamaica, she had to stay confined to the resort.I told her that when I had to stay cooped up in a resort, i would no longer want to go Barbados. Has that point been reached? One in your bureau said that tourists should stay in their resorts. If I cannot feel free to see the island, I can go to a lot closer and less expensive places than Barbados.My husband and I will not return next January and may never again return. I feel sad. I will go back through my photos and make an album of the beautiful island and the places I will never again be able to visit unless I want to hire an armed guard.
    I ask you to understand that my feelings are probably shared by a lot of your visitors. Safety is a necessity for tourism, not a luxury.


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  46. Hants

    Tourism Minister Richard Sealy has expressed sadness at the passing of a Canadian visitor who succumbed this week to injuries suffered in a Barbados assault last month.

    Speaking in parliament, Sealy noted that the funeral service for 60-year-old Terry Schwarzfeld was being held in Ottawa on Friday, with representatives of the Barbados government in attendance.

    Schwarzfield, who is a prominent member of Ottawa’s Jewish community, suffered head injuries in a brutal assault at Long Beach, in the southern parish of Christ Church, on Saturday February 28.

    The visitor, who was travelling with her daughter-in-law Luana Cotsman, who also suffered through the ordeal, did not regain consciousness after the attack and died at the Ottawa Hospital Civic Campus, Canada.

    “We offer our sympathies to that family for that most unfortunate incident,” Sealy said.

    Tourism officials have been seeking to combat negative publicity from the incident and have announced stepped up beach patrols as part of enhanced security arrangements for visitors.

    In the meantime, Barbados police say they are currently interviewing a number of suspects in relation to the case.

  47. bajangal

    You will never hear from him Lynne. That is Barbados. They have woven a web of lies that is now unravelling. It’s called sowing and reaping. It is most unfortunate that a woman had to lose her life to bring this to international attention.

  48. bajangal

    In all the debate that has been taken place since I have been writing on this blog and your sister blog and under different handles too. I have been maligned, abused and ridiculed and any other negative term you can conjure up to describe when people refuse to hear what you are saying because it does not suit their perspective or prospective i.e. it won’t pay them to listen.

    I have said and I will say it again: as long as Barbados continues to entertain under the farcical guise of a debate which portrays “blacks” as hapless victims and “whites” as cruel “massas” (300 years after the fact) we are sowing the seeds of a social collapse that we alone will suffer from.

    It will generate these types of crimes. Can we afford to continue to engender racial hatred under any name in a country that relies on tourism whether the customers are white, black, blue or green? This is pissing in the pot that you have to drink from.

    We cannot go forward promoting hatred. If we are seeking justice then must be justice for everyone. All this nonsense postulated as academia and factual history does little to promote social justice and is fuelling these anti-white sentiments.

    Drugs prevalent in Jamaica….. social unrest; political turmoil; tourism isolated to enclaves. Guyana ……… drugs present ………social unrest…….foreigners isolated to enclaves; foreign investment negligible. How does Barbados expect to continue hypocritically dealing with situations while they are not confronting the root level issues and believe that they are going to get away with it. There are more drugs being sold on the street and in schools in the last 10 years but yet you continue to deceive yourselves that drugs are under control.

    You all better wake and smell the proverbial coffee………… open your eyes and make some REAL change.

  49. Anonymous

    So sorry this happened. I hope they catch this idiotic, stupid, crazy, mad-ass, selfish, insignificant, dirty rotten scoundrel, slime ball, scumb bag. I wonder if it is the grease-man that was terrorizing Christ Church last year and the year before who supposedly was let out of jail – to wreack more havoc. He is evil!!!! I understand some people know who he is and where he washes cars. (This is just hear-say but should be looked into). I hope Terry Schwarzfeld rests in peace in a real paradise now with no thugs and crime.

  50. Michelle

    If something is not done about crime in this country the consequences will be dire for the entire population.

    Fighting crime means saving our country

    Thugs you will not rule – Informers must live

  51. Sundowner

    A group of people met at this beach yesterday ( I think) morning, before sunrise for meditation . They were stopped by Police and searched, apparently there were several Police vehicles there, (received a tip off maybe) when all the meditating people arrived, the Police then left except for one car. A of mine found a bunch of car keys on the ground , as they couldn’t find the owners amongst their group, they took them to the remaining Police vehicle, just as well, as they belonged to them.
    My friends said at no time did the Police go onto the beach. Surely if they want to catch this man, and assume he’s still around this area, why aren’t one of them (a woman officer) dressed as a tourist and walking the area? (with close back up of course)

  52. Sundowner

    sorry…..That should read ‘a friend of mine’ found a bunch etc

  53. Eve

    My condolences to Terry’s family and friends. A tragic loss of a dynamic and compassionate woman.
    My family and I have visited Barbados 6 times over the past decade and have told everyone it is our favorite island. We are not wealthy and save for our only week-long vacation.
    Unfortunately, we will not be back. Our last visit in 2008 left us uneasy and fearful of travelling around the island. We were accosted on Almond Beach, harrassed on the busses (someone wanted my son’s Obama t-shirt right off of his back!!!) and were followed in Bathsheba. – we are saddened to lose our special island. We have made many friends on Bim and hear first-hand about many incidences that are not reported in the press.
    Yes, this is 2009 and news travels fast – the image of Barbados is very negative through the US and Canada. How can people sit by and let this happen? I have to ask, what really is “The Best of Barbados”???????

  54. Hants

    “But some places we have gone during the day we wouldn’t go to at night, just like at home where there are some places we go where we keep the windows up and the doors locked,”

    “Some people have asked me why we don’t go someplace else but I tell them that when I die and hopefully go to heaven, would I tell God ‘nice place, but do you have anything better?'”

    “Barbados is our paradise,” said Park-Nielsen.

    Barbados is my paradise also…next week god spare life.

  55. Sir Bentwood Dick

    They searched a ‘group’, obviously not the ‘single perpetrator’ that is being sought.

    Hence, sounds as if they were more concerned that your group may have been vigilantes (hence the search) and preventing such, rather than being concerned to search the beach themselves for the perpretrator.

    Quite telling really.

    They may have expected a group to be chasing down and beating some individual and hastened to prevent such vigilante justice.

    Funny that their response to householders in distress is not near as good.

  56. Sir Bentwood Dick

    Drugs are prevalent here too. AND everyone knows who two of the biggest drug ‘fronters’ here are (ya know in St.Philip?) but yet they are walking free?

    How come?

    I say fronters because these thugs have to be working for the kingpins, who else could be protecting them so?

    Kingpins, supposed pillars of the community, perpetrating illness on society for their selfish gains.

    ‘Snakes in the grass, dirty and sliiimmmyy’, as the calypso goes.

  57. rachel

    How can we stop the Thugs
    when the Government turns
    a blind eye to things like this?

    “Guyanese who stabbed his wife 21 times, sentenced to seven years in jail”

    The Guyanese, who was working here illegally and who was staying at Apartment 9, Stadium Road, Bush Hall, St Michael, admitted unlawfully killing his wife Roseanna on October 13, 2007.

    a Question – Why was He in this country,
    illegally & committing crimes
    bringing “our” Murder & crime rate up?

    Do We know that crime committed
    against Mrs. Schwarzfeld was
    actually committed by a Barbadian?

    Our crime rate is far enough!

    Do We have to accept everyone
    else’s mentally ill, gangs & drug
    possies, deranged husbands bent on revenge, vagrants and illegal undocumented
    potential criminals too? Then they
    clog up our jails at the Barbadian taxpayers expense.

    It’s not fair!!!!!!

    if the article is correct?
    This is one less crime Guyana had to
    add to their own tally, imprison
    and pay for because This criminal-minded
    Man had to gall to commit his crime
    Barbados !

  58. rachel

    Barbados lost paradise –
    here’s the shape of things to come!
    from criminal-minded illegals.

    a december 2008 study found that
    Nearly HALF the sex workers in Barbados are Guyanese – “Almost fifty per cent of sex workers in Barbados are Guyanese”, according to a recently released study in that county.

    The Barbados Nation reported that the study, ‘Findings of a Baseline Study Among Male and Female Sex Workers in Barbados’, revealed that 46% of the sex workers in that country are from Guyana with just a mere 20% of them coming from Barbados, 13% from Trinidad and Tobago and five per cent from Jamaica.

    Guyana crime boss faces 15 years in prison in New York plea deal!
    A South American businessman said to have led a violent paramilitary organization in Guyana is likely to spend the next 15 years in a U.S. prison.

    Shaheed (Roger) Khan pleaded guilty Monday to cocaine trafficking, weapons charges and witness tampering as part of a deal with federal prosecutors in Brooklyn.

    “Federal authorities said Khan imported large amounts of cocaine into the country while leading an armed group that has been accused in as many as 200 killings in Guyana.” He was arrested in Suriname and deported to the United States in 2006 to face drug charges.

    Guyana’s president distances government from admitted drug trafficker- In the wake of the recent plea bargain by Guyanese drug trafficker Shaheed ‘Roger’ Khan in the United States, President Bharrat Jagdeo has dismissed a presumption that his government is in some way linked to the activities of the self-confessed felon.

    Jagdeo’s comments came in the wake of statements made by Khan that he had used his personal resources to help the Guyana government in its fight against criminal activities perpetrated by a gang of gunmen following a 2002 jailbreak.–13-13–.html

  59. The Truth

    Now is not the time for the Nation to be engaged in an exercise of trying to whitewash Barbados. The least they could have done was to show some respect for the dead.

  60. Sundowner

    Sir Bentwood Dick
    I don’t think this group could in any way be considered vigilantes, it was a Buddhist meditation group! all ages, colours etc. The first couple they searched, were elderly, one very lame,the rest as they arrived, I don’t know I wasn’t there………but getting out and being on the beach, bush etc would help not just sitting in their cars! (except of course for the ones that lost they’re keys they obviously ventured out of the vehicle!!)

    We’re getting so much negative press because of this incident (murder) we need this dealt with very quickly. I’m sorry that Eve and her family had problems on their last visit, I hope they reported the incidents to the Police. I wander beaches without any problems, but I’m careful here as I would be anywhere else, I wouldn’t walk a ‘lonely’ beach in the UK/Med’ anymore than here, and don’t tell me things don’t happen there, they do!

  61. Hants

    If Bajans were not foo ping the Guyanese sex workers they would not come to Barbados.
    Take responsibility for your actions.

    If Bajans were not renting rooms to Guyanese and putting 5 of them in a 2 bedroom house they would not come to Barbados.

    Anyway be nice to Guyanese because when the recession gets really bad you may have to beg them to sell you rice and vegetables.

  62. Anonymous

    Rachel and several others have exposed what is certainly part of the problem with the increase in crime in Barbados. If the government does not do something about deporting all illegal immigrants from Barbados, this situation will only get worse. Bajans are, by their nature and upbringing, believers in law and order and civilized behavior. This all started to change in the mid to late 90’s when some Bajan men developed their obsession with Guyanese women and many of them brought these women up to Barbados from Georgetown. Many others made their own way on Liat and various other regional airlines and paid for the tickets through “services rendered”. I know of one pilot who landed once a week at GAIA with a half dozen of these women and not one paide for a ticket. As these women established themselves with Bajan men, they then started calling for their “brothers, fathers, cousins, etc.” who in many cases turned out to be their boyfriends or lawful, legal husbands. Many of these “relatives” were not upstanding citizens back home in Guyana and in fact were running from the law.
    Barbados is in great danger of descending down into the gutter along with these gutterrats who have no respect for the law or the traditional way of life and mentality of Bajans. These gutterrats will tarnish and destroy the international profile that Barbados has of a safe and peace loving nation.

  63. PiedPiper

    That is not a “pitbull” but an English Bull Terrier, which is an entirely different breed of dog.

  64. Hants

    Dobermann or German Sheppard would work too.

  65. Hants

    Nationnews Lays off 23 people.

    Newbie BC Pires still working.

    Dah boy musse really good.

  66. Anonymouss

    8 am news this morning – Police have a man in custody.

  67. Wondering

    Yes, but do police have a man in custody because they have been made to look shameful over this whole incident, or have they really done their due diligence and given the Schwartzfeld family what they deserve – which is more than a photo op (did you like the female officer in a skirt – she’d be effective on a beach!) and an offer of a big reward?

    At any Bajan gathering stories abound of muggings, hold-ups and rampant drug use and yet the police seem unable to “see” what the rest of the population (white, black, tourist, local or ex-pat) does. And, of course, none of these incidences are ever reported in the mainstream press.

    Do we seriously think that people only get information from the newspapers? Unless proper patrols are put into place and the necessary resources and training provided to law enforcement, our tourism industry will be devastated and God knows, we certainly don’t have sugar to rely on any more especially with the amount of fires being perpetrated this season!

  68. 2009

    March 23, 2009 at 1:18 pm
    8 am news this morning – Police have a man in custody.


    Hmmmm …what took them so long to find Owen Arthur ??

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