Mottley Family’s Miami Mansions – Were Real Estate Profits Declared In Barbados? How Did A Million U.S. Dollars Get To Florida?


Barbados Money Laundering Advisory Uses Freedom Of Information To Investigate USA Real Estate Holdings Of Mottley Family

It looks to us like Opposition Leader Mia Mottley’s parents have made hundreds of thousands of American dollars profits in the Miami and Florida real estate market over the years.

Good for them!

mia-mottley-floridaBarbados Money Laundering Advisory has been doing some digging under the freedom of information in the United States. We wonder what else and who else they have come up with.

Did BLP Members Declare Florida Real Estate Profits?

Where Did The Million US Dollars Come From?

All we want to know is… were the Miami real estate profits properly declared by the BLP bigwigs over the years? One would hope so because the online Florida real estate and corporation records go back 30 years and ANYONE can search for any name for free!

And how did that million dollars get to Florida in the first place? Hmmmmmm…. I wonder if it passed through some offshore bank account?

Hmmmmmm…. this could prove to be an interesting hobby for Bajans: typing in names into the Florida real estate databases.

Visit Barbados Money Laundering Advisory for the whole story and then let’s all have some fun with databases!


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32 responses to “Mottley Family’s Miami Mansions – Were Real Estate Profits Declared In Barbados? How Did A Million U.S. Dollars Get To Florida?

  1. J

    I read the BMLA story (a full o’ holes story) and I don’t see anything about profits.

    What profits?

  2. interesting but no cigar

    There are a number of Barbadians with real estate in Florida.

    That is interesting information but by itself does not really say much other than ask more questions such as where and how the money was acquired, whether there are any mortgages or paid by cash where residence of the owners actually is and did the transfer of money violate laws in other jurisdictions?

    Until there is further information, this is just another Barbadian who legally owns property in Florida.

  3. Big Cigar

    Any time a Barbadian political bigwig has a million US in offshore real estate that is very interesting to me! Saying “You have no proof” only underlines the lack of oversight that has allowed some very special people to accumulate big money outside of Barbados.

    Where did the money come from? Where does it go through to pay the mortgage (if any). How much profit did the Mottley family make in florida real estate? Were taxes properly paid? Does Mia Mottley have any money in this real estate? Are her parents “looking after” the home for their daughter?

    All excellent questions that deserve a public answer when a public figure is involved.

  4. kiki

    a formal complaint made
    through the formal channels
    should get a formal response
    returned back (by law)

  5. What is the big deal if her parents are using their money wisely to become richer, its not like they are the only bajans or people doing the same thing!

  6. Hants

    Elliot Mottley was a Lawyer who specialised in criminal cases in Barbados.

    He would have made millions from his practice like the other “Johnny Cochrans” in Barbados.

    A million dollar cottage in Florida is easily affordable for the top Bajan Lawyers.

    Can BFP do some investigative reporting and tell us how much money the Central Bank of Barbados allows a Bajan citizen to transfer to another country?

  7. Big Cigar

    It is no big deal if everything done legally. If not, it is a big deal becaujse the parents are BLP bigshots too and daughter was the Attorney General and Deputy Prime Minister when mansion was bought and money came to Florida !

  8. Anonymous

    I posted this on BMLA and I’ll repost it here, because my opinion of this article is the same as the one on BMLA.

    “So what?

    The man is one of the most successful trial lawyers in the Caribbean. When Mick Jagger’s wife Jerry Hall was arrested in Barbados he is the one who (successfully) conducted her trial defence.

    He owned a multi million dollar house in Sandy Lane (about the most expensive real estate on the island), the fact that he has a second home in Florida is indicative of nothing.

    Elliot Mottley had money long before his daughter went into politics, in fact he had money long before she went into school.

    Further I find the defence “I am not implying that anyone mentioned in this post has acted incorrectly” to be laughable at best. You connect the fact that the man has a second home in Florida with the irrelevant fact that he has lived in “Jurisdictions of primary concern” . This article is nothing but a poorly done smear job by someone who has to hide behind the anonymity of blogs because if you published this in the paper you would have to back your words up in court with facts. Facts that you simply do not have.”

  9. BFP

    Did Mia Mottley or anyone from Barbados ever award a government contract for legal services or other services or products to her father? Until we have integrity, transparency and accountability legislation, citizens will naturally ask questions. Those questions took down the BLP Arthur/Mottley government and may take down the Thompson government.

  10. Hants

    The price for success in Barbados CAN BE character anhialation.

    Stay poor like me and avoid the “limelight”.

  11. Juris

    BFP, do you think that a lawyer of Elliot’s long service (called since 1963) and renown (Queen’s Counsel, AG, judge, justice of Appeal), was waiting until his daughter became AG to make money? You and BMLA have chosen your targets poorly this time!

  12. BFP

    Yes, another Barbadian former politician, still in public service – who has a million dollars in an offshore vacation home – who has never had to account for any assets achieved while in public service and who still serves with no rules, oversight, standards or accountability to the public. Yes, very much just another member of the political elites.

  13. Anon

    All the Mottleys are crooks, go no further back than Ernest D. Mottley.

    He used most of the Vestry money for his own purposes. How do you he was able to own that lavish house in Eagle Hall where R. L. Seale & Co. is now located? On a Mayor’s salary? Give me a break. At the time of Elliot’s father being Mayor of Bridgetown there was, just like today, little oversight of public funds.

    As Mayor of Bridgetown he was supposed to helping the poor, yet he spent most of his waking time living with every woman who came to his office for any kind of help.

    So with that kind of corrupt father the children can not be any better.

  14. Sad To Say

    I have nothing personal against any Mottley. With that statement out of the way I will ask how many of you are aware of the primary reason why Elliot Mottley was never knighted. He owed the IRS more than a million $s in taxes. Elliot made lots of money but his lavish lifestyle consumed most of it. He lost over 500K in Benetton. He was also very lucky in selling his Sandy Lane home for 8 million to an Irish billionaire and further more CIBC (with the help of his friend and the then CIBC attorney) wrote off over 650K of his bank debts. So don’t be fooled, many of those walking around who give the impression that they are rolling around in money are not, actually many of them are up to their neck in debt.

  15. yatinkiteasy

    Sorry about Benetton though, I used to enjoy buying their clothes duty free, as it was simply added to tourist purchases. Then again, thats what closed them down I believe.
    They were crooks,(and so was I for buying).

  16. The Scout

    While this post make good poproganda reading, let me ask one question, was Elliot Mottley not the Attorney General in the Bahamas or Bermuda or one of those countries?

  17. Hants

    You could go to Zephirin’s bakery and speak to the owner.

  18. Hants

    Enough of the Mottley gossip/discussion.

    Who’s next BFP?

  19. BFP

    Any politician who has never had conflict of interest rules, oversight or had to be accountable in any way for increases in net worth that occurred while holding public office: in short, all of them.

    Now if Thompson hadn’t lied about implementing ITAL, none of this would be necessary.

  20. Royalrumble

    OK I see the mansion now show the tittle deeds to the land the Parris and Thompson bought for $925,000.00 cash.

    You it or I will.

  21. BFP

    Please Royal Rumble, your credibility is zero… but send us the docs and we’ll gladly publish them. Or publish them yourself for free at and we’ll publish them too. We don’t believe a word you say anymore.

  22. Sad To Say

    I am still holding my breath

  23. Tony Hall

    I don’t support Mia Mottley’s politics nor do I like her personally but this is becoming scandalous. What is so wrong with the Mottleys having property in Florida? Someone asked about the transfer of money from Barbados. Many persons have overseas bank accounts. I have bank accounts in Barbados. If I purchased a property in Barbados and instructed the bank to remove funds from my account each month to pay the mortgage is there something sinister about that? Why can’t the senario be reversed in the case of the Mottleys? People just seek to destroy.

  24. BFP

    You’re right, Tony!

    It is bloody scandalous that…

    1/ Mia Mottley and her father are elected & appointed public officials respectively.
    2/ Barbados has no conflict of interest rules.
    3/ There is no oversight and no accountability for elected and appointed officials in Barbados.
    4/ For decades we have seen politicians become millionaires sometimes overnight and use the libel laws against we the citizens to prevent us from asking a damned thing about where the money came from.

    We don’t take that anymore. We don’t have to. So until the politicians change the law we will do everything we can to keep their corrupt activities on the front burner of public opinion. Mottley and her corrupt government had a decade and a half to implement integrity laws but chose not to. So if we want to point out the fact that the Mottley family has millions offshore WE WILL DO SO.

  25. Basanti

    Tony, what it is is that BFP thinks black people should not have that sort of wealth. They never accuse Sir John Stanley Goddard or any other whites in Barbados of ill doing for their mega riches. They think riches are the birthright of whites but anytime a black man has, he’s a criminal.

  26. Don't Hide

    Basanti, don’t insult Barbadians by bringing a race crutch into your argument. You saying that the only way we blacks have of becoming wealthy is to steal from the public purse? It is about laws and morality not about race>

  27. christchurchdude

    First things first. Barbados Money Laundering Advisory is a blog run by Kathy Knox daughter of Marjorie Knox of Kingsland Estate fame on this blog.
    The publication of real estate records juxtaposed with innuendo of wrong doing is so typical of BFP and Keltruth. It really is quite pathetic.
    As for Elliot Mottley being a BLP bigwig that’s another joke. The man resigned his City seat in 1975 or 1976 at the behest of Errol Barrow who appointed him as the Barbados Representative at the United Nations. He was promptly brought back home when the BLP won the election in September 1976.
    As others have said he has been a successful attorney since the early 1960s. Like most successful attorneys he has moved on to the bench. As a matter of fact, I suspect that were it not for the fact that his daughter was once AG and Deputy Prime Minister he might well have been called to the bench in Barbados. So this is our loss as a country.
    A man is forced to live and work outside of his own country because of political considerations and then scumbags come crawling out of the pond to impute something improper about him owning a house in Florida. Puhleeeze.
    But I can see this for exactly what it is – another attempt to smear Mia Mottley. Job badly done BFP et al.

  28. BFP

    And here we had heard that Elliot was present for the great closed-door session where his daughter Mia Mottley was anointed BLP leader after Owen Arthur resigned. Perhaps we are mistaken and Elliot was not present and vehemently insisting that Mia be declared leader? Please tell us if all the reports are wrong.

    We also thought that Elliot is still a judge operating without any conflict of interest laws. Please tell us if we are wrong.

    Also please inform us if, as a public official, Mr. Mottley has ever had tp publicly account for his assets at any time.


  29. J

    Dear BFP:

    You wrote “Perhaps we are mistaken and Elliot was not present and vehemently insisting that Mia be declared leader?”

    So is there something, illegal or immoral with a parent supporting a daughter (or son?)

    Don’t you support your daughters and sons?

  30. There are a lot of checks and balances in the mortgage system, to avoid any illegal transfers

  31. 174

    The real wealth has been created in the 90s and the new millenium via the “conduit ” companies that did significant business with government. These companies were owned by those close to those in the highest political offices. Ofcourse anyone and yes any attorneys given government work over the years have done very well. Some on the verge of bankrupcy quickly recover and create considerable wealth with a change of government. Lets not forget those in senior civil service positions being paid big sums to get certain “permissions”. Now while it is wrong to receive is it also wrong to pay? One thing is for sure. Those not prepared to pay have to wait many years to hopefully get exactly what those who pay large sums get in weeks. Barbados is an amazing place to live and work but make no mistake corruption is no secret and the system does not help.Good luck implementing IL