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Mottley Family’s Miami Mansions – Were Real Estate Profits Declared In Barbados? How Did A Million U.S. Dollars Get To Florida?


Barbados Money Laundering Advisory Uses Freedom Of Information To Investigate USA Real Estate Holdings Of Mottley Family

It looks to us like Opposition Leader Mia Mottley’s parents have made hundreds of thousands of American dollars profits in the Miami and Florida real estate market over the years.

Good for them!

mia-mottley-floridaBarbados Money Laundering Advisory has been doing some digging under the freedom of information in the United States. We wonder what else and who else they have come up with.

Did BLP Members Declare Florida Real Estate Profits?

Where Did The Million US Dollars Come From?

All we want to know is… were the Miami real estate profits properly declared by the BLP bigwigs over the years? One would hope so because the online Florida real estate and corporation records go back 30 years and ANYONE can search for any name for free!

And how did that million dollars get to Florida in the first place? Hmmmmmm…. I wonder if it passed through some offshore bank account?

Hmmmmmm…. this could prove to be an interesting hobby for Bajans: typing in names into the Florida real estate databases.

Visit Barbados Money Laundering Advisory for the whole story and then let’s all have some fun with databases!


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Barbados Tourism Authority Board Fired and Rehired – Except For Certain Persons (Including Adrian Loveridge) Who Were Invited To A New Government Tourism Marketing Company

THE CONTRACTS OF the 18-member board of directors of the Barbados Tourism Authority (BTA) have been revoked. The DAILY NATION understands however, that about nine or ten of them have been rehired almost immediately…

… Speaking on condition of anonymity, a director said that among those rehired were Ralph Taylor, Austin Husbands, Steve Alleyne, Denis Roach, Alvin Jemmott, representatives from the Barbados Workers Union, Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association, Barbados Association of Retailers, Vendors and Entrepreneurs and Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism, Andrew Cox.

The other members of the former board were Sunil Chatrani, Dr Jeannine Comma, David Jean-Marie, Adrian Loveridge, Eric Mapp, Roseanne Myers, Bernard Weatherhead, Shelly Williams, and Michael Yearwood…

… from the Nation article BTA Shake-Up

“Speaking during at the tourism media briefing Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, Sealy said the former directors had not been discarded as they had all received invitations to be part of the new tourism product development company. The existing BTA is to be eventually amalgamated into the new marketing company.”

… from the Barbados Advocate article Changes At BTA

Good For Adrian Loveridge!

The blogging community hasn’t heard all that much from hotel owner Adrian Loveridge since he was appointed to the BTA last year. Now that he has not been rehired at the BTA we expected that Adrian would go back to his full time job of running one of the best small hotels in the country – Peach and Quiet – which is usually at 100% occupancy no matter what.

But no, Adrian and the other former BTA Board Members have been invited to staff a new government sponsored tourism marketing company.

While not expecting any violations of confidence from Adrian, we hope that he will break the writing drought that struck when he became a member of the BTA and likely had to bite his tongue about many subjects. We’re not sure what the new position means for Adrian and the others, but we wish him and the others well as they work to maintain the single most important sector of our national economy.


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