Barbados Politicians Really ARE Turning Into Piggies At The Trough!


Environment Minister Lowe & Tourism Minister Sealy Discuss Where To Eat Lunch After Exhausting Long Beach Photo Op

It was supposed to be a photo-op on Long Beach to show the world that Barbados is responding to international concern over the severe beating of Canadian tourist Terry Schwarzfeld, but other messages were delivered too.

As to those security issues, well… we’ll see whether the soldiers and the police patrols are anywhere near the place in 90 days after the story dies down. Barbados politicians love to announce plans but have great difficulty following through with real actions, accomplishments or outcomes. Ha! We must have seen three of four stories in the past few months about how the night lights are “being installed” at Kensington Oval. Barbados Free Press even fell for it ourselves back in January of this year when we announced Lighting Erected At Kensington Oval – Barbados Now Ready For Cricket World Cup 2007. As it turns out there was another story in the news this week announcing that the lighting will soon be hooked up and then tested! Expect four more stories about the lights: actually hooked up, actually tested, getting ready for the first night – and the first night with all the lights working properly.

Yup… that is the way of Bajan politicians that if something is really being seen to be done they can get maybe five or six photo-ops out of a single story over a number of months – announcing success and virtual completion at each stage of the project until the thing becomes another disaster and is dropped by the politicians and the subservient Barbados news media. Pardon our cynicism, but we’ve seen so many projects announced in the news media and then a couple of years later it turns out to be another money-pit disaster with no accounting for millions of dollars.

Like we said, its the way of Bajan politicians and their families and friends who feed off government contracts with no rules, no accountability and no transparency.

And speaking of feeding off government contracts, what is it with the DLP politicians? Dennis Lowe has always been a bit of a tuna, but lately it you saw he and Mia Mottley silhouetted against the setting sun you’d be hard pressed to tell them apart. As for Tourism Minister Richard Sealy, the man was a fit and slim man only a year ago.

Auntie Moses saw the above photo in yesterday’s Barbados Advocate and proclaimed that she didn’t need to read any more of the story. The photo said it all.

Indeed, Auntie Moses. Indeed.


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31 responses to “Barbados Politicians Really ARE Turning Into Piggies At The Trough!

  1. kiki

    being so fat is a sign of wealth
    and if you’re rich you get the women

  2. Asiba-The Buffalo Soldier-'why should I wear a jacket and tie'

    I would say about the the picture: “Definitely Too Much FAT on de Road.”

    This picture was drawn to my attention because I wrote and recorded the the song “Too much Fat on de Road” and its sequel -“still 2 much FAT on the Road”

    Since that song, people come up to me for approval of their FAT status by asking me if they are fat, too fat or else. Some persons have told me that they started or restarted exercises because of the lyrics of the song.

    I was particularly moved emotionally when on one occasion, a lady offered me a lift in her car and started to talk to me about the song. She said that the words in the very first verse were directed at her and from the time she heard the song, she shout out ” wait that guy singing about me.” She said that by the time the song came to the third verse she went under her bed for a piece of exercise equipment that she had stored there and thereafter restarted her exercises.

    This lady said that by exercising and choosing what to eat she was able to lose weight. She was proud to show me that she was wearing a pants that could finally fit her with comfort and relative ease.

    There are other similar stories-true stories-real people-real FAT issues

    My contention is that the Radio stations should be playing this song everyday. If Plastic Bag , Gabby or somebody else had sung this song , it would be the BIGGEST THING in Barbados but I dont know whose arse I have to kiss to get some forwards.

    I am happy though, that the song sold very well and at least some persons were positively affected.
    I am sure if Richard Sealy was hearing this song on a regular basis , his belly would not have grown that BIG. Lets hope that he and his partners in politics can take heed and get Fit and not FAT

    Here are a couple lines from the song–quite appropriately written

    ‘well it must be the grease that they eating’
    ‘all the big pork chops and fried chicken’
    ‘used to be looking well ,
    ‘now they looking swell ‘
    ‘used to be looking trim ‘,
    now bellies full to the brim.
    ——Too much FAT on the Road

  3. Chicago

    “The photo said it all”

    Aunt Moses is 100% bang on correct. We live in a visual world and the photo says everything about this not so new anymore government.


    An enlarged belly is a sign of loss of youthful vigor. And where a belly measurement exceeds that of the hips … it’s a sign of an impending heart attack about to happen sometime soon.

    Take it or leave it.

  5. Report From Ground Zero

    You guys should lighten up. Taking cheap shots at peoples appearance does not belong in this discussion. Instead of giving credit for attempting to deal with this, you bring down the topic to a junior high school level.

    Being a resident of the Long Beach area, I’m thankful that there has been a response to this. Lets wait and see what happens before you go predicting that once the press dies down everything will be back to biz as usual. I think the seriousness of what has happened and the way it could affect the tourism bottom line has caused the government to take notice. I’ve already seen some changes in the area with that “well constructed shack” that used to sit on the north end of long beach now gone.

    Unfortunately, it usually takes a tragic event like this to change peoples way of doing things. It’s great that your on top of this story, but you should think hard about the way you handle it. There is too much at stake.


    You should have said “Unfortunately, it takes a tragic event to change peoples way of doing things.”

    There can be NO EXCUSE for a person to allow themselves to become unfit and out of shape. Especially if that person is a public figure.

    BDS medical doctors constantly remind the general public that we are a Nation that eats badly, have developed an unhealthy lifestyle. And we’re paying the price, individually and collectively.

    When – – so called – – ‘educated’ and ‘knowledgeable’ people deliberately flout the rules … what sort of message does this send?

  7. Kelly Berry

    oh my god, i DO believe she was talking about improved security at long beach etc. are you insane? did you not take comprehension in school?

  8. Report From Ground Zero

    @ Kelly Berry

    Exactly….except for the “she” part!

  9. Green Grass

    You were just a one-hit-wonder, of course the rest would get all the forward, they were singing for years and have lots of songs and contribute every year to the festival.

  10. WTF

    You guys have lost all credibility. Grow up BFP.

  11. Juris

    I trust that all of you at BFP are slim, good looking, fit, healthy individuals. Of course the Ministers look unfit, but did anyone tell you it is bad manners to draw attention to physical “defects”?

  12. Asiba-The Buffalo Soldier-'why should I wear a jacket and tie'

    You are un-informed or mis-informed. It is obvious that you are a-come -lately who does not know the history of our country or our music and this is the problem with the radio stations. The song ‘Too much FAT on de Road” sold many many copies but it was not my biggest or only hit—(you do the research)

    I am no one hit wonder and even if I were a one hit wonder, what does that have to do with the message in the song. This is why we are where we are as a people because everytime someone attempts to deal with any problem in Barbados, we get similar responses from persons such as YOU !

    Be it the government, the church or what have you, everytime an attempt is made to fix a problem, that attempt it is undermined by extraneous matter coming from some IGNORANT iniformed person(s).

  13. Asiba-The Buffalo Soldier-'why should I wear a jacket and tie'

    The situation has reached crisis proportion
    It needs to be drawn to the attention of the nation.
    It is a question of Lifestyle. The so-called physical defect is a sign of in-discipline-nothing else. I am calling for the installation of gyms in every home, school , workplace , church and everywhere else. Exercise equipment is duty-free

    The whole question of FAT and overeating has its historical moorings in what happened during slavery and post emancipation . The brainwashing that took place left us with the belief that FAT and portly was success in action. Check out what the slave masters and slave owners did with all the time they had on their hands.


    It is a liberating thing

  14. kiki

    the new spirituality should be about eating
    healthily, exercising regularly and relaxing

  15. Asiba-The Buffalo Soldier-'why should I wear a jacket and tie'

    There is TOO MUCH FAT ON DE ROAD. as sung by me -Asiba-The Buffalo Soldier

    The FAT is sinking down Barbados to way below sea-level.

    The situation needs arresting not caressing.

    In Japan in order to combat rising obesity as a result of western influenced diet, the Government has mandated that women’s waist should not exceed 26 ” and men not to exceed 33 ”

    A lot of FAT is based on ignorance, laziness and indiscipline.

    No excuses ! Stop eating so much crap, start to exercise more and check my video to the song TOO MUCH FAT ON DE ROAD on youtube.

    Asiba say so.
    Asiba is the commander in chief of MAF-which is MOVEMENT AGAINST FAT.


    I dont hate FAT people as some persons seem to think.

    As a matter of fact: I love FAT people
    I love to see FAT people
    I want to see FAT people
    I love to see FAT people
    I want to see FAT people………..

    in the gym …….exercising

  16. 10K Reward

    You guys wanted action. Well here it is. Hopefully this will loosen some lips.

  17. Asiba-The Buffalo Soldier-'why should I wear a jacket and tie'

    I agree with this statement 200%

    I have been aware of this for a long time and started the process myself. I want like to see others to do likewise-so that they can benefit–I love people and I love my country and most artistes I know do likewise -that is why we do things such as write songs and poems. For me it is not about being better than another artiste but about spreaading the message.

    I remember being interviewed several times about the song and my reponses reflected this reality.

    Kiki you are so not wrong !

  18. Sad To Say


  19. Asiba-The Buffalo Soldier-'why should I wear a jacket and tie'


  20. Kelly Berry

    Sorry. You don’t sound like a woman, you just spoke with the rationality of a woman.

    I really returned to say that I have come to the conclusion that Barbados Free Press is about ratings, scandal, sensationalism and that deep down they hate Barbados.

    They have not mentioned the reward, tourist crime statistics or recent developments in the case that the police have provided, even though this is what they claim to have demanded. So, anyone coming here will just see negative articles preaching outdated destructive rhetoric. Good job, BFP>


    BFP says,

    What makes you think anything would have been done without us banging the bell as we do? When the inquest for the Codringtons finally arrives, you can thank about seven people on this island and one professor in Canada.

  21. Jukecheckedeyskirt

    I nearly wet my self when I read this. BFP you are so darn funny but truthfully looking at these two politicians one has to really wonder what type of ‘sweets’ these two feeding on. I mean even the Prime Minister running fat. Maybe I could but forward a white paper on ‘decrease the feast and get some fat release.’ Hahahahaah oh gosh….BFP I hope I am not being mean but could u put a pig head and a tail on these two to emphasize the point more. OH Gosh if you do that ya gine got to call the ambulance for me….I yaughing hard already…hahahaahaha

  22. does the suit make the man

    This is so typically Barbadian. A politician in a suit means that he is doing something? Lowe lives in this area. Did someone show him how to get down to the Beach?

    In Europe and North America these two would have been seen jogging the Beach and would have produced an action plan to protect tourists and locals.

    Oh well, back to Champers for another meeting.

  23. reality check

    a reward how long after this lady was attacked?

  24. Hants

    @ does the suit make the man

    “In Europe and North America these two would have been seen jogging”


  25. Report From Ground Zero

    Yeah, I know what you mean. Maybe if women ran the world things would not be as screwed up.

    Anyway, I don’t feel that BFP hates Barbados. Although you can tell by the way the posts are written that there is a lot of anger with the way things are run down here – much of it rightly so. I don’t think it’s about ratings since all this is done in the shadows and there is no cash to be made. I just think it’s more about inexperienced journalism. BFP wants so badly to change things that sometimes they step over the line and post something like this. BFP could have posted a positive story about the reward and what people are doing in the community to help deal with this problem. Instead, all we got were some fat jokes and the same old negative whining about corruption. Yeah, we all know about all that. BFP should be asking the question what are you/we going to do about it?

  26. Long Beach was a fabulous NUDIST BEACH….

    The thing that upsets me about this whole affair… is that due to this one brutal incident… the beach is now RUINED.

    Soon we will have police and defense force marching up and down every beach in Barbados…. and beach nudity will be a thing of the past.

    The island is going from bad to worse with every passing year.

    Ooh for a return to the 70’s…. when people could bathe at the sea naked on most beaches…. and children played in the streets naked.

    and dont tell me “we have progressed” because the children are now dressing in designer clothes and carrying cellphones…. because in spite of all their material affluence and comfort…. their MORALS are at an all time low.

    The idea that public nudity is something to be despised and eradicated is just another piece of 21st century nonsense

  27. Kelly Berry

    You’re right. BFP is too often like ‘that person’ who sits and complains about everything, rather than being a proactive entity and say X is the case – let’s do Y to correct it. There’s no call to action, no ‘BFP commits to…’ or ‘what you can do to change this’.

    It kinda just leaves you wanting and in the end serves little purpose, you know? Anybody can point at brazen wrongdoing, not everyone will do something about it. With their claimed readership, if they drop frivolous stories and tabloid-esque reporting, people may take them seriously enough to heed their calls to action and they could actually be a vehicle of change.

  28. Chicago

    Can you build on sinking sand? Without the foundation of integrity legislation and conflict rules the DLP is following the same path as the BLP before it and the old DLP before that. BFP do not give up sounding the clarion call for integrity. The DLP were all for it until they got themselves elected!

  29. Kelly Berry

    So Mr. Mendes, is this seriously your contribution to the debate? Are you angry that you will now have to find another location to take pictures of naked under-age poor black boys to exploit/put on the internet? Has 2009 not changed your nasty, dirty ways?

    BFP, you can delete if you want. I am secure in the knowledge that telling truth is not libel and I expect not to be banned.

    What a SICK man he is.


    To Kelly Berry … what does the price of sugar have to do with going to the moon?

    A given point is either factual, or it’s not.

  31. The former Administration of the Barbados Labour Party ran amuck for 14 years – stealing, embezzling, skimming and creaming off millions of dollars of public investment funds from large scale contracts, from kick-backs and from intentional bribery on the part of large multinational corporations who either wanted to use Barbados as a TAX HAVEN or as a hub to launder drug money.

    Case in point – today the BBC & CNN is reporting that Sir Alan Stanford is alleged to have used his vast Caribbean resources in Antigua and elsewhere to launder drug monies to the tune of billions. Grand jury indictments are expected to come down as early as next week, as is being reported. What false faith we put in people who have money and we almost worship them as if they are “gods”…

    On the other hand, The Democratic Labour Party ran on a platform of accountability, transparency and trust – taking the reins of government from a corrupt administration who done nothing but lie, steal and cheat the poor out of what was rightfully theirs. Now press speculation has turned on the current government who has just passed what can be termed a honeymoon period and it seems as if the subtle tyranny continues with subterfuge, deception and lies.

    It seems Bajan politicians have learnt nothing from the past. The consciousness of people in power means having your integrity seared with a hot iron. How long before the internalization of corruption eats away the very foundational fabric of what makes us a godly society – where one day we awake to find that we have imploded on ourselves?

    Timothy Geithner used the terminology last week on Capitol Hill before Senate Hearings – the phrase used was “Moral Hazard”… Maybe our politicians have not recognized what is looming on the horizon – but be warned that we are living in an era of “moral hazard” which will result in social anarchy, mayhem and chaos if things do not change fast…