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Barbados Politicians Really ARE Turning Into Piggies At The Trough!


Environment Minister Lowe & Tourism Minister Sealy Discuss Where To Eat Lunch After Exhausting Long Beach Photo Op

It was supposed to be a photo-op on Long Beach to show the world that Barbados is responding to international concern over the severe beating of Canadian tourist Terry Schwarzfeld, but other messages were delivered too.

As to those security issues, well… we’ll see whether the soldiers and the police patrols are anywhere near the place in 90 days after the story dies down. Barbados politicians love to announce plans but have great difficulty following through with real actions, accomplishments or outcomes. Ha! We must have seen three of four stories in the past few months about how the night lights are “being installed” at Kensington Oval. Barbados Free Press even fell for it ourselves back in January of this year when we announced Lighting Erected At Kensington Oval – Barbados Now Ready For Cricket World CupĀ 2007. As it turns out there was another story in the news this week announcing that the lighting will soon be hooked up and then tested! Expect four more stories about the lights: actually hooked up, actually tested, getting ready for the first night – and the first night with all the lights working properly.

Yup… that is the way of Bajan politicians that if something is really being seen to be done they can get maybe five or six photo-ops out of a single story over a number of months – announcing success and virtual completion at each stage of the project until the thing becomes another disaster and is dropped by the politicians and the subservient Barbados news media. Pardon our cynicism, but we’ve seen so many projects announced in the news media and then a couple of years later it turns out to be another money-pit disaster with no accounting for millions of dollars.

Like we said, its the way of Bajan politicians and their families and friends who feed off government contracts with no rules, no accountability and no transparency.

And speaking of feeding off government contracts, what is it with the DLP politicians? Dennis Lowe has always been a bit of a tuna, but lately it you saw he and Mia Mottley silhouetted against the setting sun you’d be hard pressed to tell them apart. As for Tourism Minister Richard Sealy, the man was a fit and slim man only a year ago.

Auntie Moses saw the above photo in yesterday’s Barbados Advocate and proclaimed that she didn’t need to read any more of the story. The photo said it all.

Indeed, Auntie Moses. Indeed.


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