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Private Beaches In Barbados – Boulders At Almond Beach

Private Beaches Exist In Barbados – Even Though They Are Against The Law

Try this little experiment on a nice day… drive to the Port St. Charles condo development and park at the north end by the old rotten fishing boats and then walk south on the rocks under the pier to the “exclusive” waterfront club until you find yourself on the PRIVATE beach in front of the condos. Erect a sunshade on the sand, sit down, take out something to eat and put on the radio.

If you can get that done without securty coming to give you a rough time on the “private” beach, you will have done well.

The last time some of our friends did that they were harrassed and photographed by the condo staff. How dare Bajans walk over the boulders that had been strategically placed to prevent people in bare feet from getting to the condo’s beach!

With that in mind, we followed this little exchange on Barbados Free Press with great interest. Does anyone have more to add?

Hants Said…

March 11, 2009 at 4:19 pm 

Breaking news BFP. Tune in to Brass Tacks.
Boulders placed on beach in st. Peter by Hotel.
Dah beach is ????

March 11, 2009 at 4:24 pm 

I am so angry that I will take a time out because I do not want BFP to ban me. Investigate BFP.

Littleboy Replied…

March 13, 2009 at 2:39 pm

I checked your “break-in news” about the boulders at Almond Beach.

Apparently the operations manager Chris Forbes gave instructions to block the south end so that jet ski operators could not launch their boats there. The excuse he used is that it is a turtle nesting site…but Almond Beach Village use that same area to take tables, chairs and other equipment across the SAME AREA that they refer to as a nesting site…

They even got two NCC rangers to tell the operators not to use that end, but the head of the Watersports Association took them on and they have had to reverse the decision.

Chris Forbes told the watersports head that he could bring the police the NCC or the Prime Minister he was not moving the boulders. But the youngster turn on the heat and he was forced to back off.

Nello Bynoe, who is one of the managers of Almond told a friend that he wanted to “…keep the jet ski fellows from ’bout there”

A few points to ponder here…in Jamaica where Chris Forbes comes from, beaches are private…maybe he should have been told that…


I hear that the young man that he tried to block out is the son of the Barbados Tourism Authority’s deputy chairman…that young man’s father had similar problems to deal with years ago



Our friend Don Mitchell has an article up this week about the problems with beach access in Anguilla. Same issues. Of beaches being blocked by hotels and big money, Don says “I feel bad for the children. They will never be able to enjoy what we once had.”

Too true, Don. Too true.

Read the article at Don’s blog Corruption Free Anguilla: Shoal Bay West


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