Barbados Government Cover-Up – No Inquest Into Codrington Family Deaths – Home Collapsed Into Known Cave


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Another Major Article Appears In Barbados Advocate Newspaper

The Barbados Advocate newspaper has published another major article on the August, 2007 deaths of five members of the Codrington family. The couple and three of their children died when their home collapsed into a known cave as they slept.

The majority of the Barbados media outlets have been silent on any substantive issues surrounding the deaths because the people involved (and perhaps guilty of the deaths) are major figures in business, government civil service and politics.

The Barbados Advocate initially refused to publish detailed articles about the deaths but has been forced to because Barbados Free Press publishes articles that the Advocate and the Nation News refuse to publish. (See list of BFP articles at the bottom of this page.)

Last Sunday’s Barbados Advocate article was written by Barbados native Richard Goddard and has since been removed from the internet by the Barbados Advocate. Therefore, we will publish the full article here at Barbados Free Press.

Richard Goddard names some names, reveals much new information and ends by asking the following questions…

1/ Who in Town & Country Planning granted change of use permission from residential to commercial, after Brooks (previous land owner) was denied a change of use, and on what grounds?

2/ Was the Covenant restricting building on the Arch Cot lands removed, or just brushed aside?

3/ What was the role of the M in MRD which obtained the change of use permission from residential to commercial, to permit the construction of the medical facility?

4/ Was there a conflict of interest in obtaining a permit that was to their own advantage?

5/ When permission is sought for change from residential to commercial, does a representative from the Town Planning department visit the site in question and eyeball the land and make enquiries from persons in the area whether there would be any objections, and if so, on what grounds?

Mr. Goddard’s article ends with the following statement that all honest Bajans agree with…

“There must be a judicial enquiry into this matter presided over by a judge from outside the jurisdiction, and a coroner’s enquiry without delay.”

Our Warning To The Barbados News Media

Your silence and your failure to demand a public inquest into the deaths of five family members has destroyed what little credibility you had. The Barbados news media can start to redeem itself by joining the outrage being felt in the community.

Show you have some courage. Publish the full names of everyone who is or was involved. Do it or lose all hope of redemption and forever be spat upon by the good people of Barbados.

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9 responses to “Barbados Government Cover-Up – No Inquest Into Codrington Family Deaths – Home Collapsed Into Known Cave

  1. Sargeant

    I agree… why didn’t The Advocate/Goddard publish the names of the principals of the company? Surely this must be a matter of public record.

    This change of use was prevalent under the BLP after a land flip didn’t they do the same with land in the Holders Hill area which is now part of the Green Monkey Golf course?

    BFP: I took advantage of the cheap flights offered by Air Canada and am in B’dos on a business/family trip so feel free to change the Anonymous label to my usual Sargeant

    BFP george say “welcome home Sargeant”

  2. Hants

    Enjoy your vacation.

    I am sure lots of us will be heading down over the next month or two.

    Marville in Toronto offering flights on Air Canada in April $368 cad. return taxes included.

    Hope Canabajans will take advantage and help the Bajan economy.

  3. reality check

    Doesn’t anyone get it?

    Goddard is absolutely right when he says that the judicial inquiry must be conducted by someone respected from overseas.

    Those in power don’t care about transparency and accountability and will not call for an inquiry.

    Those that care really need to put their heads together and come up with a slate of individuals who want fundamental change and respect of the Rule of Law to implement full ITAL, FOI and whistle blower laws.

    These persons will also need help from overseas experts in the civil service to clean up the rot and inertia in the civil service, police and legal system.

    Without these changes you probably will be whining and complaining until hell freezes over.

  4. Calgary

    Amen to that, brother!

  5. J

    Still looking for the saviour from over in away?


    Of course ‘it’s life in de tropics’ where NO ACCOUNTABILITY is required. So what do you expect? What are you looking for?


    I would say, in the absence of social justice, in the form – first of an official inquest – blogs such as BFP, the timid BDS Underground and others… must carry the fight.

    The exposure the blogs give, creates stress and anxiety in the hearts and minds of those who are culpable, precipating bodily disease … this is known as ‘the wrath of God.’ The Natural result. So I’m saying ~ keep up the good work, BFP.

    By the way, was I the only person to notice that the former PM Arthur looked as though he was wearing a suit 6 sizes too big for him, when he appeared on TV at the recent pantomime?

    Was this an outfit he borrowed? Or has he been on a weight-loss diet???

  8. Mike Ashby

    I’m still very perplexed by this situation. Not only because of the degree of callousness on the part of the authorities, but also the void of knowledge and know-how that is representative of infrastructure planning in the country at the present. A family goes to sleep, an entire apartment collapses into a known underground cavern, five people die. Yet, none of the national or community leaders have an interest in finding out what happened. This is profound. The call for an inquiry is not an effort to level liability if that is what they are scared of. But, it is irresponsible not find out what cause this incident.

    All that can be said at this time is that other bajan households should be aware that they are more than 600 caverns, similar to the one at Arch Cot, existing in Barbados. The most well known one is Harrison Cave. In addition, there is still more than one building situated on top of the Arch Cot cavern. This can be seen in the fly-over photo of the area. The government has refused to survey the extent of the cavern. Lets not fool anyone; Barbados lies in an earthquake prone zone (have a read-up on prism tectonics), what may seem geologically stable today can change overnight. Hopefully, it will not take another five lives to prove this.

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