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Barbados Government Cover-Up – No Inquest Into Codrington Family Deaths – Home Collapsed Into Known Cave


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Another Major Article Appears In Barbados Advocate Newspaper

The Barbados Advocate newspaper has published another major article on the August, 2007 deaths of five members of the Codrington family. The couple and three of their children died when their home collapsed into a known cave as they slept.

The majority of the Barbados media outlets have been silent on any substantive issues surrounding the deaths because the people involved (and perhaps guilty of the deaths) are major figures in business, government civil service and politics.

The Barbados Advocate initially refused to publish detailed articles about the deaths but has been forced to because Barbados Free Press publishes articles that the Advocate and the Nation News refuse to publish. (See list of BFP articles at the bottom of this page.)

Last Sunday’s Barbados Advocate article was written by Barbados native Richard Goddard and has since been removed from the internet by the Barbados Advocate. Therefore, we will publish the full article here at Barbados Free Press.

Richard Goddard names some names, reveals much new information and ends by asking the following questions…

1/ Who in Town & Country Planning granted change of use permission from residential to commercial, after Brooks (previous land owner) was denied a change of use, and on what grounds?

2/ Was the Covenant restricting building on the Arch Cot lands removed, or just brushed aside?

3/ What was the role of the M in MRD which obtained the change of use permission from residential to commercial, to permit the construction of the medical facility?

4/ Was there a conflict of interest in obtaining a permit that was to their own advantage?

5/ When permission is sought for change from residential to commercial, does a representative from the Town Planning department visit the site in question and eyeball the land and make enquiries from persons in the area whether there would be any objections, and if so, on what grounds?

Mr. Goddard’s article ends with the following statement that all honest Bajans agree with…

“There must be a judicial enquiry into this matter presided over by a judge from outside the jurisdiction, and a coroner’s enquiry without delay.”

Our Warning To The Barbados News Media

Your silence and your failure to demand a public inquest into the deaths of five family members has destroyed what little credibility you had. The Barbados news media can start to redeem itself by joining the outrage being felt in the community.

Show you have some courage. Publish the full names of everyone who is or was involved. Do it or lose all hope of redemption and forever be spat upon by the good people of Barbados.

Further Reading

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Barbados Government Announces 25% Off Participating Restaurants! (Now We Don’t Have To Mention The Beaten, Brain-Damaged Canadian Tourist Terry Schwarzfeld)

Terry Schwarzfeld Remains In Coma

Terry Schwarzfeld Remains In Coma

The Government of Barbados has paid a New York publicity firm to send press announcements all over the world informing people that participating Barbados restaurants will give them 25% off their meals with the purchase of a Barbados Gourmet Card. Barbados Free Press was sent a copy of the press release that starts…

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, March 9 /PRNewswire/ — The island of Barbados will offer an exquisite culinary experience paired with incredible savings for 2009 with the introduction of the Barbados Gourmet Card…

WOW! That Should Take Care Of All The Bad International Publicity Over Barbados Beach Crime

Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley, Commissioner of Police Dottin, Prime Minister David Thompson and all the rest should just admit it: they don’t know what to do to prevent crimes against tourists, and when the crimes happen they don’t know how to handle the fallout. Our so-called leaders are ineffective at setting and achieving real outcomes. Talk? They do that just fine. Action? Well, that is another story.

Canadian tourist Terry Schwarzfeld is in grave condition in a Canadian hospital – her husband says so brain-damaged that the likelihood of recovery is slim – and on a daily basis the Canadian press is parading before the public other victims of robberies and assaults on Barbados beaches. This is a major news story in Canada and it is not going away.

So far our “leaders” only “solutions” to the Long Beach assaults involve…

1/ Say that assaults are rare.

2/ Instruct the local news media to not cover the story, and for certain not put it on the internet.

3/ Ignore the issue further and hope it will fade away as these things used to do when government and tourism partners could control the spread of the news by threats to withhold tourism advertising revenues from domestic and foreign news media outlets.

That “action plan” used to work, but then came the internet and that was the end of the government’s ability to control bad news or kill a story.

But they still don’t get it. Forty years of operating in a corrupt system with no accountability has made Bajan leaders ineffective and unable to produce real measurable results in any endeavor. Their perceptions are so warped they don’t even know how bad it looks to the outside world.

Mr. Prime Minister, when will Bajans and Canadian and American tourists hear from you on the single issue that has dominated the news coverage of Barbados for the last ten days?


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Cheese On Bread Blog Gets Feisty In Barbados!

gline-clarke“I don’t know if I heard correctly, but former Minister of Public Works Gline Clarke said that even though he was Minister he didn’t know too much about the awarding of the contract to expand the highway. Oh okay, that explains everything…”

… Cheese-on-bread blog

Cheese-On-Bread Is A Fine Meal Read

Feisty is our new word ’bout hey – after the Ottawa Citizen newspaper used that very term to describe Barbados Free Press.

And being feisty ourselves, we know another feisterer (?)  😉 when we see one. “Bajegirl” writes Cheese-on-bread (COB) and she has been going at it with a new passion lately… and with all the venom and sweet stilettos she can conjure up.

Cheese-on-bread’s article A Question Of Confidence takes a poke at some Bajan politicians as only a woman could. I’ve never considered BLP never-been-elected Interim Leader Mia Mottley as being a fashionista, but our friend at COB says Mia should “Let it go”. What is it? You’ll know it and laugh when you read about it.

ronald-topin“Poor Ronald Toppin. I swear that man has an ability to put himself in hot water like no other Parliamentarian. He was forced to back down over a statement he made about AG Freundel Stuart, but not before digging a big hole for himself. Remember, Tops, silence worked well for you in the past.” Cheese-on-bread

Why is Prime Minister Owen Arthur looking so old these days, and is Dr. William Duguid looking to be the new BLP leader? COB has an opinion on that an just about everything else including possible reasons why Rihanna will marry Chris Brown. (“Reason #4: She’s passionately, blindly in love with Brown. She would have to be, to think that nothing says love like a smack in the face.”)

Bajegirl loves the Hollywood, movies and celebrities scene, but as our own Shona says, “I can’t fault her for that.” Yup. Head over to Cheese-On-Bread to sample some of Bajegirl’s delights. You won’t be disappointed.

Further Reading @ COB…

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