Rihanna’s Career Will Crash and Burn If She Crawls Back To Abusive Chris Brown

The story of Chris Brown and Rihanna’s tainted love continues. Now that the on-again has couple returned to L.A. together, it was reported that the pair — rather than go to either of their L.A.-area homes — immediately checked into the posh surroundings of the Beverly Wilshire Beverly Hills hotel…

… from the Celeb111.com March 7, 2009 article Chris Brown & Rihanna Shack Up in Beverly Wilshire Hotel

I find this situation disturbing. None of Rhianna’s consultants, her record label, or her publicist, seemed to have sat her down and explained to her how the American people punish women who return to their abusers.

The American media can be brutal.

LAPD Launches Investigation Into Rihanna Photo Leak

Rihanna's Brand Will Suffer If She Attaches It To Chris Brown

First they will show sympathy for the attack. They will reach out to her and print supportive articles. Then, as it becomes clear she has reconciled with Chris Brown, they will systematically attack her, little by little, tabloid after tabloid, then more respectable magazines will run articles, and finally she will be forced to appear on 20/20, or some other respected news show. No matter what she does, no matter what she says, as long as she is involved with Chris Brown her brand will be compromised.

No American company will attach their brand to Chris Brown’s. His brand is destroyed. His days of endorsements have ended.

Rhianna’s brand is about to be destroyed because of her association with Chris Brown after his brutal actions. Companies will also be cautious about attaching their brand to hers.

Very soon, the media will dub these two the next Bobby Brown, and Whitney Houston. This is both humiliating and senseless.

Rhianna sold over 9.75 million digital tracks in 2008. No other artist achieved this success in the U.S. market. After such a significant achievement financially, her brand will suffer tremendously as special interest groups gear up to ring home the message that young girls should distance themselves from her brand.

After her achievement as the first Barbadian artist not only make it internationally but to dominate the American airways, at a time when digital sales are on the rise and CD sales are steadily declining, I am amazed by the lack of guidance in this young woman’s life.

Whitney Houston was extremely successful, her brand crossed over, the American people, the American press, adored her, they loved her, until Bobby Brown.

“None of Rhianna’s consultants, her record label, or her publicist, seemed to have sat her down and explained to her how the American people punish women who return to their abusers.”

Cher, and Tina Turner, both had abusive husbands, and they both had many challenges because of it. They both became more popular after they left their husbands.

Tina’s brand became a super brand and was celebrated on Oprah after the release of her movie. Tina is an American Icon.

Hilary Clinton was humiliated by her husband due to his actions with an intern in the White House. Hilary was never forgiven by the powerful U.S. women groups, in fact, to this day, many of them are still angry with her. The American people too, are still perplexed as to why she stayed with her husband.

These women were married, Rhianna is not married, and if she marries so as not to testify against Chris, her brand will sink even faster. She will lose all credibility.

Wanting the case to move forward quickly will not remove the images of her abused face from the minds of the American people. Rhianna needs to sit down with a celebrity historian, and see why some celebrities survive and why some tanked after major achievements around the globe. She also need to speak to someone who sincerely cares about her well being. I don’t think any of the individuals around her are real enough to care.

If there is anyone out there who knows this young woman and who cares deeply for her, I pray that you will speak to her from the heart. What she is doing returning to this man is not acceptable in America. I understand in other cultures it may be tolerated, but not here, not now, not ever.

BFP reader Wendy E. Johnson.


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  1. Marsha Hinds-Layne

    Only yesterday I had a convo. with a 20 year old whose boyfriend beats her. She was asking my opinion on Chris/Rhianna and I could tell she was measuring it against her own decisions to be made.

    Barbadian culture has a way of tearing down and destroying…but how ever you look at it Rhianna is a successful part of our History.

    On this International Day of the Woman, I pray the same as you. That somebody with only Rhianna’s interest at heart sits with her team and eventually her and finds a solution to this, which does not involve Chris.

    Men seldom allow women to ruin their careers…we, on the other hand “fall in love”….and the insanities which we perpetuate after that are sometimes nothing short of scandalous…Women in 2009 need to learn how to stop “falling in love”…have you ever had a painless fall?

    My very best wishes to you, Rhi Rhi…gurl ya yung still….mo fish in d sea…if hungry wait…hot does cul…

  2. sinking ship

    Rihanna Doesn’t Get It
    by Dr. Keith Ablow


    R & B star Rihanna is reportedly back together with singer Chris Brown, risking her life for “love,” after he allegedly beat her so badly, anyone who saw her bruised face cringed.

    Like many battered women, Rihanna doesn’t seem to see the danger indancing with a violent man who has proven he can’t control his destructive impulses. That’s because her vision is clouded by passion or naivete or whatever dark chapter of her own life she may be replaying now by “playing with fire.”

    Rihanna’s father has apparently blessed his daughter’s decision,saying he’s “behind her,” whatever she decides.

    That’s not loving your child; it’s letting her walk into the abyss, and it may be the best window on why Rihanna can’t stand up for herself. Maybe no one everdid—even her dad.

    If the allegations about Brown are true, the likelihood that he was“caught” the very first time he abused a woman is remote.

    More likely, there have been other episodes of uncontrolled rage in his life and that there will be more. Men who abuse women aren’t usually one-time offenders. They lack the internal restraint necessary to control their impulses, or they harbor deep resentment toward females (often rooted in experiences and emotions from when they were much younger) or their behavior and judgment is impaired by alcohol or illicit drugs.

    Very frequently, they have personality disorders, whether narcissistic or paranoid or antisocial. They are entirely focused ON THEIR OWN NEEDS and become enraged when they aren’t met.

    Rihanna proves that she doesn’t understand any of this by returning to her relationship with Brown so quickly.

    There’s NO possibility that he completed any anger management course or detoxed from any drug he might be on or delved deeply enough into his psyche to exorcise any demons that might have led him to turn his self-hatred into a clenched fist and the terror and tears of woman just 21 years old.

    He needs help, and a lot of it. So does she.
    What Rihanna is teaching her lover is that her self-esteem is so low, or her need to fix a man so great, that she is willing to risk everything to be by his side.
    For a man like him, it unconsciously gives him license to strike out at her again. And it actually deprives him of learning that his disorder can cost him things he cares about(if he actually does care about Rihanna at all).

    Rihanna’s decision is a terrible example for young women in America and around the world—as bad as anything we ever saw from Britney Spearsor Lindsay Lohan.

    As a forensic psychiatrist, I’ve testified in murder cases that started out just like this one. Let’s hope it doesn’t end as badly!

  3. Sad To Say

    Well said. We must all remember that Rihanna is only 21 years old and has found herself in a world where everyone (including herself) has a vastly skewed sense of perception of them self in particular and others in general. By extension her decisions will be made by applying criteria that none of us will readily understand. I sympathise with Miss Fenty, for obviously Mr. Brown was an important pillar of her world for more than a year and she is afraid of removing this pillar, regardless of how rotten it is. Miss Fenty is trying to survive these trying times and as far as she is concerned to yank Mr. Brown from her life can result in her whole world crashing down around her. Who knows there are others connected to both parties that may be feeding her this crap. Someone needs to pull Miss Fenty aside and point out the fatal error she is making by “standing by her man”. Miss Fenty needs our support more than ever at this time of her life.

  4. barbara

    It’s very hard and emotionally draining ,
    staying friends with,
    supporting and watching delusional women
    that you really care about, Commit a
    Slow & Certain Suicide – by staying involved
    with the likes of Selfish, Cheating, Abusive
    guys like chris brown. It’s the same old story.

    MOMMY, HE HIT ME!: Angela De Joseph details her story of abuse.

  5. Anonymous

    From the time this young lady entered the fray, some bajans have been panicky about her exploits, her future and her expectations.

    I would like to urge such persons to relax ; to chill.

    Please allow this young lady to ‘live her life’.

    We do not know the full story of what transpired.

    We must not speculate on any of the matters. Lets us stop trying to play that we care. Lets relax and let Rihanna make the decisions that she knows are best for her.

    And to her father- Please stay away from the media

  6. bajanbat

    If the rumour that they are now married is true, then Rihanna is shamefully being used by Chris Brown. I believe there is a rule that a spouse cannot be forced to testify against the other spouse in Court. If so, then his motive for a hasty wedding is so obvious it is is repulsive. If the rumour is not true, then she should get counselling on the nature of her disastrous relationship with CB. It will ruin her and may kill her.
    She need look no further than Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown (an unfortunate coincidence of the surname!). Whitney was destined for the very highest levels but Bobby made sure she never soared too far from the reach of his fists and drugs. Please do not let this happen to R.

  7. All DLP politicians are fatter!

    If Rihanna was capable of making decisions that are “best for her” she would have not continued in a relationship with an abuser.

  8. crossroads

    “You gotta live your live, oh oh yea yea”

  9. Asiba-The Buffalo Soldier-'why should I wear a jacket and tie'

    Have you ever heard about forgiveness ?

    Many relationships have failed because one partner was too adamant about not forgiving the other.

    People make mistakes !

  10. J

    Rihanna is at best a mediocre singer.

    I’ve never heard any of Chris Brown’s music so I can’t comment on his singing.

    It is obvious that Rihanns’a handlers regard her as a product which if handled carefully will earn a lot of people a lot of money.

    The question is, how much of herself is she willing to give so that other people can earn easy money.

    I’ve noted that when she is in Barbados she is surrounded by beefy, ignorant looking body guards. Who are they guarding her from?

    If Rihanna puts on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and walks down Broad Street by herself on a Saturday morning she would be completely ignored.

    Truthfully we know very well that Barbadians are not celebrity hungry, because Oprah would also be ignored on Broad Street as would Bill Gates, Richard Branson, the Queen of England and most others.

    But the beefy guards are there to create an air of importance (and to earn a living for themselves)

    It is all about show, and not about substance; because in truth, the substance, the voice is very, very, thin.

  11. J

    My grandmother always used to say “if you start wrong, you will end wrong”

    There will be no happy ending here. The thing is Rihanna can find another man easy, easy. Or she can sttay without a man for a period and then pick fro the very best man from among those who are interested. She does not have to accept no-good Chris.

  12. Worried about Rihanna

    I’m just worried about the girl. A lot of people in the music industry are power and money hungry and many of them use drugs, this is a bad cocktail.
    I wonder if Rihanna is lost and scared. Can somebody please help her? Oprah says she should have some counselling. I hope she takes Oprah’s advice. I am worried and praying for Rihanna.
    She’s a little lamb with plenty of wolves around.

  13. kiki

    I hope she doesn’t start singing songs like
    “I’m a survivor, I’ll keep surviving, I’m a survivor”

    there have been many women singers with real
    talent such as Diana Ross, Candi Staton, Aretha
    Franklin, but somehow in a fake industry Madonna
    outlasted them all. Rihanna could be the next

  14. PiedPiper

    Let’s examine the courts in California and how they administer “justice”. O.J. Simpson, Phil Spector, Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Ritchie and many other celebrities had their day in court and was justice served? No, these celebrities are treated with kid gloves and justice turns a blind eye. I am willing to bet that Chris Brown will get off scott free and Rihanna and he will go back just like nothing ever happened. There is too much money at stake for it to turn out otherwise.

  15. david beckless

    hi school don mek ya smart.

  16. The Scout

    The question is, why has she dissed her parents for Chris’ mother? My answer is, she’s under serious duress and needs barbadian help. As Youth Ambassador, the Barbados government owes it to them selves and the rest of the country to find out what is happening. If they are convinced that she is O.K and quite comfortable with herself, then strip her of her job and leave her on her own.

  17. kiki

    Rihanna Good Girl Gone Bad (2.5 out of 5)
    1. Umbrella feat. JAY-Z
    2. Push Up On Me
    3. Don’t Stop The Music
    4. Breakin’ Dishes
    5. Shut Up and Drive
    6. Hate That I Love You feat. Ne-Yo
    7. Say It
    8. Sell Me Candy
    9. Lemme Get That
    10. Rehab
    11. Question Existing
    12. Good Girl Gone Bad

  18. Anonymous

    Those around Rihanna who serve as her publicist and advertising agency should be dismissed. To the point those ignoramuses have done her career a tremendous disservice. Unless Rihanna addresses the American public honestly and sincerely very soon, her career will be reduced to selling tapes out of the back of a car, it’s that serious. If nothing has been learned from the Bobby Brown/Whitney Houston fiasco for Rihanna , she’s in more trouble than we realize. Although Rihanna is the victim here, the situation has more to do with the psychology of millions of young American girls, who look up to Rihanna as a role model, and the parents of those young girls, want Chris Brown’s pound of flesh. At this stage of the game of life Rihanna has epitomized standing by her man even if he’s wrong. She has personified christianity, that noble tenet of forgiveness. Secular America as it decries domestic violence, now looks for its sacrificial offering, guess who? Chis Brown and Rihanna. America never wished Rihanna well anyway, and some player hater bajans did not either. Rihanna I wish that you will do what’s right for you and your life.

  19. The Scout

    Rihanna will be used to put Chris Brown’s career back on track at the detriment of her own, just for a few lousy dollars. That’s what makes me realy really mad. She is nothing but a music career prositute. Sorry for saying so but it is true, I just hope she is not selling or being sold sexually too. What a SHAME for such a seemingly nice, innocent small island girl who was sold to a bunch of wolfs

  20. 2009

    How come we have heard not a squeak from the “handlers” who took Rhianna to the USA ?

    I hope our other budding star, Shontelle Layne, does not end up in such a mess…..” with only her T-shirt on….! “

  21. Sundowner

    I see its been confirmed that she and Chris have recorded a duet together, stupid girl…….

  22. Anonymous

    Listen! The girl’s self esteem is shot. Her father who should be her role model, is a loser. Consequently, what do all of you expect from Rihanna? Anytime any West Indian sacrifice’s their Barbadianess for thirty pieces of silver to these American vagrants, watchout. America feeds it citizenry to the wolves for the highest bidder. Rihanna is a pawn in the game. Do any of you believe that back in the day Rihanna could sing like Carolyn Leacock? Rihanna possess’s an at best mediocre voice, but she’s been born in an era of nothingness. Nobody in the world could or would do to Allison Hinds what was done to Rihanna. You see, I’m a bajan living in the USA, this place does not define me, it’s just provided me with an educational and financial opportunity. When Barbadians forget their bajan heritage what else do we have to fall back on? Black Americans are inherently distrustful of West Indians. My experiences tell me Rihanna’s career is on the down slide, caput, finito, the end.

  23. Anonymous

    Where I’m writing this from and who I am is of no importance, what is of importance here is that Chris and Rihanna both like masochistic sex. Yes all of you mind your busy. Both of them consensually agree to masochistic sex and role playing. Rihanna is not some poor little victim. She is rich, calculating and constantly triangulates with those around her. You the giddy masses are always like lambs, led to the slaughter. By the time the news media disseminate’s information to you, that information is yesterday’s news. If you knew some of the parties that attended by these two, you would understand more as to why these situations occur. Has anyone asked why has Rihanna not spoken out about this current situation? Has Rihanna ever hit Chris? Does Rihanna’s parents know that she physically abuses men? Before you closed minded news hounds judge someone, please find out the truth of the situation first.

  24. Sundowner

    Quick update, publicist was lying, no duet.

  25. frustrated

    it`s amazing how just the mention of Rihanna just makes every one go crazy , first let me say i`m not knocking her i am one of those that likes her also but everyone needs to understand that she is a woman now , has anyone asked them selves yet how come a month has passed so far and not a peep was heard from her or her management team ? I am one of the few people that was saying from the beginning that before you judge the guy fully first you must get all of the facts first but everyone wants to find the guy guilty and look what`s happening now , talk about a duet and marriage , so far they`ve been over one hundred posts about this situation but she`s still going on with her life , the irony of it is that before this came about i posted a problem that we men here have in barbados and that is to do with how women here use children as weapons to get to the fathers and this system allows it to go on but not one response was made , this leaves me to believe that only women read or write these blogs.

  26. reluctant nonbeliever

    Check out today’s Rihanna story in the link below (it’s from one of the UK’s biggest tabloids):


    how many of you still feel sorry for “our” girl…?

  27. Chicago

    She is smiling now after being beaten, so we should forget about everything and not feel sorry for her RN? You must be a man who believes that women need to be slapped around every once in a while and they’ll get over it.

  28. multicultural


  29. jubakala

    I have “found” Rihanna just lately but I’m already totally in love with her. She’s so beautiful and her voice is amazing as well. I just hope she would start to use more real instruments on her albums instead of synthesizers and drummachines.
    And I think she should stay out of Chris Brown and other rappers too…

    The Rihanna discography Guy

  30. Anonymous

    ohh noo why did he do that? :((((

  31. Anonymous


  32. Anonymous

    They must countineu dating