Savage Animal Chris Brown “Barrage Of Punches”, Choked Carotid Arteries, Bit Rihanna’s Fingers & Ear – Rihanna’s Blood Splattered Over Vehicle Interior

LA Police Search Warrant Public Document

LA Police Search Warrant Details Chris Brown's Horrific Attack on Robyn Rihanna Fenty

How Can Rihanna Go Back To This Vicious Animal?

Various news reports indicate that Rihanna and Chris Brown are “back together” in what knowledgable observers call a clear case of battered woman syndrome. Other reports say that Brown punched Rihanna in the eye on a previous occasion a year ago.

If Rihanna has gone back to Chris Brown, it will be two careers ruined because Rihanna will instantly lose the respect of millions of women who will now view her as weak and stupid.

Read the full story right from the Los Angeles Police search warrant about the case at The Smoking Gun


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73 responses to “Savage Animal Chris Brown “Barrage Of Punches”, Choked Carotid Arteries, Bit Rihanna’s Fingers & Ear – Rihanna’s Blood Splattered Over Vehicle Interior

  1. permres

    It was rumoured on Channel 8 News last night that Rihanna and Chris are now married.

    My knee-jerk reaction to all of this is with most people, Rihanna should have no more to do with him, and she is pulling women down. However, he is having counselling by his Church, and if it is a strong church and they are both committed to God through repentance, they may well be saved.

    “Those whom God has brought together …” .

    Unfortunately Churches are not really in it for altruistic motives, but only to make money.- the God business, as it is called.

    If it is the devil who has brought them together, there will be more beatings, hopefully divorce, and some day perhaps Rihanna will repent and be saved.

  2. naemus

    married? If true its a very smart move by Brown’s team. Typically a spouse is not allowed to testify against their husband/wife in criminal cases. That leaves everything up to the prosecution to prove and she can’t be subpoenaed.

  3. Bajan Girl

    I have noticed that many of the usual Rihanna worshippers who attack any and everybody who don’t bow to their appointed queen have been conspicuously silent lately. Over a year ago, I said the Barbados government should not use Rihanna in any advertisements for Barbados because of her tendency to use poor judgement. I was, of course, viciously attacked. I was, of course, right. I honestly don’t care what happens to Rihanna or Chris Brown. I am only concerned about the image of Barbados, a country that many people have shed blood, sweat, and tears to build over the centuries. The foreign media starts almost every story about Rihanna by stating she is Barbados born. She dissed us to the foreign media when her star was rising. Now that her star is falling, we have to suffer from the bad publicity while she hides out in America. Rihanna is a disgrace, not a role model.

  4. mastermind

    Its a pity,,,,chris was very smart in marrying rihanna. I hope she knows this is the beginning of the end of her career as far as i am concerned. Those stars on her neck, are pretty much coming through, short lived success. Now the government needs to remove her as ambassador to barbados and have someone else. she is setting a very poor example for the women of barbados and the world. In addition since God didnt put that relationship together, when the pressure comes on them both, more blows to come..its sad she is from barbados. I would rather she be an american…she is a disrespect to women in general. she has lost a huge fan base in the world and this will reflect after her sales plummet to the ground. Maybe she would change her life and use her voice for Gospel instead of Umbrella and Shut up and drive…………………sadd

  5. woggy

    oh please, some of yall cud really get off wunna high horse. sometimes the best way to make a mistake is just to make a mistake.

    rihanna and chris brown are 2 adults and they made a decision that they gonna have to live with. lets hope that through counselling they can work through dem mistakes. it ain mek no sense harping on it all the time. time to move foward.

    by now chris gotta know dat putting he hand on rihanna is a bad business decision and it cost him alot of money.

    anyways i wish them both sucess both career wise and relationship wise

  6. Peeved

    Will someone tell me, which planet Rihanna is from….now i am not the type to comment on such issues but she is so ridiculous that it causing me to catch a slight fit. Rihanna if you ever get to see this remember these things. At the end of the day nothing you do on this earth matters unless it is done for God. We all know that despite you are a “STAR” you are still a person but such judgement from a highly recognized individual speaks poorly about you. Chris a little force ripe boy and sad to say. You are not much different than him. In addition…have you noticed the lifes of Whitney Houston and Patti Label,,Did you see what happenned to Whitney after she married Bobby BROWN. Take a leaf from her book child. You are young and very pretty but you see this world we living in, it is full of temporary highs and everything seems pretty but behind its no use. You all are young but girl get on your knees and pray and ask God for strength..the only person you should not be able to live about is him. Barbados at this time is not welcoming you back home for a very long time. So i would suggest you become an American Citizen and lose barbados and your home. You or Chris both are not welcomed in Barbados…..

  7. Bajan Girl

    I recall that Bajans viciously attacked KB Kleen because they felt he acted “too Bajan” and didn’t bow low enough to Rihanna and Chris Brown at the huge and ridiculous extravaganza the Bajan government held for Rihanna last year. I was troubled and perplexed by the treatment Bajans meted out to KB Kleen, because it was obvious to me back then that Chris Brown was a wannabe thug, and I knew Rihanna had made negative comments about Bajans to the foreign press. I didn’t see the show, but based on what I heard, KB Kleen provided them with more respect than they deserve. I hope, like me, one who has often been on the receiving end of vicious attacks by Bajan Rihanna worshippers, he is getting a chuckle from this mess.

  8. Epitaphe

    Learning that his daughter and Chris Brown have reconciled, Rihanna’s father says he SUPPORTS the singer in her decisions.

    “Whatever road she chooses, I’m behind her,” said Ronald Fenty, when reached by telephone on Barbados.

    I wonder if He will stand by her decision
    when she descends into hard drugs or
    alcoholism as a crutch to cope with the
    physical abuse & humiliation and mental abuse of
    being codependent to a philandering
    mutt like Chris Brown?

    Must She become a strung
    out zombie crackheads like Witney Houston
    or freakish Amy Winehouse ?

    I admire Natalie Cole’s
    Mum, I remember her taking a
    firm stand, when
    her Child was hitting rock bottom
    with the drug abuse. She realized
    that her Child was not in her right
    frame of mind, some times
    in life? You’ll have to save them from themselves!

    Would He prefer that his daughter
    Rihanna get shipped back home
    to the airport frome the USA
    lifeless & in a body bag after
    Chris Brown has another go at her
    with his Rage??????

    Some of these Parents need to
    take a stand be Parents,
    Your first duty is to
    Protect Your Children.


    So Sad! Rihanna’s a Pretty Girl,
    with Lots of Talent,
    but No Good Sense or
    Positive Self Esteem!

  9. Visitor from Maine

    Whether or not they are or were married matters not one iota in law in spousal assault incidents. In most jurisdictions a wife is compellable to testify against her husband if it is a spousal assault situation.

  10. Rohan

    Exactly. And prosecutors can prosecute with or without the female’s testimony.

  11. Rohan

    Which God?

  12. Peeved

    As far as i am concerned..if he goes to jail will not make a difference to Rihanna….celebrities get off all the time based on some small technicality. I have friends who men hit them all the time and they used to think it was there fault. I am sure Rihanna thinks the same and thats why she is back with him. The two of them have an ungodly soul tie and maybe the beating made her love him more, some women foolish so. It is quite compelling but if you take the fame and fortune from them and look at her as a normal person you will see she is just another stupid woman. Yes people make mistakes but that mistake was one you forgive them for and move on. I hope that her mother prays for her and ask Jesus Christ to intervene in her life. The devil asked Jesus to bow down and he will give him mansions..apparently Rihanna bowed down and he gave her mansions alright but look at what price she is paying and will continue to pay. I hope that she is not another lost soul. Aliyah died young, death has no favourites. Peace

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  14. bad boy jim

    we bajans dont know one shit.stop and think of it people.Rihanna is not a citizen of the u.s.a, she is still in that country with a work permit. if mr Brown bring counter charges against her,which he can base on the reports and she is found guilty just like him,she would be finished for good,she would have to leave the usa and could not return.The girl is very smart if she got married to him.she becomes a citizen of the U.S IN A VERY SHORT TIME.She and mr brown are the ones who knows the truth in this matter ,let them sort it out to both of them likeing so that they can get on with there lives.

  15. Peeved

    Well she could set up shop in another place in the world..who cares

  16. bad boy jim

    Thats the point.she cares and her promoters cares.why do you think most of the international stars make the U.S they base,fool.

  17. pray

    What does it profit you
    if you gain the whole
    world but lose your own soul?

  18. JCES

    Rihanna, Rihanna, Rihanna. How dissappointed I am but at the same time, I will try to understand your debacle. You are touched by the feelings of love and a sense of pity that Browne has obviously used effectively to entice and woe you back to his side. Though I do not condemn your action, I certainly cannot condone it. I think you have made a boo boo here but you must know how you feel and it is quite obvious that you love Chris Browne very much (I hope he loves you just the same).

    All I would like to say to you is look for the tell-tale signs that would indicate Browne’s love for you or his obvious problem with aggression and anger. Do not be duped by just mere feelings and his cool soft appearance and word but test the the true mantle of this man.

    Please remember that other women have passed this road and suffered dearly for it. Two of such women coming to mind is Tina Turner and Whitney Houston. You are a role model for many and thus you must know that you have dissappointed many women by your actions but at the same time gain the sympathy many others as well.

    Please note that because of your actions you will severely labelled and criticised and your reputation will come into disrepute. But when all is said and done, you are the one who have to know what you are doing. If this is what you believe to be right (in going back with him and even marrying him), please do not close your eyes to what is obvious and the truth concerning the true nature of what Chris Browne is and can become. Your life, reputation and health is not worthy of a man who, instead of loving and taking care of you, have started a course of physical and verbal abuse on you. The first assault was devasting; pray and hope that the next will not result in your demise. Have a good day

  19. Peeved

    Bad boy Jim

    My answer to you is this

    Distinguish right from vain and carnal pleading, the world is rift with error and confusion..rely only on God the Spirit’s leading.

    Thats what i going to tell you…

    In addition lets not forget the horrific state that the US economy is in right now….that’s what they should be caring about.

  20. Equilibrium

    well if Ri Ri decides to go back with him so be it, GOD FORBID she gets beaten up again…but if she does, my sympathies are all gone. So if she’s beaten again…im only concerned with getting to work on time the same or next day…all the best Ri Ri

  21. Beefcake

    The CNN update summarises nicely the series of events. Brown really beat her incessantly and made comments that he would kill her for calling the police. Sweet.

    Link to CNN article here:

    As to the marriage rumour, that is from the Star Tabloid, so don’t give it too much credibility. I think it might be on the same page with 2-headed-babies-from-Mars…. The other news sources are still referring to them as boyfriend/girlfriend; ChRianna, shupps.

  22. National pastime or so it seems

    How Can Rihanna Go Back To This Vicious Animal,….you ask?????

    Rihanna grew up in Barbados. Domestic violence in Bimshire, is a national pastime. Such is like the noise of a cricket or a whistling frog,. it either annoys you or you have learned to “live wid it”. Till this day i have a dangerous compulsion, to get involve whenever and wherever i see a Man beating on a woman.

  23. Georgie Porgie

    “Choked carotid arteries” Sir?
    Isnt that a bit emotive.
    How exactly does one choke the carotid arteries?


    BFP says,

    One does it exactly like Chris Brown did as outlined in the search warrant we linked to. I guess.

  24. Sad To Say

    Who is telling the truth? Did Rhinna really marry that scum-bag Chris Brown? I am having some doubts after seeing this restraining order that was filed by Rhinna against Chris brown only yesterday:

    Click to access et_cbrown_minuteandprotectiveorder_090306.pdf

  25. Galli Gantu

    If in fact Rhianna has married Chris Brown,then we should stop boring each other with their details.

  26. Hopeful

    To: Sad To Say
    Thanks for the link of the restraining order.
    Let’s hope it is real.
    To: Peeved
    Speak for yourself. Rihanna you will always be welcomed to come back to Barbados, it is your birth right. You probably wouldn’t want to live and work here again having to deal with Bajans around that have just tried to drag you down from day 1.
    I’m sure that you would be the first to admit that you have made mistakes such as making certain comments to the press. But you were and are very young and I hope you have learned a lot.
    What happened to the man who wrote a letter in the newspaper saying ‘Rihanna will never win a Grammy?’ I wish I had cut out that article so I could see who wrote it and ask him the next day, excuse me, I thought you said Rihanna will never win a Grammy? How come he didn’t write a letter of apology when that happened? There was a rumour that Rihanna might be pregnant, if that is true, maybe that is why she met with Chris Brown. We do not know if they have reconciled. We do not even have proof that they did meet at all. Rihanna, some day this will all be behind you and if you do decide to come back to Barbados, I would love to hear what you could do with some calypsoes. I have never been to any of the Crop Over tents but the day that you are preforming, I will happy to attend. Only thing is, there probably wouldn’t be a tent big enough. You would probably have to perform at Kensington Oval.
    Keep strong. Instead of Good Girl Gone Bad, let’s see Bad Girl Gone Smart. Many Bajans are thinking of you and praying for you. Many people are upset about all of this too and we will be sorry if you make the wrong choices. Show us you are not just a great talent and beautiful woman but a smart woman.

  27. Anonymous

    Rihanna is a despicably weak young woman, who would do anything to be in the spotlight and receive the adulation of these American thugs. It is appauling to even believe that the government of Barbados would let Chris Brown, that wicked infidel back on bajan soil. If Barbados was a place like Saudi Arabia, they would chop off Chris Browne’s head. I am angry just seeing these photos on all the news shows all over the USA and the world. Something is seriously wrong with Rihanna’s self esteem. Any man hit my sister or my mom, man he gine be singing in arch angel Gabriel’s choir. Bajans aint no foolish people, but it looks like we got a one in a million idiot , Rihanna. If she goes back to Chris Browne, I hope her career tanks and she never makes another CD, period.

  28. Anonymous

    Georgie Porgie you’re living up to your idiot name. One would choke the carotid artery by cutting off vital blood supply to that artery. I probably would have to inform you, how to make a peanut butter sandwich too. You Georgie probably went missing during primary and secondary education. Damn idiot.

  29. Wendy E. Johnson

    I find this situation disturbing. None of Rhianna’s consultants, her record label, or her publicist,
    seemed to have sat her down and explained to her how the American people punish women who return to their abusers.

    The American media can be brutal.
    First they will show sympathy for the attack.
    They will reach out to her and print supportive articles. Then, as it becomes clear she has reconciled with Chris Brown, they will systematically attack her, little by little,
    tabloid after tabloid, then more respectable
    magazines will run articles, and finally she will
    be forced to appear on 20/20, or some other respected news show. No matter what she does, no matter what she says, as long as she is involved with Chris Brown her brand will be compromised.

    No America company will attach their brand to Chris Brown’s. His brand is destroyed. His days of endorsements have ended.

    Rhianna’s brand is about to be destroyed because of her association with him after his brutal actions. Companies will also be cautious about attaching their brand to hers.

    Very soon, the media will dub these two the next
    Bobby Brown, and Whitney Houston. This is both humiliating and senseless.

    Rhianna sold over 9.75 million digital tracks in 2008. No other artist achieved this success in the U.S. market. After such a significant achievement
    financially, her brand will suffer tremendously as special interest groups gear up to ring home the message that young girls should distance themselves from her brand.

    After her achievement as the first Barbadian
    artist not only make it internationally but to
    dominate the American airways, at a time when
    digital sales are on the rise and CD sales are steadily declining, I am amazed by the lack
    of guidance in this young woman’s life.

    Whitney Houston was extremely successful, her brand crossed over, the American people, the American press, adored her, they loved her, until Bobby Brown.

    Cher, and Tina Turner, both had abusive husbands, and they both had many challenges because of it. They both became more popular after they left their husbands.

    Tina’s brand became a super brand and was celebrated on Oprah after the release of her movie. Tina is an American Icon.

    Hilary Clinton was humiliated by her husband due to his actions with an intern in the White House. Hilary was never forgiven by the powerful U.S. women groups, in fact, to this day, many of them are still angry with her. The American people too, are still perplexed as to why she stayed with her husband.

    These women were married, Rhianna is not married, and if she marries so as not to testify against Chris, her brand will sink even faster.
    She will loose all credibility.

    Wanting the case to move forward quickly will not remove the images of her abused face from the minds of the American people. Rhianna needs to sit down with a celebrity historian, and see why some celebrities survive and why some tanked after major achievements around the globe.

    She also need to speak to someone who sincerely cares about her well being. I don’t think any of the individuals around her are real enough to care.

    If there is anyone out there who knows this young woman and who cares deeply for her, I pray that you will speak to her from the heart. What she is doing returning to this man is not acceptable in America. I understand in other cultures it may be tolerated, but not here, not now, not ever.

    W.E. Johnson.

  30. reluctant nonbeliever

    An exceptionally well-written and penetrating contribution to the discussion, Wendy.

    Everything you say is bang on the nail…

  31. reluctant nonbeliever

    Check out this link to a recent article in the Business section of the LA Times.

    Confirms everything Wendy says above about how this incident is likely to damage both their careers, not just woman-beater Brown’s.,0,1330443.story

  32. Sing-a-song

    Not so fast anon,
    Georgie Porgie (who has been posting for quite sometime on BFP and BU) is a medical doctor! Better to ask a question or two and forget the ad hominen attack.

  33. Juris

    Anonymous does not even know the meaning of “choke”!

  34. Dalerest

    Your comment is very telling. Can it be true, that despite the outrage present on this site, spousal abuse continues unchecked in Barbados. One has to wonder about Rhianna’s own homelife-her father’s unnatural response certainly raised some eyesbrows. Her low self esteem is likely the result of a dysfunctional family.

  35. henry

    Rihanna’s management
    team is not guiding or
    protecting her.
    They have failed!
    There’s no statements of damage control,
    from the media’s fallout when
    they’ve remained silent.

    They should be suing the
    Other party involved in this altercation
    for damages to Rihanna,
    Rihanna’s image, lost wages
    during the healing process
    from this whole incident
    committed by Chris Brown if they
    were wise.

    They are letting Chris Brown’s
    sleazy attorney,
    call all of the shots
    designed to to benefit HIS career !

  36. henry

    Where’s Rihanna’s PR team?

    chris brown’s
    PR team is still on the case
    after He’s beaten tried to
    strangle and throw Rihanna from
    a moving rented Lamborgini
    It’s all about rallying support for salvaging his
    public image & popularity !

    Yesterday? He is
    still pandering to the
    public to repair his image and imploring children & his young fans from his web page-
    “Hey fans, Vote for Chris on the Kids Choice Awards 2009 !”

  37. leBron

    Chris Brown
    is smarter & more media savy
    than Rihanna is ! He thinking of rebuilding his public image now.

    ‘Diddy’ didn’t know Rihanna would be with Chris: report

    Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs had no idea Chris Brown would use his Miami pad on Star Island to publically make up with Rihanna.

    “Chris called and said he needed to crash at Diddy’s house while he was recording. He said it would just be him and his mom,”

    a music industry insider told Pagesix.Brown, who is alleged to have thrashed Rihanna in his rented Lamborghini early morning on February 8, after an argument with he rover a three page text from a woman on his cellphone, is reported to have staged the reconciliation after issuing a half hearted apology aweek after the incident.

    He TIPPED the paparazzi on his and Rihanna’s presence in Miami.”Chris is a dog,” a different source told Pagesix. “He’s always been so critical and nasty to Rihanna, making fun of her accent.”

  38. The Scout

    Rihanna seems to have been kidnapped by her handlers. Remember, Chris is an american, Rihanna is a small island girl, so she has to two the line. Where are her parents? That girl needs support, maybe under pressure she will do something stupid to herself. I still maintain that she should be releaved of her Ambassador’s status until this matter is resolved.

  39. shontelle fan

    Someone on the Oprah
    Show Friday alluded
    to the fact that someone
    had to tip off the Media & Paparazzi that
    a Rihanna & Chris reunion was
    actually taking place at Diddy’s Mansion.

    Sounds like a good PR move
    for Chris Brown’s case.

    What can I say?
    if Rihanna likes being used by
    Chris Brown for media attention,
    is She allows herself to thrown under
    the bus by his lawyers or
    Ii Rihanna enjoys being
    physically beaten by Chris Brown
    & being made the but of his jokes?
    There’s nothing people can do,
    It’s a self esteem issue.
    Good Luck Shontelle!

    Too Many Women let
    love & soft hearts
    Ruin their business plans & careers.
    Stay away from egotistical blokes
    like Chris Brown & Bobby Brown
    & reincarnated ike turners!

  40. Jukecheckedeyskirt


    You need to seriously rethink, refocus and reform. You are about to destroy yourself over a man that sought to destroy you. Is that what you want after working so hard for your stardom? Do not be foolish!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Questioner

    Why haven’t we heard anything from Evan Rogers and his Barbadian wife who discovered Rihanna?

  42. makoo

    chris brown’s abuse loving Mom
    seems very eager to stage the show to salvage
    his career & present him in the best light
    for publicity, going along with his planned
    schemes for the paparazzi !

    Chris Brown tipped off the press that
    Rihanna would be with him in Florida.
    Why? because Rihanna career is going to be rail-roaded, blacklisted and tossed under the bus !
    That’s Why!

    Chris Brown’s Mother
    is Some kind of mother for letting her
    unmarried Son shack up in another
    entertainer’s house (diddy’s),
    with Woman that He’d just been accused of beating at that?
    She sent Rihanna flowers on her birthday
    when Her son bought Rihanna gold and trinkets to win her affections back, He probably leaked
    that to the press too!

    I saw Mrs Brown sitting in on her Son’s hearing
    on CNN. She is worried too about her
    son not being able to cut her more checks to have a lavish lifestyle.
    She is just another show-biz pushy stage Mom with no morals! They are cutting Rihanna off from contact with her own Family to turn her against them & manipulate her mind, while
    She is isolated from her Family. Keep that
    woman away from Rihanna!

    Chris Browns Mother needs to go back to
    Virginia and wait for call !

  43. makoo

    if Rihanna and Chris Brown were married in Fla
    as it was Rumored, Why weren’t Rihanna’s Family Invited or Let in on this latest development? Is it another shut out by Chris Brown’s Mom
    & his PR team who is definitely running the show? Maybe Rihanna is being brainwashed by Brown’s team while she is vulnerable. Rihanna is naive girl, most of all? She is not American !

    Americans will rally for the America Chris Brown to make a come back. American Men plotting on her & conniving to save Chris Brown’s image and make her out to be the “the bad guy” .
    They are going to prevail in the media over a small island girl.

    She is the passive wuss victim and She will be blacklisted over this in America. If Small island Girls cannot think ahead , protect themselves or Compete with the Bad Boys in the American Music Business { who are going to stick together to profit Americans in the music fraternigy like Ditty, JayZ, and Others }

    Perhaps Rihanna should have resigned herself to
    just being a pretty bank teller in Bim or school teacher or something ? Because They are going to
    stick together as American Men & Eat her Alive over this and spit out her bones, when they done !


    Rihanna has had a pretty enchanted career up until THIS point. You could say she has, over the last year or so, been quite the media darling. She has dropped hit after hit, become and international star, and made very powerful friends in the biz. She is one of the top performers right now and it wouldn’t take much to see her transition over to movies and stuff if she has any interest in that. The girl is hot.But I will go on record and say that if she does in fact take back Chris Brown, as has been rumored, then she will be committing career suicide.It would be practically impossible to look up to the girl. How can you really respect someone that decides to go back with such a douche bag. Make no mistake, I am not saying it’s an easy thing to walkaway, but from what we know, it’s the only thing.Business wise she would be closing the door on a lot of endorsements. How can a company use her as the face of their products if she is passively Complying with a woman beater?

  44. aneesha

    I hear you Makoo!
    Diddy, Chris Brown and JayZ will be
    trading bachelor’s pads and patting
    each other on their backs playing
    billiards and smoking cigars together soon
    laughing over abuse thing like a private joke
    in an elite boy’s club !

    Rihanna who?

    Beyonce could be behind this in
    stamp out the pretty small island singers
    and Buy American Campaign lol lol lol
    They are in a Recession & Rihanna and JayZ too close!

  45. TOC

    This is not totally accurate information. The Violence against Women Act has done in the USA is to allow immigrant women who are being abused to adjust their immigrant status. The abuse must have happened in the US & must have been performed by a citizen or legal permanent resident. So Rihanna does not have to get married to him to feel she will be protected if he brings counter charges.

  46. TOC

    My response after reading the events of the beating is thank God he was distracted by driving!! Goodness knows how this situation would have turned out if this had happened within the confines of a home! Apparently Rihanna is alleged to have told police that there was violence in their relationship and that the violence was escalating.
    So the “battered woman syndrome” theory might be true. Difficult for us to fathom, but we will have to wait and see what happens next. Lets hope Rihanna makes a choice that keeps her safe.

  47. kiki

    They are both very young
    C Brown is 20
    Rihanna is 26

    Compatibility of chris brown with rhianna
    Physical 22% Emotional 1% Intellectual 100% Overall 41%

  48. bob

    Take a Bow !
    It seems like Rihanna is being set up to take a Hard Fall from the lack of aggressive management
    decisions on this incident for career and
    image protection measures.

    It’ Strange! Maybe Jay Z.’s hands are really tied?
    He’s married now, Harmony in the home
    with his beautiful wife is more important, than
    Rihanna’s career! Rihanna isn’t tenacious enough to be in business, She is a lovestruck martyr!

    It’s an old boys network in the music business.
    When did Puff Daddy become a cupid
    matchmaker for Chris Brown? He messed over the model Kim Porter! He has no wife! How Many Kids does Puff Daddy have out there?
    Beyonce and her Girls could be helping to set the
    “single lady” Rihanna up, texting sex message to Chris!
    Maybe Rihanna stepped on some important toes
    in the business and it’s her time to go?As that old song says
    “Never trust a big butt and smile!”
    Especially if that big butt is married to Jay Z.
    They always say “Hell hath no fury like a Woman Scorned!

  49. pfft

    Battered Women’s Syndrome is something that is real, as much as most of you are trying to discount it.
    I don’t give a fuck about Rihanna, the start (rolls eyes) but some of you seem to forget that despite everything she is still a person, who is prone just like we all are to make stupid mistakes.
    Most abused people go back to their abusers a total of ten times before they finally make a break or are killed.
    I wish her the best.

  50. Worried about Rihanna

    Beyonce looked tacky at the Academy Awards in that red show-girl outfit that she performed in. It was almost like she was saying – take that Rihanna! I didn’t care for the dress she wore on the red carpet either.
    Bajans have to come together and show support for our girl. The verbal abuse she has taken from some Bajans is almost as bad as the physical abuse she suffered from the hands of Chris Brown.

  51. Jinx

    It is almost as if some barbadians were just waiting for her to make a mistake. And to suggest that she “needs Jesus ” or she should “sing gospel instead” would somehow save her from such unfortunate situations is ludicrous!
    Jippy Doyle, Jim Jones, Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Baker and the other “revered” experts of religion, What´s thier excuse for falling from grace?

    Rihanna (like so many abused women) must at some point empower herself to move on with her life.

    To do any less is emotional or even worse, physical suicide!

  52. crossroads

    is rihanna the next whitney houston or britney spears?

  53. Sing-a-song

    I have no idea why you Bajans don’t leave Rihanna and that nice boy Chris Brown alone. Love must have its way. So what if things got a little physical, can’t we all just get along? Who hasn’t had to “throw hand” sometimes to make a point? Come on people don’t be hypocrites. It was only last year that we were feting the two of them in Bridgetown. Let’s focus on those good times not the bad times that we all have. Just remember Jesus loves us all.

  54. bystander

    sorry Kiki,,

    Chris is 19 and Rihanna is 21..

    its too bad she hasn’t learned from this mistake but she will have to learn from it.

    I haven’t read many of the previous posts, but likely, if there is a union, then it’s orchestrated by the manager of both , who has to make them both look good or his career is over.

    Chris needs to spend 4 years in Jail and Rihanna needs to get back to barbados, get some good home grown sense back into her head.. learn what good virtues and values are all about and then go back out into the world and put them too good use (notice I didn’t say anything about finding Jesus or singing in the choir).

  55. Yea-Right

    It didn’t just get a “little” physical…it went overboard, I’m not taking sides, but either way he needs to suffer some real consequences, he could have killed the girl….it’s funny how people can just simply look past that…like he just tapped her on the shoulder too hard or something.

  56. BooRadley

    Rihanna is now a star now….her life is now for the public….what ever she does reflects on her image……she even has an ambassador title… go back after being beaten so has just ended her career… the public’s eye she is weak and stupid and she will loose all respect and credibility…..i am sorry to say her career is going to take a turn for the worst….that’s fact

    Me personally, if these rumors are true, I will find a new artist to replace her on my ipod….

  57. Rihanna is such an idiot, and her father is just unreasonable and weak. I’ve already heard someone in bdos say “Rihanna and Chris are back together even after the beating; so, we…” after a bad break-up. Brilliant!

  58. reluctant nonbeliever

    good question…

  59. kiki

    New numbers (just for fun) are

    Compatibility of Rihanna with chris brown
    Physical 91% Emotional 63% Intellectual 50% Overall 68%

  60. Sundowner

    I really hope the rumours are false, I thought the girl had more sense.


  62. but if she married him she was and is stupid once the abuse start and a person feels as if they can keep getting away with it the abuse will happen again

  63. mirna

    I saw rihanna’s Father on
    TV last night.

    I felt compassion for his plight.
    Those People in the USA are not rihanna’s
    Parents. Chris Brown’s conniving
    Mother is also not her Parent.
    She’s ignoring and isolating
    herself from her Parents and Family
    over an obsession with immature abusive boy?
    That’s deplorable and disrespectful.

  64. When important and accomplished people speak, they know what they are saying

    “Amid reports that Rihanna and Brown have reconciled, Oprah sounded this warning: “Love doesn’t hurt, and if a man hits you once, he will hit you again!”

    And Donald Trump had a harsh reaction to the idea that Rihanna is back with Brown: “If she goes back, she’s a loser, and she doesn’t deserve to have any future success.”

    Having heard all these people- especially Trump, I wouldn’t think twice before I dump anything even if he’s family. That’s it for her career, public life, future…; she’s screwed (over the phantom sentiment tagged “love”).

  65. Fence Sitter

    I felt sympathy when I considered it to be a case of battering a woman. Now with all the pussyfooting and lack of anything meaningful out of Rihanna or her “handlers” (handlers..jeez..what has she gotten herself tangle up in atall) it is now a big PR coverup on behalf of the perpetrator or heaven forbid some smoke and mirrors suspense story with a climax designed for maximum PR mileage to pad somebody pocket full o’ $$$$$$$. Either way she’s a idiot/loser.

  66. Beefcake

    Hopefully Rihanna will listen to Oprah if she ignores everybody else in the world.

    It’s in today’s news headlines.

  67. Pingback: Global Voices Online » Caribbean: Message for Rihanna

  68. Sundowner

    Now they are reported to be recording a song together, I really hope this is another rumour and she’s not this stupid.

  69. Sanjean

    Silly, silly girl. In every picture of Miss Rhianna and Thug Brown together she is draped all over him. His body language speaks volumes, She needs to spend time away from him and take a reality check. Girl I am sure your mother did not bring you into this world for a manboy to kick your axx. And Mrs Fenty what advice are you giving to your daughter right now!! Move on Rhianna you can do so must better!!!

  70. midwest man

    I’ve read something about this on a
    Barbadian forum recently.
    Why is Combs getting in the middle
    of this, with his track record with women?
    He’s even appeared with Ellen Degenerate
    explaining his match making attempts lending
    Chris Brown the house to meet Rihanna at.

    GlossLip » Sean “Diddy” Combs Needs To Meet Chris Brown’s Fist

    American Rap , R&B has Fraternity of Men
    who will stick together , through
    thick and thin & They will do
    anything to keep their members from
    going to jail or going to prison. Look at
    TI, R. Kelly, Jay Z , Chris Brown?
    Soon, They will be all hanging out together and sharing laughs & swapping porn and pimp videos , while Rihanna’s career trashes & burns – when she recants & takes the fall for Chris Brown and causing his abuse towards her.

    Rihanna is Chris Browns silly
    love fool sick pawn.

  71. Winston Hall

    rihanna did what was best for rihanna

    since no one knows what really happens but them, dont u think rihanna based on exactly what happened reconciled with chris brown? think about it, after the incident, the ppl that really know what occured are backing the reconciliation.

    also let me ad this, they are offensive wounds and they are defensive wounds.

    if im driving my 2 seater lamborghini and a emotionally charged woman is in the passenger seat is hitting me, how do i keep her off of me whilst trying to bring the lambo under control?

    i will push her away from me with my free hand, i may have to grab her to keep her away. i may have to grabble her tightly, whilst scuffling she will be thrashing about in my 2 seater low roof lambo, she will be injured.

    but anyways let me repeat, i wasnt there but they are scenarios that can explain the injuries.

    and the statement you saw was from the lapd account of the incident, rihana aint gonna use words like “he choked my carteroid artery” etc etc.

    emotions were charged high during when the statements were given and at the momment she could just be adament to make him pay for his infidelities.

    but who knows, chris who has no other documented allegations of domestic abuse prolly decided on that night to go apeshit on rihanna, biggest teen celeb in US.

  72. Liverpool Solicitor

    Hope all of this is just rumour and that she is staying sensible.

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