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Murder, Assassination Or Accident In Zimbabwe – PM Morgan Tsvangirai In Hospital, Wife Dead

Truck Hit Car, Mrs. Tsvangirai Dies

Truck Hit Car, Mrs. Tsvangirai Dies

Zimbabwe Prime Minister Tsvangirai Injured, Wife Killed in Auto Accident

March 6 (Bloomberg) — Zimbabwe Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai was injured and his wife killed in a car crash today outside Harare, officials from his Movement for Democratic Change party said.

Tsvangirai was with his wife, Susan, a party official and a driver at the time of the crash, the prime minister’s spokesman, James Maridadi, said in a telephone interview from Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital. His injuries aren’t believed to be critical, Maridadi said.

“Morgan will be devastated” by his wife’s death, said Eddie Cross, a national executive member of the MDC, in a telephone interview from Harare. “They were very close.”

Tsvangirai’s vehicle was traveling south, heading for Buhera, his home district, where he was to address a political rally tomorrow, Maridadi said. It was hit by a large truck whose driver had fallen asleep, said MDC spokesman Nelson Chamisa in a telephone interview today…

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Savage Animal Chris Brown “Barrage Of Punches”, Choked Carotid Arteries, Bit Rihanna’s Fingers & Ear – Rihanna’s Blood Splattered Over Vehicle Interior

LA Police Search Warrant Public Document

LA Police Search Warrant Details Chris Brown's Horrific Attack on Robyn Rihanna Fenty

How Can Rihanna Go Back To This Vicious Animal?

Various news reports indicate that Rihanna and Chris Brown are “back together” in what knowledgable observers call a clear case of battered woman syndrome. Other reports say that Brown punched Rihanna in the eye on a previous occasion a year ago.

If Rihanna has gone back to Chris Brown, it will be two careers ruined because Rihanna will instantly lose the respect of millions of women who will now view her as weak and stupid.

Read the full story right from the Los Angeles Police search warrant about the case at The Smoking Gun


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