Canadian Women Attacked On Barbados Beach – Shocked Barbadians Offer Regrets, Sympathy and Best Wishes To Victims, Families and Friends

Terry Schwarzfeld Remains In Coma

Terry Schwarzfeld Remains In Coma

Our Message To The Victims and Their Families and Friends

The staff at Barbados Free Press joins with all Bajans in praying for the full and swift recovery of Terry Schwarzfeld and Lauana Cotsman. We also pray for their families and friends, that they may have the long-term strength, love and support – whatever is needed – so the victims and their families can get their normal lives back as soon as possible. We want the families and friends to know that all Barbadians, whoever they are and whatever their position in life, will do whatever they can to help, to make things right where we can, and to put the man who did this away for a long, long time.

Bajans are sorry this happened and if Barbados can do anything to make sure it never happens to anyone again, we want to see those preventative measures taken for the safety of all who visit and who live in our country.

At Barbados Free Press we pledge to do our part by providing transparency and oversight to everything that touches this event. We will maintain interest in the case and, although we are sure that every Bajan will do their best for the victims and the families, we will be here if the families at any time wish to deliver any message directly to Barbadians.

May God bless all of you during this trying time.

At BFP we believe that transparency and public discussion of any event is an important part of making sure that victims obtain justice and truth. This is only the first of many articles that we will publish about the attacks and whatever happens afterwards.

Terry Schwarzfeld & Lauana Cotsman Attack Receiving Huge International Coverage

“Barbados is one of the top tourist locations in the Americas, and crime does happen, just as it does on the streets of Canada,” said Peter Kent, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs for the Americas. Calling the incident “unfortunate,” Kent said crimes against tourists in Barbados remain rare.

… Canada’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs talks positively about Barbados to Canada’s news media. (link here)

The brutal attack of two Canadian women tourists on Barbados’ famous Long Beach is a lead story across Canada this week – and is likely to remain high on the news watch as Mrs. Terry Scharzfeld is still in an induced coma in Canada with severe head injuries. As mentioned by Canadian government officials, a serious attack upon tourists is a rare occurrence in Barbados, but now that it has happened we at Barbados Free Press intend to keep this story on the front burner and maintain oversight of our country’s response to this outrage and tragedy.

As Bajans Respond, We Should Remember The Lessons Of Natalee Holloway

In my opinion, Aruba’s longterm fallout from the Natalle Holloway disappearance/murder/incident stems not from the tragedy itself – for tourist deaths, robberies, injuries and disappearances are not unknown at any travel destination. For Aruba, the damage resulted from the government and police response to her disappearance – both during the initial, obviously incompetent and corrupted police investigation and then as Aruba failed to counter an image that the Aruban elites are treated with kidd gloves and are above the law and common morality. In a word the perception was, “cover-up”.

Lesson one for Barbados therefore, is to realize that, once in a while, terrible things will happen on this island. Drunken teenaged tourists will get into cars with bad people while their school mates do nothing to prevent it, or the naive will go for a midnight swim in the surf – not thinking that hungry sharks come closer to shore for night feeding. These things will always happen no matter how much we try to prevent them.

… read the rest of the lessons we should have learned in the Barbados Free Press, February 16, 2007 article: Say “Aruba” – Think “Natalee Holloway”



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97 responses to “Canadian Women Attacked On Barbados Beach – Shocked Barbadians Offer Regrets, Sympathy and Best Wishes To Victims, Families and Friends

  1. passin thru

    I am personally sorry this happened to nice people visiting us. My sympathys for her family.

  2. PiedPiper

    It is very unfortunate that this has happened to these two women. From what I understand, they had been vacationing in Barbados for a number of years so I am surprised that they were not aware that Long Beach is not the best place to go for a stroll after dark. I wish them a speedy recovery and hope that the brutal culprit is caught.

  3. westcoastcanada

    very sad to hear about this attack. She is a prominent member of Ottawa’s Jewish community and president of Canadian chapter of Hadassah-WIZO which was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in 2005. Hope the attacker gets to spend a good length of time in the new prison.

  4. Anonymouss

    We are very sorry for this incident and all violent crimes committed on our shores. Our prayers are with the family.

    We hope all is possible will be done to arrest this trend.

    reluctant nonbeliever brought this article to our attention under about us & submissions. The situation in very disturbing.

  5. Astrix

    The report I read was that the attack occurred shortly after 4.00 PM

  6. Hants

    I wish to extend my sympathy to these ladies and hope for a speedy recovery.

    This incident was on ctv Canada national news this morning.
    As a Barbadian living in Canada it was unpleasant to see it.

    The Government of Barbados and the Commissioner of Police must take decisive action to make Barbados safer.

    nuh lotta long talk.
    Start patrols by the Defence Force and undercover cops now.

  7. Hants

    Tourists have an expectation of safety when they go to Barbados.

    Tourism is vital to the economy. Tourists must be protected.

  8. Sad for the victims and sad for Barbados.
    I have avoided Long Beach for a long time as I know it is not a safe place to be.
    A friend was attacked there last winter but managed to escape with a few bruises and plenty of anger.

  9. Stressed Out

    Once I was with my family at Crane Beach (in broad daylight) on the stretch to the north of the Crane– there were other people but a person came out from under the cliff and I certainly felt threatened by him. I would stay off any unfrequented beach around the late afternoon/ early evening– think about it this is the time that those that prey upon others need a bit of money to get some food and drink and who knows what else.

  10. PiedPiper

    Thanks for setting me straight on the time Astrix.

  11. Mathilde

    when i think of all the times my friends and I had bonfires on that beach, spent the whole night there as teenagers, and amazingly nothing happened. Just makes me shudder 😦 was it luck or have things deteriorated that much in 5 years??

  12. PiedPiper

    Those parro types must be living in the sea grape bushes down there which are quite dense. The RBPF should go down there and do a clean sweep and I don’t mean with a broom.

  13. Thomas Gresham

    Dear Hants,

    Well said.

  14. Sundowner

    I agree something has to be done about this, this wasn’t the only attack on this beach, and there have been others on other beaches. Locals and tourists alike should be able to walk and enjoy our beaches safely.
    My thoughts are with the families, what a terrible holiday memory.

  15. Rumboy

    A speedy recovery.

  16. -Bajan Bullets-

    My heartfelt sympathy goes out to the family, friends, and community of Terry Schwarzfeld. May you find comfort and strength to make it through this difficult time. We join you in your hopes for a swift and complete recovery.

    This incident is both disheartening and embarrassing for all Bajans. It is truly unfortunate that a few bad apples can paint such an ugly face on our otherwise beautiful island and beautiful people.

  17. The Scout

    I join with other Barbadians and Barbadian friends in condemming this attack on our WELCOMED visitors. I hope this doesn’t deter others from visiting this beautiful country. It must be noted however, that this is not Utopia and incedents would happen. Please accept our deepest sympathy and please don’t paint the entire Barbadian citizenship on what one person did.

  18. The Scout

    I’m not saying that it wasn’t a bajan who did this act but one thing that puzzles me is that bajans are being blamed for every little thing that goes wrong in this country. There are too many non-national thugs that are flocking to our shores like bees to honey or better like flies to filth.

  19. reality check


    The BDF ( Barbados Defence Force ) is just up the hill from Long Beach.

    They could easily do random regular sweeps of all beaches in Barbados and keep a record of all people potentially looking for trouble.

    This would mean immediately initiating an action plan requested by the AG and other relevant parliamentarians.

    It would be great if the PM stepped up to the plate and announced a crackdown.

  20. Beefcake

    The problem is that our legal system protects people from arbitrary action.

    Places like Brasil empower the police to “clean out” trouble areas, but a price is paid with such mechanisms as those same tools can be used against political opponents.

    The police could stamp out petty gangs if they wanted to, but it would change the face of Barbados.

    Unfortunately there is no good solution except for increased and persistent police presence. The risk of being apprehended will reduce the likelihood that a crime is committed. However, another problem with the policing system here is that the police efforts will only last a week before it is the status quo.

    Police patrolled the Boardwalk for maybe 2 weeks?

  21. carryOnBag

    Lots of warm sentiments, concern and ideas on this issue posted here.

    Some are surprised that visitors are not aware of what sounds like ongoing issues at Long Beach. Are locals and tourists alike proactively warned by hotels etc. of things that are best avoided (particular area or whatever)?

    On March 3rd I saw an article on the incident but it has now vanished…

    Other stories published that day remain available…

  22. The Truth

    This should not have taken 3 days to reach The Nation and 5 days to get on here, not to mention it has not reached CBC TV yet. This is a huge black eye for Barbados and hushing it up will not work in the age of the Internet. The authorities should have sought the help of locals in tracking down the creep(s) who perpetrated this several days ago. Also, if they are not going to patrol Long Beach properly, then close it to the public.

    My thoughts and prayers are with these unfortunate visitors.

  23. The Truth

    I don’t know if people here have seen this –

  24. boredickey

    I hope one day that Parliament passes legislation increasing the penalties for crimes against tourists especially in these times. Too many people here depend on this great industry for their daily bread. Rgw minimum sentence for theft should be ten years and once blood is shed, 20 years.

  25. reluctant nonbeliever

    Appreciate the acknowledgement, Anonymous…

  26. reluctant nonbeliever

    Go to About Us and Submissions for two links that I posted yesterday about this story.
    It happened days ago and so far there’s been no mention of it on CBC evening news.
    What a surprise…


  27. Beefcake

    It happened on Saturday; it took 5 days to get posted here.

  28. Sundowner

    The Truth has the link to the other attack, as did Non Believer, people seem to think they are the same incident, definitely not! nearly a year apart.

  29. Rumboy

    I totally agree and when the culprit is arrested his nationality should be stated and the news of the arrest should be fed to the international pressfor damage control reasons if nothing else but I bet you it is a Bajan.

  30. Sad To Say

    My sympathy to the victim and her family. We ALL need to do our part in tackling the problem of visitor harassment, only last Friday I was driving past Accra and I observed on the side walk a paro grabbing the arm of a visitor strolling along the sidewalk yet everyone around (including some nearby taxi drivers) did not seemed to want to get involved, I had to slow down and sit on my horn and it was at that moment that the paro let go. The obviously releaved visitor waved in gratitude. We can not allow these drop outs from society to further undermine our ability to survive these tough economic times.

  31. Visitor from Maine

    What is a “paro” please?

  32. Anon

    A paro is a guy usually hooked on drugs who basically lives on the streets and begs or steals to survive (or buy drugs). Some of them return bottles or wash cars to make money honestly. They are unkempt and dirty and look far older than they really are because of their lifestyle.

    My sympathies as well to the lady and her family and I wish her a speedy recovery. Unfortunately, saying Barbados is relatively safe is no comfort for them right now…

  33. Anonymouss

    A “paro” is a vagrant who is generally adicted to a substance.

  34. John

    That list is pretty damning and that’s the truth.

    The last one is particularly gruesome.

    ……. but isn’t it gruesome whether it was a tourist or local ……. and shouldn’t the perpetrator be lost way in jail regardless of the victim being a tourist?

    December 1998: Thirty-eight-year-old American tourist Gwendolyn Elmore died after being hit by a speeding taxi van in the resort town of St. Lawrence and dragged more than 75 feet. In 2003, bus driver Randolph Allamby Howard was sentenced on charges of charges of reckless driving can causing a death by dangerous driving.

  35. Sad To Say

    Sad to Say this article and others like it can destroy our tourist industry in a flash. One of the unfortunate lines is “Several people came out of the building, but didn’t do anything. They just looked at us.” How does this portray us as Bajans to the rest of the world? I think the least that the BDS MOT can do is to ask our HC Evelyn Greaves to contact this lady and offer to pay for physiological counselling for she seems to be still reliving the incident one year after the fact.

  36. reluctant nonbeliever

    You’re missing the point.

    It’s this recent attack that caused the woman to write about her own bad experience at Long Beach.

    In other words, the Canadian public is being told that this was NOT a one-off incident.

  37. Sargeant


    Don’t know if it was a regular patroll but I saw two members of the Defence Force On Enterprise Beach
    ( Miami beach) two days ago

  38. permres

    My wife and myself extend our heart-felt sympathies to these two Canadians, and wish them a speedy recovery, including getting over the psychological stress this sort of thing can induce.

    I agree with comments above that we do not want Barbados to turn into a police state, not least because it encourages further corruption within the forces of law and order themselves. However, a more pro-active engagement of our policemen and women with these dregs of society surely needs to be implemented, somehow? Recruits can be trained into trust-worthy officers. It all starts at the top.

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  40. Hants

    THe immediate solution is to deploy the BDF to patrol the beaches.

    There must be no more “incidents” like this one.

    Agressive decisive action must be taken.

    2 soldiers patroling near a hotel is not going to upset the guests.

    Better safe than sorry.

  41. Lynne

    I feel that crime against tourists in barbados is being covered up. Day after day, the Advocate has articles about encouraging tourism, cruise ships etc. with photos of Richard sealy. However, nowhere does it mention the crime problem. I was robbed last year on Rockley Beach. When the police came, they said I should go to Miami Beach as it was safer. So the police openly recognized that there were robberies on Rockley Beach. I wrote an editorial letter to the Advocate but of course, it wasn’t printed. I also contacted Mr. sealey but received no response.

  42. Lynne

    I have never seen police patrolling Long Beach!

  43. Bad Man Saying Nuttin

    the BDF should be patrolling beaches every day; we have close to 1,000 soldiers, coast guard etc how hard is it to let 20 of these soldiers patrol daily as a training excercise
    each day have 10 groups of 2 on 10 different beaches with radios to contact a roving response unit in the case of any incidents. have them armed and on occasion let them do overt patrolling on other occasions let them do concealment and evasive techniques or monitoring. And let this be an ongoing thing not just for 3 weeks and then stop. Also mandate that the local police stations closest to beaches do 3 drive thru, stop or survey sweeps a day and make them log them. make that a permanent part of a police station’s responsibilities. People HAVE to understand that Tourism is our business and every one MUST play their part. and dont tell me about a lack of resources. Prioritise and focus on making our lovely habitat safe and enjoyable for both tourists and locals.

  44. atush


    when I was on Enterprise Beach on Sat Feb 28th, there was an incident involving the police. And car with lights flashing turned up and I heard someone talking on a loudspeaker. but my children and I were on the end of the beach near Little Arches so we couldn’t see/hear exactly what happened. I assumed it was a raid or something but have no idea. Calmed down pretty quickly afterwards.

  45. atush

    Well, lots of posts and threads about this incident have disappeared at Trip Advisor, so you may have a point.

    Similar threads about crime incidents have remained on other TA forums such as Antigua and Orlando.

  46. I am very sorry to hear about this attack. Long Beach is a beautiful beach that used to be deserted even during the week day. Surprised to hear it was famous!

    People on vacation tend to be more relaxed, and tend to let their guards down. While I hope that it does not get like Miami where all the beaches are closed at night, it may be difficult for the BDF to patrol every beach in Barbados.

    By the way, I could not find this story on the Nation News online edition.

  47. one year ago

    For those of you who read the story about my unfortunate incident on Long Beach one year ago, please try to understand the reasoning. The whole point in bringing this information into the light is in the hopes that the erroneous reports describing this as a ‘rare’ incident are stopped. This is NOT a rare incident. For their safety, tourists need the facts. They will STILL come to your island. It’s beautiful! You just need to ensure they come prepared.
    As ‘reluctant non-believer’ points out, my story was published because having two women from the same city in less than one year attacked on the same Caribbean beach is news. We were very fortunate that our experience didn’t end up the same as Terry Schwarzfeld. The heartless response from ‘Sad to Say’ suggesting I need counselling for reliving an event is almost unbelievable. Am I to assume it’s better to just shut up about it? I’d suggest to you that therein lies the problem. If you bring the bad news into the open, perhaps your government would take the necessary steps to protect your beaches. This will ENCOURAGE tourism. Why hide the problem? The U.S. didn’t put on a travel advisory in January of last year for no reason. Several tourists were attacked at gun point. These incidents are not rare. They are just well covered up in your country to protect the tourism industry on which you depend.
    Our local newspaper approached me and asked if I would recount my experience since it was the same beach. My heart goes out to Terry Schwarzfeld and her daughter-in-law. I know the terror they endured before being knocked unconscious. I pray for her total recovery. And I pray that your beautiful country can find a way to promote itself in a more honest light. Something as simple as a sign at the entrance to that beach warning tourists that due to its isolation they should use at their own risk. In Canada we post signs warning visitors of areas where wildlife such as bear could pose a risk. This kind of honesty doesn’t stop tourists. It protects them.

  48. Willie

    BFP, I have to admit that you have become my most dependable source of news about Barbados. I find it more and more difficult to follow the Advocate and now the Nation (with its new format that is a challenge for busy people). I commend you on the sensitivity with which you have responded to the recent misadventure befalling the two Canadians, and your encouragement of Barbadians to react. There is no mention of the incident in today’s Ottawa Citizen newspaper, which might be a good sign but not an indication that it ends there.

    I try to follow VOB online but had to turn off the ravings of one Mr. Babb earlier today. He would do well to read BFP and its contributors on a daily basis. Some balance should be in order when you are placed in a position to influence public opinion. Not for the first time, I have found that Mr. Babb insults the intelligence of listeners with his put down of other countries in the region in his attempt to build up Barbados. Earlier it was how Antigua had failed to deliver and that Barbados could show the others how to do things (the ticket fiasco and members of the media locked in washrooms during the recent Test match at Kensington really showed them).

    Today his rant was about crime in Jamaica, Guyana and Trinidad and the “smaller” islands in the region. But Barbados is an example for the region and perhaps the world because of its stability, governance, judicial system etc. I don’t deny Barbados’ accomplishments but there are problems to be addressed. We cannot afford to hide our heads in the sand and pretend that problems afflicting others are beyond us.


    BFP says,

    Thanks for your support Willie. I wish we had wah it take to do this full time but ya gotta eat, you know?

  49. livinginbarbados

    While reports of crimes, especially violent ones, are rare and rarely published, there does appear to be a considerable amount of crimes not being reported. Tourists I have met have mentioned being held up during the day time while visiting various tourists attractions such as Earthworks, where the terrain and slope of the land force motorists to drive more slowly.

    Perhaps Lynn could offer her letter to the blogs, and I gladly offer mine as a place to publicise what you wrote to The Advocate (with no intention to curb BFP from offering likewise).

  50. livinginbarbados

    Increasing legislation and penalties does not address the non reporting of crimes or the inability to catch criminals. It also does not stop crime from occurring.

  51. livinginbarbados

    Tourists often have their guard down indeed, but stories I have heard include from local women being attacked (usually in their cars), and their reports often being dismissed or met with indifference by the police.

  52. Hants

    @ Bad Man Saying Nuttin

    great ideas.

    On any given day there are probably a few hundred soldiers doing nothing.Barbados does not go to war.

    The Coast Guard takes care of offshore incidents.

    The army should take care of the beaches.

    God help Barbados if a prominent American is ever attacked. CNN will crucify the Island.

  53. Hants

    Well said Willie.

    What does it matter if another Island 100 murders and Barbados has one incident involving a tourist.

    Canadian news did not report incidence of crime in other Caribbean islands.

    They reported the attack in Barbados in Prime time.
    Tourism is a critical industry in Barbados and must be protected.

  54. mark

    There is a need for greater police patrol or presence in this area of Barbados. Recently the hotel where we stayed had an attempted robbery at gunpoint in the same area. Long Beach is not that isolated and we walked this lovely beach numerous times over the past few weeks. Our thoughts and prayers go out to fellow tourist and canadian. I hope the police catch this one bad element.

  55. mark

    Ok this was a daytime attack 4 pm is still light out and lots of people take walks along the south coast. We walked this area numerous times and yes Long Beach is not crowded , the odd kite surfer , Surfer point is close by as well but tourist should feel safe going for a walk along any beach in Barbados. After Sunset on lonely desserted beaches or in the dark in not advised anywhere.

  56. Straight talk

    May I inject a note of caution into the deployment of an armed BDF presence on our beaches.

    What legal justification or authority has the military to carry out these policing duties?

    This is a very major step , which few may realise, given the availability of a well armed force, but I caution all, it being the thin end of the wedge.

  57. Barbados

    police in Barbados must find where these criminals
    congregate, and make an example of the culprits. If Barbados want to continue with tourism, then the security of our guest is paramount. It is important that people feel safe on our island, for crying out loud, they are our guest and we should treat them as we would like to be treated, when we travel to foreign countries. The world is in a recession we are lucky that tourist are still coming to Barbados.

  58. Sad To Say

    OYA: I suggested that you needed psychological counselling because of the following: “I’ll never be the same. I won’t. I was always a person who wasn’t comfortable walking at night alone. I couldn’t do that. But now I’m having problems walking in the day alone, or getting on the elevator and there’s a lone guy there. Your whole sense of trust is destroyed.” These are YOUR words. I am truly sorry for what you and your friend went through when you were last here in my beautiful island. It was never my intention to upset you (or anyone else), however I did and still do sincerely believe that a few sessions with a professional may get you past the remnant psychological scars as a result of your very unfortunate ordeal. My sincere apologies if I offended you in any way as a result of my overzealous candour.

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  60. Questioner

    Is there a life guard hut and life guard present at Long Beach? If there isn’t there should be. The beach is used by both tourists and locals. Do lifeguards on other beaches have a means of communication if they need to contact the authorities? Does anybody know?

  61. reluctant nonbeliever

    It’s a lot more dangerous down at Long Beach since the hotel was knocked down. Always quiet, it’s even more deserted down there now. Though I’ve also been told that for this reason (its isolation) it was always a popular place for tourists who wanted to do a bit of nude sunbathing, so inevitably drew a few neighbourhood freaks who would lurk in the sea-grape bushes…

  62. reluctant nonbeliever

    No, no guard hut or life-guard.
    See my post below.

  63. The Truth

    I am totally ashamed of the Government of Barbados on this one. It is now clear that there is in fact a conspiracy of silence on this issue in Barbados. After an entire week – not a single word from Government (including the state-owned TV) acknowledging that this event ever took place, far less a public apology to the victims. In the wide-ranging debates in parliament this week the only thing that may be construed as a reference to this incident came last night in these curious words from the Minister of Tourism – “…our efforts in Canada are being undermined by other things…” Is that what it is – a “thing” getting in the way of our tourism efforts? The upshot of this conspiracy of silence is that nothing is going to be done at Long Beach or anywhere else just like things remained the same after last year’s incident. I am ashamed of Barbados.

  64. Isa

    Dear Terry and Luana, I am a Barbadian who has lived abroad for many years, now fully retired and settled back in Barbados. Most people see me as a foreigner! If you like Barbados please come back and do not let these paros run you. We should be able to walk freely on any beach. If attacked fight back and defend yourself, most of them are weak, hungry and cowards.

    I was a nurse abroad and walked to work, sometimes for night duty. I was advised to carry an alarm and a spray can. I lived alone and was burgled. Anywhere in the world we can, and should, feel afraid. But fear gives us the confidence to defend ourselves. I am very sorry for what has happened to you, and I hope all Barbadians and our government give you the fullest support. I do not think that the person who attacked you was a Barbadian.

  65. atush

    Publishing articles about crime won’t hurt your tourism industry as much as a coverup or censorship will. Tourists aren’t as stupid as you think- we can read between the lines.

    As proof, I offer the Natalie Hollway case and the resultant effect on tourism there.

    Truth will always win out over lies.

  66. permres

    “Police are generally ineffective in deterring crime and response times can be extreme.”

    Taken from in The Ottawa Citizen:

    The link is to a report in the Ottawa Citizen which says that Terry Schwarzfeld’s condition has worsened. The report also gives some travel websites and their comments on crime in Barbados. OUR GOVERNMENT MUST DO SOMETHING!

  67. Joycie

    I am a 60 year old Bajan woman, who lives in the Christ Church area. I am indeed sorry about what happened to these Canadian visitors. However, there is no way that I would ever walk along a lonely desserted beach here in Barbados or anywhere in the world for that matter, unless I had a group of persons with me. And even then I will remove my jewelry, and take no valuables. We need to be realistic, and while Barbados in general feels safe to me, there are things I just will not do here or anywhere. Maybe I am too cautious, but there is so much crime everywhere in the world. This could have happened in Canada, or Florida, Australia…anywhere for that matter. Our visitors need to be more aware and must be told not take chances that they will not take at home.

    I hope and pray for her speedy recovery.

  68. PiedPiper

    Joycie, you have raised an interesting issue. What does the BTA do to caution tourists and make them aware of the dangers? To the best of my knowledge, the BTA has taken a “head in the sand” position on making tourists more aware of crime in Barbados.
    For many years, Barbados has had a reputation as one of the safest Caribbean destinations and I suspect that the BTA wants to maintain that reputation, even though they know that this is no longer the case. I believe the BTA has a responsibility to protect tourists by being more truthful and pro-active in providing cautions to them. For a start, they could post very prominent signs along the more isolated beaches warning tourists that they may be placing themselves in jeopardy. At the arrivals lounge at the airport, a simple pamphlet should be handed to all tourists by customs and immigration, advising of some basic safety tips.

  69. Hants

    Warnings about crime and restricting the movement of Tourist is not a solution for a small island like Barbados.

    The Police must increase patrols and make the beaches safe. If they need more manpower and have to use the BDF so be it.

    The BTA pays ad agencies in North America millions to bring Tourist to Barbados.

    Prehaps Government will now budget a few million dollars to make the Island safer.

    As the Financial services industries plunge into recession Tourism will become the most important industry in Barbados.

    It must be protected.

  70. Jay

    I think your right Scout,it just seems so out of place.

  71. Jay

    Government is going to do NADA,NOTHING.There have been several bajans who have died mysteriously over the last few years & I think the same thing will happen to this one,it will be come another unsolved assault or murder.

    I mean the P.M doesn’t even want to enforce immigration laws what makes anyone think he’ll enforce ANY laws.

  72. Hants

    permres I support your call. “OUR GOVERNMENT MUST DO SOMETHING!”

    This story is getting wide media coverage in Canada and something must be done.

    If the Government takes decisive visible action it will give Tourists a level of security and comfort.

    Another incident like this will devastate the Tourist industry.

  73. PiedPiper

    “Prehaps Government will now budget a few million dollars to make the Island safer.”

    As it is highly unlikely that the government will do that, even if they had the money to do so, then someone has to take responsibility by informing tourists of the risks.

    With the exception of the recent gang shootings and violence in Mexico which has put a damper on tourism , tourists going to Mexico, go well informed about health risks, areas to be avoided, the dangers of walking about with a lot of jewelry on, and how to avoid the many scam artists that prey on tourists. This knowledge is imparted by travel agencies, trip advisor, TV ads by Health Canada and even by the Mexican government itself.

    To not make tourists aware of risks and to not give basic tips on how to keep themselves safe is morally and ethically wrong. People need to be able to make informed choices not only about where they vacation but how to conduct themselves to have a safe vacation.

  74. reality check

    what justification?

    Its called keeping the peace.

    well lets start with paros beating tourists senseless into a coma and almost murdering them not to mention ruining a tourist industry.

    Police patrol beaches all over the world, often with machine guns.

    The alternative is to do nothing which seems to be the Barbadian way.

    The thin edge of the wedge is that this crime will accelerate with a do nothing attitude and the little guy will suffer the consequences because fewer and fewer tourist dollars will be available to spread around the Barbados economy.

  75. Hants

    Government will deal with this problem aand information is only part of the solution.

    Get used to increased Police and BDF patrols on Beaches and in Tourist areas.

  76. Hants

    I don’t know where you live but there has been Naational Television coverage of this incident in Canada.

    Imagine what would happen if the next victim is an American.

    Tourism is vital to the Barbados economy.

    Deploy the BDF and increase police patrols now.

    Tourist must be protected even if they do not make safe decisions.

  77. rasta man

    Begs the question.What does the BDF really do?????

  78. love barbados

    as a Canadian and repeat visitor to St. Peter I can say it’s no surprise to me that this happened on Long Beach which seemed to me a very remote place…it’s so sad to see something like this define the island when in my experience it’s been safer than Canada..

  79. PiedPiper

    Hants, surely you jest? The government will deal with what? This is not the first incident of violence against tourists in Barbados and what has been done so far?

  80. reluctant nonbeliever

    “I do not think that the person who attacked you was a Barbadian.”


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  82. Robiv

    As a regular visitor to Barbados I have always relied on Trip Advisor to seek truthful opinions on all things, including safety issues, however they have consistently removed posts on this incident, these actions have received many objections from members, which have also been promptly removed.
    TA have attempted to justify this by claiming the issue is not family friendly and therefore in breach of their rules on posting. Surely nothing could be less ‘family friendly’ than depriving families of essential information without which they are highly likely to place themselves and their families in jeopardy.
    I feel their decision is irresponsible and their motives questionable and would suggest anyone seeking honest information on travel to Barbados take a look at this forum
    where it appears the members are regular visitors to the island are well informed and all issues are discussed openly and honestly.

  83. Hants

    It gets worse. CTV newsnet has updated their story with interviews with her husband and friends and they just showed the Barbados High Commissioner stating that Barbados is a safe destination.

    The more coverage this story gets the more damaging it will be.

    “de governments boots” should be deployed.
    A reward should be posted to help find this criminal who attacked these ladies.

    Adrian Loveridge can you tell us what the BTA and the BHTA are doing?

  84. Lynne

    When I was robed last year on Rockley Beach, I was contacted 10 months later by the police by email asking me to make a report about my “recent” robbery!

  85. atush

    I am a DE on TA and even I have strongly objected to TA censorship on this issue. I recently returned form BDS where I tool my 3 teen boys who love waves so Long Bay was on our list but luckily we did not visit as in all the months I was researching on TA no advisories about that or any beaches were published.

    Nothing I saw was family unfriendly on the threads/posts removed and crime threads in other forums are not as heavily censored.

    Someone with presumabley some influence is reporting these threads for removal be they a member of Bds Toruism or someone hwo derives their income from tourism oerhaps.

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  87. Pingback: Ottawa Citizen Newspaper, National Canadian Coverage: “Bajan Media Ignores Attack On Women. Feisty Barbados Free Press Only Outlet To Speak Out For Schwarzfeld” « Barbados Free Press

  88. .40

    It is unfortunate the incident – but long beach can not be regarded as the safest of areas. I lived in an apartment overlooking longbeach and even though there were the times i dared to go for an early evening walk i constantly (as a bajan) was looking over my shoulder and scrutinizing every odd looking person who walked by.

    There are several areas along long beach where a person could hid in waiting and also, that area is one where something could happen to you with out witnessess etc.

    People all over must realize the world (and the Caribbean being no exception) is changing – CRIME is everywhere as unfortunate as the truth is.

    People leave their homes forgetting that even in safe havens crime can spring upon them like winning the lottery. We should seek to enjoy but be smart and safe in the interim and then there is the sad reality that sometimes, just sometimes as safe as we are – crime affects us all and we can’t always avoid its crippling grasp.

  89. Brenda & Glenn

    We arrived in Barbados on the day of the most recent attack on two women. We did not hear anything about this until our family in Canada emailed us to tell us. I avoided Aruba as a vacation spot because of Natalee and have avoided Mexico for all the past attacks on visitors. We met some very friendly people while in Barbados and travelled throughout the island. Unfortunately I will avoid Barbados now because of this until we hear that this is being dealt with and not “hushed”.

  90. Hants

    There are plans to increase security around tourist attractions across the island.

    This disclosure from Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy comes after a recent brutal attack on Canadian visitors Terry Schwarzfeld and her daughter-in-law Luana Cotsman, at Long Beach Christ Church.

    The Tourism Minister accompanied by Member of Parliament for the area Dr. Denis Lowe visited the Long Beach area Thursday…The scene last month of a brutal attack on two Canadian Tourists.

    Speaking to reporters afterwards Mr. Sealy revealed plans to address crime against visitors…

    He said their would be more joint police Defence Force patrols in deserted areas whuch were frequented by tourists.

    Some of the security measures will start immediately. But MP Denis Lowe has indicated that the debushing campaign for Long Beach has to be studied carefully since the area is one of the few marshlands on the island.

    Even as the two Ministers spoke to media personnel, local law enforcement could be seen walking among the small group of seabathers along the Christ Church beach

  91. Juris

    Enjoy your stay in Antigua, Brenda and Glenn. They don’t hush up anything.

  92. Hants

    Brenda and Glenn I am a Barbadian living in Canada and visit Barbados 3 or 4 times a year.

    Barbados should still be considered a “safe” destination for Tourists.

    Your own experience was good and I hope you will visit again.

    As I have posted above the Government and the police in conjuction with the Defence force will do everything they can to protect Tourists from criminal activity.

  93. Anonymous

    Anonymous I went to the website, stated the women stumbled into a barbados neighbourhood and scream-ed for help several people came out of the building but didn’t do anything, they just booked at us….all the houses near long beach are owned by foreigners, NOT BARBADIANS, who own these houses, British, Canadian, Anericans and German etc… no barbadian will hear these women scream and do nothing. all along the sea coast of Barbados are own by FOREIGNERS……ask sone one else to confirm this.. bimlady

  94. Michelle

    It’s an outrage. Crime in Barbados needs to be curbed. Small things lead to big events and it is in the interest of all persons living here in this country to take an interest. Let the saga of the “informer” reign. People you need to talk about what you know and let justice prevail.

    We’re faced with the influence of international criminal activities through deportation, poor immigration standards, TV shows, unedited music with violent lyrics played by our DJs, and the Internet. In addition we have a lot of angry people who do not know how to channel their angry.

    People, please let all criminals receive their due. Tourism is our business being informers is playing our part.

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  96. Clarke

    I visit Barbados on a regular basis, my sister has been living there for years. Barbados seems to have a unusual political system that can’t ever get around to getting anything done regardless of which party is in power. If anyone attacks me while on the beach they will be very sorry indeed and you will undoubtedly see me in the headlines. You have your fair share of very sick individuals as ‘citizens’ and I have noted many times while visiting and reading from abroad how long it takes your system of ‘justice’ wheels to grind away before bringing justice (well, sometimes) to aggrieved victims of crime. One would think that on a small Island perpetrators could be found quickly and justice served quickly instead of taking years. I’d like to think that if enough of you cared at all you would DO SOMETHING. Apparently not the case, so live with your phony government and corrupt police.

    Just my thoughts.