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Canadian Women Attacked On Barbados Beach – Shocked Barbadians Offer Regrets, Sympathy and Best Wishes To Victims, Families and Friends

Terry Schwarzfeld Remains In Coma

Terry Schwarzfeld Remains In Coma

Our Message To The Victims and Their Families and Friends

The staff at Barbados Free Press joins with all Bajans in praying for the full and swift recovery of Terry Schwarzfeld and Lauana Cotsman. We also pray for their families and friends, that they may have the long-term strength, love and support – whatever is needed – so the victims and their families can get their normal lives back as soon as possible. We want the families and friends to know that all Barbadians, whoever they are and whatever their position in life, will do whatever they can to help, to make things right where we can, and to put the man who did this away for a long, long time.

Bajans are sorry this happened and if Barbados can do anything to make sure it never happens to anyone again, we want to see those preventative measures taken for the safety of all who visit and who live in our country.

At Barbados Free Press we pledge to do our part by providing transparency and oversight to everything that touches this event. We will maintain interest in the case and, although we are sure that every Bajan will do their best for the victims and the families, we will be here if the families at any time wish to deliver any message directly to Barbadians.

May God bless all of you during this trying time.

At BFP we believe that transparency and public discussion of any event is an important part of making sure that victims obtain justice and truth. This is only the first of many articles that we will publish about the attacks and whatever happens afterwards.

Terry Schwarzfeld & Lauana Cotsman Attack Receiving Huge International Coverage

“Barbados is one of the top tourist locations in the Americas, and crime does happen, just as it does on the streets of Canada,” said Peter Kent, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs for the Americas. Calling the incident “unfortunate,” Kent said crimes against tourists in Barbados remain rare.

… Canada’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs talks positively about Barbados to Canada’s news media. (link here)

The brutal attack of two Canadian women tourists on Barbados’ famous Long Beach is a lead story across Canada this week – and is likely to remain high on the news watch as Mrs. Terry Scharzfeld is still in an induced coma in Canada with severe head injuries. As mentioned by Canadian government officials, a serious attack upon tourists is a rare occurrence in Barbados, but now that it has happened we at Barbados Free Press intend to keep this story on the front burner and maintain oversight of our country’s response to this outrage and tragedy.

As Bajans Respond, We Should Remember The Lessons Of Natalee Holloway

In my opinion, Aruba’s longterm fallout from the Natalle Holloway disappearance/murder/incident stems not from the tragedy itself – for tourist deaths, robberies, injuries and disappearances are not unknown at any travel destination. For Aruba, the damage resulted from the government and police response to her disappearance – both during the initial, obviously incompetent and corrupted police investigation and then as Aruba failed to counter an image that the Aruban elites are treated with kidd gloves and are above the law and common morality. In a word the perception was, “cover-up”.

Lesson one for Barbados therefore, is to realize that, once in a while, terrible things will happen on this island. Drunken teenaged tourists will get into cars with bad people while their school mates do nothing to prevent it, or the naive will go for a midnight swim in the surf – not thinking that hungry sharks come closer to shore for night feeding. These things will always happen no matter how much we try to prevent them.

… read the rest of the lessons we should have learned in the Barbados Free Press, February 16, 2007 article: Say “Aruba” – Think “Natalee Holloway”



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