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Another Reason Why Barbados Police Commissioner Dottin Should Be Fired – Police Again Fail To Answer Call For Help


How Many “Barbados Police Don’t Come” Stories Can You Tell? Here’s Another…


Bridgetown, Barbados
MONDAY, March 30, 2009
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Sanctuary Threatened

[ Bridgetown , BARBADOS ]   Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary officials reported that a group of eight (8) men were caught stealing wildlife inside the RAMSAR wetland site on Sanctuary lands.

Police were called when the trespass was discovered last Wednesday, but there was no response.  The men continued to stay through the afternoon, while Sanctuary employees tried to calm the situation.

One employee reported that one of the men made personally threatening gestures as if he had a gun, and within the hour gunshots were heard coming from the Amity Lodge side of the wetland where the men were last seen.

The area is recognized by the international Convention on Wetlands as an area of significant biological importance.  Both the Government of Barbados and the Sanctuary own the lands within the RAMSAR site.

After taking an estimated 100 tilapia, the intruders told a Sanctuary worker that they had a right to access and fish in the RAMSAR-protected wetland since Government had announced a Bds $1.0 million budget for it.

Police and Defence Force patrols of the RAMSAR site have stopped since the Sanctuary closed in December of last year.  Authorities have not explained why this has happened.

There is deep concern that environmental pollution and other problems are escalating because of a lack of enforcement of environmental law in and around the Graeme Hall RAMSAR wetland.

“This is but one present-day example of a major threat to the wetland and the Sanctuary,” said one official.  “If a thousand people came to take what they want, there would be nothing left.  The wetland and the Sanctuary absolutely depend on legal and environmental protections from Government.”

A police report was filed on Thursday at the Worthing Police Station.

Barbados Free Press Take…

Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary filed a report with the police? Waste of paper.

If anything the report should have been for Neglect By Police, but unfortunately that’s not a crime in Barbados – its a way of life.


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Graves Of Barbados – Respect and Love For Our Families, Our Friends and Our History… Or NOT!

UPDATED: October 11, 2012

Six skulls, bones, body parts found in open graveyard pit

With Monday’s discovery of an open pit containing burned skulls, bones and other body parts at the Christ Church Parish Church, our thoughts immediately turned to a previous article by our own Robert.

Sad. So sad. And what does it say about us?

Somebody should lose their job over this, but you know that’s never going to happen.

Here is the current story from the Nation, and then BFP’s original story…

Shocker in Christ Church graveyard

Mourners attending a burial in the Christ Church Parish Church’s cemetery on Monday evening were mortified when they stumbled upon a hole containing burnt skeletal remains.

An upset woman told the MIDWEEK NATION that they were disgusted by the sight in the graveyard.

“I counted at least six skulls and I could see teeth, hair and bones and what appeared to be the material from a coffin,” she said.

(Read the full article at The Nation: Shocker in Christ Church graveyard)

Original BFP story…

For an absent friend, much loved.

UPDATED: July 15, 2010

A few days ago I visited the resting place of an old and dear friend, now passed on. I always mean to visit more often and tend the grave but life gets in the way and then I realise it’s been over a year. As we talk I clean away the garbage or sometimes plant a flower: a little something to let them know they are still remembered and loved. The difference in our ages did not exist in our friendship, but we always knew it would probably be me visiting the graveyard on Sunday afternoon.

I wrote this article after my last visit to my friend in March of 2009. I’ll leave it at the top again for a few days in the hope that it will inspire some of our readers to tend the graves of our friends and family.

Here is my sad tale from March 30, 2009… Continue reading


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Chinese Cyber Spy Network Invades Barbados Ministry of Foreign Affairs

New Barbados Flag

New Barbados Flag

An electronic spy network, based mainly in China, has infiltrated computers from government offices around the world, Canadian researchers say.

They said the network had infiltrated 1,295 computers in 103 countries. They included computers belonging to foreign ministries and embassies and those linked with the Dalai Lama – Tibet’s spiritual leader.

There is no conclusive evidence China’s government was behind it, researchers say. Beijing also denied involvement…


…Researchers found that ministries of foreign affairs of Iran, Bangladesh, Latvia, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, Barbados and Bhutan appear to had been targeted.

Hacked systems were also discovered in the embassies of India, South Korea, Indonesia, Romania, Cyprus, Malta, Thailand, Taiwan, Portugal, Germany and Pakistan.

Analysts say the attacks are in effect industrial espionage, with hackers showing an interest in the activities of lawmakers and major companies.

… read the entire article at BBC News: Major Cyber Spy Network Uncovered


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Barbados Lodge School Old Boys Battle It Out: “Dear Rodney” vs “Dear Peter”

Class, Race and Old Memories In Barbados – White vs Black vs Red

Dear Barbados Free Press,

Hey guys,

The Nation newspaper has not published the self explanatory letter attached. Please feel free to post on line if you wish.

Rodney Jones

Carol Martindale
Sunday Sun
24th March 2009

Dear Ms. Martindale
Re: Mr. Peter  Simmons’ column on Sunday  22nd March

I am submitting another letter in response to the captioned subject which, irrespective of  any further comments by Mr. Simmons are my final words on the subject:

My dear Peter,

I have digested your ‘Dear Rodney’ open  letter which appeared in the Sunday Sun of 22nd March and I have to advise that this is my final reply. I suspect that we may run the risk of not only testing the Editor’s patience, but readers may soon regard us as being two silly old Lodge boys beating up on each other, still living in a bygone age. Whats more, my Captain has warned me that whether or not I get past your defence, this is my last over, so here goes: six deliveries with no wides, byes or no balls (I hope).

If the outcome of this very public dialogue between us was judged on the eloquence and flair of the discourse, it would be a veritable no contest. You would be the winner by daylight as they sometimes say in racing circles. But, my friend, the issue is not about persuasion by grammatical expertise, it is about the facts and facts alone.

I note that you have checked with old (Lodge) boys across the generations up to 1961 when we left the school and that their recall is the same as yours. Hmmmm, I admit that I sometimes think that my short term memory is not what it used to be, but I insist that my long term memory is still crystal clear regarding the important issues we are now contesting. Therefore I have absolutely no need to check the facts with the many men of our generation who know only too well what took place. I will say that without exception, all those who have commented to me about the culture of Lodge School during that period are in complete agreement with my version of events. So, have we arrived at an unbridgeable factual chasm? It sure looks that way. Continue reading


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Barbados Tourist Upset Over Hanged Dog Cruelty, Lack Of Response By Authorities

Dear Barbados Free Press

On Sunday 22nd March 2009 I was one of a large group of hikers, some of whom were  American , British , Canadian and European  nature enthusiasts exploring the lush, breath taking scenery along the coastal part of St.Lucy on the island of Barbados.

Softened Photo Of Hanged Dog

Softened Photo Of Hanged Dog

Our bliss, however, was short lived as we looked out onto the Caribbean sea and saw to our horror, in the foreground,  the silhouette, of a dead dog hung by his neck under a tree.   His jaws rigid and open, seemingly still gasping for breath.  A crate was placed just inches under his feet, the scratch marks still visible where he struggled. A length of cord, knotted together was used to haul the animal upwards, deliberately tied to different areas of the tree as one would rig a pulley, in an obvious effort to make this animal suffer a slow and agonizing death. It is also the opinion of a veterinary doctor after he had seen these photographs that this dog was beaten about the head prior to its death.

The Monster Who Did This Walks Among Us

The RSPCA was notified. Their response was “ write a letter to the newspapers”. Where is the  the “Prevention of Cruelty to Animals” in such a response?

The police were also called. Their response was even worse. No response. (Although a follow up call was made the next day to Constable Best of the police station in that area, who informed us that “ the dog was removed”) .Very impressive! I suppose we should all feel better now .

I do not have to express the disgust and terror felt by my fellow hikers, especially the visitors. A holiday marred by this grizzly scene and to top it all off, the attitudes of  the very authorities whose responsibility it is to investigate such complaints and  prevent further  acts of cruelty.

Animal laws do exist in Barbados but until some police ( and other policy makers)  leave the dog fighting arenas at the weekend and change their lax attitudes towards animal cruelty, there will be more scenes like this for tourists to write home about.

Please note that this story along with photographs, has also been sent  to the BBC World news, The British Press, Fox News Network, The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Ellen Degeneres Show and the Canadian Press.

Irate Hiker

Editor’s Note: BFP received four high-resolution photos from the author of this article. We cropped and softened one using PhotoShop, but we will not be showing the rest of the photos because they are simply too graphic.


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Hello Gun Tattoos – Goodbye To Our Barbados Sweetheart Rihanna


We Don’t Understand Rihanna’s Message, But We Don’t Like It

Guns are about power and control through violence and threats of violence. Does Rihanna believe that tattooing two guns on her body is some outward show of inner strength? That message becomes hollow mek sport when the person wearing the gun tattoos is a victim of domestic violence who crawled back to her abuser.

rihanna-gun-tattoosAround the table at Barbados Free Press we really didn’t know what to think when we first saw these photos. Shona said “The poor thing is in trouble” while all Robert could muster was a sad “That makes me sick to my heart for the girl.”

According to Huffington Post, the guns on the shoulders are where Rihanna really wanted them, but she ended up putting them under her arms on each side. The ones on her shoulders were drawings prior to the actual cutting of the underarm guns.

We’ll leave it to our readers and not say too much more except that to many of us in Barbados, it feels like someone has abducted our sweetheart. We’d really like her back, but we don’t think that is going to happen…

So sad.

Further Reading

Sexy Pink Blog (Trinidad & Tobago): Big Dream, Small Guns – Rihanna

Huffington Post: Rihanna Gets A Gun Tattoo

Tattoo artist BANG: MySpace Photos


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Prime Minister Thompson Taunts Mia Mottley With Barbados Money Laundering Advisory Story!


Barbados Opposition Leader’s Offshore Family Assets Revealed By Blog

If Prime Minister Thompson intended to really do anything to document and recover the public assets outright stolen by corrupt members of the previous BLP government, he would have already done so. But its not going to happen. Thompy has no intention of playing hardball with Mia, Owen and the old BLP gang because he knows that the situation could be easily reversed after the next election.

But that doesn’t stop Thompy from throwing the BLP Government’s corruption in the face of the Opposition every once in a while just for show. That’s what happened in the House of Assembly a few days ago when the Prime Minister quoted a story he saw on a local blog: Barbados Money Laundering Advisory.

BMLA featured a story on the Mottley family mansions in Miami and published photos of the homes that were obviously seen by Prime Minister Thompson. So if Thompson visits the blogs, I guess he’ll pick up on our cartoon as well. This is the second time we’ve published a cartoon showing Mia and David in bed together and it underscores the truth that the public spats between the BLP and the DLP are nothing more than a show.

When the sun goes down and the public isn’t looking – be it land deals, government contracts or a job for somebody’s brother-in-law, the battle cry of the DLP and the BLP is “Let’s cuddle!”

Barbados Money Laundering Advisory…

Mia Mottley’s Parents Have Million Dollar Home In Florida

PM David Thompson Mia Mottley have heated discussion over properties in Miami

Nation News: PM, Motley Clash


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