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Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary – 85 Employees To Be Terminated, Barbados Government’s Double Standard Against Canadian Philanthropist

Sanctuary officials confirmed that there was still no word from Government on their intentions regarding the future of the Sanctuary…

…Saying that that the future of the Sanctuary and Graeme Hall National Park is in the hands of the Government of Barbados, Allard believes that the Friends of Graeme Hall and the citizens of Barbados must decide what their priorities are.  “We have great affection and regard for the people of Barbados.  This has been an incredibly painful and saddening decision, but ultimately it is not for us to initiate or set national goals and long term environmental legacies for the nation.”

… from a press release by Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary covered at Bajan Reporter

The Double Standard From Prime Minister Thompson

It seems that David Thompson and other Ministers of the Barbados Government have been everywhere lately trying to save jobs and convince businesses and investors not to cut back on employment in these hard times. Whether talking with LIME about keeping a hundred jobs at the call center open, addressing business people at the Chamber of Commerce, giving away tens of millions to rich horse owners and Thompson’s close friend and legal client Leroy Parris, or making secret deals and guarantees to keep the Four Seasons project abuilding, the Barbados Government has been in frenzied efforts to save jobs everywhere.

Everywhere that is, except for the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary where the Government of Barbados has not even bothered to send a letter or make a phone call to the management.

Why the Double Standard?

On Wednesday, Barbados Free Press will present a compelling argument (complete with visual evidence) that the Government of Barbados is carrying out a strategy designed to allow certain friends of government to make huge profits from Graeme Hall: the last natural green space between the airport and the city. This profit will come at the expense of the citizens of Barbados who will be denied their Graeme Hall National Park. To effectively carry out the plan, the Barbados government would like to seize land from Peter Allard – the Canadian philanthropist who offered to GIVE the land to people of Barbados as part of a National Park.

The Barbados government is happy to have the gift of the land of course – but government officials want no strings so they can later sell or lease the land to friends and family members in their quest for personal wealth.

Don’t forget to visit BFP on Friday for part 2 of this article, with details that should interest every foreign investor and foreign landowner in Barbados. If it can happen to Canadian Allard (and a few others we’ll talk about) it could happen to you!

Meanwhile, head over to Bajan Reporter for the story of the layoffs and the full press release…

Bajan Reporter: BREAKING NEWS – Final Employee Termination Schedule At Sanctuary, Let’s Try And Stop This Please


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Ping Yark Hammers Barbados Government – Online Petition Demands Inquest Into Codrington Family Cave-In Deaths


Worldwide Online Petition Calls Upon Barbados Government To Hold An Inquest

The February, 2009 issue of the U.K. basted (or based?) Bajan newsletter Ping Yark is out and can be downloaded in PDF format here. (3.9mb)

Although still full of the naughty humour and cartoons you’ve come to expect from this irreverent offering, the latest comes down hard on a number of issues…

– Ping Yark says that the planning and building documents for the construction site at Arch Cot have disappeared from government files.

– An online petition has been established HERE to demand a full and public inquest into the deaths of the Codrington family who were buried alive when their apartment collapsed into a huge and well-known cave at a construction site.

– Currency transfers and restrictions to and from Barbados.

– Barbados Government’s restriction of free speech and Ian Bourne’s (Bajan Reporter) response to the Freelance Journalist fee.

– The troubles of Deputy High Commissioner Donville Johnson

– Updates on many community organisations abroad including the Barbados Cultural Organisation, Facebook groups and London’s Dutchpot Lunch and Social Club (London’s longest running black elderly project.)

Leigh Bourne and the team have done a magnificent job in putting together the February 2009 issue. Like many other readers we hope that Ping Yark becomes a blog so all its issues can be made permanently available online and discoverable though search engines like Google. How about it Leigh? (HINT HINT… Blog hosting service has the best interaction with other blogs)

Email received Monday evening…

“Hi guys

Thanks for the right up. Much appreciated. Its only a matter of time before PY becomes a blogg. It will happen sooner rather than later.

Thanks again

Leigh and crew”

Ping Yark February 2009 Issue: Download 3.9 mb PDF Here>>> ping-yark-feb09

Online Petition Demanding an Inquest Into The Codrington Family Cave-in Deaths

BFP February 8, 2009 article: Readers Say Barbados Arch Cot Cave-In Construction Was A C.O. Williams – Gregory Hazzard Project For Liz Thompson

BFP February 1, 2009 article: Barbados Newspapers Refuse To Print Letter Revealing Secret Government Report Into Cave-In Deaths. Professor Machel Will Name Names


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Four Days After Barbados Free Press Broke The Sir Allen Stanford – Drug Cartel Link, Nation News Steals Our Story

UPDATE: Just a note that Allen Stanford has been under suspicion for money-laundering drug money for 20 years or so – according to The Independent article The Stanford Files: FBI’s first probe was 20 years ago.

Original article…

On Wednesday, February 18, 2009, at 11:50pm Barbados time, Barbados Free Press was the first Bajan news outlet to report that Sir Allen Stanford was being investigated by US Authorities not only for fraud, but also for money-laundering for a Mexican drug cartel. We also reported that one of his aircraft had been seized with drug money aboard.

Our story Stanford Trying To Flee USA! US Federal Authorities: Allen Stanford Money-Laundering For Drug Cartels was sourced from an ABC Network News article (link here).

Here we are four days later and now Albert Brandford at the Nation News is “breaking” the same story and using the same source that we used.

Good work, Albert! We love it when the Nation, CBC and the Barbados Advocate duplicate our articles and use the same sources. And not only does the Barbados media steal our story ideas, sometimes they even go so far as to scoop quotes from our story – actual phrases – without attribution. (For one of many examples see Nation News Steals Quote and Story Ideas From Barbados Free Press – Fails To Credit Source)

How often do Bajan “professional” journalists steal story ideas and sources from the blogs?

Every day, my friends. Every day.

Oh… Albert…?

Were happy to help, but you really should tell the folks where you first heard about the story you’re now breaking… OK?

It is all about ethics and integrity.

If you and your paper have any integrity left, we hereby give you our full permission to use another one of our stories. Let’s see if you have the integrity and the courage to copy this BFP story…

How Many “Political Donations” Did Sir R. Allen Stanford Give To Barbados Politicians?



Old News “Broken” By Albert Brandford

Drug Link In Stanford Money Saga?


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Two Barbados Godfathers Look After Each Other First, All Else Is Second…

“It was a very good feeling to be here to celebrate with a very good friend of mine.

A lot of people do not know this but David is the godfather of my son and I am the godfather of his last daughter so there is not only a political relationship, but a personal relationship as well. Also, David is my attorney-at-law.

As you know, over the last 15 years I have been battered in the media for my relationship with him, but I have continued to stand by his side because a friend is a friend and friendship means a whole lot to me, not just as a political friend but a real friend…”

… Recipient of Government money & CLICO boss Leroy Parris speaks of his friend and business partner Prime Minister David Thompson at Keltruth Blog

No Wonder David Thompson Refuses To Implement Conflict of Interest Rules!

Prime Minister David Thompson and his government are directing public funds to his friend’s company, CLICO. Thompson appointed Leroy Parris to head Barbados’ public broadcasting company.

What other business dealings have they had over the years? What else do the two Barbados Godfathers have going now?

Keltruth Blog has been doing some research – and the results should outrage every thinking Barbadian. How can such things be permitted? How can they continue without the news media having the courage to do some basic commentary on the inappropriate and unethical behaviour of our Prime Minister?

David Thompson promised the people of Barbados integrity, transparency and accountability.

What he is currently delivering is something else…

Keltruth Blog: What is the Nature of the Relationship between Leroy Parris of CLICO and Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson?


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UPDATED: Barbados Free Press Tries New Comments Settings – Rejects Reverse Order, Loves Nested Replies

UPDATED: Saturday Morning, February 21, 2009

The votes are in and our readers have spoken…

1/ The “newer comments at the top” (otherwise known as reverse order) was a failure. We didn’t like it, most of our readers didn’t like it and everyone found it to be confusing… so… we have gone back to the old way with the newer comments at the bottom of the page. It just seems more natural.

2/ People said nice things about the “nested comments” feature although not many have used it. We’ll keep that option and see how it works out in the next week.

Thanks for you input, friends!


Original article…

Do You Like The Changes?

Let Us Know One Way Or The Other!

Comments are now listed with the newest first – at the top of the page… AND you can reply to comments 3 deep.

Not sure if we like it or not, so we’ll leave it to our readers.

What say all? Let us know… in the comments section.




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Police Photo Of Rihanna Facial Injuries Leaked – Monster Chris Brown Did This – Bite Marks Visible?

LAPD Launches Investigation Into Rihanna Photo Leak

LAPD Launches Investigation Into Rihanna Photo Leak

Los Angeles Police have launched an investigation into the leak of a photo of Rihanna which the police say “has the appearance of one taken during an official Domestic Violence investigation.” Meaning, yes this is a photo of Rihanna taken after Chris Brown “allegedly” beat and bit her. The photo first appeared on TMZ but now it is everywhere.

Somehow I don’t think that Chris Brown will ever show his face in Barbados again – ever.

What a monster he is to do that to a woman – but in truth Chris Brown did no different than has been done by hundreds of other men on Barbados. And now an entire new generation of young men have been raised on song lyrics that portray women as objects of pleasure and domination.

Not to mention that here in Barbados, if you beat your woman in a gated community, she can scream for help all she wants but the police won’t go past the security guard at the gate. After all, its only another ho gettin’ wat be deserved by she.

Do We Need Signs Like This In Barbados?

Do We Need Signs Like This In Barbados?

Further Reading: Domestic Violence In Barbados

Beat Your Wife In Barbados? You Are Protected From The Police If You Live In A Gated Community!

Do We Need Signs Like This In Barbados?


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From Barbados To Canada To China: Joy-Ann Clarke Wanted An MBA But Discovered The World

joy-ann-clarke-barbados“The past year has exposed the vastness of the world. Before attending Ivey, I had been content to stay in my ‘safe’ environment, where the majority of the people who I interact with have similar backgrounds and experiences to mine. However, I have come to the realisation that there is a large world out there to discover. This was highlighted by my recent class trip to China. In fact, if someone had told me a year ago, that I would have visited three major cities in China, it would have been a huge joke for me.

The impact of this experience was seen when I returned home around Christmas time. I found that I was seeing the familiar circumstances with different eyes. My MBA experiences had changed my way of thinking and as a result had changed the way in which I saw the world. In many ways, I will think about my life as ‘Before MBA’ and ‘After MBA.’ This year has been an amazing experience for me. As it draws close to an end, I am excited to see what my future holds. However, on graduation day, it will be bittersweet because it will signal the end of an amazing part of my life.”

… Bajan Joy-Ann Clarke blogs from London, Canada’s University of Western Ontario. An excellent read… (link here)


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