Former Barbados Government Minister Liz Thompson Writes BFP – “I deny that I was involved in any way” with Arch Cot Collapse

The following comment which purports to be from former BLP Government Minister Liz Thompson was posted today on our previously published story Readers Say Barbados Arch Cot Cave-In Construction Was A C.O. Williams – Gregory Hazzard Project For Liz Thompson. We at BFP will save our comments until after the submission by (apparently) Liz Thompson – except to say that we had not received any submission before this one or we surely would have published it for fairness AND because its a great news story.

As Ms. Thompson requested, we will leave this post up as prominently and even more prominently than the original so everyone can read her response. We have also created an introduction and a link on the previous post to further prominently display the message from the former Government Minister.

One caution, we have not confirmed that this is Liz Thompson as it wasn’t sent from her email, it was posted as a comment. Take it away (apparently) Liz Thompson…

liz-thompson-blp.jpgBarbados Free Press, this is the second time I am asking you to publish my comments. You very quickly published lies about my association with Arch Cot but I cannot get you to publish my response to your garbage. Is it because the BFP has no real commitment to the truth and knows that it can damage people’s personal and professional reputations and then hide behind the anonymity of the internet to escape being sued?

I am asking you to give my response the same kind of prominence that you gave to the libellous story. I am making this second attempt because people are asking me if I have seen the BFP story. In the past I have ignored the many untruths which the BFP has published about me but these most recent allegations are extremely serious.

The empowerment and opportunity for direct engagement and free public expression which the internet and blogs facilitate are amazing and are to be encouraged but they have to be exercised with a sense of responsibility.

The facts as they relate to Arch Cot and me are these:

I was out of Barbados on government business at the time of the collapse but returned as scheduled either later the same day or the next day.

At the time of the collapse at Arch Cot I was Minister of Energy and Environment. Neither of those Ministries, their departments or agencies, had responsibility for building day care centres or nurseries.

At the time I was busy formulating a National Energy Policy and the Barbados Offshore Oil Policy from which we made a profit of $20 million for taxpayers, while the Dems have totally messed up the programme and run off the companies which were willing to pay so much money to be involved in the Barbados offshore energy sector.

In the area of environment I was giving direction to the South Coast Boardwalk project which was then under construction and trying to get negotiations for the West Coast Boardwalk finalised. I was also trying to bring an internal proposal for the purchase of the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary to Cabinet.

Therefore, in my professional capacity I was not involved in building anything at Arch Cot.

At the personal level I was not involved in any projects of a commercial nature anywhere in Barbados. I do not own any apartments, day nurseries or day care centres or anything of the sort. In fact, I consciously decided not to have children and have no reason to make any personal invest in facilities for children.

I do not now have and did not at the time of the collapse of Arch Cot have any business relationship for obtaining professional services from either Sir Charles Williams or Mr Gregory Hazzard and do not know if they were working together on any project in the area of Arch Cot and if they were, I do not know what that project could have been. What I can say unequivocally is that neither the alleged project nor the collapse had anything to do with me personally or professionally.

I can only urge the BFP to be more careful about the potential for harming people’s reputations and lives in a small society. I also caution the BFP about the pain its lies might be causing to the families of those who died in that tragedy and those who had to vacate their homes.

I deny that I was involved in any way with the collapse at Arch Cot and continue to extend my sincere sympathy to those who suffered personal or property loss.

Liz Thompson

Barbados Free Press Comments

As readers of BFP and especially Barbadians are aware, with no transparency, freedom of information laws, conflict of interest standards or accountability legislation, Barbados citizens can only scratch the surface of government wrong-doing by talking and pooling our knowledge.

In the case of the Arch Cot tragedy that wiped out an entire family – the Codringtons – both Liz Thompson’s BLP Government and the current David Thompson DLP Government refused to order an inquest and continue to stonewall demands from the remaining Codrington relatives to hold a public inquest.

dale-marshall-barbados.jpgBefore the bodies were even cold, former Attorney General Dale Marshall went so far as to announce the results of any inquest. On Friday, August 31, 2007 as the last of the bodies was being recovered from the hole, Dale Marshall said about the tragedy, “Nobody is to blame. It could have happened to anyone, anywhere in Barbados.”

And other than some condolences to the relatives, friends and neighbours, that offhand statement by Dale Marshall pretty well sums up what two successive governments have revealed about the deaths of five people.

Professor Hans Machel: “Codrington Deaths… Gross Negligence. Why No Coroner’s Inquest?”

Family Of Five Died - But No Inquest!

Machel: Construction Could Have Triggered Collapse

In our article Expert: Barbados Apartment Collapse Deaths Were Caused By Gross Negligence. Why No Coroner’s Inquest?, we told how Professor Hans Machel, a specialist in earth and atmospheric sciences at the University of Alberta, Canada, says that the Arch Cot apartment collapse that killed five of the Codrington family was caused by “gross negligence” of people who could probably be identified by a properly-conducted inquest. He says that Barbados Government officials and other people could be held responsible for what they did or failed to do.

Liz Thompson’s Statement Is Incredible

“The facts as they relate to Arch Cot and me are these:

I was out of Barbados on government business at the time of the collapse but returned as scheduled either later the same day or the next day.

At the time of the collapse at Arch Cot I was Minister of Energy and Environment. Neither of those Ministries, their departments or agencies, had responsibility for building day care centres or nurseries…”

Alright Liz Thompson, on the basis of your word we at Barbados Free Press now believe that you as a private individual have no connection to the Arch Cot collapse. As a private individual.

We are, however, amazed at the theme of your oh-so-carefully-worded response that not only were you not involved as a private citizen (which we accept) but that you have no knowledge of the cause and details of the Arch Cot collapse because it was not within the purview of your Ministry and you were “out of Barbados on government business at the time of the collapse…” !!!

Liz Thompson, we find it incredible that you as a Cabinet Minister in the Barbados Government that was in power during and for six months after the tragedy want to portray that you have no knowledge about Arch Cot other than what any other citizen might know. You, Government Minister Liz Thompson, who for eighteen months after the tragedy has failed to call upon the government and the coroner to commence a public inquest. You, Minister Thompson, who presumably attended government and cabinet meetings and Parliament in the six months following the collapse have no knowledge about the people, companies, Ministries and government officials involved with a tragedy that wiped out five people?

You have no knowledge other than what you wrote in your letter? You have never and are not now calling for a public inquest?

Ok. We see. Same old, same old ’bout hey…


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  2. Hants

    “it can damage people’s personal and professional reputations and then hide behind the anonymity of the internet to escape being sued?”

    You have got to be kidding me.

    You lucky people who have hidden behind the walls of parliamentary privilage will have to learn to live with us who choose the wall of “anonymous blogging”.

    BFP you can defend yourself but

    I feel it necessary to add that blogging is freedom to write with very limited censorship and our common sense and intelligence will guide us in separating the truth from the lies and innuendo.

  3. I'm With X

    Minister Thompson are you going to call for an coroners’ inquest? Why didnt you bfore?

  4. Hants

    Just read this.

    “Barbados has had a history of alternating its government between the DLP and BLP ever since self rule was granted. And the island is one of the few that has experienced good governance since colonial times. It is the “least corrupt” among Caribbean nations and has one of the lowest incidence of crime.

    Other societies should emulate the Bajan model. When politicians become arrogant, are not servicing their constituents, are becoming corrupt, and when they feel they are irreplaceable, vote them out. Change is good for political cleansing and the rooting out of the corrupt amongst society.”

  5. West Side Davie

    This business of secrecy to protect the bigups must stop. Liz Thompson you must know a lot more than you are saying. You were the govmnt!

    Why didn’t you call for an inquest? Why not?

  6. Chicago

    I didn’t realize it was so long since it happened. Why no inquest?

  7. Chicago

    Should have said “LIz Thompson, why no inquest?”

  8. David Brooks

    BFP, one point of correction – August 31, 2007 – was less than six (6) before the General Elections in Jan, 2008, so Liz Thompson nor any other (BLP) Minisiter did not have a year and a half (or 18 months) to do anything, in fact it has been the DLP government that has had the longest time to do anything about it.

    Secondly, that building was built quite a while ago. I don’t know the date but I would hazard a guess that it long before Liz Thompson or even the last BLP government had anything to do with Town & Countries planning to allow a building on that site.

    Yes, I agree that the site was a bad area and everyone in the vicinity knew that.

    However, it does not take an Engineer to realise that the building was of poor quality – the first thing I noticed when I saw pictures of the collasped remains was that the was virtually NO STEEL reinforment in the foundation nor the walls.

    This is where the Building Code (or lack thereof of one at the time) would have helped.

    If that building had been properly reinforced with steel, etc. it would probably would not have fallen directly into the cave – collasped to some extent but most of it would probably have remained attached to the rest of the building (which is still there) and that would have offorded the escape of persons inside that section of the building.

    It is the owner or the person owning it when it was built that should take the majority responsibility.

    Now that’s fact that most people are aware of.

  9. Give Jack he jacket

    It is entirely possible that it is indeed Liz Thompson writing to BFP. She has a history of posting on Bajan forums in past, and even wrote a nationnews article after the 2004 election agreeing with comments on a bajan forum pertaining to the liability of a party winning two successive elections as a direct result of the popularity of one candidate, Owen Arthur. She was concern that the 1999 election slogan of ” we going with Owen, and the 2004 one of “Owen now more than ever” needed to be address. Be that as it may. Some persons are of the opinion that Liz has gone crazy.

    She was reported to have said the following a recently held political meeting in Oistins
    Also at the meeting Opposition Senator
    Liz Thompson said the Government needed
    to disclose the cost of a bath at Browne’s Beach,
    St Michael, which she said had been hit by excessive cost overrun.

    “Flying Fish n Cou cou wrote the following in response
    Over-running her mouth

    THERE WERE quite a few sniggers recently at a certain gathering. One individual asked a question about over-runs and no one could believe that she actually spoke on the subject. One would have thought, a man suggested, that the least the individual said, the better.

    After all, the jury was still out on the viability of her shelf life, and the moniker “over-run queen” was still being whispered from Christ Church in the south to St James in the north.

  10. reality check


    Who wrote this piece of fiction?

    Standards and Poor just before an international bond issue?

  11. reality check

    No David,

    the professionals who worked on the property from Town and Country, engineers and contractors must accept much of the blame.

    An owner does not have all the requisite knowledge unless he has been advised of the danger and sold the property without notifying a new owner or proceeded in the face of danger. Then he reasonably should be partially liable.

    The Codringtons are still waiting for justice and it interests me who was involved to cause the inquest to be stonewalled?

  12. David Brooks

    Sorry, but Town & Country Planning has no say in how you build your house – I know as I just finished mine a couple years or so ago – the Contractor does or did what I said or else. Mind you, mine has plenty of metal, so much so that Wi-Fi or wireless networking has a major problem from just one room to the next and my walls are not that thick.

    I say again, do not fool yourself or anyone else, Town & Country does not check and has no mandate to check the structural integrity of a single or two-storey building built for domestic (housing) purposes.

    No Engineer nor Architect is required – I designed and submitted the plans for approval to my house all by myself – yes, most of the money I used went into the structural integrity and that is why I went over budget – i.e. quantity surveyor’s estimate (to the bank). It was only when I described what I did that he realised why I needed a revised estimate for the bank to increase the original mortgage amount.

    I am not asking you, I am telling you the facts.

    Yes, I agree it’s a tragedy for the Codrington family but facts are facts, and no amount of jumping up and down and trying level blame at Politicians, Town & Country, etc. will get away from the fact that if there was better reinforcement (i.e. steel and other measures) built into the apartment block, it would NOT have ALL fallen into the cave just like that.

    The Barbados Standards Institute has Building Code for Barbados, and while I went beyond that, if what is in there was followed it would have been a different outcome.

    If we have a enforced Building Code, like has been toted from before I started building in Feb. 2006, and I don’t hear that its got any further since the DLP took over a year+ ago, this sort of thing would not have happened.

    But the long and short of it is the building was erected cheaply, as they say ‘a blind cudda see dat’. And not to mention that most people in the area new of potential danger and told the owner/builder about it, makes it even worse. FACT !

  13. David Brooks

    As to the inquest, it will probably end up being a case for the Coroner – poor Faith, she got nuff pun she plate already, and I might add the case of young man from St. Lucy that went over the cliff (can’t recall the man now) got fast-tracked and jumped the line in a big way.

    I know they have many people that would like to close the chapter on their love ones death that happened years ago and now they got to wait longer now. Is that fare too ???

  14. David Brooks

    that should have been … (can’t recall the *name* now) not *man*. Sorry.


    I wonder if the truth will ever be told.

  16. David Brooks

    I just mentioned some of it.

  17. David Brooks

    Oh, sorry, were you (DOMINOES) referring to Arch Cot or the St. Lucy matter?


    ARCH cot

  19. reality check

    “I am telling you the facts”

    We and the Codrington family are still waiting for the facts.

    An independent inquest will tell us that.

    Yes Town and Country can and should require an underground survey from a professional in a known area of caves and destabilization.

    “the Contractor does or did what I said or else”

    You must hire really unprofessional contractors and yes in your case you would be held liable for gross negligence not to mention incredible arrogance and stupidity

  20. David Brooks

    Well, as I said, the main issue is that it was cheaply built. In my view that is the major fault.

    It might very well be that the owner who built it had connections and favours granted, and I suppose that needs exposing if so.

    I suppose it could be that he/she did not take an active role when it was being built – which is negligent in my view, if you don’t care about how your building in erected – and maybe the Contractor took short cuts to increase his/her profit on the job.

    I do not know ALL of the facts in this case, but the point I’m trying to make is that Town & Country Planning has (or had, maybe they do now) no legal right nor obligation as to the structural integrity – large commercial buildings, yes maybe, but they would probably rely on or defer to the Engineer’s reports, etc. – and by extension the Ministry that overlooks Town & Country is in no position to come in and dictate that you have to build in a certain way.

    Why do you think there has been a move to have an enforced Building Code? For this and other reasons – hurricanes, etc.

    BFP, could you guys dig up some of the pictures taken of the collasped building and place them here so that this can be discussed. I’m going mostly by memory here, but I do recall the bells going off in my head when I saw the obvious weaknesses in the building from the initial pictures in the press and TV. Thanks.

  21. greg_or

    @ David Brooks

    With more steel in that structure we would have experienced that tragedy earlier (more steel means more weight on an unstable base and too much steel makes the structure to rigid – too rigid is bad)… “that is a fact”

    I do believe that the first finger should be pointed at the developers of the subdivision who are to rely on local knowledge to allocate lots, spaces in common and covenants. The second finger I would point is at the owner of the apts., next the contractor and the the entire hand at the government planners for allowing the structure to be built.

    An inquest is urgently needed and it should be a requirement for construction drawings to be submitted to T&CP of consideration of an application.

  22. David Brooks

    @reality check

    On a point of elucidation … I really hired a small time, as they would say, Contractor/Builder whom I had known for a long time and had done work for my family over the years.

    An honest and upright, black man from up in St. George, whom I have plenty of respect for and who charged fairly for his time and workmanship (he did a lot of it himself) and did not ripe me off. He spent 99% of the time on site and got my house finished in less than six (6) months (Feb – July 2006) when everyone was telling us that we would be lucky if we got in by Christmas that year.

    Not like some other contractors who only spend a few minutes on each site and do not know what may happen when they are not there.

    And when I said “the Contractor does or did what I said or else”, I was basically making a general statement because that is how it can be.

    In my case, we discussed things along the way and I deferred most of the decisions to his judgement and experienced – in fact, most of the time our thoughts were on the same path – but when I said I wanted more rebar here, he did it, and when I decided we should use BRC’s Brick Force in between the block layers, which essentially makes a 6″ wall as strong as a 8″, and so on, he did it. I would have understood if he had disagreed with me if I wanted to skimp on something and thought it was not wise. We had a very good relationship and I have to say very little went wrong, except for a couple of minor issues.

    It wasn’t arrogance nor stupidity, I took an INTEREST in what was going on and I did my homework, research, etc. when I was drawing the plans out. Granted I have a background in Physics and can appreciate the forces that can come to play, but plain old common sense works just as well and sometimes better than the ‘experts’.

    I could speak volumes on the stupidity I’ve seen ‘experts’ do because of their know-it-all attitude (i.e. arrogance) – take certain issues with the south coast sewage project in Worthing/Sandy Beach area – don’t get me started.

  23. greg_or

    @ “unconfirmed” Liz Thompson (McDowell)

    “At the personal level I was not involved in any projects of a commercial nature anywhere in Barbados. I do not own any apartments, day nurseries or day care centres or anything of the sort. In fact, I consciously decided not to have children and have no reason to make any personal invest in facilities for children.”

    I don’t believe yah…. come again…

  24. John

    Have a look at this old article on BFP from 3rd September 2007.

    Check the watercourse on the maps.

    Something is real wrong here.

  25. David Brooks


    I do not disagree with you but you missed where I said there was virtually NO SIGN of steel/rebar being used on that building – a wish I could get a chance at seeing the pictures again – so I am not advocating over-doing it with steel.

    And well, maybe if there was more steel then it might have shown itself sooner, and if not ‘some’ steel would have allowed parts of the structure to remain suspended and an effective rescue may have been possible

    Again, you may be speaking from a general view-point and so I do not fault you on what you say.

    However, this buidling was built a while back now – there was no ‘high falutin’ development project – like you get in heights & terraces in these days.

    As far as I am aware the ‘developer’ and owner where one and the same, and may even have been involved in the building of it.

    Once again, T&CP has or had no legal mandate to request this sort of thing, especially back in those days, for this type of building. I agree it should be so, but alas it isn’t. Hopefully when the new Building Code can see the light of day then this will become a reality.

    As I said, I’ve seen very little since the DLP got into power on the new proposed and to be enforced Building Code, but a lot was going on before that under the BLP – this I know.

    Remember one thing, we are looking at this in a 21st. century view, notwithstanding that hindsight has 20-20 vision, this buidling was put up at a time when the regularity framework was very basic. Try as they might, in any country, elected governments (i.e. politicians, etc.) cannot force the civil service to move any faster than it wants to go, and that’s a fact.

    So if an inquest is convened then one of the main things I would look for is whether the enforcement of a building code has been attempted over the years and who has been stonewalling it.

    My bet goes with the Civil Service – the politicians are usually just pawns.

  26. John

    ….. building there is like putting the landfill at Greenland

    …… and it doesn’t matter how much metal, steel or steal is put in either …..

  27. David Brooks

    I’m not saying not but it ‘might’ have given the Codrington family enough time to get out or be rescued, as there ‘may’ not have been a total collapse of the building into the cave – note the other half of the building is still there and may have served as an anchor of sorts to the collasped part.

  28. anonymous

    The building that collapsed was there since in the 80’s. I tried to buy it in late 80’s.

    I know from very reliable sources (and Liz knows too)that she is the owner or part owner of a set of apartments on Worthing main road obliquely opposite to where Rendezvous Rd meets Highway 7 next to the window to the beach. Liz you know that I aint lie, so dont try to fool the people.

  29. J

    My Little Johnnie who had just completed 3rd form looked at the pictures of the collapsed building and said “see, there is no steel to hold up the building.”

    Little J hopes to be an architect one day.

    I had not noticed the lack of steel.

  30. If I were Liz Thompson

    that it can damage people’s personal and professional reputation!!!

    What reputation Thompson ??

    Your reputation is one of being a lazy slum bag, one of being cantankeous and foul mouthed and one of totally unprepared..

    The real issue for you Thompson is your eagerness and your willingness to constantly tell gross misstruths not even your Senate partner the 1000 Lbs of Blubber famed statement maker Kerrie Ann Symmonds trust you and has condemmed you as a gross liar, if he is willing to concede your propensity to lie why should any of us trust you ???

    You are a nasty piece of Blubber you are.

  31. David Brooks

    Exactly, I found some pictures on the Nation web site, not the ones I recall seeing but show enough that tells the story of a building just made of concrete bricks which just broke, or rather snapped off.

  32. David Brooks

    BFP, you got my last two comments – one from last night and one this morning – awaiting moderation, why I don’t know especially the last one, but you let that last distasteful comment through.


    BFP say,

    Hi David, it is released now. Don’t know why it didn’t appear before but I suspect we have to purge our cache upon shut down or we don’t get a fresh start the next time when we look in the moderation list. We’ll try that for the next week and see if it helps.


  33. David Brooks

    … from “If I were Liz Thompson” I mean.

  34. Hants

    @ David Brooks “that last distasteful comment”
    shows the nastiness and opportunistic and predatory nature of some Barbadian politicians.

    Kerrie Symmonds in the heat of political debate
    called 3 volupuous members of his BLP party 1000 pounds of blubber.

    This is an example of Bajan politics.

    The fact is that the blogs are no nastier than parliamentary debates and political platforms in Barbados.

    There is more censorship on BFP than in Parliament.
    Listen to how cleverly some MPs use language to make accusations and insult their opponents.

  35. David Brooks

    Oh, I know – gone are the days when I looked forward to a decent, but lively debate back in the 70’s and 80’s, or earlier I dare say but I was quite young in the 60’s and the (budget) debates were probably not televised. (and we didn’t have a TV until the very late 60’s – could not afford one)

  36. David Brooks

    My only comment was that they ‘still’ have two of my contributions here under moderation hold, and the second one was quite simple – the only thing I could think of is that I mentioned one of the newspapers names in it with regard to getting some pictures of Arch Cot right after the cave-in.


    BFP says,

    Hi David,

    Please don’t forget that comments held for moderation are chosen by the computer, not by us. We just get the “being held” list and approve or disapprove. If one of us isn’t online for a few hours it takes that long until someone vets the list.

  37. John

    The Advocate of today is a must read.

  38. Hants

    which page?

  39. John

    Page 33

    Caves of Barbados – Wonders and Dangers underground.

  40. Hants

    Thanks John. Just read it. It is a very informative article.

    Lets hope that people are more careful in the future.

  41. Sad To Say

    Anyone ever noticed that Liz has a significant space between her two upper front teeth? Has anyone heard about the significance of this phenomenon? If this old wife’s tail is true Liz’s husband must have a big smile on his face EVERY DAY. While some of you may be offended, please give me that liberty as a 35 year old heterosexual to imagine…..

  42. Hants


    Sparrow had a song that aptly described the “the significance of this phenomenon”.

    Google it.

  43. David Brooks

    No problem, just was a long while and the reply to ‘J’ was quite ordinary. With the except of the ‘Nation’ I really cannot figure what in there could have triggered a filter – being a computer consultant myself.

  44. David Brooks

    The one thing that I have come to realise is that politicians bad talking or insulting one another is par for the course, and they themselves do not take to heart really.

    However, its other out here that get all huff & puffed about it and take things personally.

    Beside if Symmonds apologised to her afterwards and she accepted then I don’t think it is really any of business.

    Please let us not get like the US Politics of old, when dirty, personal laundry is sought after in a big way. I think Obama and McCain last year showed a hugh Presendential campaign could be run without much mud-slinging, if at all between the two of them.

    Politicians of the 21st Century take note, both these gentlemen where giants in this respect and has set the stage for cleaner politicing. If it one thing I would condone in following trends in the USA it would be that.

  45. Only me

    keep writing your rubbish you idiots , wake up and smell the coffee yall r so bias and stupid people only read yall for a laugh , how you can blame anybody for that painful incident is beyond me , an inquest will only be a waste of money , it could have happened anywhere in this country nobody can be blamed for an act of nature , thats like blaming goverment or ministers of goverment for a hurricane idiots

  46. Jason

    Only me has concluded his own inquest already. Five people dead, a whole family and Only Me doesn’t see the need for an inquest.

    How 3rd world banana republic you are!

  47. PiedPiper

    Jason, the only thing that surprises me is that “Only me” didn’t say it was an act of God. Too pathetic.

  48. .34

    Liz Thompson, why didn’t you call for an inquest? Your first loyalty should have been to the citizens of Barbados not your political party.

  49. JC

    Only me
    March 2, 2009 at 12:36 am
    keep writing your rubbish you idiots , wake up and smell the coffee yall r so bias and stupid people only read yall for a laugh , how you can blame anybody for that painful incident is beyond me , an inquest will only be a waste of money , it could have happened anywhere in this country nobody can be blamed for an act of nature , thats like blaming goverment or ministers of goverment for a hurricane idiots

    You just say so fah trut? Naaaa you didn’t ……..

  50. Incredible

    Absolutely astonishing!!! To think that Liz Thompson does not own anything barren the house she lives in is quite incredulous. You are telling me Liz that since you do not own any apartments or day nurseries or anything of the such that all of your money (and believe me we know that you have alot of it)is just sitting there in the bank? If you do not own anything in Barbados do you own something(s) outside of Barbados? If you do, can you tell us how much? Now I am not saying that you are a liar but you must understand that in the past you have been accused of deceit and fabrication. Now again I am not saying that it is true but they are so many questions marks over you and members of the BLP administration that you have left many Barbadians wondering and calling you all all sorts of names.

    To tell you the truth, I find it a little hard to believe but if you say it is so then I guess it must be so.

    My fellow bloggers, Honourable Liz Thompson is not responsible for anything relative to the Arc-cot building collapse. She was out of the island and have no prior knowledge relative to this situation. As a result she believes that a formal and thorough inquest is not necessary since she has not suggested or asked for one. The tragedy occurred under natural circustances and as a result, the matter should be completely closed. I thus concur that on Mrs Thompsons submission that a full inquest be conducted since disclosure to clear her name, without even mentioning the need to investigate this matter totally, has shown insensivity and deserves to be brought to public scrutiny for further deliberation.

  51. greg_or

    It is a known fact that public sector workers are not to be involved in any private venture, fearing conflict of interest. They can be landlords but not the manager of a company with vested rental properties; this is why so many public servants set up the company in the name of their SPOUSE, children on any trusted family member. So when “Liz” states “At the personal level I was not involved in any projects of a commercial nature anywhere in Barbados.” can be a partial truth aka white-lie, on the books she is not there but in the profits, there she lies.


    BFP says…

    AHHHHHHHHH…. you get it, don’t you? If the business is in the spouse’s or other relative’s name it is the same as if the public official owned it. Without laws to prohibit the issuing of government contracts to relatives this corruption will continue.

  52. greg_or

    This is the reason I love blogging; only here is where everyone gets equal opportunity to vent, cut-n-thrust, back-&-forth but then there are those comments that need not a response for these are the comments from the brain of an intellect. Thank you BFP for facilitating this.

  53. Jinx

    Someone “granted permission ” for that building to be constructed in the first place, even though the previous application to build was denied and no one is responsible for this?
    Why are structures often demolished then if T&C Planning discover some indiscrepancy for eg. No planning permission given ect ect…

    NO accountablity ´round here is all.

  54. S

    Bizzy William wrote an interesting and I daresay a very important letter to the Nation regarding race and the Barbadian reluctance to discuss it openly.BFP however has been noticeably silent on such a nationally important issue?

    This for me is an example of why I don’t take BFP too seriously. You highlight a girl whom no one in Barbados has heard off and a comment she made on race. Yet, one of the better known Barbadians, a respected businessman makes a comment on race in our society and you are strangely silent. Why? Do you prefer to engage in salacious commentary than to encourage serious debate? Do you prefer muck raking as opposed to delving into issues and giving a critical assessment? The issues of race and class are two of the more important issues facing Barbados because they permeate our society and affect everyone and in every sphere of life. You are obviously not afraid on controversy so I must ask what gives.

    I think Bizzy’s letter at the very least should have warranted a comment from BFP. It is interesting that the cowardly lapdog the Nation should be the one doing the barking in this instance.

  55. greg_or

    @ S

    Wrong forum… send this to BFP email and hopefully they will start the topic. It is something I will love to comment on.

  56. Hants

    Bizzy’s letter proves that Barbados is still a society that has not integrated.

    Does it matter?
    I think not except that white bajans may need to expand their gene pool given their small population.
    They can add some colour if they want but they can also take advantage of the abundance of white tourists visiting the Island.

    What is really important is that the quality of life for all Barbadians improves and that people treat each other with respect even if they do not cross the boundary of intimacy.

    Barbados is a peaceful country where whites and blacks co exist without “mixing up” but the choice to do so is there.

  57. Barbados

    I love Bizzy Williams, he is a good man, and a good husband, and a brilliant businessman, some of us choose to hold on to the past, others choose to let go and move on with life. people in bim always mistake my husband for bizzy as they look alike.

  58. life is strange

    To the person who submitted the original post whoever you may:

    Do u also have nothing to do with the fact that Lyndhurst still has not been paid in full for the funeral?

    Do u also have nothing to do with the fact that Donavere was an employee of The Ministry of Environment at the time of his death and was on half pay because he hands too fast but the matter was resolved and he was to receive his back pay but never got it, and his survivors never got his gratuity?

    do u have anyhting to do with the fact that a prominent lawyer had volunteered his services but soon got queens counsel and became unavailble to the family who finally requested back their file from him last year on the anniversary of the deaths?

    do u also have nothing to do with the fact that the date on the death certificates says August 28th but your government declared them dead since Mon Agust 27th around 4 a.m ?

    Do u also have nothing to do with the fact that even after repeated calls to CBC to stop showing the cracked building at Arch Cot and fireman digging for five corspes a million times a day it only stop showing so often after “in our brightest moment” became a domestic violence case?

    Strange strange strange more questions than answers poor poor people

  59. Neanderthal

    See today’s Sunday Advocate pages 32 & 33. “Arch Cot – Without Prejudice” by Richard Goddard. click on the link “today’s paper” at the top of the page and select the page number at the top.

    Among the questions:

    Who is the “M” in MRD Investments?

    What was the role of this “M” in obtaining the change of use from residential to commercial?

  60. Pingback: Barbados Government Cover-Up - No Inquest Into Codrington Family Deaths - Home Collapsed Into Known Cave « Barbados Free Press

  61. This is so simple.
    Step 1 – find out owner.
    Step 2 – find out when approvals granted.
    Step 3 – identify builders/contractors
    Step 4 – perform building forensic
    Findings of Step#4 allows for charging of owner and builder/contractors with negligence and bypasses need for inquest.
    Findings in Step#2 allows for identifying possible negligence on part of T&C office and if so Chief Town Planner and Attorney General can be sued once lack of monitoring can be established.
    There is a hint of possible criminal prosecution here.