Millions Of WordPress Blogs: Barbados Free Press…. #27 !!!

Barbados Free Press In Good Company With Other Top 100 WordPress Blogs!

Barbados Free Press In Good Company With Other Top 100 WordPress Blogs!

Unbelievable But True! has millions of blogs online, including some of the biggest (CNN & Fox News are pretty big!)

Have a look at the February 21, 2009 statistics provided by HERE.

This is what they say…

Out of the millions of blogs online…

Top Blog Posts Of The Day – February 21, 2009

#1 CNN

#4 Blog

#6 Fox News Forum Blog

#8 CNN Anderson Cooper 360 Blog

#11 People Magazine Celebrity Baby Blog

#12 CNN Jack Cafferty Blog

#16 People Magazine – Style Watch Blog

#25 Sony Playstation Lifestyle Blog

#26 Canada’s Macleans Magazine Blog


How Is It Possible That Barbados Free Press Was So Highly Viewed?

Yes, our coverage of Rihanna’s assault by Chris Brown had a whole lot to do with February 21, 2009 being our best day ever, but tens of thousands of blogs covered the same story.

Why does Barbados Free Press consistently appear in the WordPress Top 100 Blogs list?

Damned if we know. Perhaps it has something to do with our weekly Friday afternoon celebration of the Bajan rum an doing nothing on the beach?

Thanks to all our loyal readers and our new visitors who are interested in Rihanna’s home island of Barbados.

Yours truly,

BFP’s slightly tipsy editorial staff of Marcus, Shona, George, Cliverton, Robert and Auntie Moses


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15 responses to “Millions Of WordPress Blogs: Barbados Free Press…. #27 !!!

  1. Jason

    I don’t know how you do it BFP. Congratulations.

  2. Chicago

    BFP in there with CNN, Fox, People Mag, NFL? Holy smokes! What is your secret? What are you doing? Tell me please!

  3. Pearly

    They do it by posting stories like Rihanna and Chris Brown and whatever ‘breaking news’ is happening at the time to catch people on Google. Even though they only come to read that particular story and never stay OR care about BFP, these guys still want you to believe that they are “really” 27th in the world.


    BFP says,

    In the last two weeks “Pearly” has also posted under the names “”, “Richard”,”Diggit”, “ACE” and “Goddard”.

    Now banned. He/She will be back & well take care of them when we can.

  4. PiedPiper

    Pearly: I’ve never seen an posts under the name “Pearly” before yet you seem to have determined that no one cares about BFP. I would beg to differ.

  5. Hants

    It does not matter if BFP post stories to get “high ratings”.
    It does not matter if BFP is black white rich poor bajan or american.

    What matters is that I can write what I like on here and communicate with my fellow Bajans and others.

    Good job BFP and Thanks for the FREENESS yuh givin muh.


    Kudos BFP and keep up the good work. Nuff respect from Jamdown!!

  7. Justice is nice

    In banning Pearly, you’ve also banned everybody who posts from Anonymouse.

  8. Justice is nice

    Oh, and why ban someone for having an opinion that is critical of BFP? Is this communist Cuba where dissent is treated with imprisonment?

  9. oldrooster

    justice is nice doesn’t know about the months of threats that Blp supporters made at BFP. If a person was using multiple identities to comment then BAN THEM

  10. Ah Non E Mus

    So BFP will not release their names but will ban someone who they allege is using multiple names. I bet it would be alright if those names were not critical of BFP. Grow up, already!

  11. Justice is nice

    Yes but the person didn’t threaten BFP. They just commented on their ratings “secret”. My God. You communist pigs.

  12. PiedPiper

    Justice is nice: Just wondering how you knew that, “Pearly” of the many names, was using anonymouse?

  13. Rohan

    Congrats BPF. I like your posts about 70% of the time, but that’s about 10 times as much as I like articles from the dead-tree media in Barbados.


  14. Knight of the Long Knives

    Why would you ban Pearly. Is this like Owen you can’t take critisicm.

  15. Cliverton Not Signed In

    Pearly was not banned because of criticism. We have many folks who criticise us all the time. Pearly was banned for using multiple names to deceitfully have conversations with himself to promote an agenda. People who do that are banned.