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An Honest Man Slaughters USA’s Bailout King Neel Kashkari

Donald Manzullo - American Hero!

Donald Manzullo - American Hero! Rep. Manzullo grills Bailout Czar Neel on why a failed company that was bailed out with taxpayer dollars -- AIG -- was allowed to give a $3 million bonus to an executive.

“We can’t relate to you in your world. I don’t know where you come from or the people with whom you deal on a day-to-day basis – but when you sit there and cannot take a position as to whether or not a three million dollar bonus to a failed company and as to which the taxpayers have put 125 billion dollars in assets – perhaps you’re not the right person for the job. Perhaps you don’t understand the situation at all…”

…US Congressman Donald Manzullo kicks the ever-loving life out of US government bailout official Neel Kashkari

Neel Kashkari - Slimey, Evasive

Neel Kashkari - Slimy, Evasive

You MUST Watch This YouTube Video!

How can we get US Congressman Donald Manzullo elected to the Barbados legislature?

Nevermind that he is a Yankee. Nevermind that he is talking about the trillion dollar bailout of failed American corporations.

Think Leroy Parris. Think CLICO. Think Cinnimon 88. Think rich Bajan racing horse owners. Think about all the money being handed out by the Barbados Government under the leadership of Prime Minister David Thompson.

Then watch this video of an honest man questioning a slimy, evasive government official.

Watch the YouTube video. Then think Prime Minister David Thompson as Neel Kashkari.

Do it. Now.

YouTube: Rep. Manzullo Questions Bailout Czar Neel Kashkari


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Millions Of WordPress Blogs: Barbados Free Press…. #27 !!!

Barbados Free Press In Good Company With Other Top 100 WordPress Blogs!

Barbados Free Press In Good Company With Other Top 100 WordPress Blogs!

Unbelievable But True!

WordPress.com has millions of blogs online, including some of the biggest (CNN & Fox News are pretty big!)

Have a look at the February 21, 2009 statistics provided by WordPress.com HERE.

This is what they say…

Out of the millions of WordPress.com blogs online…

Top Blog Posts Of The Day – February 21, 2009

#1 CNN

#4 NFL.com Blog

#6 Fox News Forum Blog

#8 CNN Anderson Cooper 360 Blog

#11 People Magazine Celebrity Baby Blog

#12 CNN Jack Cafferty Blog

#16 People Magazine – Style Watch Blog

#25 Sony Playstation Lifestyle Blog

#26 Canada’s Macleans Magazine Blog


How Is It Possible That Barbados Free Press Was So Highly Viewed?

Yes, our coverage of Rihanna’s assault by Chris Brown had a whole lot to do with February 21, 2009 being our best day ever, but tens of thousands of blogs covered the same story.

Why does Barbados Free Press consistently appear in the WordPress Top 100 Blogs list?

Damned if we know. Perhaps it has something to do with our weekly Friday afternoon celebration of the Bajan rum an doing nothing on the beach?

Thanks to all our loyal readers and our new visitors who are interested in Rihanna’s home island of Barbados.

Yours truly,

BFP’s slightly tipsy editorial staff of Marcus, Shona, George, Cliverton, Robert and Auntie Moses


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