Four Days After Barbados Free Press Broke The Sir Allen Stanford – Drug Cartel Link, Nation News Steals Our Story

UPDATE: Just a note that Allen Stanford has been under suspicion for money-laundering drug money for 20 years or so – according to The Independent article The Stanford Files: FBI’s first probe was 20 years ago.

Original article…

On Wednesday, February 18, 2009, at 11:50pm Barbados time, Barbados Free Press was the first Bajan news outlet to report that Sir Allen Stanford was being investigated by US Authorities not only for fraud, but also for money-laundering for a Mexican drug cartel. We also reported that one of his aircraft had been seized with drug money aboard.

Our story Stanford Trying To Flee USA! US Federal Authorities: Allen Stanford Money-Laundering For Drug Cartels was sourced from an ABC Network News article (link here).

Here we are four days later and now Albert Brandford at the Nation News is “breaking” the same story and using the same source that we used.

Good work, Albert! We love it when the Nation, CBC and the Barbados Advocate duplicate our articles and use the same sources. And not only does the Barbados media steal our story ideas, sometimes they even go so far as to scoop quotes from our story – actual phrases – without attribution. (For one of many examples see Nation News Steals Quote and Story Ideas From Barbados Free Press – Fails To Credit Source)

How often do Bajan “professional” journalists steal story ideas and sources from the blogs?

Every day, my friends. Every day.

Oh… Albert…?

Were happy to help, but you really should tell the folks where you first heard about the story you’re now breaking… OK?

It is all about ethics and integrity.

If you and your paper have any integrity left, we hereby give you our full permission to use another one of our stories. Let’s see if you have the integrity and the courage to copy this BFP story…

How Many “Political Donations” Did Sir R. Allen Stanford Give To Barbados Politicians?



Old News “Broken” By Albert Brandford

Drug Link In Stanford Money Saga?


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43 responses to “Four Days After Barbados Free Press Broke The Sir Allen Stanford – Drug Cartel Link, Nation News Steals Our Story

  1. Juris

    So it’s YOUR story, BFP? Not ABC’s?

  2. Red Lake Lassie

    Juris the nation reports stuff days and days after free press does all the time. Where do you think the reporters go on the internet every morning? Same as the rest of us! Free press! LOL!

    We know what BFP is saying in this article an so do you.

  3. passin thru

    Juris should read the link in this story “Nation News Steals Quote and Story Ideas From Barbados Free Press – Fails To Credit Source

    Here is a snip from it:

    Many times we have written articles only to have them publish similar articles days or even weeks later – but this time they have directly quoted from Barbados Free Press without attribution.

    Those lazy, unethical pretend journalists.

    Of course, this is the same so-called “newspaper” that refused for two weeks to publish the news that the contractor of the Barbados flyover project had publicly admitted to bribing politicians in many other Caribbean countries when building bridge projects! For two weeks the Nation News was shamed by Barbados Underground and Barbados Free Press as we taunted the editors at The Nation to cover the story. (See BFP’s article Triumph Of The Blogs’ Print Editions – Nation News Shamed Into Reporting Fraud Allegations Against Barbados Flyover Contractor)

    This is the same newspaper that allowed its own reporters to be roughed up by police on two separate occasions while they covered serious motor vehicle accidents. This is the same newspaper that kissed the feet of the Police Superintendent who forced their own reporter to erase photos of the bus accident. (Read the unbelievable-but-true story here)

    What did the Nation News do about this outrage against a freedom of the press? Nothing… they let the story fade into nothing…. just like they were told.

    Bottom Line: you can’t rely upon the Nation News to provide Bajans with the simple, honest truth about anything… and this latest story is but one more example.

  4. Chicago

    Good luck with the Nation printing any story questioning where politicians get their campaign funding! Never happen.

  5. Jason

    Barbados Free Press: the first website the journalists at the Nation visit at the start of their working day!

  6. .74

    Nation News = COWARDS

  7. Hants

    I tief dis from de Nationnews.

    I en no journalist nor nuh investigata but uh like wuh muh boy Bizzee saying.

    IS BARBADOS also a nation of cowards where race is concerned?
    Barack Obama’s choice for the post of Attorney-General of the United States, whose roots are Bajan, has said that the United States is, so what about Barbados – a nation where more that 90 per cent of the population is black? I believe it is for sure and I also believe that Blacks are just as cliquish socially as Whites, if not more so.

  8. Albert Brandford

    Man, I didn’t steal your “story”, skipper.

    The ABC piece was used only to introduce the real focus of the piece which clearly was the findings of the CFATF report on anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism.

    What “steal” what story what, man!

  9. reality check

    a first year university student would likely get a failed grade for not putting down all the sources ( footnote ) for his paper or article including ABC and BFP.

    Its called integrity and ethical behaviour.

  10. reality check

    borrowing permanently without proper attribution is stealing

  11. Hants

    Yes RC the Newspapers claim to be “Professional” and have obligations to the public who pay for the deadtree publications.

    Any opinions on Bizzee’s article about race relations?

  12. Sargeant

    BFP: I think there is an overreaction on your part, this story is all over the net and the fact that Brandford used the same source as you did doesn’t make it your story. You do have a point about the late entry of the Nation with the drug and money laundering angle. One would have thought that there would be saturation coverage from the Nation, since it has deep links to the Caribbean and the fact that the benefactor of West Indies cricket is the prime target of the investigation

  13. BFP

    Hey, No problem Albert…

    So… when can we expect to see your story about which Barbados politicians took money from Sir Allen?

    And when can we expect a public apology from your newspaper for their plagiarism with their August 8, 2008 article “When Size Matters” ????

  14. Hants

    So wanna prefer to battle over who tief who story.

    leh we talk bout Bizzee article nuh!

    I even post a direct link to de Nation.

    Stop mekking mock sport an leh we “mix it up”!

  15. Straight talk

    You think Bizzy’s article needs analysing?

    OK, I think it comes from a man, deeply in love with his new woman, who is amused by the barely hidden reactions of his previous circle to them as a couple.

    But power to him, he has broken through the taboos and discovered a whole new, much wider social life.

    More to the point he is recommending everyone to try it, for this surely will be the way of the future.

    I’m sure Marcus and Shona may want to add their two penn’orth.

  16. .74

    Mr. Brandford,

    Are you saying you didn’t read BFP before you read the ABC piece? You seem to tapdance around that issue Sir.

  17. Red Lake Lassie

    Mr. Brandford,

    When will your newspaper publically appologize for plagiarism from BFP?

  18. Leo

    Bizzy…. I like how this man does talk, straight to the point, i always knew the white folks were conservative but that’s how they get as they enter adulthood, blacks and whites play at school but all that stops when they go work for…i mean work with mommy or daddy.

    I have nothing against whites, indians or chinese, everyone lives to suit they lifestyle but i think blacks are always fun.

  19. Leo

    Borrowing permanently is stealing. (full stop)

  20. Leo

    Bizzy is correct in his letter.

    This is a good article that i would LOVE to discuss further but race issues are not discuss on this blog, if it starts over at BU then that’s good.

  21. Hants

    Of course we can discuss race on this blog.

    The discussion must of course be civil.

    I am convinced that “protectionism” has kept the races apart in Barbados up till today.

    Rich white people would probably disinherit their children if they marry black.It is more about power and control than about race.

    The only real difference between the white and black bajans I know is skin colour.

    They like the same food,sports etc but there is always that “wall of separation” that keeps us from the final step of uniting “matrimonially”.

  22. Red Lake Lassie

    Hants, many of us have dropped the wall of separation and don’t give a flying…

    Two more generations it will be done.

  23. Chicago

    Yes Mr. Brandford: When will The Nation apologise to Barbados Free Press for stealing a direct quote and failing to attribute it to BFP?

    Let me answer for your paper: Never!

  24. Tourism Monkey

    That’s all, well and good to say but that may not happen either.

    As Bizzy said in his letter, and Eric Holder mentioned in his speech.

    During the week, or just after work, people separate themselves, get back into their own cliques and prefer to stay there.

    I must commend people like Mrs. Shelly Williams for trying to break this habit by inviting black people to Polo events at many of the islands Polo Fields. She tries, but there is still a long way to go. Doubt me?

    Pick up the latest copy of Polo & More (a Barbadian publication) and tell me how many black people you count in the ENTIRE magazine.

    (And by the way, the one black rider in the whole magazine seems bumbling enough to be hitting his own horse!)

  25. Tourism Monkey

    * That was supposed to be “Outside of the week…”

    – 3rd paragraph, 1st sentence

  26. J

    Dear BFP you wrote “It is all about ethics and integrity.”

    But BFP you can’t give anybody ethics lessons.

    Didn’t you just recently claim that the mainstream media was “supressing” a story from the NUPW re: the junior doctors?

    Was that true? or was the letter from an unhappy overworked junior doctor.

    Oh and by the way, have the junior doctors got any relief yet?

  27. J

    Dear Hants (and Bizzy):

    Bajans are neither clique-ish nor cowardly.

    We are just polite.

    I read Bizzy today too.

    You really think that Bizzy wants J to show up at his parties uninvited?

    Chaa!!! man. My mummy always tell me that ever so welcome wait for a call.

    If Bizzy calls I will show up at his next party.

    But no invite, no show.

    Politely yours,


  28. reluctant nonbeliever

    Are you sure that post was from the real (ie the Nation’s) Albert Brandford?


    BFP says

    If not, Albert will let us know. He’s here every day.

  29. Georgie Porgie

    It is noteworthy that in today’s Nation, that the troubles being faced by Junior Doctors raised in BFP at least a week ago, is now mentioned.

    Very interesting how long it takes our mainstyream press to report important issues to the general public!

  30. passin thru

    Isn’t it interesting? The Nation article mentions doctors sleeping in their cars like the BFP article said but goes light on the details and the criticism.

    Why do we need the Nation anyways? It is plain to see that articles about “sensitive” topics (ie: critical of the government) are delayed for re-writing and permission. BFP how I wish you were a real full time news organization!

  31. J

    Dear GP:

    Cuhdear man.

    After I challenged them BFP admitted that the letter received by them was anonymous and not from the NUPW or from any named doctor.

    You should know that a responsible newspaper will seek to verify information received from anonymous sources.

    That is ETHICAL practice.


    BFP says,

    Girl, you are such a liar. When you said it wasn’t clear who wrote what, we put it in the introduction and thanked you for the input. “Challenged” and “unethical”..? take less of whatever you are smokin.

  32. J

    Dear passing thru:

    Do you really believe that the Nation or other privately owned media houses sends everything or anything to some government office in order to obtain permission to publish?

    Pleaseeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “the government” no matter which party is in ipolitical office wishes it were so, but it ain’t so, was never so, and will never be so.

    Believe me BFP is full of itself but is nowhere ready to replace any media house in Barbados.


    BFP says,

    Actually, it was Nation and Advocate writers who revealed the government interference in their work in a series of articles published last year. You can find all the articles by hitting “freedom of the press” in our category cloud in the side bar or start HERE

    Meanwhile, it appears that YOU have an agenda going to spread disinformation against BFP here in the comments section.

  33. Hants

    BFP please improve your language.

    You should have written “J is an unmitigated falcifier of veracity.”

  34. chameleon

    J sounds like BWWR?

    God knows what personae, age and gender that might be?

    Same negative nasty comments

  35. Georgie Porgie


    When the mainstream newspapers got the letter- from which ever source- could they not have sought out the NUPW or the Junior doctors to ascertain the truth, and relay thier findings to the populace.

    We are always complaining about the QEH, but how can it function properly if the Junior doctors catching hell.

    The fact still remains (whatever you might think of BFP) they relayed the information to the people first.

  36. Hants

    @ Georgie Porgie

    I still do not understand why Doctors at the QEH are not well treated.

    Anyone can get sick or seriously injured and end up at the QEH.
    Doesn’t matter if you can afford an Air Ambulance you still have to start out at the QEH.

    These same Junior doctors are the frontline in Emergency.

    This foolishness has to stop.
    A mechanic fisherman or Pilot cannot treat a kidney stone or Heart attack.

  37. Anonymouss

    Hants, all I can say about Bizzy’s letter is that class is colourless and priceless.

  38. West Side Davie

    J does sound like Black Woman Who Reads, who is an old white guy named Ian Dean and one of the staff writers at Barbados Underground.

    Or rather, he was a favorite staff writer at BU til he was outed!

  39. PiedPiper

    And isn’t it interesting WSD that despite Iain Dean’s outraged denial that no one has seen BWWR since? 😉

  40. PiedPiper

    Could someone please either provide the link to Bizzy’s letter or copy and paste it to BFP? I went looking for it at The Nation online and caan find it.

  41. Wuh loss man. Bizzy ears musse ringing from alla de lotta talk insida de homes.

    ‘yuh cud imagine, he sau DAT in de paper?’

    Haing said that, Bizzy too right though, cepting some young people who mixing now, probly much to de chagrin of dem parents.

    Bringin’ a black gal home, or vice versa?

    Huh? Wunna crazy?

    Lotta ig’narance deng.

    I ‘gree wid Bizzy, mix an enjoy it.

    We is all one, only de power people wud like for us to sep’rate weselves from one another for dem own nasty, manipulating ways.

    Tek care now, an remembuh, we got summa de sweetest gals in dis here land, of any race.