UPDATED: Barbados Free Press Tries New Comments Settings – Rejects Reverse Order, Loves Nested Replies

UPDATED: Saturday Morning, February 21, 2009

The votes are in and our readers have spoken…

1/ The “newer comments at the top” (otherwise known as reverse order) was a failure. We didn’t like it, most of our readers didn’t like it and everyone found it to be confusing… so… we have gone back to the old way with the newer comments at the bottom of the page. It just seems more natural.

2/ People said nice things about the “nested comments” feature although not many have used it. We’ll keep that option and see how it works out in the next week.

Thanks for you input, friends!


Original article…

Do You Like The Changes?

Let Us Know One Way Or The Other!

Comments are now listed with the newest first – at the top of the page… AND you can reply to comments 3 deep.

Not sure if we like it or not, so we’ll leave it to our readers.

What say all? Let us know… in the comments section.




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23 responses to “UPDATED: Barbados Free Press Tries New Comments Settings – Rejects Reverse Order, Loves Nested Replies

  1. Sargeant


    Here is my feedback

    Smiley Face

  2. Sargeant

    Ooops didn’t work, don’t like the format

  3. Sad To Say

    Confusing. At my advanced age the brain does not readily adapt to new things. Out with the new back to the old.

  4. Sad To Say

    An unnecessary distraction.

  5. Sad To Say

    Suggestion: BFP should encourage readers to submit articles then you decide if they are worth publishing. This would take the pressure off you while facilitating diversity and currency.

  6. BFP

    And here is our test reply to your feedback!

  7. reality check

    like Sad to Says suggestion but not sure about the LIFO ( Last In First Out ) comment order.

    Sort of use to the previous pattern. Can you tell us what your thinking is BFP to post LIFO versus first come first served concept?


    BFP says

    Well, it became an option yesterday so we thought we’d try it and see what folks thought. We’ve had people complain before that when there are 50 -60 plus comments it takes a long time to scroll through…

    BUT… we’re having the same doubts as you. It just seems awkward.

    Aside from the reverse order, what do you think of the sub-comments? Useful or no? Again, a new feature by WordPress and we thought we’d give it a try.

  8. A-Fish

    Well I can say it’s much easier to reply to someone’s comment rather than the unnecessary quote typing of someone’s post.

    Good Idea BFP. 🙂

  9. Hants

    I could get used to this new fangle way of blogging.

  10. reluctant nonbeliever


    I don’t like this new system at all. It’s horribly counter-intuitive to the way we normally read text (ie from the top of a page to the bottom).

    The old system followed a logical progression: article at top, immediately followed by comments, in descending chronological order (so you can follow the comments’ “history”, if you see what I mean).

    With this new system, you have to read the article (top to bottom, as normal), then jump to foot of page and start reading back up the page (bottom to top). It sucks!

    My guess is that the only people who will like it are those who just want to make their own comments without bothering to read what’s come before. Y

    As for the idea that it takes time to scroll down through a lot of comments – foolishness! If you’re really so self-centred that you can’t be bothered to read what fellow posters have written, then just tap the blasted Pg Dn or End key nuh!

    So please – revert to old format.

  11. reluctant nonbeliever

    Forgot to add that the “reply” option is fine, though…

  12. Livinginbarbados

    What is good is the apparent facility to reply to a specific comment/commentator; that’s a good feature. I can read text when it’s upside down and back to front so I imagine I could get used to newest comments first, though would agree with those who feel that LIFO sucks the air out of the debate and panders to those who really are interested in see their names in lights.

  13. rohan

    BFP, Like the nested Comments.

    Hate the Reverse order.

    Maybe you could try it with keeping the nested comments but leaving the standard order.

  14. Watchman

    You sound like a typical old civil servant. If you can’t adapt, retire and read a book.

  15. PiedPiper

    I’m with Rohan, don’t like the reversed order.

  16. BFP

    OK…. done. And this is the first trial of a 3 deep reply.

    OHHHHHHHH……. Technology!

  17. BFP

    We can put as many layers on the “reply” function as we like. We’ll leave it set at 3 for now. Any input from readers?



  18. BFP

    This is the third and final layer of replies. Notice that the “Reply” tag is now missing.

  19. Whistling Duck

    I don’t like it.

    Although you see the latest post you are reading the answer before you have seen the question.

    It’s ok to have the topics in the recent date order but not a good idea with the responses

  20. I have no problem finding the question first.
    Not being computer smart (keeping in mind I am travelling with my laptop) is it possible to add an e-mail link on the BFP web site to forward a story to friends or to people who should read the story on a certain subject.

  21. Underdog

    Yes, much easier to follow. Very good idea!