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UPDATED: Barbados Free Press Tries New Comments Settings – Rejects Reverse Order, Loves Nested Replies

UPDATED: Saturday Morning, February 21, 2009

The votes are in and our readers have spoken…

1/ The “newer comments at the top” (otherwise known as reverse order) was a failure. We didn’t like it, most of our readers didn’t like it and everyone found it to be confusing… so… we have gone back to the old way with the newer comments at the bottom of the page. It just seems more natural.

2/ People said nice things about the “nested comments” feature although not many have used it. We’ll keep that option and see how it works out in the next week.

Thanks for you input, friends!


Original article…

Do You Like The Changes?

Let Us Know One Way Or The Other!

Comments are now listed with the newest first – at the top of the page… AND you can reply to comments 3 deep.

Not sure if we like it or not, so we’ll leave it to our readers.

What say all? Let us know… in the comments section.




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