Who Was Gilberto Eastmond’s Barbados Grandfather?

“quisiera conocer la tierra donde nacio mi abuelo que requisitos necesito soy de colombia gracias”

… Gilberto Eastmond


Colombian Interested In The Birthplace of his Bajan Grandfather

Once in a while we receive requests to assist folks looking for their Barbados family roots and we’re happy to help when we can.

Gilberto Eastmond from Colombia says his grandfather was Bajan. He hasn’t told us his grandfather’s name or if he knows it, but we are a small nation and perhaps someone can assist him. Or perhaps he’ll see this article and provide more information.

Barbados is a small island, and with the internet the world has become very small too.


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8 responses to “Who Was Gilberto Eastmond’s Barbados Grandfather?

  1. Pat

    there used to be a family of Eastmonds living in Joes River, St. Joseph.

  2. The Scout

    I’m very familiar to a few Eastmond families, some who migrated to Panama and other South American countries. If you can send more imformation, I would try to assist.

  3. Chicharron

    If he needs any help translating/interpreting, I’ll be more than happy to assist!!

  4. Isaiah Eastmond

    I was told that my grandfather was from Barbados, his name was Reginald John Eastmond. If anyone has any information about my grandfather and other family in Barbados please let me know

  5. Hi, Gilberto Eastmond is my cousin living in Colombia, and here is our grandfather info, George Eastmond married to Clarice Brown Eastmond, moved from Barbados to Panama when the canal was been built. My grandfather worked at the canal for few years then moved down to Buenaventura, Colombia around 1927. My mom Gwendoline told me about grandpa’s brother John Eastmond that moved to usa. Not sure if that is Reginald, also sister name Lori living in N.Y. that was my grandpa’s only contac with his family. We will love to hear from anyone that might be related to us. I did a layover in Panama not long ago & nostalgia hit me hard. I want to go back so bad, I will love to trace my family.

  6. Albert Eastmond

    My fathers name was Albert Montague Eastmond and his brother was Lynchfield Eastmond. My father emigrated to Bermuda and his brother emigrated to Cuba. His mothers name was Ada and she emigrated to the united states. I do not know the dates but my father was born June 19th 1900. I believe that his brother was younger.

  7. miyoshi

    My fathers name was Neville Grande Eastmond.He was from barbados.He passed in 2004 and we never got to cross paths but we were aware of each other.I was hidden from him.I just want to know who i am cause my father was a good man.I would appreciate any help or family information

  8. Velda Smith

    Most Eastmonds originated from Barbados, as did my father. However, he had a brother who emigrated to Cuba and I know he (his brother) had children. Would like to contact my Cuban cousins. Their father’s name would have been Lynchfield Eastmond. I do not remember their mother’s name. My father, Albert Montague Eastmond migrated to Bermuda where her married our mother (also Barbadian, Viola Ross Eastmond). There are four of us first generation Bermudian Eastmonds:
    1: Velda Dorine (Eastmond) Smith (eldest and only girl)
    2: Lynchfield Montague Eastmond
    3: Albert Livingston Eastmond
    4: Alphonso MacDonald Eastmond
    Would appreciate any information regarding the Cuban Eastmonds.
    Velda D. (Eastmond) Smith
    Devonshire, BERMUDA