Police Photo Of Rihanna Facial Injuries Leaked – Monster Chris Brown Did This – Bite Marks Visible?

LAPD Launches Investigation Into Rihanna Photo Leak

LAPD Launches Investigation Into Rihanna Photo Leak

Los Angeles Police have launched an investigation into the leak of a photo of Rihanna which the police say “has the appearance of one taken during an official Domestic Violence investigation.” Meaning, yes this is a photo of Rihanna taken after Chris Brown “allegedly” beat and bit her. The photo first appeared on TMZ but now it is everywhere.

Somehow I don’t think that Chris Brown will ever show his face in Barbados again – ever.

What a monster he is to do that to a woman – but in truth Chris Brown did no different than has been done by hundreds of other men on Barbados. And now an entire new generation of young men have been raised on song lyrics that portray women as objects of pleasure and domination.

Not to mention that here in Barbados, if you beat your woman in a gated community, she can scream for help all she wants but the police won’t go past the security guard at the gate. After all, its only another ho gettin’ wat be deserved by she.

Do We Need Signs Like This In Barbados?

Do We Need Signs Like This In Barbados?

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Beat Your Wife In Barbados? You Are Protected From The Police If You Live In A Gated Community!

Do We Need Signs Like This In Barbados?


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133 responses to “Police Photo Of Rihanna Facial Injuries Leaked – Monster Chris Brown Did This – Bite Marks Visible?

  1. Best wishes to the young lady.

    If you ever hear or read this remember, this is NOT YOUR FAULT!

    The fellow is a thug, the faster victims accept that fault is not with them, the faster resolution can be achieved.

    Young lady, there are many, many more fish out there in the ocean, many who will treat you with respect and gentleness, and you will find a much better reality,much better.


    Be strong, it is over, move on.

  2. turkeylips88

    Yes, this is truly very unfortunate.

  3. I think this is one time that BFP (nor myself) would not mind if a fatwah (an Islamic hit contract, eg: like Salman Rushdie for far less) was taken on Chris Brown

  4. You can see the fright and fear in her face.

    She’s young and she will bounce back from this, but I doubt Chris Brown will. Wanker…. how dare he hit Robin!!!! And bite my fellow Combermerian? A pox upon his house…. a pox on his house for a thousand years.

  5. Dalerest

    The LA police are right to investigate this leak, and BFP has sunk lower than the tabloids for posting this pic. Like any accused Chris Brown deserves his day in court. Let’s not string him up just yet.


    BFP says…

    Lower than the tabloids? Lower?

    Too bad that you weren’t so disgusted and concerned when the Barbados newspapers hid all the abuse suffered by Ronja Juman at the hands of the police and the Director of Public Prosecutions!

    See BFP’s Corrupt Director Of Public Prosecutions Must Now Prosecute His Corrupt Police Friend For Accepting Bribes!!!

  6. I am glad the photo is out – to show what evil there is in domestic abuse, and any idiot who says give Chris Brown a chance is probably a beater themselves

  7. Dalerest

    And don’t forget Rhianna’s dignity in all of this. No battered woman wants to show her bashed-up face in public. Shame on you BFP.

  8. Sundowner

    My heart goes out to her.

    Sungoddess- I don’t know if you’ve ever been in this situation, just realise that no-one ‘bounces back’ from an attack like this, like rape, its always with you.
    I hope she’s receiving all the help, counselling and love she needs.

    As to Chris Brown, sorry is never enough, you too need help and counselling and locking up.

  9. 124

    “Bite Marks Visible?”Enough with the misleading headline BFP. The police report said bite marks on her hands? In that photo no hands are visible.

    That being said there is no justification for what transpired.

  10. Chicago

    Aren’t those bite marks on her forehead? Right side esp. ? (right side of head, not photo)

  11. I’m sorry that this photo has been released on what should have been such a joyous day for Rihanna who turns 21 today. But even when she is down, Rihanna still continues to gladden the hearts of many. She is now the poster child and face for many ladies who have suffered from Domestic Violence and the more popularity it receives, followed by her decision to step away, will send a clear message to millions. Happy Birthday Rihanna and thanks for your continued maturity and the proper use of your talent.

    Hate That I Love You

    How can anyone be so unkind
    And why does love be so blind
    The regularity of Domestic Violence
    Evidently doesn’t happen without prior incidence
    The warning signs we too often ignore
    Hands clenched during arguments and much more
    Anger and jealousy depicted in voice
    The restrictions of freedom and constraints of choice
    In love we embrace attention but if it should smother
    Let go, create some distance, before you’re just another
    One of the many statistics in a brutal beating
    Violence meted down by a coward who in love is cheating
    Emotions can flare but don’t ever mistake
    Your love which may be pure from their love that is fake
    Once violence steps in then love steps out
    Use this little measure to state what you’re all about

    An Acrostic Poem from The Bajan Poetry Society

  12. Hants

    BFP moderation of my previous comments are understandable.
    The picture of Rihanna raised my blood pressure.

  13. Sundowner – I beg to differ.

    I am a rape survivor, child sexual abuse survivor and I have been domestically abused, and it stays with you true, but you CAN AND DO bounce back if you want to.

    I simply opt not to be a victim, and to incorporate my learned lessons into my life philosophy.

    So yes, my comments come from being there, and doing that, and coming out the other end and bouncing all the way back.

    My name and my online name, are no accident.

  14. Hants

    Woman beating needs to be exposed and not hidden.

    BFP was right to show the picture. Hopefully we will all speak out against this primitive behaviour and save our women from this violence.

    BFP you can consider removing the picture after a few days.

    Domestic Violence is wrong and repulsive.

  15. dalerest

    “The Los Angeles Police Department takes seriously its duty to maintain the confidentiality of victims of domestic violence. ”


    Rhianna did the right thing in reporting this, because so often domestic violence goes unreported, but that is all WE need to know! Graphic pics of her just violate her privacy, and are totally unnecessary.

  16. denise

    He’s Rich, Cute and American,
    He will probably get a
    plea bargain, pay a fine
    and walk out of this unscathed.

    Good luck to the next girl.

  17. Lovely Justice

    Why in the hell is everybody making a big deal… They are going to be back together once this shit blow over. Please Chris Brown is not that type of person and everybody has there bad day.. But the why is it ok for women to hit men and not ok for men to hit men…I don’t agree with what he did but there are two sides to every story… So stop all this shit talking about both of them, get a life and let them work it out..

  18. Rumboy

    Lets us invite him down for a free holiday and show him some Baj hospitality (************ removed by editor **********)

  19. oldrooster

    I think bfp will erase comments like the above when they see them.

  20. The Scout

    My heart goes out to you. Remember that those bruises will heal, I hope there will be no scares but even if they are the REAL you is on the inside and I know you will bounce back even bigger than you were before. Whatever happens, you’ll always be SPECIAL to me and many many more bajans. This too shall pass; I love you as a father to his daughter and will always be supportive of you once you continue to keep your head high. Again Happy Bithdate Princess RIHANNA.

  21. raison d'etre


    BFP has no banner ads?

    are they stupid or doing it out of principle?

    could they do both and still remain anonymous?

  22. Georgie Porgie

    After seeing the picture of Rihanna above, I would have to say that I see two features of the inflammatory response, rubor (redness) and tumor (swelling). These signs can result from an injury due to any cause, including the striking of the face on the dashboard of a vehicle.

    If I was shown that photo in a court room, I could not honestly state the cause of the signs of the inflammatory response exhibited in the photo.

  23. reality check

    Georgie Porgie defense attorney

    she probably made it up or did it to herself because she has nothing going on in her life?

    These bruises or inflammatory responses as you define them will probably heal shortly—the emotional scars, however, are another issue.

    Do women like Rihanna or Ronja Juman really have to sit back and take this without anything being done about it.

  24. Jukecheckedeyskirt

    Gaw Blimah..dat son of a b…..tch did this to my girl. Portraying his false cool image like most American stars, when truly he / they are ravenous wolves. I gine tell ya now if he set foot in bimshire…(he may not receive proper service in the various restaurants he frequents.)**

    *** editied by BFP 😉

  25. Jukecheckedeyskirt

    Georgie Porgie —-go find a rock to crawl under and practice your career with insects. Friggin educated people doan know when to exercise commonsense. He might have smashed RI RI’s head to dash board and pound on she with his fist or worse yet a foot or two also. The point is the boy beat she up real bad and all you got to say his some intellectual analytical piss…chuuuuuuuuuuuupse

  26. Georgie Porgie

    LOL. I state what is an unrefutable scientific fact and get ad hominem attacks- as was expected. LOL

    The facts are that one can not conclude OBJECTIVELY what was the source of the inflammatory response from just looking at the photos. LOL

  27. J

    GP ya break my heart man!!!

    Shame, shame.

  28. Another one?

    Are you sure that this is not just another fake photo?


    BFP says,

    Yes… LAPD put out a press release saying that they are investigating the source of the photo etc.

  29. Georgie Porgie

    I started my internship in surgery, and ended up in court as a result of the events I witnessed in my first two nights “on call.”

    I spent 20 years giving evidence for the crown, before I left Bim. In the course of that experience I soon learned what I could say or not say in court, from Magistrates Simmons and Walcott especially.

    The first thing that medical students learn in Pathology class is the imflammatory response, and that it is a feature of any injury or insult to tissues.

    When I look at the photos (or if I was seeing this person directly) I (would) record what I see- regardless to whoever it is- and very unemotionally. And I see evidence of an inflammatory response. Thats all.

    I wont apologize for my experience or education. It took time to aquire both.

    I have witnessed much worse- including two awful murders in St Lucy in the early 90’s.

  30. Sargeant

    Hey Folks

    Don’t get so emotional!! GP is a physician and is only stating the facts as a physician would. Remember this thing has the potential to get really nasty and if it goes to trial the defense will play hardball and will attempt to make “little RiRi” seem like the devil incarnate horns and all.

    So hold your powder, otherwise you might exhaust your ammunition by the time the defense lawyer and the tabloids go to town.

  31. Jukecheckedeyskirt

    Georgie Porgie

    Please let me apologise for those defamatory remarks made towards your post. There were not written by me but by someone who was using my computer at the time.

    In all of my postings on this blog, I have not used any statements of profanity or have I use deregotary statements against anyone’s intelligence. Your assessment of Rihanna’s facial inflictions are reminiscent of inflammatory response characteristic of injuries sustained by a hard object.

  32. lovely justice… how dare you! they will never be back together because she is a very smart woman! Chris Brown should be put behind bars for many years just like any other man would. just because he’s famous does not make him better and i hope they ban his music and commercials. MAY HE BURN IN HELL!!!

  33. Georgie Porgie

    No problems Dukeckeckedey

    But I must correct you. The photos show that this girl recieved some insult to her facial tissues. There is no particular features to distinguish an inflammatory response due to a hard object.

    Note that the inflammatory response is seen in any tissue as a response to any insult.

    A fairly common example of the inflammatory response experienced (but not seen except at post mortem) in Barbados is an inflammatory response to the liver. It is called cirhosis when prologed, and seen in those with a great affection for members of the alcohol family.

    Why dont you sing a song about inflammatory responses? LOL I challenge you Sir!

  34. Ryan Khan

    Rihanna is a symbol of Barbados! This guy punched a country not a person the outrage from this is weak!!! I need his address???? I need to know when is his next concert???? This man should be wishing to be locked up in jail by now!

  35. PiedPiper

    Georgie, it would appear to me that Chris Brown used his fists which would explain the split lip. Any man who would use his fists on a woman is no man, he is a worm.

  36. Chris Breezy messed up big time

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  38. Cliverton Not Signed In

    Hi Ian,

    This is a test of comment layering.

    Thanks for your cooperation! 🙂

  39. Cliverton Not Signed In

    Well darn it, looks like I messed up! 😉

  40. Cliverton Not Signed In

    Hi Ian…. This is a test of the nested comments.

  41. Catwoman

    This picture does not look like Rihanna to me. This woman has a broader nose and a tatoo on her left shoulder. If you check the picture taken of Rihanna the night of the pre-Grammy party after which the alleged incident took place, you will see that she is wearing an off-the-shoulder dress and the tatoo is no where in sight. I’ve read other articles where the L.A. police department said that a photo stored in their police files of a woman with this type of injury was leaked to the press but they did not say it was Rihanna.

    If you recall there was a picture posted on the net after this incident which showed “supposedly” Rihanna with her face damaged. This turned out to be fraudulent. I’ll wait to hear if the police confirms that the picture is in fact that of Rihanna before I go off the deep end.

  42. Tony

    Catwoman, It’s her for sure. Notice the tattoo on her left side in the corner of the picture. The Roman numeral tattoos are the same ones seen in other photos.

  43. bajan

    That boy should be (deleted by editor!), I have no respect for any man who feels he needs to hit a woman to get his point across. If i could just get my hands on that fool…….. (Editor inserts “I would not give him any candy or share my beer with him”)

  44. reluctant nonbeliever

    Upsetting picture, to be sure. They make me angry too.

    But to all you guys who understandably want to give Chris Brown a beating – I just hope this has made you think more deeply about the plight of non-famous women here in Barbados who are getting their faces mashed up by vicious boyfriends/husbands every single day.

  45. diaryofarecoveredbulimic

    I also think that it is good that the photo is out. And that the news is out. Domestic violence has been ignored long enough. I’m sorry it happened to Rhianna, but the fact that it happened to a celebrity brings the issue up for more discussion and publicity — hopefully in a good way towards more awareness and prevention, and better coping when it does happen.

  46. bajanbat

    @Dalerest sure C Brown must get his day in court and we hope justice will be done.
    Has anyone heard that:
    1. she is thinking of not pressing charges because he would go to jail!? Duh…
    2. he was violent while he was here, damaging a car and an apartment.
    If those stories are true Rihanna should put distance between herself and him.

  47. dont ever let him put his hands on you again if he do it again call the police and get out of there.

  48. PiedPiper

    I have a concern that both Rihanna and Chris are under considerable pressure to make this situation go away. Their respective record companies, their managers and handlers and corporate sponsors may decide how this is going to play out.

  49. caroline

    Happy Birthday Rihanna
    remember the old
    lyrics that aretha franklin sings –

    “A Rose is still a Rose! ”

    “Turn your face to the Sun and the shadows fall behind you! “Maori Proverb

  50. Joe

    it really sucks that this happened to Rihanna, she seems like such a sweet girl

  51. 152

    NO! He should stay in jail until Obama is out of office!

  52. If he does it once he’ll do it again. If I was in that situation I’d be out of the door so FAST. He’s a scumbag who gives the many good and honourable men out there a bad name.
    Best wishes to Rihanna.
    And recommended him for a vasectomy so he can’t infect the rest of the world with more like him.

  53. Catwoman

    Chris Brown’s violence against Rihanna is terrible, outrageous, disgusting and every other adjective that we can conjure up to describe this despicable act. None the less, so many contributors to this blog are dishing out their own threats of violence against Chris Brown which goes to show how quickly violence can come about when one becomes quite angry. I think some of you can use some anger management of your own. Cool it with the violence against him O.K. We were not there so we really don’t know how it all went down and if she decides not to press charges, most likely it will be because of her own role in this whole mess.

  54. Inhaler

    What manner of cruel weirdo is Georgie Porgie? Whats frightening is this sicko animal claims to be a surgeon. God help us. Its unbelievable that adults on blog support the rantings of this low life. Georgie were you born in Austria with a surname which begins with ‘H’ and ends with ‘r’ ?

  55. I will wait to see what the investigation uncovers.

    CB is an ass to do this to her.

  56. Georgie Porgie

    No Inhaler
    I am neither a cruel weirdo nor did I claim to be a surgeon. I have merely pointed out what I see when I look at the photo that have you all so angry.

    I just dont get worked up and emotional like some of you folk do.Its unbelievable that you can call me low life, and you have never met me. Quite irrational. Unlike you I wont engage in ad hominem attacks.

    The picture that is shown on this thread only proves that there was soft tissue injury to the face of a young girl, who you folk seem to worship. It does not say what was the exact cause.

    Do you see finger prints or knuckle prints or foot prints or any evidence to support your claim.

    The inflammatory response is the first thing one is taught in Pathology class. I think I understand it after 35 years in Medicine. Regardless to what you say, my statement is accurate.

    If the lad’s lawyer gets good medical advice and is told how to present his case, you fellows will really be wailing.

  57. tony love

    my my, how dumb can we get as a society, you all know full well that is not her, have you have ever heard of a dead corspe on top of someone’s face, this is fully enhanced, i do not believe in domestic violence but this is bullshit, how can TMZ get a pic and noone else does, that is not her nose or her forehead, this pic is a double exposure of someone else trust me i know i work in forensic science i feel sorry for whoever is lying but the photo is not her i do not care about a tatoo, this pic of a dead corpse was placed on her rihanna does not have a crooked nose. dah wake up people you forgot we are dealing with news people and media

  58. spunky

    mother earth.
    nubian princess.
    african queen.
    he had no right to hit a woman.
    he is disciplined in martial arts.
    he is a shame to mankind.
    she will survive, she took the first step to recovering, she told somebody.

    blessings robyn. take flight and have faith in GOD.

  59. I want to take this opportunity to remind fellow sons and daughters of this beautiful Island of the strength and character of Robyn Rihanna Fenty. This young entertainer has managed to overcome many obstacles before and this little bump in the road will only cause her to speed wobble but she will certainly retain her balance and get on her way. Also, Rihanna will always have an island of friends and family.

    We Sons And Daughters

    When the days are cold and the nights are hot
    Evenings come quickly and change does not
    So many decisions to make and appointments to keep
    Or when work and commitments rob you of sleep
    No one to trust except the absent few
    Some acquaintances you met but they are too new
    After work is work and after that is more
    No spare time to play or rest like before
    Druggies offering for pennies an easy way out
    Do it! Your new acquaintances will shout
    And the inner self reminds me of who I am
    Uninterested of their escape or its delusionary scam
    Got strength to outlast and traverse what’s ahead
    Have the love of God, my friends and family instead
    These setbacks that stained my face with agony
    Embarrasses the shallow minded but they don’t me
    Rihanna is a Bajan full of Strength and Unity
    Strict guardian of her heritage, with Pride and dignity

    An Acrostic Poem from The Bajan Poetry Society

  60. Pat


    If any of that is true, then Rihanna shouldl not just put distance between them, but also see a shrink.

  61. Robin Hood

    Thing is she might not get a chance to be able to call the police next time. We all know what finally happens in most cases when women decide to stay in an abusive relationship because……… she “LOVES” him!!!

  62. Pat

    Please, I thought it was Chris Brown who was the sicko animal.

    We are each entitled to our opinions. If you dont like the Dr’s. just move on and pray that you never have to turn up at his door step for medical assistance. Although, he being a practising Christian and ‘lay preacher’, would probably treat you for freeeeee.

  63. Pat

    You know, it did look like a dead person. I wondered why the eyes were closed, as though she had fallen asleep.

  64. Jason

    LAPD says it is their foto and they are investigating how it was leaked. What more do you want?

  65. PiedPiper

    Tony Love: If that picture is not real then why do you suppose the L.A.P.D. and the District Attorney are so worked up about it? They are doing an internal investigation to find the person who leaked it to the media. This photo is just one of several that the police took, one with her eyes closed, and another with her eyes open, the purpose of which would be to demonstrate any injuries to the eyes. Forensic science huh?

  66. jessesanythinggoes

    Like I said another time I dont listen to her music and dont know who chris brown , no offence I hope she was ugly anyways, but didnt deserve this shit, I think chris brown need a month in prison were the punk can be straighten out.

  67. of interest

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    The Combermere School Song
    First Verse
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    Hearts are in the waking here
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    remember that RI RI UP AND ON

  68. I am a rape survivor, child sexual abuse survivor and I have been domestically abused, and it stays with you true, but you CAN AND DO bounce back if you want to.

    You are assuming that no abuse — no matter how young it started, how long it lasted, how many perpetrators, how many other contributing factors, how little support, how many other negative influences — is bad enough to prevent someone from “bouncing back”.

    If we were to compare emotional health to physical health, that is like telling someone in a coma that “nothing is bad enough to prevent you from running a marathon this afternoon”.

    Please describe an abusive childhood which you would consider “bad enough” that a full and immediate recovery is not possible.

    Jesus, you are an idiot.

  69. Well hell. I apologize for calling you an idiot.

    The other problem is that you are failing to consider how well that person would have done in life if they had not been hobbled for many years.

    Some abuse survivors are apparently doing as well as those people who started out with every advantage — but for the first half of their life the abuse survivors were buried in a pit and had to waste great time and energy climbing out of that pit. You might call their ordeal “bouncing back” but I call it “having had their full potential stolen from them”.

    Apologies for being so rude, but your blame-the-victim attitude does more harm than good.

    You should not be blogging…

  70. J

    Dear Georgie Porgy:

    You wrote “The photos show that this girl recieved some insult to her facial tissues. There is no particular features to distinguish an inflammatory response due to a hard object.” and “If the lad’s lawyer gets good medical advice”

    All J can say is THANK GOD that the JUSTICE system includes a JURY OF PEERS, and is not just composed of lawyers and dispassionate professionals like you.

  71. J

    You work in forensic science as what?

    The corpse?


  72. Unfortunately, the bad side of the photo being out is that it can be portrayed by Brown’s legal team as prejudicing any potential jury pool… Meanwhile, Star magazine claims she still LOVES him? Calling to see if HE’s ok? I know that can happen is some abuse situations, but I still find it a tad surreal for genuine belief?

  73. Georgie Porgie

    LOL J

    I see the Pathology. Its a good picture to put in a slide show or powerpoint when illustration the swelling and redness that is a feature of the inflammatory response. Dont you think?

    Then one could go into the details of the mechanisms whereby the swelling and redness comes about. Then one could explain the reasons for the characteristic discoloration that occurs as the haemoglobin in the collected blood breakdown. What you think?

    And one could do that with great passion and enthuiasm, I am sure. I know a Pathology teacher who would get very excited about a picture like that.

    BUT I AINT GOING TO BECOME AN IDOLATOR LIKE YOU FOLK. NOR WILL I TRY THE CASE OUT OF COURT. But I love the Pathology here. Good example of the inflammatory response. Thats all it means to me. Sorry. Seen it too many times before.

    As far as I am concerned, whats the big fuss about. I have not heard a fuss when all the women I have seen with bruised and battered bodies were injured. NEVER. WHY ALL THE FUSS NOW? WHY MUST I RANT & RAVE LIKE YOU ALL OVER SOMETHING THAT I HAVE SEEN SO MUCH OF?

    The Public didnt fuss when that teenager was brutally killed and her private area cut up with a broken bottle at Trents St Lucy in 1990.

    I remember the day in court when the Prosecutor started the case by stating that the accused used four stones on the girl that evening, before they introduced the massive 110 pound stone that was used to cover her tiny body, and the stone with which he smashed her head.


    The Public didnt fuss when that woman had her neck slit from one end to the next in a canefield in St Lucy either? I can still see the centipede lachted on to her dead wrist like a bracelet in that canefield, all these years later. I can still see the knife stuck in the ground next to her head, as though the chap had just killed a pig (as the butchers did when they killed pigs in our backyard back in the 60’s).


    I have seen our own Bajan people do worse to our Bajan women, than this American boy has done to your little idol.

    I am not at all dispassionate. I am logical.

  74. Catattax

    I read in today’s SUN an article on Rihanna wherein some of her family members claim that her injuries are not as bad as what has been reported in the media….ie. no bite marks and her face is not as messed up as what the picture shows. So, maybe there was some doctoring of her photo afterall. I did a thorough checking on the tatoo on the left shoulder and Rihanna does in fact have that tatoo. It doesn’t always show up, depending on the angle that the photos are taken.

  75. man, how could you ever do that to a girl? what the heck is wrong with him? its just plain disgusting!

    -check it out–

  77. Arthur Gordon

    Typical Bajan response by some commentators here – hide the news and pretend all is okay. Everything will be fine if people don’t know the truth.

    This is the worst way to deal with the serious problems facing Barbados and the rest of the Caribbean.

    The traditional Bajan media is among the worst collaborators with wife-beaters, cheaters, crooks, thugs and unprincipled politicians.

    Thank God for the Internet and blogs like this.


  78. Staff

    The picture is out..now let’s see where the case goes from here.

    Our heart and prayers are with Rihanna. No one should have to endure this–no one!!


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  80. I thought this attack was awful and unprovoked. This individual who done this needs to be properly discplined.

    Enoch Brooken

  81. Sonodesoil

    Right on brother… bajans get too sensational for something that at the end of the day will have no relevance. The matter is between Rhianna, Chris Brown, their legal teams and their record labels. Shall we see CB in jail if Rhianna does not press charges?

    The sad thing is that the labels will do all they can to keep this sensational story going so as to boost album sales and their bottom line.

    In the end, both are pawns that are being used to further someone else’s cause and not their own.

  82. Georgie Porgie

    My first day at work, our team was on duty. Before you could say flying fish we were in theatre to deal with a lady who recieved a kick to the right upper quadrant of her abdomen resulting in a RUPTURED LIVER!

    3 nights later we were on call again. This time a young woman was cut up badly by a knife from a cutlass wielding drunkard with whom she lived. I spent hours stiching her up. She ended up that night with a haemo pneomthorax– bllod and air from the wounds to her lungs collecting in the cavity around the lungs, which inhibited her breathing.

    In the high court, the judge told her assailant that he had cut her up like if he was a seamstress.

    The picture on this blog is like an injury given by a Sunday school kid. It is certainly not life threatening, and looks much worse than it is. What is the hullabalou about?

  83. valerie

    i cant belive cris brown did that to rihhanna iz seem really hard to belive

  84. valerie


  85. LILLY

    WOW! it really makes me feel bad seeing rihanna like this i would never want o wish sumbody this situation…i hope the police find who ever put the pic on the internet.

  86. I hate to say this but that picture was photoshopped. The injuries that were reported were a swollen lip and bloody nose. That picture makes it look like she was hit by a bus. I think of domestic violence as one of the most despicable things next to abusing children, but there should be an outcry because this happens to many women every day.I don’t think we should all be upset because it happened to someone famous, we should be upset because all of us have been touched by violence in some way.

  87. mistresscurvalicious

    I’m glad the pics got leaked as it makes people think and talk about this horrific crime ~ and it affects every one of us. It is everyone’s problem. It is just a shame that it has to take someone famous to bring the evil of domestic abuse into the limelight, whilst there are many many ordinary “invisible” women continue being abused. And, of course I feel sorry for her too… It makes me very sad reading about domestic violence as I was too subjected to it, and am today a survivor having left the Monster almost 5 years ago now. Bruises now healed yet I still carry the scars.

  88. bernadette

    happy birthday rhianna i hope next year will be a better 1 4 u
    as 4 chris u disgust me
    u don’t deserve fans or any1 2 love u
    if i were rhianna i wouldn’t 4give u 4 all the worldly treasures
    wat u think ur a man now that u beat up on a chic
    well guess wat ur little peewee didn’t grow an inch after the bashing
    so sorry 2 say not
    but u r no man
    a real man would treasure wat he has & if u r bored of her & really need 2 screw around u dump her 1st not bash
    so a word of advice chris

  89. kato

    reports are
    since the abuse incident,
    He’s bought her new
    bling for her Birthday
    and his Mother has sent
    her flowers.
    If you have lots of money,
    sometimes bad behavior can be forgiven.

    “Chris Brown is desperately trying to win back to affections of his girlfriend Rihanna by showering lavish gifts on the pop princess he allegedly assaulted, the New York Daily News reported.
    Brown sent the R&B songbird a diamond bracelet and necklace, as well as an iPod Touch, for her 21st birthday last Friday, but friends say it will take more than a gift-wrapped mea culpa to heal Rihanna’s wounds, the paper reported.
    Even Brown’s mother, Joyce, sent Rihanna a bouquet of flowers.
    “He’s absolutely trying to get back into her good graces,” an insider told the Daily News. “He knows he’s very much in the doghouse right now and is doing everything he can to show her how sorry he is.”


  90. wutp

    Maybe she was being mean to him?

  91. Bling to forgive THAT? It reminds me of an e-mail on domestic violence called, “He sent me flowers,” in the end? The abuser sent her a wreath, since he beat her 2 death – Rihanna needs 2 consider this before accepting any crap from that creep! My mother was granted divorce on grounds of physical cruelty – with witnesses, nolo contendre too.

  92. Oh, and that justifies mashing up a face and a future? Who is this? CB himself?

  93. kato

    no amount of bling or gifts after the fact,
    should make domestic abuse acceptable.

  94. jen'e

    rhianna got beat up by chris brown

  95. Ann

    The Barbadian men seem to think they have a right to beat and contol women.


    BFP says,

    Some do, but I think the problem continues because our society has a social convention to ignore the issue in general and successive governments have paid lip service to stopping domestic violence. Nice speeches, but very little else done to change our society.

  96. Me

    Chris Brown is scum. Wanna be ganster/dick. the type of bloke who’d piss his pants at the sit of a real gangster.

  97. Rihanna must be out of her mind… According to People magazine, the two kiss and made up? http://www.people.com/ people/article/ 0,,20262240,00-dot-html

  98. Jinx

    If you think Rihanna is out of her mind (and there are many more women already out of thier minds to remain in abusive relationships).
    I understand that Chris Brown will plead “self defence”. Go figure.

  99. Elombe

    Are you saying, Ian, that she is out of her mind to forgive him? Simply because you would not if you were in her position?

  100. Is it not self evident? I cannot understand how after such horrors she could return to evil??

  101. Sing-a-song

    Why do you care? Is she family or a friend?

  102. I care having watched my mother beaten by my father, does it make a difference now? Does there have to be a reason? Is there no innate sense of morality in yourself?

  103. Hants

    Ian this is typical early in an abusive relationship.

    Unfortunately the solution would have been to encourage Mr.Brown by the strongest terms and methodology never to even want to be in the same country as Rihanna.

    The poor girl is “in love” and so was Tina Turner.

  104. Hants

    Chris Brown and his “team” starting with his Lawyer ,would coach him to beg for forgiveness, cry and preach undying love for ever and ever.
    To worship her and kiss her feet everyday.


  105. I heard today that Rihanna is not going to testify in court. Instead, Chris Brown convinced her that they could work things out. For goodness sake, testify and put him where he belongs!

  106. Michellee

    OMG i can’t believe that happen i didn’t know that Chris Brown was that kind of person hope that Rihanna is ok!!!!!!!!!

  107. ann

    Chris Brown charged with two felonies!

    Chris Brown has been charged with two felonies, including assault and making criminal threats by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office, reports the Associated Press. His arraignment hearing is scheduled for 3:30 p.m. PT today.

    The charges are the latest development in a drama that began nearly a month ago when he and girlfriend Rihanna canceled appearances at the Feb. 8 Grammys as Brown was booked and released in Los Angeles on a felony charge of suspicion of making a criminal threat to a woman.


  108. ann

    LAPD Details Rihanna Beating

    He then allegedly punched her repeatedly and warned, “I’m going to beat the shit out of you when we get home! You wait and see!” Bloodied, Rihanna reportedly then called her assistant Jennifer Rosales and left a message asking the aide to call police. Brown responded, the affidavit notes, by saying, “You just did the stupidest thing ever! Now I’m really going to kill you!” Brown was charged today with assault and making a criminal threat, both felonies, and is expected to be arraigned later today In L.A. Superior Court. (7 pages)

    the smoking gun’s report
    search warrant & affidavit !


  109. Gabriel

    FYI a fatwah isnt an Islamic hit contract..
    Read books, stop the TV bullshit.

  110. jenny kkk

    where was her umbrella

  111. aj fresh

    u calling who an idiot well may be because you are a rape survivor you should be thanking him that you got through all that u claim that u been through and

  112. aj fresh

    just stop watching so much tv and look at the real life thank you and god bless you and watch over you

  113. Debra

    All i want to know is did you fight back if you didn’t he would have had to beat you really bad for you not to fight back.

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  115. dee

    I am against all forms of domestic violence; but I totally agree with one of the other bloggers that when men get abused by women, it is downplayed. I am from another Caribbean Island, and I know that when men come in at the police station to make a complaint against the female for physically abusing him, he is laughed at and called a sissy. That double standard needs to stop. And I’m quite sure that there is more to this story than meets the eye. I’m sure that they had a violatile relationship prior to this incident, and not because she has bruises, does not mean she hasn’t inflicted her own. Theirs was a relationship that she probably needed to get out of from the beginning. There are signs of possessiveness and jealousy before the actual physical abuse occurs. I hope she recovers and gets the much needed counselling to effectively put this behind her, and I also hope that Chris Brown gets the counselling that he needs, and not the ridicule and judgement from all of us. All have sinned and fall short. I am so glad that God is not like men when it comes to judgement. We are so hypocritical til we forget that no sin is greater than the other in the eyes of our Creator God.

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  117. lena

    ****** chris brown has to stay in jail for EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. i

    i think that what chris did was wrong but at the same time no one seems to care about his FEELINGS put yourself in his shoes would you like to be the ONE with world turning against you NO!!!! ive loved him since i first heard his voice his voice and has apologized to us as fellow fans and as to people, i was recently on youtube and some group called the tyt(the young trurks) BRUTALLY TALKED ABOUT HIM they were real jerks he has done his community service, cam up with a new album entitled Graffti which was released on 12-8-09 and is doing quite good. Many stores wouldnt put out his album, so what they just cant be happy that he has risen from this dark tragedy in his life WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES!!!! Rihanna has gotten all kinds of goodness toward her but what about chris the bible say love your enemy so y cant we just do it 4 an 11 year old i do have a lot 2 say lol:) lol:) lol:)

  119. mia

    i still love u chris brown
    even if u did hurt her a are not the only one that hurt others

  120. mia

    when guys that is not famous hit girls its not a big deal but when he does it something
    and she said he did it more than once should have said something the first he did it and she is not the only victium he is also think bout the lil girls that love him and others.so don`t only blame him
    others was like she wanna get back wit him.if he hited u before don`t go back to him
    cause that mean u want him to do it more.bhris brown is young it was his first time hitting a female and its last time hitting a female


  122. Eden

    Rihanna’s story just doesn’t add up. I’ve looked up several articles on this and it all seems suspicious to me. In one it said she made a phone call to her assistant WHILE he was beating her and pretended to leave a voicemail during the voicemail greeting. So he just continued to beat her and didn’t take the phone? Why didn’t she call the police and drop the phone where he couldn’t reach? After a minute they trace the call and surely they’d hear what was going on. Also a lot of this happened while driving, correct? So he bit her and everything but never crashed the car? I don’t condone domestic violence or anything and if I truly felt he did it I’d no longer be a fan but it just doesn’t make sense to me. And there’s a point in the story Rihanna won’t tell won’t happen and neither will Chris. Maybe out of love for her? Everything is just too coincidental to me. And all this happened before her album dropped? And his? Though her album supposedly isn’t selling too well. Of course better than this since I have yet to find a place selling it. So it’s ok to sell R. Kelly cds (who pisses on/has sex with underage girls) and Michael Jackson albums (who molested little boys but not cds by Chris Brown who may or may not have beat Rihanna?

  123. Eden

    ***”Rihanna won’t tell WHAT happened and neither will Chris.”*** (What not won’t)

  124. Anonymous

    Thats just so sad how can he do something like this omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  128. i love reading some of the comments. why would you feel bad for chris? because of all the negative press towards him? then you have some saying that they hate rihanna for not coming out with an apology? really? how would that go? i am so sorry all chris brown fans, i should have never let chris stop beating me?