From Barbados To Canada To China: Joy-Ann Clarke Wanted An MBA But Discovered The World

joy-ann-clarke-barbados“The past year has exposed the vastness of the world. Before attending Ivey, I had been content to stay in my ‘safe’ environment, where the majority of the people who I interact with have similar backgrounds and experiences to mine. However, I have come to the realisation that there is a large world out there to discover. This was highlighted by my recent class trip to China. In fact, if someone had told me a year ago, that I would have visited three major cities in China, it would have been a huge joke for me.

The impact of this experience was seen when I returned home around Christmas time. I found that I was seeing the familiar circumstances with different eyes. My MBA experiences had changed my way of thinking and as a result had changed the way in which I saw the world. In many ways, I will think about my life as ‘Before MBA’ and ‘After MBA.’ This year has been an amazing experience for me. As it draws close to an end, I am excited to see what my future holds. However, on graduation day, it will be bittersweet because it will signal the end of an amazing part of my life.”

… Bajan Joy-Ann Clarke blogs from London, Canada’s University of Western Ontario. An excellent read… (link here)


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9 responses to “From Barbados To Canada To China: Joy-Ann Clarke Wanted An MBA But Discovered The World

  1. reality check

    This is the exact kind of person who needs to come to Barbados and run for office.

    She is bright, well educated, travelled and probably understands fully what ITAL and FOI means not just in words but in action.

  2. Question

    Is she any relation to Gline Clarke?

  3. J

    Clarke is the most common surname in Barbados.

  4. Question

    Yes, but is she a relative of THE Gline Clarke? Just wondering!

  5. The Scout

    Stop trying to marginalise the young lady. Why do you have to put a political slant on everything.

  6. The Scout

    Young ladies like her is a plus for Barbados, fortuantely, they are many more like her, the unfortunate thing is that too many positives are not highlighted. We welcome you back and I hope you use your experience to sensitise other young people about the real world out there. Too many bajans believe that here in Barbados is Utopia.

  7. Sargeant

    Ms. Clarke has captured some of the essence of what University education should be about i.e. the promotion and exchange of ideas in an academic environment between a diverse group of people from varying backgrounds and cultures. Too many of our young people are book smart but unable to think outside the box and insular in their approach to life. As Ms Clarke explained she was “submerged in a lecture based style of teaching”. They have little or no opportunity to challenge the lecturer’s ideas and if they do they are often shot down or made to feel inadequate.

    I hope that she gets the opportunity to implement some of the applications and skills she developed during her studies on her return to Barbados.

    Good luck to her.

  8. Navel String

    Great article Joy-Ann…I always knew you would go places (no pun intended)…Keep up the good work!!