UPDATED: Stanford Trying To Flee USA! US Federal Authorities: Allen Stanford Money-Laundering For Drug Cartels

Sticky Wicket! Sir Allen Stanford Under US Federal Drug Investigation

Sticky Wicket! Allen Stanford - US Federal Drug Investigation

UPDATE – February 19, 2009

Various sources are reporting that as late as last night, Stanford was seen trying to flee the USA in a chartered jet bound for Antigua but was refused because the charter company wouldn’t take his credit card. (TelegraphUK: Sir Allen Stanford’s ‘attempted flight’ thwarted as credit card refused)

Original Article…

Allen Stanford’s office and banking buildings on Antigua were constructed conveniently close to the airport. According to the local rumour, certain aircraft didn’t have to clear customs in exactly the same manner as most others. It looks like there might be something to the rum-shop stories…

United States federal authorities are putting out the word that as well as the Ponzi-scheme fraud charges, Sir Allen might be facing the music for money-laundering for a Mexican drug cartel and bribing public officials. Apparently the investigation has been going on “for some time” and one of Stanford’s aircraft was seized while transporting drug money.

Meanwhile, American politicians all the way up to the very top are quickly saying “We had no idea!” No less personages than former President Bill Clinton, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senator John McCain are on video gushing wonderful things about Allen Stanford. Well, they said nice things up until the past week or so anyway!

At the time of this writing, Stanford is on the run. If I were a betting man, I wouldn’t want to put my money on Stanford’s chances if he doesn’t surrender soon.

The U.S. Marshalls are not the only organisation that is hunting Sir Allen.

Further Reading

ABC News: Accused Financier Under Federal Drug Investigation


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11 responses to “UPDATED: Stanford Trying To Flee USA! US Federal Authorities: Allen Stanford Money-Laundering For Drug Cartels

  1. If this is true, at this stage US authorities are probably the least of his worries, given what he may know.

    Probably better for him that he walks straight into a Federal office.

  2. Interesting points in the abc article, referring to the Gulf Cartel as being Mexico’s most violent gang and that the SEC investigation may have complicated the drug investigation.

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  5. PiedPiper

    Stanford has been located by the FBI in Virginia, U.S. and served with papers but not arrested.
    Several banks in Venezuela have been closed to stop the run on withdrawals by customers.

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  7. Green Monkey

    I wonder if the same interests that were “behind Madoff” were behind Sir Allen.

    Who’s behind Madoff?
    By Wayne Madsen
    Feb 19, 2009, 00:21

    (WMR) — As the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced that it had cut a deal with $50 billion Ponzi scammer Bernard Madoff whereby Madoff will neither admit nor deny fraud claims against him in a suit brought by the SEC. In return Madoff has agreed to pay civil fines and penalties levied by the SEC. The agreement has no bearing on Madoff’s criminal trial.


    WMR has also learned that a key element in Madoff’s Ponzi scheme was Madoff Energy LLC, formed as a Delaware corporation in February 2007. Other Madoff firms in the energy arena were Madoff Energy Holdings LLC, Madoff Energy III LLC, and Madoff Energy IV LLC. There are links between these now-defunct Madoff energy entities and Texas oil and natural gas industry interests, some close to the Bushes and Dick Cheney.

    WMR has also learned that the kid glove treatment given by federal authorities to Madoff, including allowing him to remain in his Upper East Side luxury town home, is because Madoff’s Ponzi scheme was part of a much larger operation, one involving top officials of both the George W. Bush and Barack Obama administrations, as well as the notorious Russian-Israeli Mafia.


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  9. Sargeant

    Looks like the FBI is using the same playbook that they used with Enron i.e. go after the small fish until they catch the big whale (Stanford). We will soon read about Ms Pendergast-Holt cooperation with the FBI and her agreement to testify against Stanford in return for dropping of charges or agreement to a lesser plea.

    The net getting tighter around Stanford, “turn out the lights the party is over”.


  10. Straight talk

    Just my guess, but I believe that Stanford was an important cog in the CIA’s wheel of drugs importation, and money laundering to provide untraceable cash to fund unauthorised operations.

    I guess we’ll know the outcome if ever Stanford sees the inside of a courtroom.