Barbados Civil Servant To Public: “How We Spend Tax Dollars Is None Of The Public’s Business…”

Efforts to reach (Acting Registrar of the Supreme Court) Clarke on Monday to find out the cost of the repair work, the name of the company contracted to carry it out, and an estimated completion date were unsuccessful.

Clarke’s secretary received the call, but when told of the information needed, she said: “Who is doing the work, and how much it will cost is of no interest to the public.”

The secretary added that Clarke gave the information she deemed necessary for public knowledge.

… from the Nation News article Facelift Coming To Magistrates’ Court

Arrogant and Stupid Registrar’s Secretary Illustrates Typical Elitist Attitude To Taxpaying Public

The secretary to Acting Registrar of the Supreme Court Marva Clarke is not only arrogant – she is stupid. She must be stupid because only a stupid person would fail to realise that the taxpaying public has had it up to here with their government employees saying that how tax dollars are spent is none of the public’s business.

We were promised Transparency and Freedom of Information from the new DLP Thompson government, but have received quite the opposite.

The Nation reporter was making enquiries on behalf of the public, and we’re willing to bet that the enquiries were being made because there is something afoot.

Who awarded the contract to repair the Court roof?

Does the contractor repairing the roof have any connection to any government official?

Were tenders properly issued?

Has the government official who awarded the contract ever received a gift from the contractor doing the repairs?

Marva Clarke's Secretary

Marva Clarke's Secretary

A Message To Marva Clarke’s Secretary…

Listen, you stupid cow…

The public has a RIGHT to know how our tax dollars are spent. We demand transparency, accountability and no conflicts of interest in the awarding of government contracts. You didn’t even have the intelligence to say to the reporter that you would look into his question and get back to him. Oh no… your arrogance and your elitist attitude made it so natural for you to snap back a “none a you bidness” smartass reply.

So typical of government workers. Try working in the real world out here with the rest of us for a while. You’ll soon change your smartass arrogance.

Stupid cow.

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16 responses to “Barbados Civil Servant To Public: “How We Spend Tax Dollars Is None Of The Public’s Business…”

  1. X

    Folks, here is something that is developing that I haven’t seen covered anywhere. Inland Revenue is demanding that businesses submit individual tax forms (those that you use to complete a tax return) electroncially. Firstly, this is a real pain for small businesses that may not have the technological skill, and they have made no allowance for using the old system where they provided the four part forms to be completed manually.

    But the bigger which is almost laughable, is that the system by which employers are supposed to submit these forms is not working yet. With the deadline for submission only 9 days away I am willing to bet that many hundreds of employees will not be receiving their tax forms for many more weeks, thereby pushing back the submission of returns and (one would expect) the receipt of refunds.

    It is incomprehensible that Inland Revenue would roll out this new system without running the old system in parallel for at least one year to allow small companies the ability to prepare adequately for this. At the end of the day it is the employees/taxpayers that are going to get screwed.

  2. Underdog

    Marva Clarke was also named in the newspaper as the only person who can legally release that September-born baby to it’s rightfull father. How old will that child be before it is given it’s family?

  3. 2 Cents

    BTA paying our tax dollars for blokes and gals to come for cricket party and the most vocal opponent of the Best of Barbados programme Adrian Loveridge silent as he has to be now that he sits on the BTA’s board. Surprise!

  4. Sargeant

    I posted a comment in your “Random” area a few days ago because I couldn’t believe that a Civil Servant would utter those words. A simple “I don’t know” would have sufficed but I’ll wager anything that this is not the first time that this “Secretary” or her boss have been condescending towards someone making an inquiry. Check around and you’ll hear from more than a few Bajans who have had unpleasant encounters with either of them in their efforts to obtain birth/baptism or marital certificates

  5. Fair Question

    I LOVE the “stupid cow” name calling BFP! How many times would I have loved to shout “STUPID COW!” at government workers who took that same “abuse the public” class as Clarke’s secretary did.

    Well done, BFP. Give them more when you can.

  6. Adrian Loveridge

    2 cents,

    Certainly have not changed my view of the Best of Barbados programme, as my fellow directors will tell you but there is a thing called collective responsibility.
    What perhaps you should have questioned is there anyone there trying to implement a more cost-effective alternative to BOB?

  7. Hants

    @ Adrian Loveridge

    Getting caribbean people to come to Barbados for the Test match is a great idea.

    Bajans must treat them exceptionally well and they will become repeat visitors.

    Prehaps the BOB program makes sense now that Barbados is desperate to get visitors in these difficult times.

  8. Sylvan Greenidge

    Maybe Loveridge, the tourism expert, can tell us how is it that every other Caribbean country has been recording increases in tourist arrivals except Barbados which is recording a decline?

    In fact from the projections after the cricket tour a number of small and medium size hotels will have to close.

    It has been almost three months that the BHTA sent PM Thompson a set of recommendations and up to now they have not received even an acknowledgement letter. But Clico/Parris got Thompson’s attention in less than 24 hours. It seems to me that the security of Parris’ job his far more important than that of the workers in the tourism sector.

  9. Question


  10. bajanbat

    Mr Parris must be so glad that Stanford’s story has taken the spotlight away from him. The heat will be off of Clico while the bigger fish is frying. By the time that rotten fish is cooked Clico will have gone on the back burner and been forgotten, unless it blows up even further, which I have a feeling will happen. There is still a lot that we need to know about that mess. Unless the big boys get a good cover over them before they get out.

  11. David Brooks

    I still remain at a loss as to why you guys – BFP, BU, et al. – where so gullible back in January (Elections) 2008, when you guys went out and celibrated the downfall of the BLP and did not realise that you where also ushering in a DLP which is no different in all reality and in my view they still have not shown their true colours as yet.

    While I have respect for the ArchCot incident and the supidity surrounding the whole affair – to wit, the initial building on any structures on that site unless the they were properly reinforced, and even then. I think you need to change you header now.

    Back to Clico now …

  12. Question

    BFP: Leave the header up until the government announces an inquest.

    Don’t let the memory of the Codrington family fade away because those responsible want the memory dead along with the family.

  13. David Brooks

    @bajanbat … I agree the Clico affair is far from over but they (Parris, DLP, et al) at thankful for the recent diversions.

    The buy back of BNB, although it is owned by Republic Bank which ‘was’ owned by CL but have handed over their shares to First Citizens Bank as per the MOU with T&T Gov’t. is but an indirect payback – read, provision of funds – to Clico by the DLP Government, or rather help out the T&T Govt, which helped CL/Clico.

    I mean, cud dear, if they tried anything further than the 10 million it might cause a riot.

    But it seems that even BFP has not the investigative journalism to flush this out, and you throw rocks at the other news houses – ah, glass houses beware.

    I tell ya, same pot, different stove top – Yes, Prime Minister.

  14. David Brooks

    When done is the Cival Service that runs the country and their jobs are virtually 100% safe and they do not have to face the electorate nor answer for their foul-ups, blipps and blunders – but the politicians have to.

    Wunaa ain’t know that yet?

  15. Cud Dear, BFP.

    Yuh know duh lady only following the exampul of Guvments for the last twenty years, that Guvment bidness is not dat of de public?

    Dem aint learn yet dat is de public money, dem forget dat is supposed tuh be, Guvment FOR de people, an she tek de exampul.

    But, dat said, dat photo an caption is de funniest I seen pun de site since de ‘I Are A Idiot’ photo and caption.

    Wuh loss.