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Irish Newspaper: Many Barbados Reds Suffer From Mental Problems Due To Inbreeding!

Today, there are about 400 individuals living in the north east corner of Barbados known as the ‘Red Legs’, due to their ancestors having arrived there as slaves in the mid 17th century; many were wearing kilts and so their legs were horribly burned due to the sun, the stalks of working in the sugar cane fields and by being constantly whipped.

These people don’t mix with anyone else on the island, have a very low literacy rate and many suffer from mental problems. They are tall, fair and blond haired, freckled skin and blue eyes and with names such as Lynch, O’Donaghue, etc. The forthcoming visit of Father Blackett should prove very interesting indeed.

… from the Drogheda Independent article To “Hell or Barbados”

To Hell or Barbados… or to the Mental Hospital!

What started out as a nice little newspaper article about a Barbados Catholic priest visiting Ireland to remember the transported Irish slaves during Cromwell’s invasion takes a nasty turn in the last paragraph. Reverend Father Harcourt Blackett, parish priest of St. Patrick’s Church in Bridgetown, is heading over to Ireland in May – presumably to explain how and why so many Bajans are illiterate and mentally ill.

What do you think, folks? Is there a grain of truth in the reporter’s statement? Should various mixed-race folks demand an apology from the newspaper? Do we need to build a new mental hospital up near Grape Hall? 🙂


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Barbados Civil Servant To Public: “How We Spend Tax Dollars Is None Of The Public’s Business…”

Efforts to reach (Acting Registrar of the Supreme Court) Clarke on Monday to find out the cost of the repair work, the name of the company contracted to carry it out, and an estimated completion date were unsuccessful.

Clarke’s secretary received the call, but when told of the information needed, she said: “Who is doing the work, and how much it will cost is of no interest to the public.”

The secretary added that Clarke gave the information she deemed necessary for public knowledge.

… from the Nation News article Facelift Coming To Magistrates’ Court

Arrogant and Stupid Registrar’s Secretary Illustrates Typical Elitist Attitude To Taxpaying Public

The secretary to Acting Registrar of the Supreme Court Marva Clarke is not only arrogant – she is stupid. She must be stupid because only a stupid person would fail to realise that the taxpaying public has had it up to here with their government employees saying that how tax dollars are spent is none of the public’s business.

We were promised Transparency and Freedom of Information from the new DLP Thompson government, but have received quite the opposite.

The Nation reporter was making enquiries on behalf of the public, and we’re willing to bet that the enquiries were being made because there is something afoot.

Who awarded the contract to repair the Court roof?

Does the contractor repairing the roof have any connection to any government official?

Were tenders properly issued?

Has the government official who awarded the contract ever received a gift from the contractor doing the repairs?

Marva Clarke's Secretary

Marva Clarke's Secretary

A Message To Marva Clarke’s Secretary…

Listen, you stupid cow…

The public has a RIGHT to know how our tax dollars are spent. We demand transparency, accountability and no conflicts of interest in the awarding of government contracts. You didn’t even have the intelligence to say to the reporter that you would look into his question and get back to him. Oh no… your arrogance and your elitist attitude made it so natural for you to snap back a “none a you bidness” smartass reply.

So typical of government workers. Try working in the real world out here with the rest of us for a while. You’ll soon change your smartass arrogance.

Stupid cow.

(photo courtesy of gimmecorn.com)


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Barbados Economy: Crisis & Stimulus

Those who think that Barbados is better positioned than many to weather the global financial crisis, and that the impact will be limited and short-term should think again.  Right now the industrial states are in deep recession with little but cautious optimism for short term recovery in a shrinking world economy where job loss is projected at around 50 million in 2009.  The Third World which is responsible for about 70% of world trade is buckling at the knees.  Royal Caribbean Cruise Line just reported a 98% decline in revenue, and airlines are in a passenger and freight free fall.  So how can we, a virtually dependent country with nothing to trade be better positioned to hold our own or weather the storm?  The fact that most sectors can hold their own with decline only tourism and construction argues against the need for stimulus.

It is hard to understand–or is it given certain ‘interlocking’ connections—why it is that Clico, who will or should be bailed out by the T&T government, is being handed $10 million in bail-out by our government when some pensioners haven’t got a check in three months.

It is highly unlikely that all of Clico’s subsidiaries on the island are facing potential bankruptcy. Clico is in many ways a miniscule version of the Wall Street meltdown. The implications for Barbados will likely be shocking.  Among other things it means that the Trinidad government will end up owning much more of the island, which raises the question: can Bajans own property in Trinidad ?  More about this as the air clears. In the meantime ponder this: will the government proposed housing project go to tender or will it be given to Clico?

Forget Rescues From Obama or CSME

Don’t bank on President Obama coming to the rescue.  A front row seat in Denver failed to translate into a backdoor peep-in at the inauguration.  The man has too much on his plate and little by way of scratch-grain to hand out.  As a senator he co-signed a bill to kill off shore banking business (we are about fourth of 26 countries on the list).  Should the bill be resurrected the off-shore component of our economy will dry up.  But there may be a saving grace. There is a limit to which you can bite the hand that fed you.

Also forget CSME.  The dictum “one from thirteen leaves nothing” (about the old Federation) still stands.  The country in question, Trinidad , is now all powerful in the region (for the time being), owns much of the island (hear Plastic Bag), is setting up to take over tourism from us, and today imports labour from everywhere except Barbados .

Much more nationalization of banks and business recapitalization will be needed in order to avoid an outright world catastrophe.  Inevitable restructuring of the financial and trade system will clip America ’s wings and shift the balance of power to the East and or Europe .  Already we have lost much of what we owned or thought we owned.  By the time normality returns to the global economy we could be reduced to structural servitude: a severely shrunken middle class and a massive underclass; tenants rather than owners. Promises and or innuendoes of prosperity buttressed by questionable propaganda are unlikely to save us.

The current global crisis is a reminder that our flawed economy with, to quote the IMF in 2006, its “macro-imbalances,” is a breeding ground for social unrest and disorder.  Discontent is often a first necessity of progress. When critical mass is reached there will likely be an explosion that will rock the foundation.  However, an article in the UK press gave assurance that the island will not be allowed to Go to Seed, which suggests that the Mother Country will take over. The time may not be far away.

Authored by Un-encumbered

February 11, 2009

Next in the series: The state of our economy and stimulus

BFP Editor’s Comment

Our apology to author Un-encumbered as your email was hiding unnoticed in the spam bucket for some reason. Thanks for alerting us.

This article was published with two changes. The title was changed from “Bajan Economy…” to “Barbados Economy…” and the first sentence was changed from “Those who think that we are better positioned…” to “Those who think that Barbados is better positioned…”


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UPDATED: Stanford Trying To Flee USA! US Federal Authorities: Allen Stanford Money-Laundering For Drug Cartels

Sticky Wicket! Sir Allen Stanford Under US Federal Drug Investigation

Sticky Wicket! Allen Stanford - US Federal Drug Investigation

UPDATE – February 19, 2009

Various sources are reporting that as late as last night, Stanford was seen trying to flee the USA in a chartered jet bound for Antigua but was refused because the charter company wouldn’t take his credit card. (TelegraphUK: Sir Allen Stanford’s ‘attempted flight’ thwarted as credit card refused)

Original Article…

Allen Stanford’s office and banking buildings on Antigua were constructed conveniently close to the airport. According to the local rumour, certain aircraft didn’t have to clear customs in exactly the same manner as most others. It looks like there might be something to the rum-shop stories…

United States federal authorities are putting out the word that as well as the Ponzi-scheme fraud charges, Sir Allen might be facing the music for money-laundering for a Mexican drug cartel and bribing public officials. Apparently the investigation has been going on “for some time” and one of Stanford’s aircraft was seized while transporting drug money.

Meanwhile, American politicians all the way up to the very top are quickly saying “We had no idea!” No less personages than former President Bill Clinton, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senator John McCain are on video gushing wonderful things about Allen Stanford. Well, they said nice things up until the past week or so anyway!

At the time of this writing, Stanford is on the run. If I were a betting man, I wouldn’t want to put my money on Stanford’s chances if he doesn’t surrender soon.

The U.S. Marshalls are not the only organisation that is hunting Sir Allen.

Further Reading

ABC News: Accused Financier Under Federal Drug Investigation


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