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Report: Barbados Anti-Money Laundering Authority A Phony Shell – Doesn’t Really Exist!

Barbados Government Agency With No Staff Designed To Look Good & Receive U.S. Foreign Aid Funding?

Oh My!!!

Those curious folks over at Barbados Money Laundering Advisory have been doing a little digging into the Barbados Government Agency known as the Barbados Anti-Money Laundering Authority (AMLA).

Our own sources tell us that Barbados AMLA receives all kinds of funding from the United States Government for doing, well, anti-money laundering activities. AMLA has responsibility of supervising financial institutions, making it the principal supervisory entity in the fight against money laundering in Barbados.

But guess what friends? AMLA doesn’t pass the smell test for being a real and operational government entity!

Our bet… AMLA is nothing but a paper shell operating out of the Financial Intelligence Unit and is not a stand-alone organisation with independent staff as mandated and pretended by the Barbados Government.

Why would they pull off that fast one? For the U.S. aid money, of course!

Shhhhhh…. doan be tellin the US Embassy, Ok?

Barbados Money Laundering Advisory has all the research and facts in their well-written and quite disturbing story Does The Barbados Anti-Money Laundering Authority (AMLA) Really Exist?


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Bajan Writer, Editor & Novelist Jeanette Layne-Clarke Passes

PRIVATE LINE: Dialeck in crisis

Some people we got in Buhbayduss
Does mek talkin’ loud a career . . .
Duh’s somehow get duh mout’ in motion
Befo’ puttin’ duh brain in gear.

Duh now describin’ dialeck
As “slave talk”, ef yuh don’ mind’!
How dem does t’ink show duh missin’ a link,
Dat duh tek a six fuh a nine.

But leh dem prance an’ hop – I still en gine stop
Puttin’ Bajan dialeck ‘pon show…
As Sandi say, duh could like it or lump it –
From my pen it will always flow!

layne-clarkeCondolences to the family. Short story writer, radio producer, columnist, magazine editor, poet, playwright and novelist Jeanette Layne-Clarke passed away this morning after a battle with cancer. I enjoyed her Bajan writings.

… BFP regular reader Hants

Jeanette’s passing has been confirmed by the CBC: Barbados Loses Another Media Stalwart


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