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BBC News Financial Article Sending Barbados Free Press Hundreds Of New Readers Every Day

BFP's Growth Target

BFP's Growth

All this excitement over the hits that the Rihanna article has the staff at Barbados Free Press talking about how we can move our visitor numbers to the next level without a major news story in play and how we can entice a higher portion of the new visitors to stay and look around for a bit.

We think we’ve found a new strategy that we hadn’t thought of until now: participate in the debates going on at foreign newspaper blogs that focus upon financial and investment issues.

One of our readers (not one of us, honest!) posted a comment on a BBC article and discussion about lack of transparent Corporate Governance and rampant cronyism. That comment linked back to a couple of Barbados Free Press articles…

March 27, 2008: Report: KPMG Accountants Facilitated Fraud That Helped Kill Bear-Stearns – What Does This Mean For Barbados?

November 3, 2006: “Missing Financial Papers” In Barbados Government Funded Organization – We Can Guess Where They Are!

Those links brought us hundreds of high quality new visitors in the last six hours who are staying to look around at other articles about transparency and oversight in corporations and government. All from one BBC financial article.

All those people passing through BFP looking for Rihanna stories are most welcome, but we realise that aside from raising our profile on Google they will have a limited impact upon this blog’s international standing and long term repeat visitors. These new BBC readers are another kind of reader: more serious people who share BFP’s interest in transparency and oversight.

With this in mind, we’re asking our readers to help out. When you visit BBC and other news websites where they allow you to comment on news stories, please post a relevant comment and link back to a similar story at Barbados Free Press. That kind of link attracts hundreds of high quality new readers every day.

Our goal for the first half of 2009 is to average a solid 10,000 visitors (not visits or views) a day including weekends. We are now within sight of that goal and with the assistance of our readers we know it is achievable.

The previous BLP Government of Barbados may have fallen in January 2008 in large measure due to the impact of blogs upon the election. Certainly David Thompson would never even have promised to implement Integrity, Transparency, Freedom of Information and Accountability laws (ITAL) without the calls by the Barbados blogs. Even though Thompson lied about that and his fantasy of implementing a Ministerial Code of Conduct “immediately upon forming a government”, he knows that the public is becoming more and more aware of how corrupt our system is in Barbados when compared with first-world nations.

We at Barbados Free Press want to use international pressure to force the Government of Barbados to implement ITAL and effective environmental and planning legislation and freedom of the press. Without international pressure for these reforms which will break down governmental corruption and barriers of class, our children will be the next generation to serve the new generation of massas. (Massa’s day was never done in Barbados. We merely obtained the ability to ELECT the new group of Massas once in a while.)

If you enjoy Barbados Free Press, please take a minute or two a day and link back to one of BFP’s stories from some international news organisation.


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