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Readers Say Barbados Arch Cot Cave-In Construction Was A C.O. Williams – Gregory Hazzard Project For Liz Thompson

FEBRUARY 28, 2009 UPDATED: Former Barbados Government Minister Liz Thompson Writes BFP – “I deny that I was involved in any way” with Arch Cot Collapse

“Barbados Free Press, this is the second time I am asking you to publish my comments. You very quickly published lies about my association with Arch Cot but I cannot get you to publish my response to your garbage. Is it because the BFP has no real commitment to the truth and knows that it can damage people’s personal and professional reputations and then hide behind the anonymity of the internet to escape being sued?

I am asking you to give my response the same kind of prominence that you gave to the libellous story. I am making this second attempt because people are asking me if I have seen the BFP story. In the past I have ignored the many untruths which the BFP has published about me but these most recent allegations are extremely serious…”

… continue reading former Government Minister Liz Thompson’s letter and BFP’s response in our article Former Barbados Government Minister Liz Thompson Writes BFP – “I deny that I was involved in any way” with Arch Cot Collapse

Original story…

Rumours Swirling About Daycare Center Construction

My friends, two newspaper articles about the Arch Cot cave-in deaths recently appeared in the local rags known as the Nation and the Barbados Advocate. The Nation article by Phillippe Aimey lamented the government’s inaction in assisting the displaced residents, while the Barbados Advocate published a comprehensive letter from Charles Whittaker asking many of the questions that have been on the front burner for everyone it seems – except the governments of Owen Arthur and David Thompson.

Mr. Whittaker asked most pointedly…

“Will there ever be a coroner’s enquiry or any public enquiry into the tragedy? The more we discuss the events leading up to the fateful cave-in, the more we are convinced that the final tragedy could have been prevented.”

We have all heard the rumours, but have never read any involved names in the news media in the nineteen months since the Codrington family died. It is disgusting that two successive Barbados governments and the island media are apparently more concerned with protecting big names and political elites than in allowing the citizens to know the truth. It is disgusting that two successive Barbados governments have failed to take the steps necessary to prevent a recurrence.

liz-thompson-blp.jpgAs citizens we have a right to the truth. We DEMAND that the David Thompson government call a PUBLIC inquest – a full and truthful inquest – into the deaths of an entire family.

No Inquest Means Citizens Must Find Other Sources

The rumours have been going on almost since the day of the tragedy and we have no way of knowing if they are true or not. We had hoped that the government would call a public inquest but that is apparently not to be – at least not in any timely fashion. As we’ve pointed out repeatedly in the last three years, Barbados doesn’t do inquests or assign blame, especially if big names are involved.

So we’re going to print the rumours here. They are the same rumours that we’ve all heard and it is time that someone printed them in public – if for no other reason than to force the truth to the surface.

Notice To Anyone Mentioned In This Article

If your name is mentioned in this article as possibly involved in the Arch Cot tragedy and you would like to dispute anything that is said, we would be willing to print your unedited response prominently so it can be read by the same audience that reads this article.

Names We’ve Heard Associated With The Arch Cot Cave-In Deaths

C.O. Williams Construction Ltd.

Elizabeth Thompson

Gregory Hazzard

Mahy, Ridley, Hazzard Engineers Limited

It is rumoured that C.O. Williams Construction Ltd. was doing the digging for a daycare center project for BLP Government Minister Liz Thompson. Gregory Hazzard is rumoured to be the engineer who attended at the construction site and gave the go ahead to resume construction four days before the cave-in. The construction had been halted for a week due to the appearance of large cracks and the loss of a drill bit down a “bottomless hole” that appeared near the Codrington family’s apartment. Mahy, Ridley, Hazzard Engineers Limited are rumoured to be the project’s engineering firm.

Now folks – we are just repeating the rumours we’ve all heard, and once again if these rumours are false or there is more known we want to hear about it like everyone else. If any of the people mentioned want to dispute that they were not involved at all, please write us and we’ll post your comments right here where everyone can read them. You can write to Barbados Free Press at our email address of…  barbadosfreepress@yahoo.com

Here is the letter from Charles Whittaker as published in the Barbados Advocate. We print the complete version because the Barbados Advocate often destroys their archives, presumably so the truth can be changed whenever convenient. Continue reading


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