Barbados Environment Minister Denis Lowe, DLP Government – Plan To Build On Graeme Hall Wetlands

Graeme Hall Wetlands To Be Developed By DLP Campaign Funder CLICO & Leroy Paris

Graeme Hall Wetlands To Be Developed By DLP Campaign Funder CLICO & Leroy Parris

We were sitting around as usual on Friday having a few beers and solving all the world’s problems over a late lunch when Robert asked the question, “Can someone tell me one positive environmental action actually accomplished in the first year of the Thompson administration?”

After some scratching of heads we were unable to come up with one real action that happened. Sure, lots of talk, lots of speeches and promises, but as to a real and positive action – nada.

Now it might be that we at BFP missed something. Perhaps there was some real and substantial environmental action taken by the two environment ministers we’ve seen in the Thompson government so far.

But we’ve been asking DLP supporters for months to please let us know of one real and substantial positive environmental action taken by the DLP government and so far no one has taken the time to write a comment with that information. We know that the government and DLP supporters read this blog, so we have to assume that the answer to our question is evident. Nada. Nothing real and positive has been done with the Environment Ministry and the environment in an entire year.

The Only Action Taken By The DLP Government Has Been To Make It Legal To Build On The Graeme Hall Wetlands!

In fact, if we’re talking environment, the only real and substantial action taken by the Thompson government has been NEGATIVE.

The DLP government ratified the BLP government’s Amended 2003 Physical Development Plan which establishes an “urban corridor” for the Graeme Hall green area seaward of the ABC Highway. This “urban corridor” parcel is well-known, as it was the scene of the infamous Caribbean Splash Water Park application. This is in sharp contrast to the recommendations of the 1986 National Physical Development Plan and the 1997 ARA Barbados Tourism Development Programme Study. It is also contrary to the National Park proposal which recommends the land be used for low-impact family recreation, walking and bicycle trails and other related uses.

The only difference with the DLP government passing this “urban corridor” instead of the BLP government is that now the DLP friends will profit from the move instead of the BLP friends.

Environmentalists also assume that in the minds of many influential government officials and developers, the RAMSAR site where the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary resides exists as a 100-year floodplain sump to be used for contaminated stormwater, instead of as a vibrant and living wetland.

Thompson, Lowe & Parris: What’s The Connection?

Despite all the nice words from Environment Minister Denis Lowe and PM Thompson about not turning the south coast into another concrete jungle, both Lowe and Thompson voted for the Amended 2003 Physical Development Plan which establishes an “urban corridor” in the Graeme Hall wetlands. The Thompson – CLICO – Leroy Parris connection is well known and established. After all, one of Thompson’s first official acts as a newly-elected Prime Minister was to “borrow” an executive jet through Leroy Parris and to refuse to provide transparency about the costs of that jet. (See BFP’s Will Rayside Construction Be Awarded Barbados Government Contracts To Thank Leroy Parris For The Use Of The Bizjet?)

And, bye the way… who do you think owns land in the “urban corridor” of the Graeme Hall wetlands? Why, CLICO, thats who!

Yup. Same old, same old ’bout hey.

It looks like Thompson and his CLICO mentor/financier Leroy Parris are going to get their wish to develop and profit from what is one of our last remaining natural treasures.


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40 responses to “Barbados Environment Minister Denis Lowe, DLP Government – Plan To Build On Graeme Hall Wetlands

  1. correction

    “The only difference with the DLP government passing this “urban corridor” instead of the BLP government is that now the DLP friends will profit from the move instead of the BLP friends”

    The pot may be adjusted slightly but they are one and the same.

    Barbadians are trapped having voted for the same old pro developer, short term greed blocs, and seem content to just let their wishes be ignored and allow future generations to live in a concrete urbanized jungle.

    When will the citizens get mad as hell and form a new party?

  2. Sargeant

    BFP: Here I was expecting some substance, but I can’t find locate anything in the article which is supportive of the article’s headline did you leave out a paragraph or two? Where are the links to articles or statements from the Minister expressing support for construction projects on the Graeme Hall Wetlands? Er… how many drinks did you have anyway?

    This effort seems to be a scattershot approach to generate hits on a sensitive topic and lets spice things up by throwing some blood in the water e.g. Leroy Parris. Now we’ll sit back and watch the sharks come in for their feed.

  3. Robert Not Signed In

    Hi Sargeant,

    A few drinks, thank you.

    I put some more meat into it because I assumed most folks knew, but you made a point so I expanded it.

    If Lowe was against development of the Graeme Hall wetlands, then why did vote for the urban corridor? Pretty simple to see the truth.

  4. cq8

    I see your truth BFP. The Minister of The Environment voted to make development legal in the wetlands, so he is for development in the wetlands. As you say it is simple to see the truth.


    And their plans to ruin Six Mens with a marina?
    Let’s not forget that.

  6. BajanGal

    I stated from the start: Same horse – different colour.

    Bajans getting taken to the cleaners AGAIN.

    I personally know PM Thompson. I hired him and fired him for legal work that he took on, billed me for and in essence “diplomatically” refused to do.

    It was a very high profile case that involved high level individuals in the BLP and I learned a tremendous amount about him and the entire “party” system in Barbados through that exercise.

    It’s called the “old boys club”.

    Y’all could forget anything called justice or equity from any of them.

  7. Barbados Advocate staffer

    There is only one political party in Barbados: the DLP/BLP party.

  8. Glad to hear the guys and gals of the BFP got together for a drink (or two).
    I had a drink this afternoon (non-alcoholic) at Southern Palms. Had a look at the sea but made the mistake of looking left to see that monster of a building which seems to stretch forever. With all this cement, rain falling…..Barbados soon will be sinking to the bottom of the sea.
    Building codes and regulations, town planning ?

  9. Jason

    Why can’t they let us have a decent park this close to the city? So much greed by the politicians in both parties.

  10. Unlitigious

    @ BajanGal

    I too have Thompson experience. A letter threatening to drag me to court if I didn’t drop (legitimate) claims against one of the island’s leading establishments. When I wrote back saying “bring it on” I never heard another word and the claim was settled within days.

  11. Swiss Banker (not really)

    Look at all that green in the photo. It must be worth hundreds of millions ? if converted to upscale condos, resorts, golf courses etc etc.

    Is it any wonder that the politicos want to make some big money for their Swiss accounts? Easy money. All that stands in their way is that damned Nature Sanctuary and the thousands of people who signed the petition for the National Park.

    Damn them anyway! We greedy piggy politicians want our money!!!!!

  12. rocket scientist?

    Dr Lowe is no rocket scientist.

    There is a good chance Lowe did not know what the Amended Physical Development Plan changed and was told to sign it by those who knew perfectly well and have been pieced off.

    He has been set up to fail when it is really the PM who needs to lead such a project if his words on the environment are to be believed.

  13. cq8

    Rocket Scientist?

    No chance about Dr. Lowe. He and PM Thompson were advised in meetings and in writing during and before the election campaign by the FOGH Friends of Graeme Hall. At that time led by none other than Peter Simpson, brother of the Chief Justice.

  14. whither the south coast again?

  15. tstt

    If the south coast goes, then so should thompson and his DLP government.

  16. Hants

    Barbados will need “new Industries” to replace the Expansion of Tourism Development.

    We have a dense population on a small island and will have to find alternative ways to employ people.

    Any suggestions?

  17. Kofi

    It would be useful if the BFP could investigate for their readers reports coming out of the USA that Bajan-Americans living in the USA were invited to a meeting to hear an address by the Prime Minister of Barbados but on arrival at the venue for the meeting they were treated to a presentation on the sale of a number designed houses to be built in Barbados. Condos and all that were included.

    The presentation was reportedly made by Paris and Mrs. Rogers from Clico.

    Could these lands above be the same lands upon which these houses are to be built?

    Transparency legislation, Accountability, and Integrity?

  18. Hants

    BFP you should be proud.

    ITAL as defined by you is now the “mantra” of the likes of VOB talk show hosts, especially David Ellis.

    Prehaps they are now “allowed” under the present government to speak “FREE”ly.

  19. Hants

    OK people. We want to preserve the remaining beach fronts and the remaining wetlands.
    Therefore we need to stop building on said properties.

    We need new work for people who would normally be employed by continuous building of Hotels and Condos on the coasts.


  20. you say what?


    very interesting information

    Maybe you can supply BFP names and numbers of Barbadian Americans that attended these meetings?

    BFP maybe you can phone around to these people and get details of the real story? Where and when were the meetings? How were people pulled into the meetings. What brochures were presented? Where was the property to be built on etc.?

    Its hard to believe and we need to give the government the benfit of the doubt. Maybe Swiss Banker is right.

  21. Hants

    @ Kofi

    We really need more info.

    Ask your BajanAmerican friends to send the details to BFP.

    Wonder how many flew to the meeting. Amurca real big Kofi.

  22. Equilibrium

    Info Skinfo…good report BFP

  23. marvinbareback

    BFP, what about PM Thompson’s speech stating that his government was squeaky clean… that the gospel truth? Or do you have some comments to make on specific actions that were taken that are not so clean?


    BFP says,

    Without a policy prohibiting government officials from issuing government contracts to their own companies or family members, the DLP is falling into the BLP ways. Face it, Thompson lied about his intention to implement Integrity, Transparency and Accountability Legislation.

  24. Kofi

    The Prime Minister was supposed to address persons living in New York. The meeting was arranged by the Office of the Consul General of Barbados in New York.

    Literature on the houses that were offered by Clico were distributed and attempts to get a copy or copies of that literature is being sought.

    It is a pity the BFP is not aware of this. Maybe you need to send someone behind the PM when he travels just as the Nation did to Former PM Arthur.

  25. Kofi

    BFP, Found this on BLP blog.

    Death of an Illusion

    During the economic dilemma inflicted upon Barbados in the early 1990s by the then Sandiford/Thompson led maladministration, Barbados became the laughing-stock of the region. Some countries within the region mock our currency, which incidentally had little or no value. Our country’s foreign reserves were in deficit. We literally had no money to pay for the food our country imported. We were facing a real case of political and economic bankruptcy.

    Thanks to former Prime Minister Owen S. Arthur and his competent team of social and political engineers a great cloud of hope descended upon our nation in the general elections of 1994. It was an election that signaled the rebirth of our confidence in the ideals of our people and the independence of our nation. It was the victory of 1994 that afforded us the opportunity to recommit to the realization of our dreams and aspirations and strengthened our resolve to place Barbados among the nations of the first world.

    Barbadians set their hands to the plough and their will to the task, sufficient so that this nation’s accomplishments between 1994 and 2007, in spite of its size and limited resources became the envy and the approval of many. History will endorse our commendations.

    Former secretary General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan in his praises of the high quality of leadership provided by Barbados both regionally and internationally and the enviable standard of life in Barbados said words to the effect that Barbados was a country punching above its weight class.

    It must therefore be painful and disappointing for Barbadians to see the current declining social and economic situation in their country today. Every way you turn Barbadians are expressing concerns about the economic future of the country and the fear of reliving the depressing years of the early 1990s. As if that is not bad enough we are now facing the revolting spectacle of having this country’s competency to carry out its commitments within Caricom scoffed at by some of the region’s most noted academics.

    The Stabroek News website carried an article published on January 21, 2009 entitled “More Caricom rumblings” in which for the first time in 14 years Barbados’ leadership and competence to lead CSME is being seriously questioned. Clearly, the capacity of former Prime Minister Arthur in pursuing the work of CSME, which Barbados desperately need at this time if it is to cushion the full impact of the global recession, whilst building and expanding Barbados’ economy seem to have escaped Prime Minister Thompson.

    Dr Tennyson Joseph of the Cave Hill Campus dealt a serious body blow to the Thompson led administration when he said, “the enthusiasm and diligence in pursuing the implementation of the CSME which was apparent in former Prime Minister Owen Arthur’s handling of this matter, is not being seen in the new holder of the post, Prime Minister David Thompson”. Dr Joseph advances his argument even further and delivers what can only be describe as the politically fatal round-house to Prime Minister Thompson when he said, “this suggest that an automaticity in the allocation of these post should not be the rule when one prime minister of a country loses an election and is followed by another. Both interest in the subject matter, and a certain competence in dealing with it, should be the criteria for selection”.

    Dr Joseph has now discovered what so many academics in the region are now discovering about David Thompson and what thousands of Barbadians who voted for the DLP in last general election are now regretting. They have now stumbled upon what every Barbados Labour Party member already knew.

    “Nothing is more sad than the death of an illusion”. Arthur Koestler

  26. Optimist Prime

    Speaking during his televised press conference on January 14, 2009, Prime Minister Thompson said that former Prime Minister Arthur never met with him when he took over as Prime Minister to consult with him or told him what the issues were and what he (Arthur) was working on.

    But by the next day, Arthur responded and challenged Thompson’s accuracy on the matter.

    In the Nation newspaper of January 16, 2009, Mr. Arthur was reported as having said that on assumption of office, Thompson would have received a brief about matters concerning the Government, and further information would have been supplied if the brief was insufficient.

    In fact, referring to his conversation with Prime Minister Thompson, Mr. Arthur was quoted as having said: “He and I had a very cordial and congenial conversation about the matter and he agreed that we would meet. I am still awaiting from him a proposed date that would be convenient for him.”

    The Nation newspaper of November 23, 2008 reports former Prime Minister Arthur as having told the 35th annual general meeting and conference of the Caribbean Association of Indigenous Bankers (CAIB) that the greatest challenge members of this region are likely to encounter in taking advantage of the EPA’s provisions relates to the sluggishness that marks their approach to instituting a single economy.

    That regional academics are not expressing serious concern about the CSME process is not surprising.

    In the Nation newspaper of January 18, 2009 two regional academics have accused Barbados of dragging its feet on the CARICOM Single Market & Economy (CSME) of being anti-integration and have called for a reshuffle in CARICOM’s quasi-Cabinet.

    University lecturer Dr Tennyson Joseph has labelled the David Thompson administration “not pro-integration”, while Professor Norman Girvan said CSME was currently “paralysed” because of a general lack of enthusiasm among present CARICOM leaders – including Prime Minister Thompson.

    But, it may not be a case of Thompson dragging his feet and that may explain why well respected regional academics are calling for a reshuffle in CARICOM’s quasi-Cabinet.

    Manage migration may therefore be nothing more than a distraction tactic, intended to camouflage the real issue why the CSME process has been derailed. Regional academics would know this, hence their call for a reshuffle.

    Only one person can be telling the truth!!!

    Did Arthur tell Thompson what he was working on as regards the CSME and why the silence by Thompson if that is not so?

    Remember, Thompson promised integrity, good governance and that he will not keep any secrets from the people.

    What is the truth?

  27. Sargeant

    @ Optimist Prime

    You said on a previous post that it was time Barbados had a female PM, and my query was, why did Arthur name Mascoll as co-leader instead of Mia when he had the opportunity during the last campaign.

    Just a reminder that I am still waiting for an answer.

  28. you say what?


    still waiting for the story on the people and places who the PM supposedly lured into a Clico property sales promotion?

    This is beyond belief and we don’t want to think that our PM could become a shameless shill for Clico or for payment on how he got to New York?

    Can anyone who was there contact BFP on an anonymous basis and shed some sunlight on this assertion.

    This needs to be put to bed quickly.

  29. tstt

    I was online listening to the DLP’s meeting in Holder’s Hill. It was really sad to hear David Thompson talking about lack decency and moral decay because Mia -a supposed lesbian- is now leading the opposition. Has David Thompson heard about Barney Frank (Dem from Massachusetts)? Powerful guy in Washington, openly gay, lives with his boyfriend. It is really sad that in 2009 Thompson and Todd are making an issue out of a person’s sexuality. No wonder there are so many cases of HIV and Aids in Barbados- too many people have to live on the down low because of the myopic vision of people like Todd and Thompson.
    As the guy who puts family first, maybe Thompson should be focusing more energy on getting convictions for child molesters like Roy Morris.

  30. Kofi

    you say what?

    I am desperately trying to get a copy of the brochure of the houses that were presented.

    Lennox Price, Consul General to New York was the one who apparently organized the meeting. As soon as I receive the copy of the brochure I will make it available.

  31. Optimist Prime

    Let us compare their records

    Last March Mr. Obama voted against a bill that would have paved the way to oil and gas exploration in part of Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

    Last July he voted to filibuster a bill that would have opened eight million acres in the Gulf of Mexico to oil and gas drilling.

    In Obama’s record as a United States senator and as an Illinois legislator shows him to fit comfortably into the Democratic mainstream of sympathy for lower-income people (he voted to raise the minimum wage), support for the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision on the right to get an abortion.

    In Barbados, despite a Resolution calling on him to act, Prime Minister Thompson refuses to acquire the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary for the patrimony of Barbadians.

    Mr. Obama offers authentic, competent and visionary leadership.

    It is therefore “BLASPHEMY” for a highly paid DLP operative to even suggest that there are similarities between Thompson (who does not know what he is doing) and President Obama.

    Mr. Obama introduced amendments to put greater emphasis on keeping immigrant families together.

    President Obama believes that America must fix its dysfunctional immigration bureaucracy and increase the number of legal immigrants to keep families together and meet the demand for jobs that employers cannot fill.

    He also supports a system that requires undocumented immigrants who are in good standing, to pay a fine, learn English, and go to the back of the line for the opportunity to become citizens.

    Here in Barbados, the government has implements a cold; iron-fist policy. That hard-line; inhumane approach has created a problem for the agricultural sector, which now complains of a shortage of labour.

    Prime Minister Thompson goes further and tells the region that ever so welcome, wait for a call, while in the Nation newspaper of January 17, 2009, his Deputy is reported as having said that immigration issues were giving the government a tough time.

    Even more pointed is comments attributed to Deputy Prime Minister Stuart in the Nation newspaper of June 25, 2008, where he warned that “Barbados must not become a kind of warehouse in which is stored the social and other problems of the Caribbean.”

    As if pointing to a burden, despite saying that it was ready to lead, CARICOM Ambassador Dennis Kellman was reported in the Nation newspaper of January 18, 2009 as having said that “our regional neighbours must share responsibility for CSME instead of looking to Barbados alone..”

    It is widely accepted that Barack Obama has played a leading role in crafting comprehensive immigration reform.

    We share the view that the immigration issue is being exploited by DLP politicians to divide the nation and the region rather than find real solutions.

  32. Kofi

    If the DLP is so squeaky clean then they should answer the following questions.

    1.Will Hartley Henry tell us who was the person that took $1,000,000 (one million dollars) off a businessman during the election of January 2008? Word on the ground is that it is not a person from the BLP.

    2.Who was the person that authorized the relocation of a business from Roebuck Street to Country Road with rents increasing from $28,000 per month to $40,000 per month? Was this person set to $80,000 dollars?

    3.Who was the DLP candidate that the Urban Development Commission was asked to pay for their election expenses?

    4.Were the proposals for the construction of roads in St. Lucy ever advertised and which firms were awarded the contracts?

    5.Is the reorganization of the Town Planning Department, as enunciated by Prime Minister Thompson, being done to expedite the approval of agricultural lands owned by Clico for development?

    6. Has any candidate of the DLP allowed a duty free car?

    7.It is true that now that David Thompson is Prime Minister Barbados is being run from Trinidad?

    8.Now that Mr. Todd has ask members of the House of Assembly to declare their sexuality, it is suggested that he should have gone a step further and ask all parliamentarians to submit to drug test as athletes now do. They might find the results interesting.

  33. Shazza

    Yes Nonbajan (26/1/09)
    What on earth is going on? I cannot believe that permissio was granted for such a monstrosity. I almost cried when I saw it. Does this now set a precedent? Those condos totally change the feel of Dover. Did somebody really look at the plans and say ‘Yes. This fill make a fine addition to the coastline’ Absolute madness. It is too tall, too broad and not in keeping with the size and scale of the surrounding buildings! The beauty of Barbados is being destroyed – a tragedy.

  34. Optimist Prime

    Absolutely no Comparision between Thompson and Obama on the Economy:

    On the question of the economy, President Obama has offered a detailed plan to get America’s economy back on track.

    He plans to create new jobs and ease the burden on hardworking Americans by offering middle-class tax cuts.

    In Barbados and at a time when it was known to all that many of the world’s economies were slipping into recession, Prime Minister Thompson introduced an inflationary budget, which raised over $180 million in new taxes.

    Thompson attempted to balance the budget by cutting government’s capital works programmes and increase the price of diesel by 77 per cent thereby threatening jobs and increasing the very cost of ling he had promised to reduce.

    It is unfortunate that David Thompson is asking Barbadians for support for a plan he does not have, as well as for a vision he lacks the capacity to conceptualize.

    Mr. Thompson does not seem aware that a useful, powerful vision is one that inspires, unites and focuses attention on what matters most while guiding the action of Barbadians.

    I are extremely concerned that Prime Minister Thompson is yet to unveil a stimulus package or tell Barbadians what role he wants them to play in shaping the future.

    It is also anyone’s guess if Barbados is still on course to meeting its national strategic objectives or what are the new priorities (if any) for his fast-becoming-stale DLP government.

    The DLP is failing to take evasive action despite obvious early warning indicators. Investor confidence has hit rock-bottom, while there is justified fear by many that Barbados is declining in the eyes of our regional neighbours.

    While all of this is happening, Barbadians are being asked to lower their expectation and the DLP blames the global financial crisis and the former government for its actions and on-going errors.

    But consider this! Prime Minister Thompson is giving the impression that the global financial crisis is so bad – that his government cannot do any number of things it had promised, yet – he now tells the private sector, not to layoff workers.

    Not that they should, but the DLP has already set a very bad precedent. How can it be bad for the DLP government, but not for the private sector?

    See what I tell you? The DLP does not know what it is doing! No wonder regional academics are shaking their head in share disbelief. How could a party, which said it was ready – be so intellectually weak and politically incompetent?

    Little wonder that David Estwick now says that “Barbados is at risk.”

    But while he is telling Barbadians that they will have to make some sacrifices, Thompson is encouraging the people to spend widely

  35. Straight talk

    Breaking News:

    Clico filing for protection by TT Central bank?

  36. Optimist Prime

    It would appear that the Supervisor of Insurance and the Supervisor of Banking in T&T became suspicious why the T&T Government was lodging so much of its funds with Clico.

    It then became clear that Clico was not in as good a financial position, as it purported.

    It would also appear that things became worst for Clico when the bottom fell out of the Metal market as well as the Ethanol market. The T&T government asked for its money but could not get access to it.

    As a counter, Clico started a rumour that the T&T government was taking over Clico Finance Limited.

    That was a tactic to re-assure foreign investors who had got wind of the Clico mess and were moving their money.

    Clico’s move was too fold – re-assure foreign investors that Clico was doing business with the T&T government, and that their money was therefore safe and at the same time – send a signal to government to take over Clico.

    Clico now wants a bail-out package.

    This explains why the Barbados government gave Clico the CBC insurance contract as well as the ICB contract, to prop it up.

    This also explains why Thompson fired 3S, so that Rayside – which is owned by Clico, would get access to additional prop-up funds.

    It also explains why the present Prime Minister of Barbados and Leroy Parris are making frequent jet trips overseas, where he is endorsing Clico’s service (housing and insurance) to overseas Barbadians.

    Thompson and Parris are one in the same.

    Clico’s collapse emphasises, precisely why the Opposition BLP might have been constantly warning Thompson of the danger of flying on Clico’s jet, since the government has a financial relationship with that company.

    Having promised an Agricultural Protection Act in the first 100 days, This explains why Clico wants to partner with the Barbados government on a housing programme and why Thompson so urgently wants to shake-up the Town Planning Department? (Change of use)

    What is the real reason that Clico gave the Barbados government 6 acres of land?

    How is it that Parris could say on CBC TV two nights ago, that Clico was starting construction of Sam Lords Castle soon, when information of Clico’s collapse is said to have been know in T&T for the past two weeks?

    Given the close relationship between Thompson and Parris, it is not unreasonable for Barbadians to feel that their Prime Minister ought to have known what was going on.

    Was he using his office to prop-up Clico, if so – then the DLP government cannot be “squeaky clean,” as he (Thompson) alleged at Holder’s Hill. Image, the Barbados Prime Minister is in bed with Clico, yet alleged that his DLP government is “squeaky clean.”

    What nonsense!!

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  40. Harryson Forde

    Here is the latest lowdown on the SSA. The (biological) male who administers to the Authority and all other Environmental areas (except Graeme Hall, as he got no kickback on CLICO land development, if CLICO cannot put Apartments there then he let it rot) was informed tractor parts and vehicle accessories would be in the vicinity of $3 million.

    He calls RIMCO and asks where is his 10%? This is not commission for “selling” the parts, he just feels as the SSA is doing business with RIMCO then he must get a kickback on what he feels is his personal fiefdom.

    Essentially RIMCO told him to f**k off, so he cancels the order for all the vitally urgent parts in order for SSA to function properly? How low can can you go? This alleged “Dr” from the Uni of Cincinnati can go down low, really low (he lusted after one of the Digicel Blackberry techinicians at a press confernce about 4 years ago in Norman Centre – “Norman, is that you?” – and he got upset when people started to giggle when he said the Tech’s were fine, strapping and handsome… Oh my!)…

    Another problem is that monies to ensure the trucks which are on the road legally has not been paid, when one of the trucks had an accident this week, the Police told the SSA the vehicle had no right being on the road since both Insurance and Road tax are outstanding not for a day or two but a few weeks now… The lowdown is as a result of Police’s correct stance, a whole sweep of trucks will be pulled from active Duty leaving may four or six to serve the entire island for one Minister’s pure Greed, is that low enough?