Will Rihanna Be In Danger When Performing In Malaysia?

umbrella-rihanna-bible-242When the Islamist fundamentalists decide that a woman is too sexy or too anything, violence is nearly always a possibility.

This time the target is Rihanna who is due to perform in Malaysia. She has agreed to conform to the dress and behaviour regulations, but that’s not good enough for some.

Is our girl in danger?

Ian Bourne has the story at the Bajan Reporter (link here)


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15 responses to “Will Rihanna Be In Danger When Performing In Malaysia?

  1. Facts

    Our girl is not in danger as she is not the first – and certainly will not be the last “diva” to perform in Malaysia.
    Non – story!

  2. Goldenbead

    She is certainly NOT in danger. I lived in Malaysia for two years and it is nothing but a bunch of hot air from the PAS who have been pushing for Islamic law to be enforced for years.

    Mayalsia is a very cosmopolitan country, no matter what this sensational news piece says and I am confident that she will be in no danger at all.

    Rock on Rihanna!!

  3. Sad To Say

    I had reason to spend two weeks in Malaysia in 2008 and it is a lot more cosmopolitan than BFP is giving it credit for – A NON-STORY.

  4. Sir V

    She better be carefull , remember that they wanted to hang an Australian Girl for canibis that was cleary proven to have been put in her bags by Corrupt baggage handelers in Australia….

  5. The Scout

    She’s a big girl and knows how to handle herself, plus she MUST have faith in her handlers. I really don’y see a problem, she’s not the first nor the last artiste to perform there. Go girl, the exposure would be good for you, see other cultures, when you’re older, you would be able to appreciate life more. It can only broaden your horizon.

  6. Rumboy

    Who cares?

  7. The Scout

    Who cares?
    Well, I do and many other people also. Maybe you were referring on who cares about you. I guess you were looking into the mirror when you ask that question. Only you can answer that for yourself. Answer this one too; What mirror image do you have of yourself?

  8. Rohan

    “violence is nearly always a possibility”

    I had to smile at this line. So violence is nearly always possible, huh BFP.

    I can imagine a conversation that led to that wonderfully written line:

    Random Guy: Hey, so what happens when islamist fundamentalist think a woman is too sexy. Violence?

    BFP: Well, it’s not guaranteed but it’s POSSIBLE.

    Random Guy: Possible? hmm, is it ALWAYS POSSIBLE?


    Random Guy: Thanks a lot BFP for your astute observation on the matter.

    Haha, you guys kill me sometimes. 🙂

  9. j-pain

    she should not go there then ..she can go anywere else in the world shes to important for such bullcrap..why give up paradicer for torture its sick

  10. Straight talk

    Better keep our girl out of UK too.

    I just heard Noel Edmonds machine-gunned Clive Anderson.

  11. Straight talk


    The above post was prompted by a BBC World News video on Youtube.

    Nothing as yet confirmed by news wire.

    Could well be a terrible hoax.

  12. So, what happens if Allison Hinds sings ‘roll it’ on a Malaysian stage?


  13. Eddie

    Straight Talk,

    No hoax. It’s true.
    Seems as though he went beserk.

  14. High profile. They’ll look after her.

  15. High roller

    Sir Bentwood Dick
    January 24, 2009 at 11:42 pm
    So, what happens if Allison Hinds sings ‘roll it’ on a Malaysian stage?
    Heard she did it at Sandy Lane on New Year’s Eve with disastrous results.