Ping Yark Available For Download – First Issue Of The New Year!

In the U.K. there is an irreverent newsletter called Ping Yark – published by homesick Bajans for other homesick Bajans.

Leigh Bourne and a handful of others who refuse to surrender to Londontown publish Ping Yark quarterly in the U.K. … or to be more accurate…”more-less” quarterly.

Holding the newsletter in your hands, and turning each page, you will be rewarded with memories, current politics and many oh-so-secret secrets of the elites.

Is it true that the UK BLP organisation had a problem paying the bills recently? Did Deputy High Commissioner Donville Johnson embarrass himself when introducing the new High Commissioner to the UK?  Where is the next big Bajan party in London? Why didn’t Prime Minister Thompson dare to answer certain questions when he visited the UK on the recent (ahem) “CLICO” trade mission.

And is it true that the DLP members in the UK were “totally surprised” when their party won the January 2007 election?

Just make sure you a rum in de other hand… ’cause you sure will need it!

Download Ping Yark here (2mb PDF file)


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2 responses to “Ping Yark Available For Download – First Issue Of The New Year!

  1. Green Monkey

    Check out Ping Yark’s “Here are 10 of the finest
    double-entendres ever aired on British TV & Radio” in this latest issue.
    They’re pretty funny, but if I were to post any of them here, my post would probably get deleted.

  2. littleboy

    Somebody misread the article about the HC. It is obvious that the Deputy HC is the one who made the gaffes. BFP please correct your headlines.


    BFP says

    Thanks lb. Somebody were “tired” methinks. 😦