Lighting Erected At Kensington Oval – Barbados Now Ready For Cricket World Cup 2007


Revising History Is A Barbados Advocate Specialty!

Barbados Advocate Says Lights “Were Not A Requirement For Cricket World Cup”

I guess the folks at the Barbados Advocate can’t remember Mia Mottley’s electricity-conserving CWC 2007 when the final was played out (sort of) at night – without lighting. If you need a laugh, you should read their latest article before they take it down from the internet as the newspaper normally does so citizens cannot hold them to account. (Barbados Advocate: Light At The Oval)

Not to worry though, the internet and cricket fans everywhere still remember the Barbados Labour Party’s supreme triumph as reported around the world in dozens of articles similar to the New Statesman’s “The Cricket World Cup: A Farce In The Dark”

Meanwhile The Nation newspaper reported that the management at Kensington Oval obviously views the project as (cough, cough) highly secret…

“Acting chief executive officer of the Kensington Oval Management Incorporated, Charles Holder, who did not want to divulge too much information yet, said the project was expected to be completed next month. Above, the first of the light towers at Kensington Oval being put into place.”

Who Profits From “Kensington Oval Management Incorporated” ?

The real secret in Barbados is that after shoving hundreds of millions of dollars into Kensington Oval, the Barbados public is not allowed to know who makes a profit from Kensington Oval Management Incorporated. Who owns the company? How much are the staff members paid? How much does the company pay for “consultants”? Are any of the “consultants” related to any public official? Are any of the Oval’s suppliers owned by or related to a public official?

Don’t look to the Thompson DLP government for answers to such questions – like the last BLP Arthur/Mottley government, the current DLP piggies at the trough lost all enthusiasm for transparency and integrity the moment that they started to control the public purse.

Same old, same old ’bout hey!


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15 responses to “Lighting Erected At Kensington Oval – Barbados Now Ready For Cricket World Cup 2007

  1. passin thru

    “the current DLP piggies at the trough lost all enthusiasm for transparency and integrity the moment that they started to control the public purse.”

    Sad but true, BFP. So sad.

  2. reality check

    Secrecy and a controlled press are all part and parcel of a one industry town or dictatorship.

    What the public doesn’t know, won’t hurt them.

    Keep pointing fingers and throwing in race and we will keep the electorate off balance and keep them ignorant. This is a great recipe for the “tiefing” and lack of accountability to continue.


    Comrades just a minor correction. Your article by Darcus Howe on the dreadful and embarressing denouement of the Cricket World Cup in the dark at Kensignton Oval in 2007 entitled A Farce In the Dark was published not by an Australian journal but by the UK’s leading left current affairs/political magazine. That said the piece on the Advocate’s website on the belated erection of the lights at Kensington Oval was comic in the extreme. Is there any farther depts of mediocrity and mendacity that Bajan journalism would not descend.
    Jesus, what a load of City Bankers (wankers) as the Cockney sisters in London’s the East End would say.

  4. I think its shameful that they upgraded and now they arent ready to play first class cricket there until the English series. Got Barbados playing first class cricket at of all places Police grounds at Weymouth. I see that as a disgrace.

    The boys should be playing at the mecca. Its got the history and it could be motivational. Not playing next to the transport board yard.

  5. Equilibrium

    that is true, sad as ‘reality check said but true’. well wrt thr press the new government has certaingly capitalized on its publicity as it showed the cbc evening news with almost 10 minutes dedicated to the dlp and the first three readings at 7:00pm.

  6. Hants

    Kensington Oval needs to be a 24 hour facility in order to be profitable.

    Lights are a necessity.

    Of course Government could subsidise the operation and make it into a Cricket “shrine” but it should be used as a multi purpose event venue.

    I am working on a project (in the USA) that will have 16 men at a time working 8 hour shifts over 36 hours.
    This could only be done because the “venue” is open 24 hours a day.

    Let us hope Kensington becomes a profitable multi event facility.

  7. BIG LOL @ Title -‘Barbados now ready……………

    STILL LOL-ing

  8. I am working on a project (in the USA) that will have 16 men at a time working 8 hour shifts over 36 hours.

    -Hey Hants

    could you give me a copy of that shift system
    I need to look at some shift systems

  9. yatinkiteasy

    Ive been trying to buy tickets for the One day against England, but keep getting stupid answers from the Ticket office..(they dont know when they will be available) This is crazy, considering that the prices were announced over two weeks ago, and that tickets are being sold in England.

  10. The Scout

    The lights for Kensington were not to be installed for CWC’07. The decision was taken not to erect the light poles so as to building the temp stand that was in the S.E section. The bases for the lights were there from the new renovation, just for the poles to be erected . Futhermore, the finishing of the actual match in the dark was NOT Kensington’s fault since lights could not have been used to complete the match. It was NOT part of the playing conditions. The lights however, would have helped in the performaces for the closing ceremony, portable could have been used.

  11. Fool me once

    like BFP saying- what happened to all the money us taxpayers paid to Kensington owners and why they keep the gains while we get no cricket either? Lights not necessary for CWC now they are and wer payin?

    From Thompy no answers just playin with our money like always and watchin his friends shove it down their pockets.

  12. J. Payne

    Better to be “super-duper late” then never right? lol

    Pretty much the only website I could find associated with the Kensington Oval is

    Which itself it part of the Ministry of Tourism.

  13. cricket fan

    i think it’s a bit harsh to say the Advocate revised history, since as The Scout noted, the lights weren’t required becoz they wouldn’t have been able to use them in any case due to the playing conditions.

  14. ace

    cricket is C-R-A-P

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