Bajan Reporter Vows “We Shall Never Surrender” On Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary – But The Barbados News Media Already Surrendered

Barbados Government Sends A Message To Do-Gooder Environmental Philanthropists - Thanks For Raising The Value Of Our Condos!

Barbados Government Sends A Message To Do-Gooder Environmental Philanthropists - "Thanks For Raising The Value Of Our Condo Projects, You Suckers!"

Ian Bourne Highlights Silence Of Barbados News Media

It has been well over a month since noted Canadian philanthropist Peter Allard shook the Bajan sand from his shoes and closed the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary. The sanctuary was not closed for economic reasons…

Unfortunately, developers and their politician friends in both the DLP and BLP want to develop the primarily government-owned lands around the sanctuary and they have fought tooth and nail to prevent the establishment of the proposed Graeme Hall National Park that would have protected the sanctuary and provided some desperately needed public green space on the concrete-jungle south coast. The owner of the sanctuary understandably gave up on Barbados when he found that the new DLP government intends to develop and profit from the Graeme Hall wetlands area just as the last bunch did.

Ian Bourne has some thoughts on the news media’s silence on this debacle in his article – Sounds of Silence from Barbadian Mainstream Media and Gov’t for closure of Graeme Hall Sanctuary: 1 month, 5 days


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9 responses to “Bajan Reporter Vows “We Shall Never Surrender” On Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary – But The Barbados News Media Already Surrendered

  1. Equilibrium

    just wondering BFP, what time did u upload this article? its now 2:51pm so do tell because if it is that u uploaded it as usual in the wee hours of the morninng and i am the 1st respondent, does that speak numbers to the quality of the content u have chosen or is it rather the tone of the details and the manner presented?

    orrrrrr it may just be because OBAMA has all the spotlight for the day…LOL

    just curious, do explain

  2. Patsy

    are those two guyanese in the foreground of that picture? were they legally here? the people of barbados need to know.

  3. reality check

    Its amazing how people can’t stick to the topic for political reasons and not for substance.

    Even Obama has already addressed green and the environment as part of his agenda.

  4. passin thru

    Yes Reality Check, it happens all the time lately and I’ve noticed it too. I’m sure other readers besides the two of us have noticed it too. When BFP posts a topic which is critical of the DLP government, mostly “new” readers (ie: probably the same old crowd inventing a new name for this one use) jump in and change the topic.

    BFP, NEVER GIVE UP. Keep hammering away at integrity and the environment no matter that all the PHONY “integrity supporters” from the DLP have been so quiet for six months. They know Thompy will NOT give us integrity or environmentally conscious leadership. They know he lied. You know he lied. We all know he lied.

  5. 161

    So what’s wrong if the Barbados Government wish to ‘develop and profit from the Graeme Hall wetlands? Better taxpayers than some private owner profiting for his private gain. Government has the privilege of doing that. Grow up, there are too much greedy ‘get rich off the pay packets of people for myself’ in this tiny island. I glad the gov’t took it

  6. passin thru

    In this dawn of a new century where most are determined to stop the wholesale paving over of this island by those few who take the profits offshore anyway, we have a person asking “So what’s develop and profit from the Graeme Hall wetlands?”

    First, the “government”, our government, never “profits” from the sale of government land. Individual investors do and most of them are politically connected and giving kickbacks to those who control the development permissions.

    Mr. Allard has never sought to profit from the nature sanctuary. Both the DLP and BLP have refused to accept the gift of the wetlands surrounding the nature sanctuary as it would limit their ability to pave over the area.

    Second, if quality of life for ordinary Bajans means nothing, by all means sell and pave over the whole island in the quest to fill Swiss bank accounts.

    Throw in our daughters too – they’re worth a pretty penny when they are virgins and we might as well profit from them.

    Third, the entire Graeme Hall wetlands serves a valuable environmental function which will stop if it is developed.

    Fourth, the tourist attraction and green space provided just by the sanctuary is dependent upon the health of the surrounding wetlands. Develop the surrounding wetlands and the mangrove forest dies. It is in danger now because of the Owen Arthur government’s deliberate policy of keeping the sluice gate broken so the mangrove forest will die and they can build condos without being seen to be at fault.

    Everybody knows all this naturally except the foul developers IN GOVERNMENT who wish to profit from the destruction of green space.

  7. confirmation


    as we all thought. Thanks for the advanced warning

    Our government want to develop the lands surrounding Graeme Hall and has probably already made a deal. Then they want to steal the Sanctuary.

  8. Margaret Knight

    Anonymous: I wish to tell you, here and now, that if ever the Democratic Labour Party Government decide to develop (and by “develop” I mean erect buildings) on Graeme Hall wetlands, that is the day I shall cease to be a member of the DLP. Pretty strong words for someone in my position, eh? Well, I don’t make promises that I cannot keep, I am very much an action person and if I say I am going to do something, God willing, I do it.

    Having said that, I have a feeling I shall exit this world still as a proud member of the DLP, because I firmly believe that this Government WILL NOT develop Graeme Hall wetlands. I have faith in Dr. Dennis Lowe’s last statement to the effect that Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary will be reopened. (Please, Dr. Lowe, do it SOON).

  9. Bajan George

    Margaret Knight, I have the deepest respect for you.

    I do believe the government wants to preserve the wetlands. But that is just part of the story. The entire green space (240 or so acres), of which 81 acres is actual RAMSAR wetland, is the last major green space between the airport and Bridgetown.

    The wetlands need to be left alone for the most part to preserve habitat and biodiversity.

    But the question is, will government agree to save the entire remaining 180 acres or so as a place for research, education and recreation?

    Government has already changed the land use of the upper lands next to the ABC Highway, the place where the infamous Water Park was going to go. Why urbanise this place? It is the last green area of any significance in the area, and until relatively recently it was designated as open land.

    It’s not just about the wetland. It’s about trying to make a Park for children to play, for students to learn, for families to gather. It’s the last place on the South Coast where this can happen.

    All the lands at Graeme Hall need to be saved. Not just this parcel and that parcel. Put them all together and we can preserve the wetland and provide a safe, traffic-free place that will be an oasis in the middle of a growing urban South Coast for the next 200 years.

    Click to access GHSection1-Final.pdf

    Tell Government that the upper lands need to be open space, for the Park, as the 1988 Physical Development Plan had originally recommended.