Cable and Wireless/LIME Made Over A Billion Dollars Profit Last Year – A Pity They Didn’t Invest Some Of That In Customer Support

“The past day has heard me screaming loudly and boiling internally at the ostrich called “LIME”. I am reading books on arson as I write. The story in brief, and it’s not the first time. “Catch 22″ has nothing on this…”

… Dennis Jones of Living In Barbados blog considers suicide, arson and a number of other solutions after experiencing the (smirk) “Customer Service” offered by LIME-Cable & Wireless. If you hate Cable & Wireless/LIME because of their couldn’t-care-less attitude to customers, you’ll know exactly what Dennis is talking about.

Living In Barbados Blog: Bredda Jackass Gon’ on Holiday

From the Nation Newspaper article $1b C&W Pie

“(Cable & Wireless) Customer satisfaction in the Caribbean grew by 11 per cent to 78 per cent, lowest customer satisfaction rating of any of the operations listed.
C&W’s Panama operations recorded customer satisfaction of 94 per cent, Macau’s was 95 per cent, while Monaco and Islands’ recorded customer satisfaction of 93 per cent.”


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11 responses to “Cable and Wireless/LIME Made Over A Billion Dollars Profit Last Year – A Pity They Didn’t Invest Some Of That In Customer Support

  1. The Scout

    C&W has gotten so customer unfriendly, that I am now walking around with two cellphones.I just bought one from Digicel. My C&W one will go as soon as my people get accustom to my Digicel number. I think we the customers should form our own Company; let’s call it LIME
    L = Lousy
    I = Information
    M= Must
    E = End
    Calling C&W customer information center is more difficult that pulling a wisdom tooth.

  2. Avatar Gurl

    And what should LIME be called?


    Yeah, LEMON!

    ‘Cause It SOUR!!!!!

  3. Gilly

    LOL. Customer satisfaction GREW by 11%…and only hit 78%.

  4. Tony Hall

    TeleBarbados will be having telephone service in a year or so. Why don’t Barbados start the process by getting their internet service, which is pretty good thus eliminating dependence on LIME? I know that Digicel might not be much better than LIME but a message has to be sent. Get rid of cell service with LIME and go over to Digicel.Don’t just complain. Agitate!!!

  5. A-Fish

    @Tony Hall:

    There was a comment from David from BU and he reported Telebarbados are receiving many applications for their internet services.

    To really settings things on customers to really make a difference they need to seriously ‘Advertise on Radio and Television’.

  6. Margaret Knight

    Oh yes! TeleBarbados – way to go, folks! Trust me.

  7. LimeAway

    TeleBarbados is not available islandwide so we still have a lot of liming to do.
    Dodgycell just as bad as Lime and charges for a “digi” to connect to a landline to high, so it makes more sense to lime.

  8. Livinginbarbados

    Appreciate the plug, which was pointed out to me today.

    One problem with LIME is that you can get excellent service but it’s dependent on the luck of the draw in terms of which rep you deal with. Therefore, the company seems to have no overall policy of really training top line customer reps.

    Now the whole process has gotten idiotic when calls to the almost any ‘local’ LIME customer service number gets routed or transferred to St. Lucia, and there is the interminable “So, Mr. Jones, your problem is…”, and ends (100% of the time for about 10 calls now) with “You need to visit a local branch in Barbados and see what help they can give.”

    You know how useful that is at 8pm at night or on a Sunday.

  9. Livinginbarbados

    I should add that, when I was in Guinea, the four phone companies did not have interconnectedness, so I had to carry four phones. Each worked pretty well and in terms of problem resolution, that poor African country was strangely light years ahead. But then, I had some clout and I could walk into the office of the top people and rail at them.

  10. Same experience here in Anguilla – Phone has been completely dead, or unintelligably noisy for over a week. No local access to customer service. “customer service” in St. Lucia doesn’t even seem to know Anguilla exists! It takes 15 minutes just to get a live person through their phone tree, and most times you eventually get hung up on!

    Even my Crappy-and-worthless mobile cannot get a signal where we live, and we have been complaining about that for 2-1/2 years and nothing happens! And C&W’s 800 customer service number costs US rates if I try to call it from my Digicel mobile, the only way I have to contact anyone.

    We’re a small island fortunately, so we are planning to buy a couple of tin cans and lots of string!

  11. When one has a monopoly, then clients don’t get the respectful service they deserve. LIME is a perfect example as they have striven to attain this position. The introduction of Digicel and Cigular as competition was only window dressing as we wll know where the power lies. Given this monopoly, gov’t, through laws, is afraid to behave in a heavy handed manner because of potential fall-out socially and economically. Solely for high salaries and with no other reasons of conscience, Senior management are only doing Directors’/ shareholders’ bidding at the expense of lower level employees who in turn don’t provide good service, so the customer gets the “S” end of the stick. How do we break this cycle? Ileave it to you.