Royal Barbados Police Blow It Again – Abandoned Baby’s Dad Waits Months While The Police Did Nothing

Too Bad We Can’t Rely Upon Our Barbados Police

barbados-police.jpgLast August 29th, a newly-born baby boy was abandoned by his mother at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. The child was left unattended near an elevator. The mother left the country for her native Guyana after telling the father that the child died at birth. When the father, who is a resident of Barbados, read in the newspaper about the abandoned baby he came forward and claimed the child as his.

The Royal Barbados Police Force became involved because of the child abandonment, and they started what can now be laughably termed as “an investigation”.

The baby’s father provided a DNA sample to the Royal Barbados Police Force a few days later on September 8, 2008 and then waited for the results so he could claim his son.

And he waited.

And waited.

And waited some more.

He waited a total of four months…

Until he realised that the DO NOTHING OFFICERS of the Royal Barbados Police Force were lying to him. They hadn’t done a damn thing. They hadn’t yet submitted the samples for testing.

So the father had to arrange for DNA testing himself at an independent laboratory – which he would have been happy to do in the first place except that the DO-NOTHING POLICE told him that they “had to handle the tests officially.”

According to our source, once the father realised that he had to take action himself the paternity results from the independent laboratory took all of eight days. That’s all.

When will the Royal Barbados Police Force become a Professional Law Enforcement Organisation?

That’s easy. The RBPF will be come a professional organisation when two things happen: 1/ Officers in all ranks are paid a living wage, and 2/ The current senior leadership is replaced with REAL LEADERS.

From the Nation…

DNA test proves baby’s dad


BABY JOHN DOE should soon have a new name, and a new home too.

That is because paternal instinct has finally paid off for a young Guyanese father living in Barbados.

Five months of playing a waiting game finally came to fruition last week, when he learnt that a newborn baby boy left abandoned at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) last August was positively his son.

The man had delivered a saliva sample to Royal Barbados Police Force officials on September 8 to determine if he was in fact the father. But the prospective father’s attorney Samuel Legay decided it would be more expedient to have an independent laboratory in Barbados conduct the DNA tests to prove the child’s paternity. Results of that independent test came back last week, proving the Guyanese is father of the child, who is now almost six months old, and in the care of the Child Care Board, having initially spent more than two weeks under observation at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital after being discovered….

… continue reading this disgusting story of police incompetence at the Nation (link here)


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14 responses to “Royal Barbados Police Blow It Again – Abandoned Baby’s Dad Waits Months While The Police Did Nothing

  1. Jason

    Did the father really expect anything else? He is Guyanese so he doesn’t know about the “we’re looking after it” police lie.

  2. Sargeant

    BFP, stop making trouble for the Police, what DNA test? They had a more fool proof method of determining if the man was whom he claimed to be i.e the child’s father. They were simply waiting for the child to be old enough to identify the man as his “daddy”.

  3. Tony Hall

    You obviously do not have all the facts and are spouting again. Stop the sensationalism. You are no better than the mainstream media.

  4. Jeppa

    Well, if the RBPF (Reporter Bullying Police Force) is busy bullying reporters and trying to create a smoke screen to hide behind; how do you expect them to investigate anything?

  5. cq8

    Tony, the facts are clear. The RBPF took on the investigation and failed to follow through. Not unusual for the police. Why fault BFP for pointing it out?

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  7. Jason

    cq8, if Tony Hall and his friends were less like pavlov’s dogs in jumping in to defend the police even when the police are clearly wrong, we might get some progress towards as professional police force.

    The police are so used to getting a free ride from the media and politicians that they have forgotten they work for us, not the other way around.

  8. Tony Hall

    I really feel sorry for you.

  9. Juris

    20 comments from 5 new stories in less than 24 hours? You need more intellectually interesting topics, BFP.

  10. Hants

    @ Juris,

    Lead the way with this one from Nationnews.

    “THE CARIBBEAN operations of Cable & Wireless International (CWI), parent company of regional telecommunications company LIME, raked in more than US$500 million (BDS$1 billion) last year.”

  11. Jason

    Juris, you say BFP should be like Barbados Underground. Like today BU posted an article telling about how wonderful a job the DLP has done in the past year and they already have 15 comments!

    15 comments by the same 6 people having a big “DLP are great” celebration!

    On the Barbados Underground article “Our Doctors Can Do More” there are 104 comments where the same six people made about 96 of the comments. Six other people left a comment or two.

    Juris, what you are talking about is a group of six DLP supporters who have their discussions at Barbados Underground about subjects that will not embarrass the Thompson government.

    Since the DLP were elected a year ago, Barbados Underground has become nothing more or less than a DLP blog. They lost my respect and I am sure the respect of many others.

    BFP keeps harping away at the underlying rot in our system and thousands of us readers are happy that they continue what they started working for integrity in government.

    IMHO, Barbados Underground gave up the minute their people were elected.

  12. Avatar Gurl


    Maybe we should have a constitution like the U.S.A….God knows we’ve got everything else!

    “The right to bear arms…”, yeahhhhh…I like that!

    When a family of five dies in a cave-in & the police merely sit around drinking beers…!

    “The right to bear arms…”

    That’s not looking too bad right about now!
    That is looking better

  13. frustrated

    what about all the fathers out there that are not allowed to see they children but still have to pay money to the court every month to support these same children but are denied access , and the mothers take advantage of the system , what is being about this ? and please don`t talk about mesa or whoever it is no body seems to be able to do anything about it because that`s how the system works here.

  14. frustrated

    there`re a lot of men out here that wants to play a very important role in they children`s life but are denied because of the system , a few years later you read in the papers a lawyer trying to explain to the court that the father of the child wasn`t present and around to be a role model , how is that possible when the mother constantly denies the father acess to the child and she has the ‘ system ‘ on her side and she uses it to her advantage.