Corruption-free Anguilla Opens Nominations For The Gold Medal For Cultural Vandalism

Hubert Hughes Of Anguilla Says “To Hell With History. I Could Have Saved The Cotton Gin But I Don’t Care, So I Threw It In The Garbage”

Back in October, we told you about how Barbados government workers demolished the last slave hut on the island after being informed not to by a member of Parliament.  (See our article How screwed up is this place? Barbados government workers accidentally demolished last slave hut — after being informed not to by and Member of Parliament)

One Hundred-Year-Old Machinery Had A Bale Of Cotton Stuck In It For Sixty Years

Hubert Hughes - Stupid, Uncaring or Both?

Hubert Hughes - Stupid, Uncaring or Both?

It looks like Anguilla has the same problem as Barbados with idiots who don’t respect history. John Mitchell of Corruption-Free Anguilla blog has created a new award: the Gold Medal for Cultural Vandalism, inspired by the Honourable Hubert Hughes. Mr. Hughes apparently has single-handedly destroyed the finest remaining example of an antique cotton gin in Anguilla. Now, all that remains are bits and pieces with much of the machinery carted off to the local dump.

Mr. Hughes should be ashamed of himself.

You can read the entire sad story of an act of cultural vandalism at Corruption-Free Anguilla. (link here)

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One response to “Corruption-free Anguilla Opens Nominations For The Gold Medal For Cultural Vandalism

  1. economic vandalism

    speaking of cotton and vultures, Barbados always does it much better and bigger.

    Barbados had a revived thriving cotton business with the arrival of Nitin Amercy and South Sea Cotton. Profits, jobs, prestige product and then something sadly went wrong.

    The then Chief Justice Sir Denys Williams ordered the assets to be returned to Amercy but the government of the day decided that it didn’t like the Rule of Law and sent the army in to seize the assets. Our present esteemed Chief Justice was in the thick of these decisions where Nitin Amercy, instead of being treated with respect and admiration, had his family threatened, his house threatened to be burned down and police sent up to Montreal to intimidate him.

    We are still waiting for the Keltruth site to give us a summary of all the court documents and details.

    In a time when jobs are getting scarcer and scarcer, the examination of the details of this frightening story will be a great example of what goes wrong in thirld world countries when greed and stupidity step in and how not to treat an investor who is bringing in capital and creating jobs.

    Come on Keltruth and others lets get the full story and discuss what was done and by whom. This is a great test case for how Barbados deals with outside capital.