Company Owned By Barbados Civil Servants… Government Record Disappears From Internet

- George Orwell, Animal Farm, Ch. 10

Special Treatment For Corporate Records – For A Company Owned By Senior Civil Servants!

A week ago we told you about Harrison Resort (Barbados) Limited, a company owned by Senior Barbados Government Officials that is or was developing a 200 million dollar hotel project at Harrison Point. In our article Thanks To Prime Minister David Thompson, Barbados Government Officials Can Still Use Their Office For Personal Profit, we pointed out that by virtue of their insider knowledge, connections and their ability to directly and indirectly influence lawmakers, civil servants are well-positioned to profit from their office and government employment.

It looks like that insider knowledge is also able to make certain records disappear from public examination!

If you do an online search the CAIPO – Barbados Corporate Affairs and Intellectual Property Office website for “Harrison” you get a list of 11 or so corporations like this…


Then, if you click on one of the corporate records, say for the “Old Harrisonian Society”, a window opens up and you get more information, including the name, company number, date registered or incorporated and the category of the company. As you can see, for the “Old Harrisonian Society”, the company number is “39” and it was registered “1983-09-08” as a “Charity”…


That result is repeatable for any corporation in the database….

Harrison Point Resort Limited has a registration number of 28491 and was incorporated “2007-03-28”. Harrison’s Development Corporation has a registration number of 22190 and was incorporated “2003–03-13”.

Try it yourself for any company in the database and you’ll get the information.


When you click on the records for Harrison’s Resort (Barbados) Limited – the company owned by Barbados senior civil servants… you get nada. Nothing. No information.

That makes it difficult if not impossible to perform a search to see who the directors of this company are and when exactly it was incorporated.

Oh well – just one more day under a corrupt Barbados DLP Government that is unwilling to hold any government official accountable for anything. After all, if Prime Minister Thompson starts really doing something about corruption, he and his fellow DLP members won’t be able to engage in corrupt activities themselves!

Further Reading

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CAIPO – Barbados Corporate Affairs and Intellectual Property Office Website Here

(Go to the CAIPO website and perform a search under the name “Harrison” – then click on the various companies and see what happens!)


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39 responses to “Company Owned By Barbados Civil Servants… Government Record Disappears From Internet

  1. Chicago

    What a “coincidence” that out of all the searches I tried at the caipo website ten minutes ago the only one that doesn’t produce a result is the one owned by the “senior civil servants”

    Must be a coincidence, huh?

  2. cq8

    Its true. I tried the online search too and the record is missing.

  3. Nostradamus

    Anyone seen Wishing In Vain (WIV) recently? He may be able to throw some light on this matter.

  4. Red Lake Lassie

    This is so typical of Barbados. “Missing” public records that “happen” to concern a company owned by senior government civil servants.

    As Chicago says, “What a coincidence!”

  5. reality check

    the public is starting to wake up to the fact that their politicians are mere puppets to the “army in occupation” ( Errol Barrows words not mine ) which
    is pulling all the strings.

    Thompson and friends can’t go to the bathroom without asking for directions.

    Several roadblock or apologist bureaucrats sorely need to be given their walking papers for doing nothing but government is afraid of the repercussions
    from the civil service who were even further entrenched by the BLP reign of “tiefing”.

    The tiefing could never have occurred without a complicit civil service.

    perhaps some of the honest ones left can assist the bloggers knowing which ones are tarnished.

  6. Juris

    Civil servants would not normally be allowed to operate a for-profit company. If it is not possible to ascertain the directorship of the company from the public records, how do we know it is owned by “senior civil servants”? Because the Nation newspaper reporter said so?

  7. grump

    Juris… under what law would Civil Servants be “not normally allowed” to operate a for-profit company?

    What law in Barbados would prohibit that?

    Please tell us!!!!

  8. Juris

    BFP, the General Orders, para 3:9.

  9. grump

    General Orders? What are general orders? Where does a person get them? General orders for whom?

    You have them Juris, so why not write the appropriate section here and share your knowledge with everyone?

  10. passin thru

    grump do some google before shooting off mouth. “General Orders for the Public Service of Barbados, last revised in 1997”

    That is WHAT they are. Getting a copy is not possible on the net because they hide stuff like that they dont’ want ordinary peoples to have access to them because you might see something against the orders and we can’t have that!

  11. Juris

    I really don’t think you are serious, Gump/BFP. You asked me where the rule was; I told you and now you want me to write it out for you. Go look them up yourself.

  12. Red Lake Lassie

    Typical bullsh++ from Juris. If the rule was as he say he would quote it so he’s lying. It will be something not quite on point. There is no “prohibition” against a civil servant owning a for-profit company. There is no prohibition against a civil servant giving a fat contract to his own company or wifey’s company. That happens all the time. Juris you are such a bullsh++er!

  13. Juris

    OK, Red Lassie/ BFP, I agree with you….on both counts.

  14. Hants

    @ Juris

    There were rules( in the 1970s) pertaining to Architects and Engineers employed in the civil service that required them to get permission to work on private projects.

    Is that still the case?

  15. Juris

    It is still so, Hants. It may be found in General Order 3:8:2. The work must not be undertaken during the official hours of the officer and he/she should not use the facilities, equipment or services of the Ministry.

  16. Sargeant

    @ Juris

    Civil servants would not normally be allowed to operate a for-profit company.

    When the spat about Stanton Alleyne and the cheques he received became a public issue didn’t he say that it was for “Car Rental” among other things? Seems to me a Car rental agency is a profit making entity or is he not considered a Civil Servant?

  17. passin thru

    Ok, seeing as Juris is having his lady time, is there anyone out there with a copy of General Orders, para 3:9 so we can know what it says?

  18. Jason

    The Sept 4 2005 Nation piece says “Local company Harrison Resort (Barbados) Limited, made up of a number of senior civil servants will construct in the first phase, 160 two-bedroom condominiums, eight ocean-front villas, 100 lakeside townhouses and 75 residential villas.”

    If what Juris says is true wouldn’t the government have done an investigation and charged the senior civil servants with violating the law? That is if there was a law stopping them from owning a company.

    It is all very strange and it is true that the government keeps us in the dark like mushrooms.

  19. Juris

    Sargeant, the General Orders would not strictly apply to Mr Alleyne as he is an employee of a statutory board under contract.

  20. Juris

    Jason, might the newspaper not have been mistaken? You notice that we have not heard anything further about this.

  21. Jason

    Juris it is, shall we say, a normal coincidence that the paper mentions the company is owned by senior civil servants and then the online records are missing. I can’t think of the last time a civil servant was punished or charged or whatever for anything. For me, I believe the newspaper and if they were wrong some clarification should have been said but I don’t think they were wrong.

  22. Jason

    Juris you should know that issues disappear with great frequency and are never heard again. Doesn’t mean they are not true. More likely they are true!

  23. Juris

    True, Jason. Those senior civil servants would have been p*s*ed at the mention of it in the newspaper, though.

  24. queenam

    Shouldn’t it be the corrupt BLP after all, the DLP just came into office. They are doing a really good job so far. I have every confidence in them

  25. of interest

    Didnt this same Nation newspaper indicate intially that this project was a joint venture between BTI I think it was and Fairways Development Ltd?

    Its interesting to note that we do a seacrh to see who the senior civili servants are in this project but no one is telling us who the Directors are in the Buckley Meadows Scam is it because its David Deane, Mark Thompson former president of the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and others? I f we call for transparency lets do it for all

  26. of interest

    By the way the General Orders can be purchased from the Government Printery in Bay Street

  27. Nostradamus

    @ of interest
    “If we call for transparency lets do it for all”. Couldn’t agree with you more!
    What’s the name of the company involved with Buckley Meadows?

    In this day and age why aren’t the General Orders available online for download? Would save some trees not to mention making them easily available to all.

  28. ru4real

    What happened to the other party who was going to develop Harrisons Point?

  29. Fool me once

    Let us have laws on internet so everyone can see.

    Make civil servants and politicians disclose their private dealings with government.

    Oops sorry DLP already promised that just more than year ago after accusing BLP of hiding all these things.

    Someone remind me how a vote given turns into a right to steal from us hard workin types?

  30. paul sealy

    “Welcome to the third world and how we do tings bout hay” makes no sense huffing and puffing,most of these people if not all are Lodge members so are politicians,judges,police,lawyers and others all looking out for each other..while we the average bajans get the grind and the leftovers like dogs…wunna wasting wunna time exposing these criminals cause none of them ain’t going to see a day in jail,just like Thompson tricking wunna to win the election to get he snout in the trough..poor gullible bajans.

  31. GT

    When Owen returns to office all this mess will be cleaned up. Owen Arthur will become the first prime minister to lead for 14 years and return to lead for another 2 terms. He will be greater than Errol Barrow and Tom Adams.

  32. BrattyBat

    Your latest comment is bound to make you ‘public enemy #1’. I share your view buddy.

  33. Police Stationrathole

    Dear Paul. Eagle Point is one of them, what about that. when will that be compleated by the lawer and his wife.?

  34. Avatar Gurl

    @ Paul Sealy

    Hear, Hear!

    Too many apologists are crowing in here…let’s see their accounts and bankrolls! Wouldn’t be crowing for long then!

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  36. Junior Civil Servant

    grump et al

    the general orders are rules that outline the conditions of service for civil servants. this has been in existence since colonial times. there is one in every civil service in the commonwealth, sometimes by a different name. the General orders have been strengthened by the Public Service Act. copies are available from the Government Printer in Bay Street at government headquarters. they are not secret but i believe they are kept in low circulation so that civil servants wont know their rights. there is no other reason why you expect someone to follow rules but not tell them what they are.

    civil servants cant sit on boards of directors without the approval of the Public Service Commission ( Service Commission) . civil servants also cant work other than their job without permission. civil servants can own shares in companies but not be a director or involved in the running of it if there is a conflict of interest ( section 3.7 – 3.8) if a conflict of interest exists in the view of Service Commision they will ask him to sell them.

  37. Junior Civil Servant

    General Order.

    3.7 An officer, whether or not his whole time is at the disposal of the government, may be required to disclose for the information of the appropriate Service Commission particulars of any investment or shareholding which he may possess in any company, occupation or undertaking, or any other direct or indirect interest in such organization. if it is that the officer’s private affairs might be brought into real or apparent conflict with his public duties or in any way influence him in the discharge of his duties, the officer shall to such extent as may be directed, divest himself of such investments or interests.