Bajan Fisherman Safe – But What Really Happened With The Barbados Coast Guard?

“Hi Clive. I thought you might be interested in this article. That is not the whole story. I hope the person who went in search of the fisherman will come forward with what really went down. Barbados fisherman adrift, coast guard can’t be reached.”

A friend is hearing rumours about the situation involving the rescue of Barbados fisherman Anthony Gooding who went missing last Friday. Another friend says that the Barbados Coast Guard couldn’t be reached at one point – as in didn’t respond and nobody knew where the pilots were!

What really happened? This is Barbados so if we can’t find the answer on the blogs, we’ll probably never know the truth.

Nation News: Fishman Found Safe In St. Vincent

Fisherman found safe in St Vincent
Published on: 1/6/09.
ANTHONY GOODING is safe and sound and his family is rejoicing.

The 59-year-old fisherman went missing last Friday after what was supposed to be a “day trip” at sea.

When the DAILY NATION arrived at his home at Marine Square, Goodland, St Michael, his wife Winifred was all smiles as she hung up the phone.

“I just talked to him. They have him in St Vincent and he is safe,” she exclaimed.

Although she did not get to talk to him long enough to determine what had been his problem at sea, Winifred said she believed the boat went adrift with some high tides.

“When I didn’t see him back at home on Friday evening, I went to the market looking for him, and after no one had seen him, I called the Coast Guard.

“They searched but they didn’t find him. After that, an island tour plane spotted him 39 miles off the coast of Barbados and alerted the Coast Guard, so I was glad to know someone had seen him, but when they checked again, they still couldn’t find him. By that time I guess he had drifted,” she stated.

Arrangements are being put into place to have him sent back to Barbados, and a happy Winifred said she could not wait to see her husband back at home.


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9 responses to “Bajan Fisherman Safe – But What Really Happened With The Barbados Coast Guard?

  1. reality check

    sounds like they were doing their job?

    BFP Do you have any information to the contrary?

  2. 27

    coast guard is bare boo. lil boys playing wid govt boats and collecking a salary to boot

  3. The Scout

    This is 2009, unless you have factual information, strat posting stupid romours on the blogs. you’re getting worse by the minute. You could ban me too if you feel like for saying what I’ve said. GROW UP.

  4. Anon

    I am in full agreement with you Scout!

  5. info

    The pilot was David Peterkin. There is more to this story. Ask him. He will tell the truth. The papers should be investigation.

  6. Tony Hall

    Rumour, rumour. rumour.

  7. The Scout

    If you want to protect what little integrity you have left, you would remove this posting PROTO. ASAP

  8. vn99

    The problem was the look down search radar on the GD airplane has been out of service for two months because nobody cared enough to report it.