Barbados Government Kills Ethanol Proposal – Bizzy Williams Should Read BFP To Find Out Why He Was Turned Down

Any man of Bizzy's age who can party until 8am has our respect!

Any man of Bizzy's age who can party until 8am has our respect!

Chairman of Williams Industries, Ralph “Bizzy” Williams, says he is “disappointed” that permission was not granted to build an ethanol plant. He told the Midweek Nation in a telephone interview on Monday that he did not know why the project was denied…

… from the Nation article Letdown for Bizzy

The Arthur/Mottley BLP Government Pushed Ethanol For Corrupt Reasons

Everybody knows that Bizzy is a good business person and a decent human being. He and his family have worked hard and smart over the years to the point where Williams Industries and associated companies provide employment directly and indirectly for thousands of people. But business and making money is not all that defines Bizzy Williams.

Without going into details, we at BFP can assure you that Bizzy has a kind heart and does much good for people in a quiet manner. It is his way to help with a “hand up, not a hand out” and there are many who have benefited from his encouragement, mentoring and interest in helping people improve themselves and their lives. Once again, we can’t say much more than that, but some folks would be amazed if they knew ten percent of what Bizzy has done for ordinary people.

That’s Some Of The Good About Bizzy Williams – Now For Some Of The Bad…

Like all business people, Bizzy and his family tend to make choices that are good for their pocketbooks but might not be so good for the country, the environment and the poor taxpayers. No, we’re not saying that all business people are uncaring slash and burn artists or that the Williams family deliberately sets out to harm the country or people. We are saying that without effective oversight, accountability and the rule of law applied by a good government that is watching out for the citizens’ interests, business people make choices that benefit themselves first and sometimes are against the interests of ordinary citizens.


For example, when Bizzy Williams deliberately designed the Port St. Charles development to prevent ordinary Bajans from accessing the beach, he raised the value of the individual condos and made more profit.

Yup… Bizzy designed that delightful north beach area to be a private beach for the rich folks. Oh sure, you can crawl under the bridge and cut your feet all to pieces on the sharp stones and concrete of the breakwater and then arrive at the beach just ahead of the security guards who ask just what you think you’re doing and caution that if you put one foot above the high water mark they will drag your sorry black ass out of there. Yes friends, that is the welcome you’ll receive if you dare to set foot on the sand at Port St. Charles beach.

What should be a public beach. Your beach.

That was a design choice that Bizzy made and it was a darn good choice for raising the prices of the condos and putting more money into his pocket. Private beaches are a big selling point at Port St. Charles – even if they use the word “secluded” instead of “private”.

But that choice is a violation of the spirit of the law, if not the law itself. It is also a very visible and simple example of how the world is run when we let business people do whatever they want. Or when business people are allowed to donate as much money as they want to the governing political party without any rules, transparency or public accountability.

Ask Owen Arthur and Mia Mottley why the BLP government allowed Bizzy Williams to get away with creating a private beach. Don’t hold your breath waiting for an answer!

Why The Barbados Government Killed The Ethanol Projects Favoured By The Previous BLP Government

Dear Bizzy, while your ethanol proposal involved constructing a plant to remove water from imported semi-processed ethanol, it shared many of the faults revealed by the European Union ethanol studies suppressed by the BLP government. There are concerns about the proximity to tourist beaches, potential for major spills, reliance upon copious amounts of already scarce fresh water, and the long-term cost-benefit viability of ethanol as a fuel. Tons and tons and tons – tens of thousands of gallons – of liquid toxic waste will be produced daily should the ethanol factory go ahead.

Not to mention that your proposal did not include a comprehensive environmental impact study or an economic study of the impact your factory would have upon tourism.

For all of those reasons and more, your project was refused.

Here are a few BFP articles you should read…

Barbados Government Kills Sugar Cane Ethanol Scam

Government Insider Thanks Barbados Free Press For Exposing Secret Ethanol Reports

The current Barbados Government has killed plans for a sugar-based ethanol industry – largely due to revelations by Barbados Free Press that the previous BLP government had covered up secret European Union reports showing that the Arthur-Mottley government’s ethanol plans were technically and economically not viable.

We are told that one of the first acts of newly minted Minister of Agriculture Haynesley Benn (photo above) was to ask to see ALL VERSIONS of the European Union sugar reports as first revealed in BFP’s article Secret European Union Reports Slam Barbados Ethanol Plan.

It didn’t take the Thompson Government very long to discover that the ethanol plan was a sham – and most likely just another scam to facilitate the transfer of tax revenues to greedy pockets with no appreciable benefit to Barbados and her citizens.

Our source who originally showed us the three different versions of one of the EU copies of the reports said…

“Thank you Barbados Free Press. Without your revelations the people who were pushing cane ethanol would have taken Barbados down the road to an economic and environmental disaster.”

Our Thanks To The Government Worker Who Risked Everything To Bring The Truth To Bajans

For three years as the mainstream Barbados news media jumped on the Arthur-Mottley Government’s cane ethanol bandwagon, a courageous government employee wrestled with the conflict between loyalty to the BLP government and duty to the people of Barbados. This government employee knew that cane ethanol was not viable for Barbados, and that the Arthur-Mottley government was deliberately concealing data and reports so they could justify a course of action that, according to our source, had the primary purpose of lining the pockets of certain very narrow interests.

By last August, the government employee decided that he must reveal the truth – but how? In the end he came to Barbados Free Press with his story, and the rest as they say, is history. When the new Agriculture Minister asked to see ALL VERSIONS of the secret European Union reports as mentioned in the Barbados Free Press article, that was the end for cane ethanol…

… continue reading this report LINK HERE



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68 responses to “Barbados Government Kills Ethanol Proposal – Bizzy Williams Should Read BFP To Find Out Why He Was Turned Down

  1. Hants

    Bizzy is a brilliant man who has made a tremendous contribution to Barbados but there is a perception that operating an ethanol plant in proximity to a Cruise ship terminal is not an acceptable risk.

    Bajans friten fuh Kadugan or Bruggadung.

  2. Optimist Prime

    For clarity, let us start by looking at the Financial Policy Statement of then Prime Minister Arthur, which was delivered in Parliament of January 16, 2006.

    Page 38, Fuel Cane:

    As part of its plan to transform the sugar industry into a sugar cane industry, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, through the Barbados Agriculture Management Company (BAMC) commissioned a Feasibility Study on a Fuel Cane Power generation Project which was undertaken by Schaffer and Associates Internationa of the United States of America.

    It is envisaged that through this fuel cane project, 30 mega watts of electricity will be produced.

    A 30 MW plant should generate 263 million KWh with a reduction in the fuel import bill of US$29 million per year.

    The Cabinet has agreed that the fuel cane project is deserving of national support and hence requested that a project unit be established within BAMC to prepare a Pre-investment Plan and Budget for funding consideration.”

    Now BFP!

    Have you seen the BAMC’ Pre-investment plan; the feasibility study that was undertaken by Schaffer Asscoiates or the “ethenol for vehicle fuel” study, which was carried out as part of the Sugar Cane energy study?

    Remember, inaddition to the value-added to sugar, this facility was intended to slice US$29 million from Barbados’ fuel import bill annually.

    This is where I fear I would have become intellectually challenging for Benn who prefers to talk about 4H and sweet peppers!!!

  3. .24

    BFP at least try to find out WHAT aspect of ehtanol you are talking about.

    I believe that the plant Bizzy is talking about here is one for removing the water from ethanol imported from Brazil for re-export. It has nothing to do with the BLP’s post sugar plans.

    Bizzy will probably set up the plant somewhere else that will welcome the investment.

    BFP continuing sloppy smear jobs in the new year.

  4. Faith

    You mean that Bizzy’s proposal called for no government investment at all? Or support infrastructure? Or wouldn’t overtax the fresh water supply? Or wouldn’t put effluent into the tourist beaches and coral reefs like the European reports warned about?


    Thanks – I’d never before seen it spelled out so clearly who was responsible for the Port St. Charles rape.

    Bizzy Williams will be remembered for creating one of Barbados’ greatest ecological scandals.

    By ruining the natural seasonal cycle of the beaches in either direction for miles and removing the right of every Bajan to walk the beach from Six Mens to Speightstown without harassment from pitbulls and armed security guards.

    Now the people who killed the ethanol project have to kill the Six Mens Marina project.

    And force Williams or whoever is behind it to fully restore the beach at Port St. Charles by filling the entry channel that’s used once or twice a day while Bajans trudge a mile around the compound on their daily business.

  6. BFP

    .24, perhaps you should take another read of our article.

  7. Optimist Prime

    As I understand it, the “ONLY” Ethanol, which the Barbados Labour Party was pushing entails: until domestic production cames on stream – the importation of semi-processed raw materials from Brazil, and under an arrangement with a company in T&T – have that processed into Ethanol to thereafter be blended with gasoline to be brough into Barbados.

    In the first instance, it would have resulted in a fuel saving of in excess of $25 million.

    It was projected that an initial investment of $195 million would have yield annual returns in the form of $65 million in energy savings – excluding the $96 million projected to have accrued from the BL&P’s switch to fuel oil.

    Again! View the BLP’ policy of pure; natural; unmatched intellectual brilliance.

    Clearly, much more than 4H and sweet pepper!!!

  8. reality check


    perhaps you could clarify, Is it Cow that is involved with Port St Charles as well as Bizzy or just Cow and friends?

    I believe that they are related but I am not certain what their respective shareholdings and involvement are in both projects. They shouldn’t be tarred with the same brush unless it is true.

    You need to get this right.

    As to the buried studies by the EU and Barbados government on this matter re: the economic and environmental realities, thank-you for exposing this cover up . Ethanol is turning out to have many problems of its own.

    Where did the $10-15 million dollar grant go and is not the EU accountable for every cent?

  9. Anon

    Optimist Prime

    How many taxpayers millions would have gone into crooked Owen Arthur’s overseas bank accounts?

  10. Optimist Prime

    @ Anon

    Your post is exactly why Barbadians are so frustrated as regards the “intellectual weakness” of the DLP and its operatives?

    Here we are discussing alternative energy and the development of a sugar cane industry and I am being side-tracked with trivia.

    I am now beginning to understand what Local and Regional Statesman – The Rt. Hon. Owen S. Arthur, M.P., had to endure – to the extent that he begged DLP M.P’., to please challenge him on intellengence.

    Of course that was asking way too much!!

    It is clear that the DLP does not want to discuss serious issues that can have a transforming effect on the Barbadian society. It wants to engage in gossip and trivia.

    That explains why the CSME has been derailed and why the Barbados economy is being dangerously mismanaged!!!

    It is precisly because of the intellectual weaknes of the DLP – that in the face of a recssion and after promising to reduce the cost of living – it introduced an inflationary budget that raised $180 million in new taxes.

    This country in is crisis!!!

  11. Sad To Say

    OP: Can you confirm if the Local and Regional Statesman – The Rt. Hon. Owen S. Arthur, M.P owns a Port St. Charles condo? If the answer is yes do you know how he went about purchasing such on a PM’s salary? And why was not declared as part of his assets?

  12. Hants

    @ Optimist Prime who wrote,
    “Your post is exactly why Barbadians are so frustrated as regards the “intellectual weakness” of the DLP and its operatives?”

    You can rant, rave and misbehave for the next 3 years. Espouse your intellectual superiority in any forum you choose and insult the DLP and its operatives (and supporters like me).

    I have news for you. A whole lot of Barbadians are pleased with the performance of the DLP.

    Continue to use your intellectual superiority to “take over” BFP and educate us DLP supporters who are enjoying the privilage of having our party taking care of our country in these difficult times.

    Optimist Prime (Royal Rumble ?)I do admire your loyalty to your former leader. I hope he keeps you close when he makes his comeback in 3 YEARS.

  13. Red Lake Lassie

    Reality Check, Bizzy is the Chairman of Williams Industries. Williams Industries website has the Port St. Charles project details and the message from Bizzy Williams on the website says the company finished construction there in 2007. That looks like BFP is right about Bizzy’s involvement with Port St. Charles as he is Chairman of the company.

    the site report for 2007 by Bizzy is –

    The website for williams industries showing their Port St. Charles project is –

  14. Anon

    Optimist Prime

    Stealing taxpayers money is trivia to you?

  15. Anon

    Optimist Prime

    As someone else wrote,

    “CSME is to Barbados, what the Trojan Horse was to the City of Troy.”

  16. Sad To Say

    BFP: It obviously bothers you and I a FAIR to a FAULT. So please remove my comment that portrayed Mrs. Williams in a bad light.


    BFP says,

    Thank you Sad to Say. We will remove your comment.

  17. Optimist Prime

    @ Anon

    I suspected that the DLP is at crossroads and in crisis, but I realy had no idea it was this bad!

    You obviously did not hear Mr. Wickham on CBC TV last night. He too could not contain his obvious disappointment.

    Get Hants (the wise one) Jerome Hinds (the angry one) Veggieman (the one who does not stop to think) Juris (the reasonable one) and Sargeant (cannot be rated) to help you analyse this:

    Nehru or David Thompson: Difficult to tell?

    Nehru’s policies not only delayed progress in India’s post-independence, but pushed the clock backward some thirty-five years.

    It has never been disputed that Nehru was confused about whether India needed communist or socialist models of governance, while he depended heavily on the funding of wealthy capitalists to keep him and his party in power.

    Sounds familiar?

    In addition to fiddling with when to introduce an appropriate economic stimulus package, Prime Minister Thompson appears to have made the “begging bowl” – Barbados’ new national symbol.

    He travels the globe by “private jet,” yet begging philanthropists for money (to build a new hospital) even though saying to the world that Barbados is for Barbadians.

    Like Nehru, especially given his “governance by delay – it is left to be seen exactly how far back Prime Minister Thompson has so far set the clock in Barbados.

    I hasten to remind DLP bloggers that darkness is not something! It is the absence of something.

    The DLP is “intellectually weak” and does not know what it is doing. It is therefore the absence of: “competent, visionary and trust-worthy government.”

    Only the DLP is capable of introducing a 1990’s Manifesto in 2008!!!

  18. Hants

    Sad to Say your comment about “Shelly” is unkind and has no relevance to this discussion.

    BFP I vote that you remove it since it is baseless innuendo and smacks of “envy”.

  19. Sad To Say

    Hants: You comments have been noted. Envy? Of who?

  20. Sad To Say

    Optimist Prime I noticed that you side-stepped my last posting directed at you. I will repost: Can you confirm if the Local and Regional Statesman – The Rt. Hon. Owen S. Arthur, M.P owns a Port St. Charles condo? If the answer is yes do you know how he went about purchasing such on a PM’s salary? And why was not declared as part of his assets?

  21. Optimist Prime

    @ Sad To Say,

    Sorry! I mean no disrespect, but I have to be very careful. I have to use my deliberate judgment whether to respond each time a DLP blogger ask me a question.

    If I respond to each, I run the risk of appearing to dominate the blog and being moderated or banned by BFP.

    If I do not respond, it could appear to viewers as though I am running or being evasive. There is a limit to playing Devils Advocate on a DLP dominated blog.

    To answer you question: I do not know!

    Suffice it to say, all property in Barbados ought to be registered with the Land Registry and Land Valuation Depertment.

    The PM’ salary could be upward of $25,000 monthly x 12 months x 14 years. The former PM declared his assets in a document in the House.

    I will not revisit this issue! Thank you.

  22. Sargeant


    • If I respond to each, I run the risk of appearing to dominate the blog and being moderated or banned by BFP.
    I salute you, you guys are smooth, and with stunts like this no wonder you were able to fool most of the people most of the time for the past fourteen years.

    You are all over this blog with critical comments on the performance of the DLP so far, posting your party’s take on all aspects of the DLP’s fiscal stewardship and their handling of the economy yet avoiding pointed questions about the BLP from some of the other bloggers.

    Then you say you are avoiding answering because you don’t want to monopolise or dominate the blog because BFP may ban you.

    Smooth man, smooth, I don’t wear a hat but if I did I would tip it to you. Perhaps you were one of the more able Consultants

  23. Juris

    Are you suggesting OP that the PM of Barbados earned $25 000 per month in 1994? Then you are not only crazy, you are intellectual…ly dishonest. And by the way, Mr Intellectual, it is BEREFT not BERETH!

  24. J

    And my question is Should we be paying our Prime Minister $25,000 per month?

  25. Port St. Charles should never have been built.
    There is no access to the beach. I used to actually believe that Barbados had no private beaches.
    I was wrong.

  26. Fair Play

    Your way of saying that the Barbadian electorate is stupid will come back to haunt you at the next poll. The people spoke and removed a government which they felt was not operating in their interest. What was unintelligent about that?

    CSME meant that Barbados was the place to go to make money. All and sundry wanted to come to Barbados. Barbadians could not tolerate being the only country pushing CSME with its open door policies. The government was voted out on that.

    What about the housing policies being carried out by Michael Lashley?

    Remember Clyde Mascoll is an intellectual but he made the dumbest mistake by taking Barbadians for granted.

  27. Optimist Prime

    @ J,

    Yes! Prime Ministers deserve to be paid that amount.

    The Rt. Excellent Mr. Barrow, Tom Adams, Sir Harold and Statesman – The Rt. Hon. Mr. Arthur, M.P, but definately not Mr. Thompson!

    @ Fair Play,

    It is obvious that CSME is not your strong point. Do some reseach as regards Barbados being a Service Economy or get advice from Sinckler and Wickham.

    @ Juris,

    Yes! It is BEREFT and not the other word!

    “Intellectually dishonest? And the DLP is claiming credit daily for superior BLP housing and other policies?

    Secondly, as I recall, Local and Regional Statesman – the Rt. Hon. Owen S. Arthur, M.P., donated some of his pay to HIV/AIDS.

    The BLP was not “voted-out” for non performance or the reasons the DLP was – in 1994. Barbadians decided to give the DLP a chance.

    Secondly, as I recal, in the St. Michael North West election: Economist Mr. C. A Mascoll received 1,990 or 47.2% of the 4, 220 votes cast, while Chris got 2, 230 or 52.8 per cent. Just 240 votes more. It certainly would not take much of a swing to beat him next time!!

    So much for the trivia, now please!!!! Engage me on a sugar cane industry, “ethanal,” alternative energy and a green economy!

    I am getting bored.

  28. Optimist Prime

    As far as I know, the BLP respects and accepts the right of the people to choose.

    That perhaps explains why its Political Leader said a year ago that she will give the DLP time to settle-in.

    After all, it is the very BLP that gave Barbadians that right anyhow!!!

    @ Fair Play

    In 2008 when the BLP was given a vacation by the electorate, there was the existence of the complete opposite of what obtained in 1994, when Barbados was “recued by the BLP.”

    Between 1991 and 1994 there was something called: “a salary and wages freeze” and “jobless growth!” No such during the 14 years of progressive transformation under the BLP.

    In 1994, unemployment was 26.2 per cent. In 2008 the unemployment rate stood at some 6.1 per cent.

    In 1994 investor confidence was so low that not even Guyana wanted to accept the Barbados dollar. Up to January 15th 2008 – investor confidence was so high – people were pushing down each other to invest in this country.

    In 1994 Barbados has a puny $13 million in foreign exchange. In 2008 there was in excess of $2.6 billion.

    Between 1991 and 1994, there was an 8% cut, thousands having lost their homes; could not buy food or send their children to school. Up to January 15th 2008 – there was a new Barbadians prosperity.

    Suffice it to say that the electorate did not have enough confidence in the DLP to give it a two-thirds majority of Parliament. Think about it carefully!

    The BLP was given the balance of power.

    Unfortunately, what now obtains (DLP 21: BLP 9) is not the “will” of the electorate, which has been undermined.

  29. reality check


    you have 7 posts on this one subject

    thats a pig by any definition ( Optomistic Pig )

    its bad enough that you are an apologist for the most Brazen Lying Pig ( BLP ) party that this country has ever seen but you really need to stop putting makeup on . Its not going to help.

    After two to three comments you need to head over to your friendly BLP blog and enlighten them with your twisted wisdom and distortion of facts. I am certain you will attract thousands of fans.

  30. 199

    Well, BFP, it seems that we have even more reason to be grateful to you than we realised, and the enterprising civil servant!! When u gun get a knighthood!!

    Lord a mercy!! And make sure to invite me to the ceremony!! 🙂

    Doan mine me!! We’re grateful, really!!

  31. 199

    January 2, 2009 at 9:54 pm
    BFP at least try


    Er, what’s the requirement for the ‘point’, in .24!!

    BFP, please doan start me off again!! Please remind dese gun-fanatics that this IS N’T a gun-enthusiasts’ site and to go elsewhere, to play cowboys and Indians!! I’m not .199, nor do I desire to be!!

  32. 199

    reality check
    January 3, 2009 at 6:13 am

    you have 7 posts on this one subject


    Er, and ‘reality check’, what’s so deplorable about the man submitting 7 posts?? Er, this is a blog, ‘rc’, remember!! The idea is for people to express their opinions on all manner of subjects!! Bim will be changed by the people who express their opinion and take an interest not the ones who sleep all day!!

    What r u talking bout!!

  33. 199

    Bizzy got taste!! E marry a black, woman an he’s an astute, political-brain, too!!


    90% of the people black, don’t forget!! 🙂


    BFP says,

    Thank you 199 for your racist diatribe on this and other comments. All of us need to see that once in a while no matter our skin colour. We need to see it to remind ourselves about where we have been, where we are going, and who can get us where we want to go as a society.

    You are finished (again) with using BFP for your racist venom.

  34. permres

    I quote from the OP (I am not sure whom that might be):

    ” … and caution that if you put one foot above the high water mark they will drag your sorry black ass out of there.”

    I understood that building regulations for all beach front property require that land ownership should be at least 30 feet away from the high water mark, meaning that this 30 feet is part of the public space. Is that correct?

    I do not believe that only black persons are treated thus. Security people at many of the hotels and beach-front properties are over-zealous, but can be made to understand, through conversation, the laws of Barbados. Sometimes it may be necessary to inform the police of bad practices.


    BFP says,

    Hi permres,

    Our friends’ son had a very nasty experience with the Pt. St. Charles security when he ventured under the bridge and onto the beach last year. It was obvious from the circumstances that he was verbally abused because he was a local. A tourist would probably have not received the abuse that he and his friends did from the security guards (two of them).

  35. permres

    Many thanks for your response, BFP. I do not want to divert this blog from its title which is about the ethanol idea, into one about beach access. I will just add the following.

    I fully accept that there are many instances of abuse, and locals are more likely to suffer than tourists. However, we are all equal under the law, and although youngsters may not be advised to even try and talk with these ignorant (no disrespect there, they are just ill-informed and inadequately trained) security personnel, we can always take the incident to the police. Even they may not respond, but we must all begin to complain, more often and more loudly.

    I must try to clarify the law regarding this 30 foot requirement from the high water mark. I know that on roads we have to have our building 15 feet from the centre of the road, and our private land must leave room for a sidewalk (3 feet?). So can we own land up to the high water mark, and the 30 feet restriction is for the building?

    My hobby-horse would be to lobby for a coastal public footpath completely around Barbados. Quite an attraction for international walking events, and looking at Port St Charles (Google maps) all that is needed there is a footbridge over the entrance to the marina! (And a walkway under their ramp!).

  36. passin thru

    What a great idea for the footpath permes!

  37. Fair Play

    What are the disadvantages of ethanol production for Barbados? Can we produce enough fuel cane to sustain this expensive project?
    Research has shown that the amount of additional energy needed to transport and process the fuel cane could result in a negative return on the energy produced by the ethanol. Essentially, it would cost more to produce ethanol than the country would ever see in savings over imported oil.
    Maybe we could save on our electricity production by using renewable sources such as the sun, wind and sea.
    The Barbadian public became very concerned about your economic magic of crippling overruns on the Prison and highway. Therefore could not entrust you with the $195 million for the initial investment.

  38. Think on it

    Has anyone stopped and thought for a moment the need for a facility to haulout the fisherfolks boats for repairs and during the hurricane season??

    This is the most suitable location for this to take place, tell me which is more deserving of attention, a facility for our fisherfolks or an Ethanol plant that is majority owned by foreigners including a facilitator from Costa Rica very much of the same mold as Hallam Nicholls?

    Our fisherfolks deserve better and will get better attention that they received under the recently evicted BLP.

  39. ROK


    I see how easy it is to get ban in this forum for speaking the truth. Where it is that 199 spouting racist venom? What by saying that bizzy marry a black woman? He told lies?

    I put it to you that black people don’t have the first clue about racism. Racism is the basis of white domination. That is why so many black people believed that the white man was God. That is why we are imprisoned and they are insulated in the mansions.

    Even today, racism dictates some activities. For example, I know taximen that line up in the port from the night before just to get one job, while they are white men with coaches who comfortably sleep through the night and get up the next morning and cart away more than half the tourists before a black taximan could get one job. It happens everyday.

    Racism is where one race identifies and targets another race of people who provides the labour and designate themselves the beneficiaries of that labour. Now this is a game and the object is to prevent wealth, luxury and priviledge from reaching the race assigned to labour, otherwise there would be no labour and it would force the designating race to work. Therefore, all white men have a pact; to keep the black race working.

    Racism is essentially an economic leverage on the earth’s resources and it is this greed and love for power that delivers this social injustice. It is with us today and there is nothing wrong with those against whom it is practised, speaking out about it.

    I therefore say, that for those who will look at a black man, who is the victim of racism and brand him as a racists, is simply perpetuating racism by trying to suppress any criticism of it that white men feel may get out of hand and reveal the real truth about how black people are used and abused and the level of money and wealth that is stolen from them when they offer their labour.

    Until the day comes when we can face up to this truth, the Black man will never get his just due… just enough to get by and enjoy a 4 week vacation annually. Meanwhile the wite man is always on vacation doing exactly as he likes; travel when he likes; stay in the most luxurious hotels and enjoy a lavish lifestyle.

    Racism exist when one man of a particular race could drive a mercedes to work while the other one walks and actually looks up to the one driving the mercedes and can only dream of owning one. Note, they both working for the same company.


    BFP says,

    Well ROK, I guess we shall just have to agree to disagree. None of us buy into your reasoning because we believe that it is self-defeating and creates self-fulfilling negative outcomes. In reality, outcomes are primarily about choices and behaviours. Sure, sure, sure, there has always been white on black racism – but we are a black-majority democracy. If we have a problem it is less likely caused by “white” cartels than by our own leadership who have been robbing we Bajans for decades while perpetuating a self-serving anti-white, anti-indian bias in the population. I’m black but when I refuse to buy into your philosophy I’m called a house n. or worse.

    I just don’t buy what you are selling. End of story.

    Also this is about the third time that “199” has been banned… if not for one thing then for another.

    Hey… he’s free to start his own blog, but this one is ours. We allow and encourage dissenting opinions and discussion, but we have our thresholds and standards and 199 crossed the line.

  40. ROK

    @Fair Play

    You said: “Essentially, it would cost more to produce ethanol than the country would ever see in savings over imported oil.”

    Are you sure about that? The research done by Prof. Al Binger is saying different. See:

  41. John


    My hobby-horse would be to lobby for a coastal public footpath completely around Barbados.

    Julian Hunte had one marked out from Heywoods around the north of the island to Sam Lord’s Castle.

    He used to take tourists on it too.

    Richard Goddard lobbied for the old lighthouse sites to be used as rest stops for walkers.

    Wonder if Julian’s marks in red paint are still visible?

    The old train track along the East Coast is a wonderful hiking trail.

  42. Optimist Prime

    @ Fair Play

    “It is Our fisherfolks deserve better and will get better attention that they received under the recently evicted BLP.”
    I read your manifesto and since the DLP does not have a plan, here is how you can help the fishing sector and by extension, the economy:

    I feel that it was a national scandal that fisherfolk were left out of the DLP’s net.

    You would recall that the DLP told interest groups to come with their shopping list. However, when fishermen made their request at the consultation, as expected, they were told that the DLP cannot do anything for them.

    In contrast, I am almost sure that if the BLP was in office, it would do the following for fishermen and vendor, and by extension, local consumers and the economy:

    * Return of the subsidy on diesel.

    * Return of the technical assistance previously provided for the industry by the overseas consultant who was engaged by the Fisheries Division.

    * Facilitate a Cooperative of fishermen and Vendors with about two thousand 2,000 sq. ft. of refrigeration space at the IDC Building at Newton, to provide for the storage of excess fish.

    * Provide a subsidy on utilities and the rental cost of the proposed storage space at Newton or wherever else located.

    * Provide an annual grant, for a determined period, which would provide for the purchase and replacement of needed equipment.

    * Provide a subvention for an agree period, as well as technical assistance with packaging that would be compliant with EU requirements.

    National Agricultural Health and Food Control Authority:

    Given the difficulty of exporting agricultural produce such as fish to the United Kingdom, any part of Europe and elsewhere, especially in the absence of an internationally acceptable sanitary and phytosanitary system, instead of telling fishermen it cannot do anything for them, the DLP should provide visionary leadership, and give a firm commitment to fishermen to provide the appropriate technical assistance in this area, once the storage facility mentioned, becomes operational.

    In this regard, I HEREBY call on the DLP to proceed with haste to have the proposed: National Agricultural Health and Food Control Authority, (NAHFCA) and by extension, the upgrading of the various laboratories, so that local fishermen can effectively carry out their proposed tasks of penetrating the lucrative markets of the EU by first meeting their high standards.

    Since it is crystal clear that the DLP is intellectually weak and has no credible ideas – tell Mr. Thompson it is alright if he puts that in his 2009 budget or his “green economic stimulus package.”

    ***As usual, I thereafter expect that the “intellectually lightweight DLP” – will claim that these are its ideas.

  43. Jukecheckedeyskirt

    Optimist Prime

    It is very impressive the way you rattle off the successes of the BLP and the failures of the DLP with much articulate flair. More impressive is your eloquence to avoid the obvious questions posted. However, I believe that no one in this forum will dispute that there was a degree of economic growth during the tenure of the BLP administration (but at the same time there was alot of mismanagement of government expenditure as well) and that under the DLP in the period of their reign, the lack of economic prudence resulted in many Barbadians suffering.

    You, however, seem bent on side tracking and obviously ignoring (which you must do for fear of exposure) the real reasons that Barbadians elected the DLP.

    Barbadians ‘ousted’ a Barbados Labour Party government that became arrogant, greedy, deceitful, disrespectful to its so called common citizens, and because the party depicted behaviour that was equating to tyranny.

    Clearly the BLP provided a front whilst the real business of siphoning millions of tax payers dollars was done in the back. And being enraged by the parties persistence to not make public certain aspects of government planning and spending, Barbadians in the wake of facts presented, removed a party thought to be formidable.

    The BLP may be more intellectually sound than the DLP but that does not take away from the fact that many infelictious acts were committed by them.

    If the Thompson administration had the balls to expose the real truths without fear of reprisal, many BLP politicians and operatives would be up in Dodds paying for protection for their rear ends. But we know that will not happen in our segregated law society and not under a DLP administration because the new Piper is playing a tune that all the rats are dancing and having a good time too.

    My one question to you Optimist Prime is why don’t you answer the questions posted instead of trying to shirk your way out with alot of rhetoric. But then again you cannot answer because you are a benefactor of the ‘bread-spread’ and in four years time there is the likely possibility that you will be eating bread again.

  44. Adrian Loveridge


    I am a 1000% behind you on the coastal path. It would be such a wonderful local and visitor attraction. Just look at the growth of eco-tourism over the last 20 years.
    Its still growing 30% more per year than conventional (same old) tourism.
    And as far as Ragged Point, I would love to see this declared a National Park and the lighthouse become a seafood restaurant.

    Am I just dreaming or can these things become a reality?

  45. Nostradamus

    Whatever happened to Richard Godddard’s efforts regarding what he considered the blocking of “The Old Indian Trail”?

  46. Optimist Prime

    @ reality check, wrote:

    Where did the $10-15 million dollar grant go and is not the EU accountable for every cent.”

    Hear trademark DLP lies! What $15 million?

    Jukecheckedeyskirt asked: “My one question to you Optimist Prime is why don’t you answer the questions posted instead of trying to shirk your way out.”

    That’s reasonable. Here is my response:

    As I recall, some time in April 2006, Barbados submitted its 2006-2014 Sugar Adaptation Strategy to the European Union (EU) – indicating how it will adjust to the substantial price reduction over the period 2006-2013.

    I think Barbados and other ACP member states had access to grant funds totalling some 40 million Euros for 2006.

    Speaking subject to correction, Barbados’ share could have been some 2.3 million Euros of which (I think) some $1.2 million was directed towards the agricultural sector to finance the restructuring of the BAMC, and the institutional reform of the BSIL.

    I tend to recall it being said that the then BLP Cabinet had agreed to support the BAMC’s loan application to the CDB for US$160 million, which was intended to finance the Cane Industry Restructuring Project.

    Perhaps that too stalled similar to Barbados Offshore Oil Exploration Programme. Little wonder! These very complex matters call for intellectual competence.

    reality check, we are not talking about 4H and sweet peppers you know!!!

    The above response answers all of the questions I have been asked on this blog to date

    Just one reminder. I am not a spokeswoman for the BLP!

    If you need information on the BLP, perhaps you’all should call Roebuck Street or visit its webpage.

    Thank you!!!!!!

  47. I wouldn't know

    I wouldn’t know all about whatever ‘benefits’ there would be for an ethanol plant here… other than bringing money into the country and upgrading Barbados, generally…

    But what I THINK I know is… the investment will go to another country and – like the St. George’s Medical School in Grenada that went there when short-sighted Bajans kicked up a meaningless dust storm… we will be the losers….

  48. Anon


    One of the sad things about BFP is the fact that they believe that only them should be criticising white people.
    No matter how true the statements others make are, they are called racists and banned.


    BFP says,

    Sad or not… if you don’t like our standards, please feel free to start your own blog where you can run your own show. It is so simple at You can have a blog up in 15 minutes and we’re sure that within a few days you too will have millions of visitors a year just like BFP.

  49. ROK


    You consider that I am selling something? You mean you don’t know the truth? What could I be selling? Asking people to wake up?

    But why you got to be buying anything? What comes out in the blog should be what is expressed by contributors. Remember? Alternative media? You controlling it like how the private sector controlling the nation?

    Since you put it that way, I ain’t buying what you selling either. That argument is puerile and simplistic and neglects the fact of post slavery syndrome or post colonial mentality which still renders us as slaves; including you. I see that you are happy with your lot; you being a good nigger. That’s nice!


    BFP says,

    We’ll just have to disagree then. But until you apologise for calling us a N… you’re out of here.

  50. ROK


    They need to ban me, or I will be like a thorn in their side.

  51. ROK


    I will not apologise for calling a nigger a nigger. You in denial?

  52. Optimist Prime

    Every time I come on the blog, it becomes clearer and clearer why the BLP lost the last general elections.

    While the BLP grappled with complex and technical issues in the national interest, the DLP was peddling gossip, innuendo and a smear campaign – absolutely nothing of substance.

    The same thing is happening now.

    I thought DLP bloggers would have seen this topic as being worthy of careful and thorough analysis as regards the merits of a Sugar Cane Industry inclusive and Ethanol as an alternative fuel. It does not seem so.

    After twelve months and an $882 million plus spending spree in supplimentaries (money the BLP left sitting right there in that Treasury) the DLP still purports that it has to clean-up mess.

    Really? Hhhhmmmmmm.

    Apparently, there is still mess everywhere except in George Street!

    Jukecheckedeyskirt wrote:

    “Barbadians ‘ousted’ a Barbados Labour Party government that became arrogant, greedy, deceitful, disrespectful to its so called common citizens, and because the party depicted behaviour that was equating to tyranny.”

    Are you sure you are ready for a serious discussion on rhetoric but especially, “creative thought?”

    Well here goes!

    As regards your post, would you agree that quite a number of women in Barbados have a man?

    We often hear the Police; the BDF and the Prison Service complain that even when the most “minimum” standards are applied, and despite, in many instances – a good starting pay in excess of some $2,000 per month – they cannot find: “good men or persons who fit the standards of (good character, honestly and crime free) set by the Police; BDF and Prison Service, agreed?

    But most women have a man and all children in Barbados have fathers, don’t they? Does that mean that ALL fathers would fail to meet the minimum standards for recruitment as set by the Police; BDF and Prison Service? No!

    However! Is it not likely that some of those very men who fail or would fail the entry requirements of the Police, the BDF and the Prison Service (because of questionable character) have a woman?????

    The point is – every society an each individual has a tolerance level and what s/he/it perceives as acceptable standards of behaviour. Your “unscientific conclusion” above emphasizes this point!

    ***Incidentally, the Police; the BDF and the Prison Service draw their recruits from the same society that political parties do. You cannot legislate for dishonesty, but (following due process) you can punish persons who commit crime.

    By the way – I tend to recall that during the period when the BLP was in office, there was a strong public lobby that the government should make Winston Hall a national hero. A person even sang a song about it – which was extremely popular.

    Reflect on this for a while!!!!

    Remember: “rhetoric” and “creative thought.” If you have difficulty, you may be a DLP blogger.


    BFP says,

    So… exactly how much money was spent on Gems Hotels? Then, after the money was spent, why were some hotels sold? Who received the profits from the sale of the hotels? Can we see the books, please?

    And while we’re at it, how much money was spent on Kensington Oval? Who owns Kensington Oval? What arrangement has been made to recover the public money that was invested in Kensington?

    May we see that in writing please?

  53. BFP

    I thought I was banned. What that response doing there. You mean you can’t even keep your word?

    I am even more disappointed.

  54. J

    Dear Optimist Prime you wrote “I tend to recall that during the period when the BLP was in office, there was a strong public lobby that the government should make Winston Hall a national hero”

    Do you know that your statement quoted above is a bold faced lie; or are you smoking some unlawful substance tonight???

  55. Optimist Prime

    @ J,

    I do not mean to offend, but ask around before you come to a final conclusion. Winston Hall was worshipped in some quarters as a the Bajan version of: Harry”Houdini.”

    Did a prison chief not say after the prison was fortified that Hall would have to be Houdine to escape?

    @ BFP

    Your questions are sound. No doubt the answers can easily be provided by the DLP, which promise Freedom of Information (FOI)

    Here is what I know about the Oval, as stated by Mr. David J.H. Thompson, M.P.,:


    KENSINGTON OVAL will become “part of the family silver” within 90 days of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) assuming office.

    That promise was made by DLP Leader David Thompson at a youth rally of his party in Haynesville, St James, last night when he said he would “move with dispatch” to secure the title deeds to the land on which the cricketing Mecca stands.

    “We are insisting that Kensington Oval, where hundreds of millions of hard earned taxpayers dollars are invested, must be owned by the people of Barbados and that is what we shall see to, within 90 days from Wednesday,” Thompson declared. – Nation newspaper, January 13, 2008.

    Yet another in an apparent never-ending-series of DLP broken promises.

  56. GT

    Remember the Williams’ brothers idea of toll-roads? Can anyone remember the bullying of the poor black family who had the guts to stand up to the Williams’ brothers for their land?

  57. Avatar Gurl

    @ Optimist Prime

    You, NOT a BLP spokewoman?!?! HA HA HA HA!

    Please, stop lying. And so bold-faced about it, too!

    With all the hemming & hawing you’re doing, IN SUPPORT of the BLP, you actually spout out a statement like that!

    Again, please stop lying.

    And while you’re at it, this is NOT the place for yardfowls of any of the Piggies…

    Neither the Big Lying Piggies or the Down Low Piggies…OK?

    So please…enough!

  58. Optimist Prime

    @ Avatar Gurl

    Never in my life have I ever heard it said that the BLP “tells lies.” Never! But I understand your desperation.

    A political party tells lies when it is “intellectually weak.” The DLP is an excellent example.!!

    It substitutes “substance” with gossip, lies; distraction tactics and smear – and plays on “greed.”

    That the DLP lacked the capacity to come- up with an alternative social and economic strategy for Barbados in 14 years – how can it come-up with a “war plan” in months?

    You really believe that the DLP can come-up with an Economic Stimulus Package that makes sense.!!!

    I am trying to point-out to DLP bloggers that given all of the “crap” the DLP is doing, and given its obvious “political incompetence” and “intellectual weakness” – if the BLP was not giving it the opportunity to settle-in, while being careful not to appear as though it does not accepts the decision of the electorate – the DLP would have been placed under “justified” tremendous pressure when the first 100 days was up.

    ***Intellectual weakness must never become the new Barbadian norm but the DLP seem to think so. ***

    If there is majority support for that backward view, then Barbados is really in crisis and in danger of loosing it respected and regional and international standing.


  59. Fairplay

    I am getting tired of OP spouting off about this intellectual weakness of Barbadians who were mostly produced from the same educational system. It is not that you must have a degree to be intellectually strong.
    You wrote about perceived corrupt activities in this article but OP goes on and on about how his intellectual strong buddies are the only ones who can come up with ideas to pushed Barbados out of any crisis that is coming

    How about being morally strong, and not getting involved in activities that make instant millionaires off the backs of the taxpayers. This quality is sadly missing from most politicians and businessmen in the world.

    I am an avid listener to the call in programs and OP writes just like how Henderson Bovell sounds when he bored persons with his diatribe about the BLP.

  60. Juris

    Nah, Fairplay, OP could not be Henderson Bovell. Henderson Bovell is not intellectually strong!

  61. grump

    OP does more harm to the BLP than good with his bullshi*.

    I like it and he/she should keep it up so that we have a constant reminder of the deceit and crookedness of the BLP when they formed the government.

  62. Hants

    OP could be Royalrumble.

    Check the similarity.

    RoyalRumble before the election “Father of first world Barbados and Prime Minister for life Owing Arthur.

    OP in post above “Local and Regional Statesman – the Rt. Hon. Owen S. Arthur, M.P.,”

    Similar reverence to his fallen hero.

    He should have added “comeback leader of the BLP in 2012.

    We need OP on this blog to entertain us intellectualy weak mortals until 2011 and a half.

  63. Avatar Gurl

    @ OP

    Sweetheart, I am NEVER desperate!

    Since I work for myself & get by REGARDLESS of what LYING Party is in power, I can NEVER be desperate!

    And trust me, YOUR party lies…A LOT! Just like the OTHER one does!

    So all your pathetic rhetoric merely disgusts me.

  64. RE Engineer

    I am sorry to point out the flaws in this analysis, but I must. There is a significant difference in the plant proposed by Bizzy Williams and that proposed by the government. The government plant would have used huge resources that we do not have and coastic materials for advanced fermentation purposes, I will not go into further technical details. The plant proposed by Bizzy is a ethanol DEHYDRATION plant, meaning the ethanol comes ready made and only the last 10% or so of water would be taken from it to carry it up to the 99.9% purity needed for mixture with gasoline. NO CAUSTIC materials would be used other that the very benign zeolite (google it if you wish) which is used in air compressors and air handling systems systems in air conditioning for active air dehumidification, so rest assured the air that thousands of persons breathe in buildings all over the world come into contact with this very safe material. Additionally due to its inert properties it can be reused for many years before it has to be disposed of and could safely go to the landfill or a quarry and in quantities insignificant compared to current plastic trash. In terms of copious amounts of water, it would get water directly from the ionics desalination plant using NONE of the fresh water here in the island, only sea water, bringing the plant at ionics slightly above its current 60% capacity level. There will be no tons and tons of liquid waste, and the plant will be built in a basin fashion with capacity to contain spills much higher than plant capacity, and advanced fire protection, in the form of a large foam tank that can flood the whole area with liquid fire retardant in minutes. So I don’t know about inadequate safety protection either. As for tourism, the plant would not obstruct any tourist areas other than when tankers come to be loaded and off loaded, these times should be relatively short, and once proper scheduling is done should cause little problems. Additionally the plant will be clearly labeled and show off the ‘green nature’ of using ethanol which everyone loves and it may actually impress tourists to know that Barbados is paying attention to the environment. The plant would be built in conjunction with a multi-billion dollar Brazilian company that has built many many plants of this nature and understand the risks involved. All necessary security measures were to be put in place and the plant according to the actual EIA (produced by Stantec if I recall correctly) would prove no more risky than the current flour mill or the Esso facility that lies not too far from it.

    However, like most advanced projects that are slightly atypical this one will get the run over by many who don’t understand and refuse to try to understand how it works. Hence why advances in Barbados are so hard pressed. Jamaica has a similar plant in operation and has even mandated the use of ethanol blended gasoline which has numerous environmental and financial benefits to the country as a whole. But as usual we are on the wayside arguing bout racism and politics.

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    this is insane,like walking backwards,bizzy’s plan is good .
    ethanol i suggested on bu months ago and put up videos and was ignored.but although bizzy trying ,the men that sit in chambers and make these decisions have interest in oil.probably big amount of shares in oil. Simpson motors that owns SHELL would also not like this plan.
    corruption at the determent to barbados again and again.over and over.