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Barbados Keltruth Blog Sends Mystery Letter To UBS Bank Switzerland

barbados-ubs-fedex“To whom was it addressed? What did it say?

It said plenty. We will drop the bomb on Monday, when the letter arrives…”

… Keltruth Blog sends letter to Swiss Bank

Fiesty Keltruth Blog Sends Letter To Money-Laundering Swiss Bank!

Swiss banking giant UBS got nailed by U.S. tax authorities last year when bank employees were arrested in the USA while smuggling assets and records across the border. As we related in our article a few weeks ago, U.S. prosecutors have alleged UBS helped clients hide $18 billion of untaxed American money in undeclared accounts. This amounts to around $300 million of annual unpaid taxes.

barbados-ubs-letterKeltruth Blog has written a letter to UBS that they say is a “bomb” and that “If you are involved in Barbadian politics, this letter is a must-read!”

We at BFP can’t hardly wait for Monday.

This is not the first time that Keltruth Blog has tried to raise international attention. Last September they sent a letter criticising Prime Minister Thompson to every delegate at the United Nations just a few days before the Barbadian leader addressed the General Assembly!

Further Reading

Keltruth Blog, Jan 29, 2009: Keltruth Corp. Sends a Letter Sent to UBS!

BFP, Jan 9, 2009: Swiss Bank UBS Closing 19,000 Hidden Offshore Accounts Of American Clients – What About Barbados’ Offshore Banking Industry?

BFP, Sept 23, 2008: Barbados Prime Minister Ambushed By Letter To All United Nations Delegates


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Clico On Life Support – Will Barbados Prime Minister Thompson Favour His Patron Leroy Parris, Or The People Of Barbados?


Corporate Beggar CLICO Says It Is Payback Time For All The Free BizJet Rides!

The government of Trinidad & Tobago is refusing to say how much money it is giving to bail out the CL Financial Group and CLICO, but the estimated liabilities amount to US$16 Billion dollars.

Yes, BILLION with a “B”.

Prime Minister David Thompson of Barbados has yet to make a statement about CLICO’s narrowly averted bankruptcy, but soon (and probably already secretly done) his longtime friend, client and patron Leroy Parris will come asking for addtional concessions from Barbados. That means that CLICO and associated companies will be asking the Prime Minister to give your tax money to a company that has an estimated 100 billion dollars in assets, but has run out of cash.

What Happened To CLICO?

What has happened to CLICO is actually very simple. Let’s say that you bought a number of houses over the years and have rented them out. The rent money comes in and with that cashflow you maintain the houses, pay taxes on them and even buy more houses so at the end of a few decades you own many houses and are very rich.

But then the rent money stops and now you can’t maintain the costs to keep all your houses.

You are in trouble because the people you owe money to are at the doors and you have no money. If you don’t come up with the money, your creditors will petition you into bankruptcy and sell off all your houses at firesale prices.

If you were smart enough to plan for a downturn and not too greedy, you could have sold off a few of your houses beforehand to generate the cash needed to keep the others going, but you didn’t. So now you have to go begging to friends and relatives for help so that you don’t lose all your houses and other assets.

And that, my friends, is exactly what has happened to the CLICO, CL Financial family of companies.

“Here Is A Ten Dollar Gift For You – Now, Can I Borrow A Hundred Million Dollars?”

A few days before the CLICO crisis was announced, newspaper accounts say that CLICO “gave” land for a daycare centre and a school to Barbados – although the Nation article is ambiguous about whether CLICO is giving the land and doing the construction too. Pardon us for being a bit cynical if we point out that this “gift to the people” came only two days before Parrish and company announced that they were the recipients of taxpayer bailouts and guarantees that probably total hundreds of millions if not more.

How much will Barbadian taxpayers eventually be on the hook for? Good luck finding out the truth because the amount of taxpayer money and concessions being given by Trinidad, Barbados and other countries is being kept secret from the taxpayers.

Graeme Hall Wetlands To Be Developed By DLP Campaign Funder CLICO & Leroy Paris

Graeme Hall Wetlands To Be Developed By DLP Campaign Funder CLICO & Leroy Paris

CLICO Connection Harming Graeme Hall National Park

According to more than a few of our sources, CLICO owns about 10 acres of land in the middle of the proposed Graeme Hall National Park. Our sources also say that the government’s refusal to declare a national park at Graeme Hall is partially about pressure from Leroy Parris and CLICO who have big plans to develop the land in the Graeme Hall watershed.

OK, Prime Minister Thompson, here is where you have to choose between your friendship with Mr. Parris and your duty to the people of Barbados.

If CLICO wants our taxpayer dollars either directly or in the form of concessions, then part of the deal should include turning over the ten acres at Graeme Hall for a national park.

Your choice, Mr. Prime Minister…

Who will you favour? Leroy Parris and CLICO building condos in the Graeme Hall watershed… or saving the area for the long term good of future generations?

Your choice, Prime Minister Thompson – and all the people are watching.


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Full Colour Photo Of Barbados Underground’s Race-Baiting Author “Black Woman Who Reads”

A Young Iain Deane Kneeling In Front Of Famous Actor Jeremy Brett

"I am an old black woman. I was head cook at Kingsland" - A Young Iain Deane Kneeling In Front Of Famous Actor Jeremy Brett

Barbados Underground’s Most Prolific Race-Baiting Author Is Really A Washed-up Old White Guy!

David at Barbados Underground has a problem. He surrendered his audience to “Black Woman Who Reads” and “her” supporters to allow the most vile of threats and racial attacks against people like Adrian Loveridge, the Knox family and others whose skin is not dark enough.

Now… the racists at Barbados Underground are faced with the embarrassment at the revelation that their racist attacks against whitey and Guyanese as led by BWWR were actually the work of a venomous old British white guy named Iain Deane who is a defendant in the Kingsland fraud trials. What a joke!

“Well, you know something, if it was not for old black women like me, wunnah would probably still be indentured. And because of my labour and sacrifice, I am not going to allow you to give our country away and bend the knee…” …old white guy Iain Deane as Barbados Underground’s prolific author “Black Woman Who Reads”

Mr. Deane had an agenda to support his side in a fraud trial so he created an “old black woman” persona and whipped up racial intolerance of the “whitish” old lady Madge Knox who is in the way of Mr. Deane’s ambitions. Deane called for black bajans to stalk the Knox family and other persons who are court witnesses against him in the Kingsland fraud trials.

David at Barbados Underground allowed and supported this racial venom whipped up by Iain Deane who claimed to be “Black Woman Who Reads” an old black cook at Kingsland finally taking sides against her white oppressors – the Knox family. The series of almost TWENTY major articles dominated Barbados Underground for almost a year and during that time blog owner David allowed Iain Deane and friends to rail on against whites, Guyanese and asians.

Here we are six days after the story about Iain Deane being “BWWR” broke at Keltruth Blog – but Barbados Underground has not said a word of explanation about the fact that their most prolific race-baiting author is really a washed-up old white guy who whipped up racial intolerance to suit his personal agenda.

What a joke!

You Must Read Keltruth Blog…

January 27, 2009 – Proof! Iain Deane is “BWWR”! continued … Sinister Theatre

January 23, 2009 – Proof! British Bachelor is Infamous “Black Woman Who Reads”!


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Barbados Ambulance Won’t Come, So Passersby Call Newspaper Reporters – Then Ambulance Comes!

barbados-ambulance-scandalThis would be hilarious if people weren’t dying for lack of ambulance service on Barbados.

Diabetic man falls down on street and folks come to help. Ambulance is called and the passersby are told by the service: “We got no ambulance for you.”

Nothing happens for an hour and a half!!!

Then a passerby gets a bright idea and calls the newspaper. Daily Nation reporters headed for the scene call the ambulance and say “What happening here?” After the reporters arrive on the scene the ambulance pulls up and takes the man to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital!

Moral of the story…

If you need an ambulance in Barbados… call a newspaper reporter!

God, I love this island, but I hate the “island time” third world standards and attitudes that keep us down.

Read it and weep…

Nation News: Diabetic Man Waits Over Hour For Ambulance


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Greg and Jane Got Married On The Beach: Then They Discovered Barbados Government “Workers” and “Island Time”…


“The magistrate who married us on January 9 told us to go to District Court A a week after our ceremony to pick up our marriage certificate.

Silly us.  We thought it would be a matter of actually doing just that…”

“…The spirit of the Bajan citizen is good. It’s warm. To me, in the end, that’s far more important than how efficient the system is…”

Congratulations, Friends! Now Take A Deep Breath…

Jane Shattuck of Planet Barbados Blog and her sweetie Greg tied the knot on January 9th and nothing made them do it except their love for each other. Good for them, and we hope that someday they will… perhaps, maybe, if … have a marriage certificate to prove to the world that they really are legally married!

Someday they will actually have an official government piece of paper stating that fact. Who knows? Dreams do come true sometimes!


Planet Barbados Blog: Barbados Red Tape Derails a Moment of Wedded Bliss


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Barbados Environment Minister Denis Lowe, DLP Government – Plan To Build On Graeme Hall Wetlands

Graeme Hall Wetlands To Be Developed By DLP Campaign Funder CLICO & Leroy Paris

Graeme Hall Wetlands To Be Developed By DLP Campaign Funder CLICO & Leroy Parris

We were sitting around as usual on Friday having a few beers and solving all the world’s problems over a late lunch when Robert asked the question, “Can someone tell me one positive environmental action actually accomplished in the first year of the Thompson administration?”

After some scratching of heads we were unable to come up with one real action that happened. Sure, lots of talk, lots of speeches and promises, but as to a real and positive action – nada.

Now it might be that we at BFP missed something. Perhaps there was some real and substantial environmental action taken by the two environment ministers we’ve seen in the Thompson government so far.

But we’ve been asking DLP supporters for months to please let us know of one real and substantial positive environmental action taken by the DLP government and so far no one has taken the time to write a comment with that information. We know that the government and DLP supporters read this blog, so we have to assume that the answer to our question is evident. Nada. Nothing real and positive has been done with the Environment Ministry and the environment in an entire year.

The Only Action Taken By The DLP Government Has Been To Make It Legal To Build On The Graeme Hall Wetlands!

In fact, if we’re talking environment, the only real and substantial action taken by the Thompson government has been NEGATIVE.

The DLP government ratified the BLP government’s Amended 2003 Physical Development Plan which establishes an “urban corridor” for the Graeme Hall green area seaward of the ABC Highway. This “urban corridor” parcel is well-known, as it was the scene of the infamous Caribbean Splash Water Park application. This is in sharp contrast to the recommendations of the 1986 National Physical Development Plan and the 1997 ARA Barbados Tourism Development Programme Study. It is also contrary to the National Park proposal which recommends the land be used for low-impact family recreation, walking and bicycle trails and other related uses.

The only difference with the DLP government passing this “urban corridor” instead of the BLP government is that now the DLP friends will profit from the move instead of the BLP friends.

Environmentalists also assume that in the minds of many influential government officials and developers, the RAMSAR site where the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary resides exists as a 100-year floodplain sump to be used for contaminated stormwater, instead of as a vibrant and living wetland.

Thompson, Lowe & Parris: What’s The Connection?

Despite all the nice words from Environment Minister Denis Lowe and PM Thompson about not turning the south coast into another concrete jungle, both Lowe and Thompson voted for the Amended 2003 Physical Development Plan which establishes an “urban corridor” in the Graeme Hall wetlands. The Thompson – CLICO – Leroy Parris connection is well known and established. After all, one of Thompson’s first official acts as a newly-elected Prime Minister was to “borrow” an executive jet through Leroy Parris and to refuse to provide transparency about the costs of that jet. (See BFP’s Will Rayside Construction Be Awarded Barbados Government Contracts To Thank Leroy Parris For The Use Of The Bizjet?)

And, bye the way… who do you think owns land in the “urban corridor” of the Graeme Hall wetlands? Why, CLICO, thats who!

Yup. Same old, same old ’bout hey.

It looks like Thompson and his CLICO mentor/financier Leroy Parris are going to get their wish to develop and profit from what is one of our last remaining natural treasures.


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Barbados Awards Oil Rights To Company Responsible For Worst Environmental Mining Disaster!

“Every (year) over the past twenty years, the Ok Tedi mine in Papua New Guinea (PNG) has dumped 80,000 tons of waste into the Ok Tedi and Fly Rivers. The result has been an environmental disaster that has destroyed thousands of square kilometers of rainforest and caused terrible hardship for local people…

Australian mining giant BHP Billiton was the major shareholder in Ok Tedi Mining Ltd (OTML) and the mine operator until early 2002. At this time, the company handed over its majority stake in OTML to the newly formed and ironically named Sustainable Development Project Company.

This quiet revolution demonstrates the power of transnational corporations in PNG. With the transfer, BHP gained legal indemnity from PNG government action with respect to all the pollution and destruction it has already caused and will cause in the future. The government surrendered its sovereignty, failing to protect its citizens by setting environmental standards and monitoring corporate activities.” … Friends of the Earth International

BHP Billiton Destroyed A Country, Took The Profits And Then Transferred The Mess To Another Company To Limit Ongoing Liability – JUST LIKE SHELL DID IN BARBADOS

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this my friends.

Prime Minister David Thompson and the Democratic Labour Party have just awarded the first Barbados offshore oil exploration rights to a company that does hit and run environmental disasters.

Thompson awarded oil contract to a company known to bribe government officials

No Rules: Thompson awarded oil contract to a company known to bribe government officials

You know the type of company that goes into a small country and rapes vast areas without a care about destroying the environment? That is BHP Billiton. A company that brings long-term sickness that injures thousands. A company that leaves malformed babies and miscarriages in its wake. Then after they make hundreds of millions, they “sell” the entire operation and leftover mess to some little nothing of a shell company so BHP Billiton can walk away without liability for the disaster.

Then they go to another little country like Barbados, pay lots of bribes and start all over again.

Oh… and here is the BEST PART….

BHP Billiton themselves started as a little company that SHELL OIL used to walk away from an environmental disaster! You know, the same SHELL OIL that walked away from the environmental damage they caused in Barbados with jet fuel. (see To HELL with SHELL – Barbados Boycotts Shell)

That is BHP Billiton.

Full story and many links at Keltruth Blog’s Barbados Awards Offshore Oil-Exploration Rights To Company Responsible For Worst Environmental Disaster

Prime Minister Thompson: I am ashamed that I once supported you and your government.


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Will Rihanna Be In Danger When Performing In Malaysia?

umbrella-rihanna-bible-242When the Islamist fundamentalists decide that a woman is too sexy or too anything, violence is nearly always a possibility.

This time the target is Rihanna who is due to perform in Malaysia. She has agreed to conform to the dress and behaviour regulations, but that’s not good enough for some.

Is our girl in danger?

Ian Bourne has the story at the Bajan Reporter (link here)


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Barbados Culture Minister Steven Blackett Is Cousin To First Black Government Minister in Alberta, Canada

In Our “I didn’t know that” Department: More Proof That Barbadians Are Everywhere!

Vacationing Lindsay Blackett, the first black cabinet minister in Alberta history, was sitting in the parliamentary cafeteria in Barbados on Tuesday, waiting for staff to hook up a TV for Barack Obama’s inaugural speech.

He was with his second cousin, Steven Blackett, who by remarkable family coincidence is also a culture minister in the government of Barbados.

They were feeling “enormously proud,” Blackett told me by phone. “As a black person, you have a special feeling today, especially knowing what so many people have gone through to get to this point –people who have suffered far more than I have.”

… continue reading this excellent article at the Calgary Herald Change, from Alberta to Barbados


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Bajan Reporter Vows “We Shall Never Surrender” On Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary – But The Barbados News Media Already Surrendered

Barbados Government Sends A Message To Do-Gooder Environmental Philanthropists - Thanks For Raising The Value Of Our Condos!

Barbados Government Sends A Message To Do-Gooder Environmental Philanthropists - "Thanks For Raising The Value Of Our Condo Projects, You Suckers!"

Ian Bourne Highlights Silence Of Barbados News Media

It has been well over a month since noted Canadian philanthropist Peter Allard shook the Bajan sand from his shoes and closed the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary. The sanctuary was not closed for economic reasons…

Unfortunately, developers and their politician friends in both the DLP and BLP want to develop the primarily government-owned lands around the sanctuary and they have fought tooth and nail to prevent the establishment of the proposed Graeme Hall National Park that would have protected the sanctuary and provided some desperately needed public green space on the concrete-jungle south coast. The owner of the sanctuary understandably gave up on Barbados when he found that the new DLP government intends to develop and profit from the Graeme Hall wetlands area just as the last bunch did.

Ian Bourne has some thoughts on the news media’s silence on this debacle in his article – Sounds of Silence from Barbadian Mainstream Media and Gov’t for closure of Graeme Hall Sanctuary: 1 month, 5 days


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Lighting Erected At Kensington Oval – Barbados Now Ready For Cricket World Cup 2007


Revising History Is A Barbados Advocate Specialty!

Barbados Advocate Says Lights “Were Not A Requirement For Cricket World Cup”

I guess the folks at the Barbados Advocate can’t remember Mia Mottley’s electricity-conserving CWC 2007 when the final was played out (sort of) at night – without lighting. If you need a laugh, you should read their latest article before they take it down from the internet as the newspaper normally does so citizens cannot hold them to account. (Barbados Advocate: Light At The Oval)

Not to worry though, the internet and cricket fans everywhere still remember the Barbados Labour Party’s supreme triumph as reported around the world in dozens of articles similar to the New Statesman’s “The Cricket World Cup: A Farce In The Dark”

Meanwhile The Nation newspaper reported that the management at Kensington Oval obviously views the project as (cough, cough) highly secret…

“Acting chief executive officer of the Kensington Oval Management Incorporated, Charles Holder, who did not want to divulge too much information yet, said the project was expected to be completed next month. Above, the first of the light towers at Kensington Oval being put into place.”

Who Profits From “Kensington Oval Management Incorporated” ?

The real secret in Barbados is that after shoving hundreds of millions of dollars into Kensington Oval, the Barbados public is not allowed to know who makes a profit from Kensington Oval Management Incorporated. Who owns the company? How much are the staff members paid? How much does the company pay for “consultants”? Are any of the “consultants” related to any public official? Are any of the Oval’s suppliers owned by or related to a public official?

Don’t look to the Thompson DLP government for answers to such questions – like the last BLP Arthur/Mottley government, the current DLP piggies at the trough lost all enthusiasm for transparency and integrity the moment that they started to control the public purse.

Same old, same old ’bout hey!


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Ping Yark Available For Download – First Issue Of The New Year!

In the U.K. there is an irreverent newsletter called Ping Yark – published by homesick Bajans for other homesick Bajans.

Leigh Bourne and a handful of others who refuse to surrender to Londontown publish Ping Yark quarterly in the U.K. … or to be more accurate…”more-less” quarterly.

Holding the newsletter in your hands, and turning each page, you will be rewarded with memories, current politics and many oh-so-secret secrets of the elites.

Is it true that the UK BLP organisation had a problem paying the bills recently? Did Deputy High Commissioner Donville Johnson embarrass himself when introducing the new High Commissioner to the UK?  Where is the next big Bajan party in London? Why didn’t Prime Minister Thompson dare to answer certain questions when he visited the UK on the recent (ahem) “CLICO” trade mission.

And is it true that the DLP members in the UK were “totally surprised” when their party won the January 2007 election?

Just make sure you a rum in de other hand… ’cause you sure will need it!

Download Ping Yark here (2mb PDF file)


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The Silver People Chronicle: The Right To Be Different

“Not him, you can’t pair off with him. He is ugly!” they said to one little girl. They didn’t realize that they had just marred the innocence of a little Spanish girl who we were growing up with. We were the only pair of black kids and whom she had known since her family moved from the hinterlands of the interior.

Roberto Reid Tells Of West Indian Children Growing Up In Panama

During this week of the Inauguration of the first non-white President of the United States of America, Barbados Free Press continues to focus on the issue of race. Our friend Roberto Reid created The Silver People Chronicle – a wonderful blog about the West Indian people of Panama and their fascinating journey through Central America beginning with their arrival in Panama. Follow them as they arrived to work on the construction of the legendary Panama Railroad and, later on, the Panama Canal. Discover how they overcame death, disease, labor struggles and the tribulations of immigration.

Roberto’s posting today is a good introduction to the hours of reading and historical accounts you will find at his blog…

The Silver People Chronicle: A Right To Be Different


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Barbados Nation News Story: Caucasians Attend Concert

The largely Caucasian audience went wild from the time Blunt ran/ skipped onto the stage and they carried on like that for most of the show…

… from the Nation Newspaper article Crowd Rocks To Blunt

Nation Newspaper Reports “Largely Caucasian Audience” Rocks To James Blunt At Barbados Jazz Festival

So when was the last time that the Nation reported on the race of the audience attending a concert in Barbados?

Will this piece of information now be included in every concert review in the island’s largest newspaper?

Did the writer of the Nation article intend to be controversial? Did the editor intend to be controversial? Probably not, but that just shows how much of a double standard exists in Barbados.

Folks outside of Barbados probably don’t realise how charged that word “Caucasian” can be on the island. For an example of how “Caucasian” is used as a racial slur, read BFP’s Negrocrat Controversy: Barbados Environment Minister Uses “Caucasian” as Racial Slur

Further Reading

The Nation News – Crowd Rocks To Blunt


Obama Kisses White Women – What Would Happen To A Barbados Politician Doing The Same?

The Ugly Secret Of Barbados Revealed Worldwide: Rihanna “I Was Bullied At School For Being White”

Barbados Government BLP Agent Plays Race Card. Calls Opposition Leader “White”, Equates With British Slave Owners

Was That Barbados Slur “Nigger”, “Coon”, “Oreo” or “City Plantation Negrocrat” ? – It Is All The Same On The World Stage


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Our Anniversary – Barbados Free Press Enters Fourth Year Of Calling Out Corruption In The Barbados Government


Three years ago on January 17, 2006, the staff at Barbados Free Press published our first article: Prime Minister Owen Arthur Opens a New Can of Paint – To Cover Old Corruption. The next day we published Barbados Tender Process Corrupt?

On that first day in 2006 we had 7 visitors. The next day we had 59 visitors and on our third day we had 143 folks visit us from Barbados and around the world – including one ex-pat Bajan who emailed us from Iceland!

Since then we’ve published 2,776 articles and almost 5 million people have visited Barbados Free Press.

But sadly, we have to tell you that not much has changed in those past three years. We keep hammering away at our core topics of ITAL – Integrity, Transparency and Accountability Legislation because the new DLP government (who were elected on integrity promises) are as corrupt as the last BLP bunch. No, they haven’t achieved the same levels yet, but we have no doubt they will because they are working hard at it and have no intention of implementing any legislation or policies that will limit their ability to put public money in their pockets – and the pockets of their friends and family members.

Not to mention the agreement between Thompson and Mottley that the current DLP government will not be pursuing any elected or appointed government officials for fraud or other wrong-doing during the Arthur-Mottley government’s tenure. That is a little insurance for Thompson that when his government goes out of power, none of his thieves will be charged either.

The biggest change we’ve seen during the past year is the absolute silence from the DLP supporters who used to be so vocal about Integrity, Transparency and Accountability when the Arthur-Mottley BLP Government was in power.

They don’t even bother to make excuses for Prime Minister Thompson anymore – nor do they clamor for the government adopt a policy that government contracts will not be issued to companies where the principals are government officials or an immediate family member.

Nope, it can truly be said that only the name of the piggies at the trough changed a year ago – from BLP to DLP.

A damned shame. And to think that for a few months we actually hoped and believed in David Thompson and the DLP.

Same old, same old ’bout hey.


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Taking A Break From Zimbabwe Cholera Epidemic: Mugabes’ US$92,000 Weekend Fashion Spree!

What’s The Use Of Being First Lady Of Zimbabwe If You Can’t Buy A US$3,000 Purse Once In A While?

Mrs. Mugabe Assaults Photographer Outside Luxury Hong Kong Hotel

Mrs. Mugabe Assaults Photographer Outside Luxury Hong Kong Hotel

You know how it is… all that cholera and famine is just sooooooo depressing that one must simply take a break from the white colonist oppressors who are causing the national crisis for Zimbabwe. And what better way to prepare yourself for next week’s challenges as a brutal dictator than to visit Hong Kong for a long weekend of shopping!

Budget rooms at the exclusive Shangri-La hotel in Hong Kong are a mere US$3,000 per night – a little more expensive than Sandy Lane, but oh so much closer to the graveyard of Africa. Or, as we call it, “Home in Zimbabwe”.

Yes, Rhodesia used to be called the “breadbasket” of Africa, but that was before. Now is now and things have changed a bit, you know.

But it’s nice that you can still buy a Jimmy Choo bag for a paltry US$3,000.

Now, can we talk about how Barbados can do its part to bail out Zimbabwe? You Bajans must understand that you owe us because, well, you just do that’s all…

Mrs Mugabe assaults our photographer outside her luxury Hong Kong hotel

A Sunday Times photographer has been beaten up and punched repeatedly in the face by the wife of President Robert Mugabe.

Grace Mugabe, 43, known as the First Shopper of Zimbabwe, flew into a rage when she was spotted last week leaving the exclusive Shangri-La hotel in Hong Kong. She has been staying there with her entourage at a cost of £2,000 a day while her country endures poverty, hunger and disease.

Holding a Jimmy Choo-style bag estimated to be worth at least £2,000, and hiding behind Cavalli rhine-stone-framed glasses with a red cashmere shawl over her head, she ordered her bodyguard to attack the photographer, Richard Jones.

While the guard tried to wrestle away Jones’s camera, she joined in the assault…

… continue reading this Sunday Times article link here

Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch…



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From The Mouth Of A Child “Previously, I lived in Barbados… so I know the feeling of being judged by people who are prejudiced.”

“Previously, I lived in Barbados, where 96 percent of the population is black and the minority is white, and because I am white, I was judged by my skin color, so I know the feeling of being judged by people who are prejudiced.”

… from Alisha Erozer, second place winner in the Martin Luther King middle school essay contest, Bradenton, Florida

Be Gentle, Friends – Because Alisha Erozer Will Probably Read Your Comments

Dear Alisha,

Each of the staff at Barbados Free Press read your Martin Luther King essay and we congratulate you on winning second place. You have a talent for writing and we hope you continue. We suspect that as you progress in your life, your ability to inspire others with words will become central in whatever you do.

We’re sorry that the time you lived in Barbados was touched by racism, but trust us on this – as a family that has all the colours of the rainbow at the dinner table – we understand. We have two observations that we gently mention because 1/ we don’t want you to take offense, and 2/ we want you to reconsider some of the thoughts we see in your winning essay.

First, we’d like you to reconsider your position that Barack Obama’s election as President is proof that racism has been eliminated and there is now equal opportunity for all in the United States. Yes, things have improved greatly, but all of us have a long way to go before anyone can say the battle is won.

Secondly, we are sorry that some (or many?) of the folks you met on Barbados treated you badly because of your race, but we hope it wasn’t everyone. There are many folks on this island who follow the old ways and are still burdened by hundreds of years of history. We hope you forgive them, and also that you will give Barbados and Bajans another chance when you have the opportunity.

If you want to write to us at Barbados Free Press, we would be happy to publish your letter as another feature article. We wish you all the best.

Yours truly,

Marcus, Shona, Cliverton, Robert, George and Auntie Moses


Is Obama’s election a realization of Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream?

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was an ardent African-American civil rights leader who deeply longed for a vast change in respect to people of all races. He desired equal rights for all, disregarding race, gender or religion. Dr. King devoted his lifetime, without regard for his own safety, giving sincere effort to put an end to the vile prejudice.

Finally, 40 years after Dr. King’s death, comes the election of Barack Obama as president of our country, which is truly a realization of Dr. King’s dream. It’s a realization of Martin Luther King’s dream because it shows the immense progress we’ve made in recognizing civil rights for everyone; it shows that Americans have been able to see past racial barriers and judge a candidate by character, leadership and beliefs, and it also shows that the election has inspired others to acknowledge that race, gender and religion shouldn’t constrain you from reaching for your dreams.

Yes! I believe, Obama’s election is a realization of Dr. King’s dream because it shows how much progress has been made in the last 50 years. For example, 50 years ago black children went to different schools, lived in different neighborhoods, and drank from different water fountains. Also, people used to think that African-Americans were incapable of completing certain tasks and that they were inferior. Think about it: How crazy is it to judge the intelligence of someone by their skin color? There was even once a law that black people had to give up their bus seats if white people wanted the spot in which they were sitting.

Now, all Americans are given equal opportunities and equal rights. Americans have effectively enforced the idea that all men are created equal. Obama’s election confirms that attitudes have changed to consider black people as intelligent, capable and equal.

In addition, Obama’s election is a realization of Dr. King’s dream because it displays how remarkable it is that many Americans have been able to put race aside and judge a candidate by character, leadership and beliefs.

Previously, I lived in Barbados, where 96 percent of the population is black and the minority is white, and because I am white, I was judged by my skin color, so I know the feeling of being judged by people who are prejudiced.

In Dr. King’s famous “I Have A Dream” speech, he states he dreams that his four little children will one day live in a nation where they won’t be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character…

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Michael Winner Slams Sandy Lane Head Chef “Ghastly Grant” MacPherson: “He struts around… His food is unbelieveably awful… inedible rubber…”

"Charming" Sandy Lane waitresses Rehanna and Francia with a furious Michael Winner

Christmas at Sandy Lane: "Charming" Sandy Lane waitresses Rehanna and Francia with a furious Michael Winner

Winner: “Two Excellent Waitresses – Charming, Probably Cook Better Than Head Chef MacPherson Too!”

For us ordinary folk at Barbados Free Press, there’s a pleasing simplicity about a fish cutter and a beer at Oistins, with some salad and rice on the side. Plastic fork, styro plate. Sit by the sea, talk with friends and pass the rum bottle on a Friday afternoon. Work done, watch the light fade and thank God I was born on this island instead of Ohio where I spent some particularly brutal winters not so long ago.

The food is good at Oistins – sometimes wonderful if the pretty girl is there and fine enough if the not-so-pretty one is there too! For the food at Oistins is nothing but fresh and the company is always in good spirits. (Sometimes she’ll let you take her home, the not-so-pretty one, I mean.)

BFP Editorial Meeting, Oistins

BFP Editorial Meeting, Oistins

Pity the poor rich bastards at Sandy Lane who become upset when their BDS$110 duck pancake isn’t fluffy enough. Oh, we’ve all had the odd “soggy and grotesque” bit of food at Oistins, but when you’re with friends a little soggy food doesn’t matter. Or shouldn’t matter.

But if you’re paying BDS $300 a plate at Sandy Land (yikes!) and you have forgotten that the sea and the sky are beautiful, I guess you could get upset over a leathery pancake.

There is nothing wrong with having money, nothing wrong at all…

…unless you’ve forgotten what it is to enjoy life and your friends.

Michael Winner should spend more time walking by the sea at Oistins; eating fish cutters and drinking rum with the wind in his face. It might remind him of what it means to be alive.

Sandy Lane, Barbados

Michael Winner, London Times

My friend Gordon Ramsay famously said, “Michael Winner knows nothing about food.” At last I’ve found someone who knows less about food than me.

Not only less about food, but less about presentation, about how to treat people . . . in fact I’ve met the most awful example of the so-called “hospitality industry” I’ve come across in 70 years of eating in the finest restaurants all over the world. Quite a nonachievement. This man is ridiculous.

Stop. Don’t get overexcited. “Calm down, dear, it’s only a chef.” He’s Grant MacPherson, culinary director and head chef of Sandy Lane, Barbados. His food is unbelievably awful…

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