No Starbucks On Planet Barbados – But That’s The Way Jane Shattuck Likes It!

"Planet Barbados? Again? Where the devil did this blog come from?" ... BFP's Cliverton commenting on the day's Google alerts.

"Planet Barbados? Again? Where the devil did this blog come from?" ... BFP's Cliverton commenting on today's Google alerts.

Planet Barbados Bursts Onto The Bajan Blog Scene In A Big Way

barbados-beach-rental-jane-shattuckJane Shattuck obviously knows what she is doing in the blog world. Her Planet Barbados blog has been the subject of a Google “Barbados” news alert four days out of the past ten. For a new blog, this is incredible performance. While Barbados Free Press is usually the subject of multiple daily Google news alerts, we’ve taken three years to get where we are and have almost three million visitors every year. Like we said, Jane is doing something right because her blog is only a month old!

Planet Barbados blog is Jane’s vehicle for promoting a group of Barbados rental condos near the St. Lawrence Gap, but she is wisely doing that indirectly by promoting Barbados and the locale around her rentals as a beautiful and interesting spot for a vacation. Jane is an American who fell in love with a Bajan and Barbados – or maybe fell in love with Barbados and then a Bajan? Her articles are well-written with a friendly style and, like our friend Garry Wynters at The Barbados Blog, are simply the stories of an outsider as they discover all the wonders of Bim for the first time.

Jane is also using YouTube and other websites and tools to widen her reach and to create that synergy that comes from simultaneous exposure on multiple web venues. Besides her blog, she has her condo rental website South Coast Barbados, a page on Vacation Rentals By Owner, and her own YouTube channel. The only obvious omission is a FaceBook or other social networking page, but judging by the work she has been putting into her website in December alone, that is probably planned for early next year.

UPDATE: Aha! I see that Jane Shattuck is also writing Ezine articles online like this one… Barbados – The Six Best Beaches in Barbados

Today’s Planet Barbados piece is a little video Jane put together contrasting a visit to StarBucks with her life in Barbados where she grabs a coffee at the local Shell station.

Jane sounds like a hard worker with lots of ideas and energy. Hmmmm… I wonder if the Barbados Museum could entice her into giving them a voluntary hand with promotion and also to get that historical document scanning project back on track? How about it, Jane?

Click on the YouTube photo to see Jane’s new video at Planet Barbados blog…



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36 responses to “No Starbucks On Planet Barbados – But That’s The Way Jane Shattuck Likes It!

  1. 199

    Let’s hope she does n’t tell them about our non-existent service standards, eh, guys!!

  2. BFP

    It’s ok… they are in a condo and cooking for themselves! 😉

  3. Ironically I am in a Starbucks right now as I read this article. On the AT&T Wifi which you always wished was faster. I don’t think you need a Starbucks in Barbados anyway. I cannot remember the name of the main coffee/mocha selling places that are there but the one in Quayside for example and Sheraton Center (same name, different branches) does a very good job of making the mocha drinks (only thing I drink really). I do miss the banana bread, that is for sure. My only problem though is that the sizes of the drinks are way too small in Barbados and you already pay $8 BDS for the largest one which is maybe only 12 oz or so. But the cost of living in Barbados is quite high. Here the mocha drinks run 20 oz for the hot and I belive 22 or 24oz for the cold ones and honest to god, I wish they were bigger. And paying the $4.75 USD is quite expensive from the opinions of various people. However though, as 199 said above, our customer service does have a long way to go with respect to improving and who knows, maybe it would be simply too expensive for a Starbucks to exist in Barbados wthout changing their line-up of internationally recognized products and their respective sizes.

  4. PiedPiper

    Perhaps this fella Adrian Worrell, was looking for a Starbucks:

  5. 199

    December 31, 2008 at 12:10 pm
    It’s ok… they are in a condo and cooking for themselves!


    LOL!! BFP, it took me about 3 secs. to work our what u were talking about but then thought it was very, funny!! V. Good!!

    However, my main point still stands!!

  6. Stressed Out

    BFP I would ask you to take a bit more time and look at this blog before you go lauding it:

    Who on earth would give this woman their hard earned money if they knew that she referred to them as “Eurotrash” or “Canatrash?”

    These are tough economic times…we don’t need this sort of attitude about any guest to Barbados now do we?


    BFP says,

    Actually, I thought it was a rather good article about how in the end they weren’t so bad. I also think that she is entitled to her opinion. Frankly if I wanted to rent a condo I would be happy that she has set standards and that people who rent her condos are expected to adhere to the rules.

  7. Hants

    BFP I am a canadian citizen. Do I qualify as Canatrash ?

    My BLP opponents on this blog may now be inclined to call me DLPtrash.

    Stressed Out has a point. First there was a bovine female calling them unwanted Tshirt tourist and now this Amurcan woman calling them Canatrash.

    I will warn my Canatrash friends to stay away from her neighbourhood.

    I hope the rest of you Bajans will be nice to the Canatrash from all over Canadawho will be visiting for the first time due to an campaign by the BTA to reach all the provinces of Canada.

  8. Fishpot

    @ Stressed Out

    You are 100% correct about this one. This lady showed bad judgement on her choice of words. Wait until she gets some Ameritrash she will be hoping for the Canatrash to come back.

  9. Optimist Prime

    The Real Barbadians reality:

    There is a false sense of security emanating from Bay Street.

    It is true that we have not had the failure of large financial institutions.

    It is true that securing credit is not the problem that it is in North America.

    It is also true that joblessness is not yet endemic. But the spin offs, like a rising tide are slowly, but surely coming to our shores.

    My question is and yours should be too – what is the Prime Minister waiting for? A tronado?

  10. Green Monkey

    Hants Said “BFP I am a canadian citizen. Do I qualify as Canatrash ?”

    I don’t know. Do you exhibit boorish behaviour and break or ignore the house rules of your landlord imposed as a condition of the rental? If you do, maybe she would call you Canatrash too, and as a Canadian, I wouldn’t have a problem with that.

    I think people are making a mountain out of a molehill over this. The message I get was that she was using this incident as an example to her readers as to why it is a good idea not to rush to judgment and why you should give people a second chance, even if their behaviour or attitude might be lacking on a first impression. Basically She was admitting she made a mistake in resorting to labeling guests as “trash” based on a bad first impression (which, if her story is correct re. their behavior, was somewhat justified).

  11. Hants

    @ Green Monkey

    I trust you do understand that Eurotrash and Canatrash are derogatory terms which most people find offensive.

    Uh wunduh wha she wooduh call dum if duh was black amurcans.

  12. Hants

    Before I start “celebrating”

    I would like to wish BFP and fellow bloggers, BLPites included, a happy and Prosperous New Year.

  13. Stressed Out

    @ Green Monkey, I know that was her intent, but the delivery was unforgivable– listen I just think that if I was considering her accommodation I would think twice. It’s insulting…what she refers to as “xxx-trash” feeds my family and keeps a roof over our heads. How could she be so insensitive? I am sure there are more negative references to tourists on her blog– what if one of the small hotels started a blog and ripped on it’s customers? Not good business IMO. Sorry.

  14. 199

    Dear BFP, I trust you won’t allow this year-end to pass without paying huge, reverential homage to our dear Queen Rihanna!! I don’t expect anything of the Nation and Advocate in this regard but we’re the real people with our eyes open, in Bim!!

  15. 199

    I would happily, kiss her feet, if she were here right now!!

  16. Livinginbarbados

    Good to see that it did not take Jane long to find the essential service characteristics in Cafe Blue: how many service operators does it take to ignore one customer. Go Bim! Stand up for yourself.

  17. sungirl

    livinginBarbados. you know what the best part about Cafe Blue (at Wildey) is?!?!?!.. the number of times I’ve been in there, had basically no customer service, but walked out with more things than I actually ordered.. figured it was there way of making up for the lack of service..

    But hasn’t anyone else heard that Starbucks was supposed to be coming to Barbados??? as part of the new LimeGrove complex in Holetown.. whether they do or not remains to be seen..

    and Jim.. Italia Coffee has always served the best Mocha in Barbados (except my own of course)

  18. J

    Optimist Prime wrote ” like a rising tide are slowly, but surely coming to our shores. My question is and yours should be too – what is the Prime Minister waiting for? A tronado?”

    Ya mixing ya metaphors man!!!

    If ya talking ’bout tides how de hell tornados get in de ling????

  19. J

    199 wrote “I would happily, kiss her feet, if she were here right now!!”

    You are hereby sentenced to one long cold English shower.

  20. 199

    J, yuh bad!!


  21. PiedPiper

    I find Ms. Shattuck’s attitude typically American, in that, anyone who is not American is highly suspect. This has to be one of the most disliked characteristics of many Americans. I also find it puzzling and reckless, on her part, to display her less than friendly attitude about anyone not American on her blog. If I were looking for a condo to rent in Barbados, I would bypass Ms. Shattucks’s condo and I would not deal with her as a rental agent for other condo owners in the building. Despite having a Bajan boyfriend, I suspect that Ms. Shattuck will make little effort to integrate into the Barbados way of life and will carry her Americanism like a crown.

  22. Hants

    Ms. Shattuck wrote “arriving with too little US currency to pay the bill up front. I worried, Would they trash the place? Spill something?”

    she wrote,” expected them not to be ready.
    But they were. They were completely packed, the place was spotless.

    I guess the only problem for Ms. Shattuck is that these people were Canadian.

  23. Stressed Out

    Maybe she is an illegal alien 😉

  24. Sargeant


    I thought that in the original post Ms Shattuck had a right to be concerned since her guests did not live up to the original agreement. However, I thought that she was classless in portraying them (although nameless) as “Canatrash” on a blog which primarily exists as a magnet for potential visitors. Will the strategy of attracting clients via insults work?

    Hants, since the link in the post is about the absence of Starbucks in Barbados, perhaps you can invest some of your assets in a “Tims” in Barbados, think how many of those Canadians that you believe will be heading down south will flock to a familiar face.

  25. Hants

    @ Sargeant

    I have no assets to invest.

    IMHO neither Tims nor Starbucks would be good for Barbados.They sell 1 flavour of coffee.

    Second Cup or Timothy’s would be better since they sell a variety of “flavoured” coffee.

    What would be even better is a Bajan branded coffee shop that meets the standards of International brands.

    I like Cafe Bleu in Barbados and am fortunate to be served by smiling faces when I go there.

  26. yatinkiteasy

    Hope she is collecting (and paying) vat for those tourist she here on a work permit?Can anyone just set up shop in Barbados as a real estate agent?I know it would not be possible to move to the US, buy an apartment, live in the US, and earn money doing rentals unless a visa was first obtained. Maybe someone from immigration, vat office, and inland revenue should pay her a visit.

  27. Jinx

    Perhaps the staff at Cafe´Blue are earning over $200.00 a week , hence the “smiles”.

  28. J

    Yes I do. But I am not telling you.


    I don’t feel like it.

  29. Greg

    Okay guys, take a chill pill.
    You’re missing the point and getting all hot and bothered, picking on the writer (who admitted she was extreme in her rush to judgement) instead of on the attitude of some visitors. Fact is, this was an isolated case, though an annoying one. And she’s my wife, so chill too about being illegal or anything. But thanks for all the interest and the posts!

  30. Stressed Out

    Sorry Greg but your “wife” used an inappropriate term on a blog that is supposed to encourage tourism…

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  32. chrissy

    In reference to the mention of scanning historical documents…if I was living there, I would love to do it. I’m in school now in hopes to get work in a museum one day. Anyways, nice blog here.

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  34. adrian worrell

    @pied piper

    nah, i don’t drink coffee, really. and hardly at starbucks.